Sep 252013

My dear friends the WHOLE REASON I started my website was to FINANCIALLY support and share their music
to people who may not know them, and to EDUCATE people. Because the mainstream media may not share these
treasures to people like us.
I have spent over 20 years studying and learning about country music..where it came from…who started it?
Who produced it…who wrote all them classic country songs your grandfather played for you?
Where’s it going…Who is playing the REAL stuff?
So I’m going to educate my friends with some really wonderfull people who contributed some beautifull
things to country music…EVERY WEEK We will do one more person.

20: Little David Wilkins

WE STILL have this wonderfull man with us and he LOVES to entertain people and makes us all happy
with his classic country hits and his skills as a piano player. He was born May 18th 1945.
“Comin On Strong” was his first cut by Brenda Lee and his success spiraled upward from there.
That song was recorded by 26 artists and sold over 5 million records. Between 1969 and 1977 he
wrote over 100 songs and has had cuts by more people than I could name. MY FAVORITE song he does
is “Whoever Turned You on Girl Forgot To Turn You Off”. And to this day he still entertains and loves his audience.
And his album “King Of All The Taverns” is regarded as a prize treasure for us vinyl collectors.

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