Sep 262013

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What can I say about the boys in BR5-49 that hasn’t already been said? They have had ups and downs and all out
knockdown shows at Robert’s Western World (where it all started) to foreign countries.
In fact nobody is really sure WHEN it started but WE ALL can say for sure it covered the whole downtown
broadway area like a bad case of chiggers.
Of course they got their name from Junior Samples and Hee Haw…I’m sure everyone knew that!
These five original guys were NOTED for playing for HOURS and HOURS for tips, and they ROCKED the joint
EVERY NIGHT! Don Herron who played steel and fiddle and EVERYTHING ELSE just blew my socks off so badly
I used to go down there and spend 10 bucks to park to see them and always tipped them 20 bucks.
They quickly grew known for performing cover songs that were so obsolete that the general public
never even knew they were classic country songs…not that their original songs were bad…
They packed the house and sold so much merchandise that music row soon took note and it all went on from there.

They had lineup changes and success on their own as solo artists AND NOW I hear that after a concert at the
Fontanel Mansion opening for Old Crow Medicine Show and one in august in Canada there MAY BE some activity
from the original 5 members…which would please me immensely.

FOLKS THIS IS an ALL NEW ALBUM full of outtakes from performing LIVE from Roberts in their 1990’s haydays
of partying and playing loud fast honky tonk hillbilly beat shows!
And this album is ONLY available HERE.
YOU MUST inbox them and order this awesome album full of GREAT songs NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES!
It was manufactured for their Canada show and it’s ONLY available on that link.

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TOMMORROW (well today) they will be doing a radio interview on and THEY MAY answer some
well awaited questions about IF they will ever become fully active once again.
I for one would go absolutely NUTS to see these five fine people together again, solid and
once again a thorn in pop country’s side!

1. In The Jailhouse Now
2.How Come It
3.Luther Played The Boogie
4.White Lightning
5.Sea Of Heartbreak
6.One Woman Man
7.Mr. Moonlight
8.Lend Me Your Comb
9.Are You Getti’n Tired Of Me
10.Right String Baby, but Wrong Yo-Yo
11.Mama Tried
12.Skinny Jim
13.Memories Are Made Of This
14.Yonder Comes A Sucker
15.Hey Joe
16.Act Naturally
17.Little Ramona
18.If You Ain’t Lovin
19.There Stands The Glass
20.Roly Poly
21.Dixie Fried
22.Take Me Back To Tulsa
23.Cherokee Boogie

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