Sep 242013

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Randy Travis…what does that name mean to you? If you are like me it means a true country legend with a troubled past
and a troubled present. You just cannot help but see the hurt in his eyes and his voice. After watching him sing
YOU KNOW that he’s been at rock bottom and back up again.
He dominated the 80’s with 16 number 1 hits and charted more than 55 singles off of 20 studio albums and in the early 90’s when his chart success declined he began recording gospel music.

In 2010 and several times afterward he was arrested multiple times intoxicated in public. And it seemed he was lost
physically and spiritually. But his true fans LIKE ME stood beside him…and today…we still do!

On July 7th 2013 the news was announced that he was admitted to a Dallas Tx area hospital for Viral Cardiomyapathy.
And rapidly was loosing the fight for life. Three days later he suffered a stroke and was listed as critical, and
was placed on machines. His fans POURED IN support for him, signed cards and sent videos for him.
In fact the support was SO IMMENSE the hospital could not handle that amount of publicity and he was soon moved
to a rehabilitation facility.

TODAY his NEW ALBUM is ready for pre order and you can purchase it HERE.
This will be his 21st studio album on Warner Brothers label, and will be available in stores in October.
This will be the tracks for the new album:

1. Someday We’ll Look Back
Influence: Merle Haggard
Songwriter: Merle Haggard
Original Performer: Merle Haggard
Originally Released: 1971

2. Big Butter And Egg Man
Influence: Merle Haggard (1985)
Songwriter: Percy Venable
Original Performer: Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five
Originally Released: 1926

3. What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana
Influence: Merle Haggard
Songwriter: Dave Kirby
Original Performer: Merle Haggard
Originally Released: 1976

4. Ever Changing Woman
Influence: Merle Haggard
Songwriters: David Kirby, Curly Putman
Original Performer: Merle Haggard
Originally Released: 1980

5. Pennies From Heaven
Influence: Merle Haggard (1986)
Songwriters: Arthur Johnston (music) Johnny Burke (lyrics)
Original Performer: Bing Crosby
Originally Released: 1936

6. Thanks A Lot
Influence: Ernest Tubb
Songwriters: Eddie Miller and Don Sessions
Original Performer: Ernest Tubb
Originally Released: 1964

7. Trouble In Mind
Influence: Merle Haggard (1996)
Songwriter: Richard M. Jones
Original Performer: Thelma La Vizzo
Originally Released: 1924

8. My Mary
Influence: Merle Haggard
Songwriters: Stuart Hamblen, Jimmie Davis
Original Performers: Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson
Originally Released: 1983

9. Saginaw, Michigan
Influence: Lefty Frizzell
Songwriters: Don Wayne
Original Performer: Lefty Frizzell
Year Released: 1964

10. Always On A Mountain (When I Fall)
Influence: Merle Haggard
Songwriter(s): D. Kerran & Chuck Howard
Original Performer: Merle Haggard
Year Released: 1978

11. (Because) You Asked Me To
Influence: Waylon Jennings
Songwriter(s): Billy Joe Shaver & Waylon Jennings
Original Performer: Waylon Jennings
Year Released: 1973

12. Why Baby Why
Influence: George Jones
Songwriters: Darrell Edwards & George Jones
Original Performer: George Jones
Year Released: 1955

13. Tonight I’m Playing Possum (Duet With Joe Nichols)
Songwriters: Keith Gattis
Original Performer: Randy Travis
Year Released: 2013

I for one have been eagerly awaiting this new album from him, and I have already placed it
on my MUST PURCHASE list for 2013. TO DATE he is recovering in a satisfactory fashion and
we are hoping he will announce a complete recovery soon.