Oct 312013

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Those GREAT folks at the Spillway Bar And Grill and Whitey Morgan And The 78’s have been kind
enough to let THIS WEBSITE GIVE AWAY TWO TICKETS for his appearance there
on December 21st!
MORE DETAILS will soon follow in the next coming weeks.

Whitey was recently inducted into the Outlaw Country Music Hall Of Fame, and this website
GREATLY supports them and Whitey Morgan’s music is as ROWDY as it gets!

On November 11th you’ll have to listen to Blue Ribbon Radio and Mr. Chris will announce the code.
THEN I want you to post it on THE WEBSITE’S FACEBOOK PAGE…and the FIRST POST I SEE
So BE LISTENING for the NEW show download!

Oct 292013

I LOVE this job..it’s not even a job, not because it doesn’t pay but because it’s SO FUN.
It’s an honor to be friends with these people and to enjoy their work.
I love to buy their music and support what they do, and I love to share my own songs
with them too. IT ALL ends in a big wash, with no artsits the songwriter would starve.
With no writers the artist would starve, and with no producers…well…you follow me.

 photo 29521248-9e32-4570-a6fe-efb9b33333d8_zps8afffd4a.jpg

One of the funniest and most REAL artists I have EVER met in my days is Kara Clark.
She’s under Rusty Knuckles label but she’s NOT under a label, she puts out what
is in her heart. Not everyone will like everything every artist does and she
still rolls on unchanging. She’s not one kind of music she’s a bunch.
And the musicians she travels with and uses are FIRST CLASS players, they really
help her showcase her talent.
I would take a vacation day to go catch one of her shows, in my opinion she’s
that good.

In her solo acoustic set she did a song Mr. Jared said was his favorite and it
was really well written “The Band The Bartender And Me”..put me to mind of
Marc-Alan Barnettes song “Tables And Chairs”.
It had really good placement of a visual picture to me as a fan.
The sun set and the stage was dark and then the magic started…wow.
It DID NOT NEED anything else,it was lit up with blue lights and energy.

When her band got to playing she played a bunch of her songs from her
latest release (like I said before it’s on Rusty Knuckles label) like
She played ‘Preachers Hands” which is the public’s favorite song from
what I have heard being at the shows. They hollar it out the most.
I notice these things…..weird but true.

“Time Heals All Wounds” and “My Heart And My Glass” are just “feel Good”
songs I enjoy and everyone around me does too…I see it…
She also covers Jessie Colter’s number one hit “I’m Not Lisa”.
And does it really well!
I hope good things for Kara and I will be a part of promoting her.

This will conclude my coverage of Outlaws And Icons.
I want to THANK EVERYONE for being so nice to me and giving me
the VIP treatment. Gary Sargeant really rolled out the red carpet
for us all. We raised money for a good man Mr. Troy Rector and made
history for people like Bobby Bare.
YOU WILL hear MORE from this organization and from THIS WEBSITE
cause I was given specific direction to do so by them.


Oct 292013

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Here I was talking to a bunch of people and taking pictures, basically being a fan.
I was sharing my knowledge and asking questions, and I heard “HOW OLD are you”? ALOT from
those guys. James Austin said he was astounded by my brain…I was really flattered!
But it got cut short when someone hollared HEY GARY J.B. IS ON!

I got RA and the weather was really messing with my knees…but I RAN to the stage
to see him! I first learned about him in the Myspace days, and when I was at
Porter Wagoner’s funeral I ran into a fellow named James Hunnicutt and he
further made me check out J.B.

I LOVE his music and his talent and the fact he is such a nice guy in person.
He is just an all around good and funny guy.
I really also LOVE his right hand man Mr. Buck Thrailkill. TO ME his is a hero!
When them two are together I cannot explain how much I enjoy it,
TO ME they are a superpower together!

AND PLUS one of the first songs he did was a GOOD ONE from his NEW ALBUM
‘Stripped To The Root” on the Rusty Knuckles label.
That song was “All The Little Devils Are Proud Of Hell”.
He also played a few more songs until I heard my personal favorite “Gonna Ride A Train”..
I LOVE THAT SONG, and he played “End Of The Road” and then he did
a GREAT cover of “Stittin By The Dock Of The Bay”.

 photo 1fe4cc8f-d4cf-497f-a87b-3744c98d4624_zps42385d54.jpg

THEN he brought out Billie Gant and they sang “11 months and 29 days” and I’ll tell
you what THEY NAILED IT! They had the whole place going NUTS. I think personally
it was one of favorite performances of the weekend.
And he brought out Whey Jennings and they sang “Don’t Think Hank Done It This Way”
I said before he was really awesome!

