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Bluegrass Legend Tony Rice Becomes A Hall Of Famer.

This is a video I watched last night as Bluegrass Legend Tony Rice accepted his IBMA Hall Of Fame induction.
IN HIS REAL VOICE! Folks many of you know Mr. Tony has had many setbacks and health issues as of late
and had a recent stint in the hospital. He has had many vocal problems and cancer bouts and he IS WINNING!

As a guitarist Tony Rice has done it all and played on everything from Roses In The Snow by Emmylou Harris to
J.D. Crowe and the The New South.
From the 1970’s to today there was no stopping Tony Rice and to say he is not Bluegrass Music’s
strongest icon is blasphemy. The 1977 debut album from David Grisman is actually regarded as
a landmark of acoustic string band music.
He’s worked with EVERYONE in the bluegrass genre from Allison Krause to Doyle Lawson.

This video is one of the strongest storied of hope and recovery that I have EVER witnessed, and it totally
disproves EVERY naysayer that prayer and the spirit CAN HEAL the sick. I literally cried tears of joy when
I saw this because a music without Tony Rice…would suck!

On 2013 Tony Rice was presented with the accolade by Sam Bush and Peter Rowan.

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All New Album from BR5-49

 photo 4be9f3d8-8095-40bb-b161-2aa02bad84c9_zpsda6521f3.jpg

What can I say about the boys in BR5-49 that hasn’t already been said? They have had ups and downs and all out
knockdown shows at Robert’s Western World (where it all started) to foreign countries.
In fact nobody is really sure WHEN it started but WE ALL can say for sure it covered the whole downtown
broadway area like a bad case of chiggers.
Of course they got their name from Junior Samples and Hee Haw…I’m sure everyone knew that!
These five original guys were NOTED for playing for HOURS and HOURS for tips, and they ROCKED the joint
EVERY NIGHT! Don Herron who played steel and fiddle and EVERYTHING ELSE just blew my socks off so badly
I used to go down there and spend 10 bucks to park to see them and always tipped them 20 bucks.
They quickly grew known for performing cover songs that were so obsolete that the general public
never even knew they were classic country songs…not that their original songs were bad…
They packed the house and sold so much merchandise that music row soon took note and it all went on from there.

They had lineup changes and success on their own as solo artists AND NOW I hear that after a concert at the
Fontanel Mansion opening for Old Crow Medicine Show and one in august in Canada there MAY BE some activity
from the original 5 members…which would please me immensely.

FOLKS THIS IS an ALL NEW ALBUM full of outtakes from performing LIVE from Roberts in their 1990’s haydays
of partying and playing loud fast honky tonk hillbilly beat shows!
And this album is ONLY available HERE.
YOU MUST inbox them and order this awesome album full of GREAT songs NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES!
It was manufactured for their Canada show and it’s ONLY available on that link.

 photo 85d4dac9-0ab7-41d2-8eb0-5c1d49add608_zpsbcab9138.jpg

TOMMORROW (well today) they will be doing a radio interview on and THEY MAY answer some
well awaited questions about IF they will ever become fully active once again.
I for one would go absolutely NUTS to see these five fine people together again, solid and
once again a thorn in pop country’s side!

1. In The Jailhouse Now
2.How Come It
3.Luther Played The Boogie
4.White Lightning
5.Sea Of Heartbreak
6.One Woman Man
7.Mr. Moonlight
8.Lend Me Your Comb
9.Are You Getti’n Tired Of Me
10.Right String Baby, but Wrong Yo-Yo
11.Mama Tried
12.Skinny Jim
13.Memories Are Made Of This
14.Yonder Comes A Sucker
15.Hey Joe
16.Act Naturally
17.Little Ramona
18.If You Ain’t Lovin
19.There Stands The Glass
20.Roly Poly
21.Dixie Fried
22.Take Me Back To Tulsa
23.Cherokee Boogie

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20 Country Music Icons EVERY Fan Should know.

My dear friends the WHOLE REASON I started my website was to FINANCIALLY support and share their music
to people who may not know them, and to EDUCATE people. Because the mainstream media may not share these
treasures to people like us.
I have spent over 20 years studying and learning about country music..where it came from…who started it?
Who produced it…who wrote all them classic country songs your grandfather played for you?
Where’s it going…Who is playing the REAL stuff?
So I’m going to educate my friends with some really wonderfull people who contributed some beautifull
things to country music…EVERY WEEK We will do one more person.

20: Little David Wilkins

WE STILL have this wonderfull man with us and he LOVES to entertain people and makes us all happy
with his classic country hits and his skills as a piano player. He was born May 18th 1945.
“Comin On Strong” was his first cut by Brenda Lee and his success spiraled upward from there.
That song was recorded by 26 artists and sold over 5 million records. Between 1969 and 1977 he
wrote over 100 songs and has had cuts by more people than I could name. MY FAVORITE song he does
is “Whoever Turned You on Girl Forgot To Turn You Off”. And to this day he still entertains and loves his audience.
And his album “King Of All The Taverns” is regarded as a prize treasure for us vinyl collectors.

