Sep 202013

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I promise the talk and word going around IS TRUE…I AM returning and this is proof!
I am building and planning and making new networks to bring YOU the BEST POSITIVE
articles on underground music and the legends of country music and bluegrass.

We are ALL different and have different tastes and THAT is what makes us ALL special.
Whatever your taste is make sure you are supporting what you like!
Because let’s face it….nobody works for free.
These people bust their rear ends to bring their music to you and the venues
do alot of hard work to bring them to you as well.

Here you will be educated and exposed to EVERYONE from Bob Wayne to John Denver
in a positive and adult form.
I WILL NOT report on pop country…nor will I waste my time bashing it. Simply because
too many other media outlets already do.

I want to breathe further life into the underground world of music…it’s already alive
and flourishing and it needs FUNDING and SUPPORT from YOU.
So go out and HONOR THY MUSIC!

Gary Hayes

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