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20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt
15.Grant Turner
14.Johnny Russell
13.Bobby Edwards
12.Sonny Burns
11.Big Al Downing
10.Riley Puckett
09.George D Hay
08.Vestal Goodman
07.Molly O Day
06.Don Winters
05.Bob Luman
04.Stoney Edwards

Well now I stressed earlier that as I draw near the top three choices for Icons it is NOT
really in order of how important they were to me per say…
THEY ALL contributed GREAT things to country music in their own way.
And this next man was no exception. HE WAS A VERY funny man and a VERY kind
individual and was an integral part of my raising!

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Number 3 is Archie Campbell.

Archie Campbell was born November 7th 1914 in Bulls Gap Tennessee outside of Knoxville.
He began a career in radio in Knoxville and Chattanoga at various local stations
and joined the U.S. Navy in 1941.

In 1960 he moved to Nashville and replaced Rodney Brasfield on the Grand Ole Opry.
Shortly alongside his Opry tenure he signed with RCA records and had some
Top 25 success.
He briefly left RCA to join the legendary Starday label and then re-joined RCA
in 1967 and had a few Top 30 singles.

Mostly, Archie was well known for his comedy. He was a very funny man
and always smiled. He was considered for the role of famed Batman villain
‘The Joker” because of his smile in the 1960’s TV show but lost the
part to Cesar Romero.

Some of his signature comedy skits were to tell children’s stories while
changing the first letters of the words for instance he would tell
the story of “Rindercella” the gal who Slopped Her Dripper.

Another good one was the Pee Little Thrigs.

Another famous skit he has was “That’s good/ That’s Bad…
Where Archie would describe a troubling circumstance and the other person would
say “Thats bad” and he’d say NO “Thats Good” and then state something good
that came out of it…and the other guy would say “Oh That’s Good” and Archie would
say “NO Thats Bad” and tell a bad result…etc.
He also largely incorporated cigars into his act.

In 1970 however the world came to know and adore Archie Campbell for joining
and helping shape the longest running prime time syndicated television show
in history “Hee Haw”.

He and Gordie Trapp wrote and acted in some of country music’s most famed
He and Gordie wrote and sometimes made up on hand verses to the famed
song “Where Oh Where Are You Tonight”? Which usually resulted in
spitting in each other’s faces.
It was rumored that Archie made up alot of dialect and jokes “on hand”
during the show. There are over 200 verses to this song I have collected.

He also acted as “Doctor Cambell” and the Justice O The Peace and
wrote the Junior Samples skit for “Sample Sales” and came up with
the monicker of BR5-49.

He continued to record comedy albums and appear on the Opry
in regular form until we lost him to heart problems August 29th 1987.

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