Kara Clark (Who will conclude my coverage) came up and they did “People Are Strange”
by the Doors, and a song by the Drive By Truckers.
I was really enjoying all this, I would eagerly go back next year!
The last song was with Josh Morningstar and they played “Wayward Drifter”.

If you ever get a chance to catch a J.B. Beverley YOU MUST GO…and tell him
I sent you! He’s a super nice guy and VERY talented performer.

Oct 292013

 photo 9aa08443-3fa5-4ab9-b9f5-74cd69d42566_zpsa4d11846.jpg

Those folks from Muddy Roots have announced HALF of the 2014 lineup…NOW THIS IS the Cookeville Tn
Labor Day Weekend lineup THIS IS NOT the Spring Weekender. So I WILL cover the Spring Weekender
EXCLUSIVELY for you, AND I WILL cover this festival too.

I am hiring help to cover it all with me and possibly we can get the Nashvillepurist to come
this year. I’ll try my best to have her there too, cause she’s awesome!

is where you go to buy tickets…NOW ILL REMIND YOU AGAIN!
This is NOT the spring weekender with Dr. Ralph Stanley, some are getting that confused.

KEEP WATCHING ME for updates! I’ll just add them to this article.

Oct 282013

Here’s a re-cap of the list of this series.
20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt

So now I’ll continue this series with my choice for number 15.
And readers I gave this next one A TON OF THOUGHT because there are SO MANY
that deserve to be on the list. But I think you’ll enjoy my choice.

 photo 89dc7750-eb5d-4b72-8b12-700203493d4d_zps0c059d4d.jpg

Number 15 is NOT known as an an artist but his contributions to country music
made him a household name and HE IS VERY dear to my heart.
My choice for number 15 was STILL an icon nonetheless…Grant Turner.

He was born Jessie Granderson Turner in Baird Texas and as far as I am concerned HE WAS the voice
of our beloved heart and soul of country music…the Grand Ole Opry.
He served as the voice of it for all of 47 years.

He moved to Knoxville Tn in 1942 and rode an all night bus to Nashville on D-Day when the
Pearl Harbor was attacked June of 1944.
He auditioned and joined the staff under the direction of George D. Hay who started the whole
Opry (in my opinion).

He took the job of being the announcer of the televised portion of the Opry sponsored by
R.J. Reynolds in the late 1940’s.
In the early 1950s he hosted WSM’s Mr. DJ, USA program, featuring guest DJs from around the nation, and in the mid-1950s became the third regular announcer for Ernest Tubb’s WSM Midnight Jamboree, a job Turner held until 1977.

He did record some duets with Helen Carter under various labels throughout the 1950’s.
But he became the most famous for being THE VOICE of the Opry for the remainder of his career.
The amiable Turner for years hosted the Grand Ole Opry Warm-up Show, spinning records and taking requests on the Opry House Stage. Turner had a smooth, down-home style as he sat on stage and played records by artists set to appear on that night’s shows. Grant Turner worked Friday and Saturday night Opry shows, besides the summer matinees, until the night before he died. Known for his freindly personality and professionalism, Turner was one of three original members to join the Country Disc Jockey Hall of Fame, in 1975. Mr. Turner was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1981.

And on October 19th 1991 the world sadly mourned the loss of this beautifull man.
This man WAS the voice WE ALL grew up with and he was a HUGE part of my childhood.

Oct 282013

This is what I witnessed during day 3 of being out in the cold with friends and heros with warm hearts.
I drifted from small crowd to small crowd to hear all the stories that were being told.
I am SO INTO learning that I just couldn’t focus on one person or conversation and it was VERY
difficult to soak it all in at once.
I was in the building up there having coffee with another reporter from Michigan and we
were talking with Whey Jennings about his grandmother’s cookies she would bring us into the
pinball machine room off Old Hickory Boulevard in Nashville when I heard something
I had waited WEEKS to hear…Josh Morningstar.

 photo b4653a85-5ad1-48f9-9f73-367462083c83_zpsb9b0cb7b.jpg

I missed the first few songs as me and Whey walked down to the stage…I had to wait for
him to get a burrito and he got me a coffee. I was so very fortunate for that gentleman
from Southern Stream for getting my wi-fi going.
When we got there he was doing his one man band thing sitting on a kick drum and playing
‘In Jail Stoned again” and then played “Long Hard Road To Hell And Back”.

