Nov 122013

As always in case you have just joined us on this or you would like to enjoy the others here they are.

20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt
15.Grant Turner
14.Johnny Russell
13.Bobby Edwards

I’ll tell you what I am really enjoying writing these and researching some great “possible people” to
put on further spots on the list.
And as always I’d like to explain that it will not be ALL JUST ARTISTS that earn spots.
I THINK the three pillars of the foundation should be equally loved on, the songwriters
the producers and the steel guitarists are the three I speak of.

 photo c74b5b24-875f-4bf3-8f77-5e4cfb23e87a_zps3fa05894.jpg

At number 12 I choose Sonny Burns.
Clyde Burns Jr. was born in Lufkin Texas on Septmeber 19th 1930.
He became increasingly popular in Texas for being Eddie Noack’s sideman on lead guitar
however he decided to enlist in the Air Force.
In 1953 country music was given it’s largest blow in it’s history…it’s first big superstar
Hank Williams was found dead en route to Ohio on New Years Day.
Amidst the sorrow Sonny released an album on Texas based label Starday records.
One of his singles quickly fell off the charts after it was covered by Faron Young.

He was a frequent guest on Houston Hometown Jamboree (which is where I first heard of him from)
with a young George Jones.
It’s been said they began a fast freindship due to Sonny’s love for the same demons that
George had…alcohol.

They were set to record a duet together and Sonny never showed up for it and George Jones
ended up cutting “Why Baby Why” alone. A move that would begin a slope of bad luck for Sonny.
He soon became known as a rable rousing drunk who recorded great music but delivered
sloppy performances and untrustworthy showmanship.

In 1961 he re emerged on United Artists cutting several singles for the label over
the course of years but none had any chart success. And after recording some songs
for MGM in 1968 he reitred from music.

He later became a born again Christian and even became a pastor and paid his bills
by cutting hair.

On October 21st 1992 Sonny Burns passed away and after his passing many years later
his songs and albums became collector rarities that have graced many auctions
and sales.

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