Oct 282013

Here’s a re-cap of the list of this series.
20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt

So now I’ll continue this series with my choice for number 15.
And readers I gave this next one A TON OF THOUGHT because there are SO MANY
that deserve to be on the list. But I think you’ll enjoy my choice.

 photo 89dc7750-eb5d-4b72-8b12-700203493d4d_zps0c059d4d.jpg

Number 15 is NOT known as an an artist but his contributions to country music
made him a household name and HE IS VERY dear to my heart.
My choice for number 15 was STILL an icon nonetheless…Grant Turner.

He was born Jessie Granderson Turner in Baird Texas and as far as I am concerned HE WAS the voice
of our beloved heart and soul of country music…the Grand Ole Opry.
He served as the voice of it for all of 47 years.

He moved to Knoxville Tn in 1942 and rode an all night bus to Nashville on D-Day when the
Pearl Harbor was attacked June of 1944.
He auditioned and joined the staff under the direction of George D. Hay who started the whole
Opry (in my opinion).

He took the job of being the announcer of the televised portion of the Opry sponsored by
R.J. Reynolds in the late 1940’s.
In the early 1950s he hosted WSM’s Mr. DJ, USA program, featuring guest DJs from around the nation, and in the mid-1950s became the third regular announcer for Ernest Tubb’s WSM Midnight Jamboree, a job Turner held until 1977.

He did record some duets with Helen Carter under various labels throughout the 1950’s.
But he became the most famous for being THE VOICE of the Opry for the remainder of his career.
The amiable Turner for years hosted the Grand Ole Opry Warm-up Show, spinning records and taking requests on the Opry House Stage. Turner had a smooth, down-home style as he sat on stage and played records by artists set to appear on that night’s shows. Grant Turner worked Friday and Saturday night Opry shows, besides the summer matinees, until the night before he died. Known for his freindly personality and professionalism, Turner was one of three original members to join the Country Disc Jockey Hall of Fame, in 1975. Mr. Turner was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1981.

And on October 19th 1991 the world sadly mourned the loss of this beautifull man.
This man WAS the voice WE ALL grew up with and he was a HUGE part of my childhood.

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