He interacted with his audience REALLY well, and I could tell he was VERY comfortable
up on stage. He WANTED to be there for us.
He sang another about his soul being alive….he’s a beacon of hope for ALL of us former
addicts. When he sings songs like “Dope Sick Blues” YOU KNOW he was there!
It sure the hell didnt come from a rented room at NSAI…

He has some REALLY inventive and creative lines in his songs. “I don’t mind if you leave
as long as you ain’t coming back”…like I said before in his intro article,
he places his lines REALLY well into his songs.
He sang another Outlaw song with a TON a cuss words in it and spoke to the audience alot.

He sang a REALLY emotional song for a departed friend of his that didn’t make the ride
out of their addiction like we did. He never did announce what it was called but it
had “My Soul Is Still Alive” in it. And I’ll say this: anytime you see someone
perform a song and cry that artist is sharing something VERY special with people
they just met. To connect with strangers is a REAL gift and a REAL thing, and you’ll
NEVER see that in an arena tour artist of ANY kind.

He then played some ones I love the best, “Outlaws At The Cross” and a song off his
new album “From The Top To The Bottle” and his last one was “The Bible and The Bottle”.
I must honestly say that he EXCEEDED my hopes of being wowwed.
I would GLADLY PAY to see him play ANYWHERE!
He has my total support in the future…I need to co-write with him for SURE!

Oct 272013

 photo d3396a81-ac99-4b9e-b501-24d990732ebf_zps16ff5930.jpg

MY BUCKET’S GOT A HOLE IN IT … but it ain’t about beer
by Billye Merrill
I listen to a lot of Bluegrass music. The banjo is my favorite instrument, the fiddle coming in a close second. (Pun not intended, but I’ll let it stay.) I love the purity. I love the feel. I love the premise. One of my favorite “contemporary” Bluegrass groups is JUNIOR SISK & RAMBLERS CHOICE. That particular song AND album were the International Bluegrass Association’s song of the year and album of the year in 2012.

I was listening to their CD The Heart of a Song last weekend as I was tossing around ideas for this contribution to Gary’s website. It got me thinking about how, in a general sense, something is missing from much of the music that is produced, packaged, and released. I felt like Hank Sr. There is a hole in the bucket.
What’s missing?
It’s the HEART.

Like many of you, the majority of my time and energy (AND MONEY) is spent in the music world. Live shows, CD’s, merchandise, the gas and travel expenses to attend a music fest. You know the routine. My friends and social life revolve around music. On one hand it is the passion that we cling to and live out day to day. On the other hand, we see what feels like a cold monster of an industry that mocks what we love and believe in with what appear to be imposters of our heroes and sounds that mimic what we treasure the most. It’s frustrating because it’s not just a song, it’s what Grandpa used to sing to you. It’s not just a set of lyrics, it’s a memory from a concert back in 1994. It’s not just a piece of property, it’s an album given to you by your favorite aunt. It’s who you are. It’s a lifestyle.

I see musicians, writers, venue owners, etc., so frustrated that they are ready to give it up. Where is the balance? There is plenty of ranting, raving, cussing, screaming, fighting and hollering. I’ve witnessed Twitter-Wars between artists or reviewers that made me wish I’d never been born. What came of it aside from fans feeling let down and a couple musicians making asses out of themselves? Nothing. There is so much negativity in our world today, do we really have time for it? I don’t. For me, the answer to feeling that I had a say so in what was happening in the music world around me became very clear.
It’s a CHOICE.

The radio makes you angry? Don’t turn it on. You hate corporate sponsored award shows? Don’t watch them. You can’t control that it exists, but you change your reaction to it. A few years ago, I stated an intention to myself that I would live as authentically as I could to my own soul. I shifted ME. Not “them.” Maybe you have to hunt it down. Seek it out. Find new venues. It’s out there. The effort to locate the type of art; music; people; & places I choose to involve myself with makes my life richer and fuller.
Take your bucket. Patch the holes with what and whom you place value upon. See how full it gets.
Here’s to your heart.

