Oct 082013

Lets take a moment to recap what my list has been as of late.
20.Little David Wilkins.
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb.

This series of articles is based solely on obscurity and how greatly I think these artists,writers,producers or musicians have been overlooked and not appreciated for their contributions.
NO OTHER website is even knowledgeable enough to mention these fine folks but WE ARE!
We owe them a HUGE debt of love because they have lived it, and suffered the heartache and enjoyed the good times.

 photo 5bde93c8-95fd-4d6d-bb3d-9b76cb5ae095_zps84f21f85.jpg

So WHO is number 18? Autry Inman.
ALOT of people are probably asking themselves…who? Let’s dwell on him for a few moments and let’s remember
a doggone fine artist and what he’s done for country music.

Robert Autry Inman was born January 6th 1929 in Florence Alabama,and according to my studies he was active
until late 1970. In the 1950’s he played for Cowboy Copas’s band the “Oklahoma Cowboys” and was one of George Morgan’s “Candy Kids”. Don Helms told me that Hank Williams offered Autry a job in the Drifting Cowboys but was intoxicated in his coversation and Autry didnt understand he was being offered a job.
He performed on local radio station WLAY at age 14.

I found some releases on Bullet records prior to his signing with Decca records in the early 1950’s.
And he recorded around 45 songs and released one album, “The Ballad Of Two Brothers”.
He then began service in the United States Army and upon his dismissal in 1956 he began performing
rockabilly music.

Upon his Rockabilly music he was at the pinnacle of his career however his first hit single was
“The Ballad Of Two Brothers” which hit number 14, and 48 countrywide.
He changed to RCA records around 1958 and was under several more labels until the mid 1980’s.

He was also a well respected writer and a stand up comedian. His music was cut and covered by Hank
Williams,Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash and a few more.
I’m constantly uncovering things he did and wrote.

We lost him in 1988 at age 59. I chose the above photo because I have it…signed by him.
He sent it to me in the mail before I moved to Nashville and I never got to meet him.
Mr. Glenn Douglass Tubb told me a short and wonderfull story about him before he died.

Folks the knowledge and the stories these people have are just absolutely timeless,
time and the powers that be can NEVER take them away. These people may pass away
but as long as I draw breath they WILL be remembered and loved.
I’ll let go of a secret number 17 will be Ralph Mooney. My love of steel guitarists is
second to none!

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