Sep 142013

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I would like to thank so many people for all your verbal support about returning the website.All the letters and comments that you made have helped me make a very expensive but worth while decision to return to the keyboard.
So many songwriters, and underground artists are ignored and not even known about by mainstream people and I intend to CHANGE THAT.I PROMISE to promote and educate in a friendly and professional fashion.
We all do not have the same musical tastes, and that is what makes us ALL special!
If you are going out to the shows, buying the music and the merchandise and supporting the artist who works their
rear end off to perform for you then YOU ARE SPECIAL!
Some people are upset with the current situation of the Opry and Nashville’s upper people, country radio and other media outlets.I am as well…so here I am!
I LOVE the Opry and I still go to see the legends of country music.They NEED a voice that is NOT held down by record labels or management.
I PLEDGE to report my news and information in a POSITIVE fashion.I will NOT bash ANY artists,writers or ANY other people in the music industry….although we may “poke fun” at pop country.
MY overall reason to do this is to generate MONEY and LISTENERS for the artists and bands that NEED THEM.
These people do ALOT of work and pour their heart and blood into their work.
I URGE YOU to NEVER ask them to VIP you into their shows…PAY FOR THEM and support their JOB.I URGE YOU to BUY the shirts,hats,albums,stickers…whatever you can afford! Sit your butts on the barstools and SUPPORT THE VENUE!
Buy food and drinks and make the venue WANT THE ARTIST BACK!
SPREAD THE MUSIC…expose it to new listeners,share the posts.

Gary Hayes

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