Billye Merrill

Oct 272013

 photo 8816258e-94b9-4978-be05-9f3f6107fb60_zpsafabf668.jpg

I want to THANK ALL OF YOU, the readers the bands the venues the people that represent them!
cause without YOU I would not be here in this hotel room typing this post in preparation
for the party yet to come.

Miss Kara THANK YOU for allowing me to launch during your set, you have no fear in your heart
to record the music that comes from that fearless heart…whomever likes or dislikes it.
You bow to NO Industry standard or status quo. YOU ARE a true Outlaw, and I’m glad
I’m allowed to be a fan!

ALL OF you that made the Outlaws and Icons festival possible need to be loved on and commended
for even starting this deal for this man in need. The brotherhood of music and the fact that
we take care of our own is enough for me to devote my life to this cause….country music.
ALL TYPES of music. But country has been the kindest to me personally.
It has rehabilitated me and brought me up as a youth when I was neglected at home.
I been on the dark side of the spoon.


I make you my readers A PROMISE: I will NEVER EVER report hatefull or mean
information or negative comments about ANY artist. Even the ones I personally don’t like.
WHY?…. Because you can get that at other outlets of media. And who am I to judge YOUR album
YOU busted YOUR butt to record?
I will NEVER “go to war” with an artist or a venue or any person on this website.
I’m here for you to LEARN and DISCOVER….AND BUY their products.
THEY LIVE ON YOUR DOLLARS, not theirs! YOU are their food on the table, nothing is free.

I don’t like pop country, but instead of bitching I’m out FIGHTING this deal.
And I cannot do this alone…I NEED YOU! Yeah YOU reading this…I need your help.

Let’s go keep this deal alive.
Honor Thy Music

Gary Hayes

Oct 272013

 photo 4644a5c6-1fcc-462e-8b2e-bdb1afc0d08d_zps59e1ae6c.jpg

AND NOW we get to the final part of yesterdays coverage with a man that has personally
became a close friend and a hero to me…Dallas Moore.
His third album ‘Blessed Be The Bad Ones” will probably not leave my CD player for a
long long time. The show he put on for us and for Mr. Troy’s benefit last night
was one that was worth EVERY PENNY of the ticket cost this weekend.

His set started out with ‘My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys” and he barreled into his own
songs he wrote almost all night. His next song was :I’m Still Rolling On” and ‘Hank To Thank”.
He then played two NEW songs of his much anticipated 2014 release which I’ll report on later.
‘Raising Hell And Slingin Gravel” and ‘I Can’t Get Over You” are the new songs.

And he did several more and THEN played his anthem…and my favorite “Blessed Be The Bad Ones”
which is honestly my personal favorite song he does.
He did “Crazy Again” and “Outlaw Man” and then he performed a guitar solo that was the
MOST AMAZING THING I ever saw! It made me want to go home and PRACTICE for 10 more years!
He mixed in classical and metal and country and OH MAN I just cannot explain the deal.
Someone told me he studied classical music and IT SHOWS!

AFTER THAT…as if that’s not enough…they had an open jam. And A TON of people
got together and played ALL KINDS of songs.
And they jammed into the night even after I left to go write articles!

Now if you’ll excuse me…KARA CLARK IS doing a pre-show warm up and
I want to go see her.

Oct 272013

Well Hello Everybody I’m writing this earlier on Day 3 of the festival and I just got a kind
gentleman to get me some Wi Fi for the launch and to write more articles.
Theyr’e getting the stage ready for another day of fun and people like J. B Beverly and one
of my heros Buck Thrailkill are hanging around and TONS MORE!
My thanks to Southern Stream Live for making the live stream PPV possible.

Yesterday second up was Hillbilly Sins an ohio
based band who did a wonderfull cover of “Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound’ with a southern rock
Also was another ohio based band that plays often with Dallas Moore called Pure Grain, and they were a delightfull new
twist on everything else I heard thus far.
Two very cool percussionists and GREAT harmonies.

NOW FOR TWO POWERHOUSES who will make some waves across the cess pool of Music Row!
 photo 5db298c5-19e2-4818-8a99-36bfcb0002dd_zps7ce208d1.jpg

THIS GUY is Whey Jennings.
and he made the whole day one of the most unforgettable and most important days in history.
He is the oldest son of Terry Jennings and thusly the grandson of Waylon Jennings.
He is just like Shelton in many ways…he sings JUST LIKE Waylon. Whos…
IN FACT during the songwriters legends round when Steve Young was performing “Lonesome Onry and Mean”
that he wrote…Whey sang from behind and Steve said “Man that sounds like Waylon” and then they
introduced him.

