Oct 022013

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Well fans last week I started this ongoing article and AS PROMISED this week we move to
number 19. If you’d like a recap of number 20 HERE IT IS.
So WHO IS number 19? Well It’s Glenn Douglass Tubb .

I been studying country music for over 30 years,and there are MANY family names that built country music
into the precious genre it is today…Williams,Frizzell,and THIS NAME…TUBB.
I’ll say this, he is one of the kindest most loving people you or I will ever meet and once he knows
you he KNOWS you. Iv’e had many pictures with him and been to see him play many times, and he’s
contributed countless years of classic country songs and years of touring.

Mr. Glenn was born in Texas and wrote his first hit song for his uncle, Ernest Tubb in 1952.
Since then he has contributed over 50 classic country music songs to us and also organizes
the Ernest Tubb Tribute Show.

He wrote “Home Of The Blues” cut by Johnny Cash and Dwight Yoakam, “Skip A Rope” cut by Henson Cargill
and “Heartbroken Forsaken And Alone” cut by Jennifer Brantley. He’s performed more shows than almost
any other songwriter in country music still active today. And he is the only songwriter (to my knowledge)
alive today who has co-wrote a song with Hank Williams Sr.

I’m sure after learning more about him you’ll agree WE NEED this man in our music!
He is one of the most positive and kind people country music ever had.

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