Sep 232013

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If there is one thing that musicians do it’s raise money for helping those in need. And October 25-27th they
are all gathering to do just that for a fellow named Troy Rector, who is going through some major
medical issues and needs our help.
This festival is being brought to us by many people and organizations like The Outlaw Music Hall Of Fame. There will be SO MANY great things going on that weekend you WON’T want
to miss this event. You can click on the link above to pre-purchase tickets OR WAIT until the gate and pay 40
for the gate price. I myself always like to pay the gate price especially when it’s toward a GOOD cause.

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I want to touch on one of the performers and one of the top reasons I am going.
This young lady is Kara Clark and if your’e not familiar with her music…you need to be.
Once again you’ll be glad you came to this website to check out new artists to support.
You can listen and purchase her music under “Artists You Need To Know”, and I’m sure you’ll agree
with me that she’s awesome.
She performs on the sunday lineup at the festival and TRUST ME she will not disappoint anyone
that goes to see her perform.

THE VERY FIRST inductees will be announced that weekend and they will be reported on by me.
You can be darn sure that I will try my best to be there…I’m planning on it.
ALL PROCEEDS are going to this man and his family. I will be writing a follow up article on this
event with more information on hotels and hotel rates for people that need them…I plan to get one.

1152 Gap Road Altamont Tn is where this festival is and the times are listed on the add above.
And it’s 30 dollars pre-order and 40 at the gates. THIS will be a really enjoyable event for sure!