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Country Legend Randy Travis And His New Album.

 photo c8d7e86f-2529-43c3-b2fe-61d5b5f0d493_zps930c8cbf.jpg

Randy Travis…what does that name mean to you? If you are like me it means a true country legend with a troubled past
and a troubled present. You just cannot help but see the hurt in his eyes and his voice. After watching him sing
YOU KNOW that he’s been at rock bottom and back up again.
He dominated the 80’s with 16 number 1 hits and charted more than 55 singles off of 20 studio albums and in the early 90’s when his chart success declined he began recording gospel music.

In 2010 and several times afterward he was arrested multiple times intoxicated in public. And it seemed he was lost
physically and spiritually. But his true fans LIKE ME stood beside him…and today…we still do!

On July 7th 2013 the news was announced that he was admitted to a Dallas Tx area hospital for Viral Cardiomyapathy.
And rapidly was loosing the fight for life. Three days later he suffered a stroke and was listed as critical, and
was placed on machines. His fans POURED IN support for him, signed cards and sent videos for him.
In fact the support was SO IMMENSE the hospital could not handle that amount of publicity and he was soon moved
to a rehabilitation facility.

TODAY his NEW ALBUM is ready for pre order and you can purchase it HERE.
This will be his 21st studio album on Warner Brothers label, and will be available in stores in October.
This will be the tracks for the new album:

1. Someday We’ll Look Back
Influence: Merle Haggard
Songwriter: Merle Haggard
Original Performer: Merle Haggard
Originally Released: 1971

2. Big Butter And Egg Man
Influence: Merle Haggard (1985)
Songwriter: Percy Venable
Original Performer: Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five
Originally Released: 1926

3. What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana
Influence: Merle Haggard
Songwriter: Dave Kirby
Original Performer: Merle Haggard
Originally Released: 1976

4. Ever Changing Woman
Influence: Merle Haggard
Songwriters: David Kirby, Curly Putman
Original Performer: Merle Haggard
Originally Released: 1980

5. Pennies From Heaven
Influence: Merle Haggard (1986)
Songwriters: Arthur Johnston (music) Johnny Burke (lyrics)
Original Performer: Bing Crosby
Originally Released: 1936

6. Thanks A Lot
Influence: Ernest Tubb
Songwriters: Eddie Miller and Don Sessions
Original Performer: Ernest Tubb
Originally Released: 1964

7. Trouble In Mind
Influence: Merle Haggard (1996)
Songwriter: Richard M. Jones
Original Performer: Thelma La Vizzo
Originally Released: 1924

8. My Mary
Influence: Merle Haggard
Songwriters: Stuart Hamblen, Jimmie Davis
Original Performers: Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson
Originally Released: 1983

9. Saginaw, Michigan
Influence: Lefty Frizzell
Songwriters: Don Wayne
Original Performer: Lefty Frizzell
Year Released: 1964

10. Always On A Mountain (When I Fall)
Influence: Merle Haggard
Songwriter(s): D. Kerran & Chuck Howard
Original Performer: Merle Haggard
Year Released: 1978

11. (Because) You Asked Me To
Influence: Waylon Jennings
Songwriter(s): Billy Joe Shaver & Waylon Jennings
Original Performer: Waylon Jennings
Year Released: 1973

12. Why Baby Why
Influence: George Jones
Songwriters: Darrell Edwards & George Jones
Original Performer: George Jones
Year Released: 1955

13. Tonight I’m Playing Possum (Duet With Joe Nichols)
Songwriters: Keith Gattis
Original Performer: Randy Travis
Year Released: 2013

I for one have been eagerly awaiting this new album from him, and I have already placed it
on my MUST PURCHASE list for 2013. TO DATE he is recovering in a satisfactory fashion and
we are hoping he will announce a complete recovery soon.

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Outlaws and Icons Benefit Concert.

 photo 3a82b990-f131-4dc6-ac1a-634aff0afce3_zps30716f21.jpg

If there is one thing that musicians do it’s raise money for helping those in need. And October 25-27th they
are all gathering to do just that for a fellow named Troy Rector, who is going through some major
medical issues and needs our help.
This festival is being brought to us by many people and organizations like The Outlaw Music Hall Of Fame. There will be SO MANY great things going on that weekend you WON’T want
to miss this event. You can click on the link above to pre-purchase tickets OR WAIT until the gate and pay 40
for the gate price. I myself always like to pay the gate price especially when it’s toward a GOOD cause.

 photo 364c6d17-1642-4969-ad7c-f358aad7f597_zps0fa90552.jpg
I want to touch on one of the performers and one of the top reasons I am going.
This young lady is Kara Clark and if your’e not familiar with her music…you need to be.
Once again you’ll be glad you came to this website to check out new artists to support.
You can listen and purchase her music under “Artists You Need To Know”, and I’m sure you’ll agree
with me that she’s awesome.
She performs on the sunday lineup at the festival and TRUST ME she will not disappoint anyone
that goes to see her perform.

THE VERY FIRST inductees will be announced that weekend and they will be reported on by me.
You can be darn sure that I will try my best to be there…I’m planning on it.
ALL PROCEEDS are going to this man and his family. I will be writing a follow up article on this
event with more information on hotels and hotel rates for people that need them…I plan to get one.

1152 Gap Road Altamont Tn is where this festival is and the times are listed on the add above.
And it’s 30 dollars pre-order and 40 at the gates. THIS will be a really enjoyable event for sure!

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