He played his own set with his lead guitarist and Clay Reynolds and J.B Beverly and Josh Morningstar.
and he began his set with his grandfather’s song “Iv’e always been crazy” and “Ramblin Man”.
Then he blew into “Seven Spanish Angels” and ‘Simple Man”. He is still in the process of recording
his own material and financially he is still building up steam for his debut album.
And he’s WELL WORTH the wait and support, and I look forward to supporting him in EVERY WAY
He then recited and sang a personal song he wrote for his grandfather called “missing You” and it was so quiet
I heard a nearby mouse pee. He had everyone in tears. And I encourage every one of you to
learn more about him.

Oct 272013

Well here I am back out here in Altamont Tn at the Outlaws And Icons Benefit for the
Second day of coverage. I’m sitting out in the chilly day enjoying another mess of fine music.
As I write this I look around at the audience and the artists all coming together to admire these
Songwriter legends they brought out, I see some of my heros like Buck Thrailkill.
I apologize if I miss some things because there is SO MUCH going on to report on.
As I walk among crowds of people EVERYWHERE I see and hear SO MUCH HISTORY
going on now and being shared of the past.

 photo cea2d2be-8244-4f38-a021-d53315e33cc7_zps2dff88ab.jpg

I got there a little bit late because I went to a restaurant that features live music and I’ll
Write about The Smokehouse later, so I missed the first act. But they brought out a round
Of legendary outlaw songwriters. They were Chris Gantry, Steve Young, Thom Ghent,Billy Gant
James Austin, Poobah and one my favorite songwriter legends Billy Don Burns.

Billy Don Burns has produced and wrote more country music than most people alive.
If you have a vinyl collection chances are you have his name on your vinyl a thousand times
If you have any Willie Nelson or Paycheck albums. He spent years contributing to outlaw
Country music. much like Freddy Powers and Jerry Foster, Billy Don Burns has done it all.

 photo 81cde0dd-d5d8-420a-813a-8ef2af8e736d_zpsbafc4e8e.jpg

These guys sat and in around fashion played their songs and told stories about their lives.
And how life was back in the glory days of flop houses and cheap liquor. Back when they
Stumbled to Tootsie’s from the Ryman, and they still got served.
Many of their guitars were older than me and stained , and one of them told a story about
An old tape recorder that I really enjoyed.

Like I said there is just SO MUCH GOING ON I’m going to share what I witness
kind of like Mathew Mark Luke and John…only I’m just a regular guy that admires
the apostles too!

Billie Gant got it started and James Austin was second. I spoke with James Austin
several times and for great lengths of time. He was very special and very nice to me.
He sang alot of great songs like “535 People’ and “Long Way To Hollywood”, and one that
especially stood out ‘Thats When The Fight Broke Out”…he said Are you From Scotland?
It’s Wales you idiot…Well Where are you two Whales From? it was clever! And presented
really well to me as a fan.
 photo 00487ec1-105f-40ff-a62d-71041941dc29_zps584a1cfd.jpg

Mr. Poobah sang “Redneck Riviera” and “Easy Way To Make A Hard Living” and living legend
Steve Young sang ‘Iv’e Got A Right To Sing The Blues” and his Eagles hit “Seven Bridges Road”.
THEN HE sang “Lonesome Onry And Mean’…with an unexpected guest!
Sarge got a young man up there to sing and Mr. Steve said “Damn that sounds like Waylon!”
IT was his grandson Whey Jennings, Son of Terry. You’ll probably NEVER witness that again.

Billy Don Burns…MY GOD what can I all say? He sat there and gave off such an aura that
I quickly forgot how cold it was and was full of the spirit of old. He sang ‘Dead Or Alive”
which he told a story of it being wrote at Billy The Kid’s grave. And “Running Drugs
To Mexico”, which is one of my favorites.
Billy produced many albums for Johnny Paycheck and MANY MORE and he wrote some of
country music’s most timeless classics.

 photo 5251d024-40e6-46a7-8ece-8b546927d1e4_zps7be0ac68.jpg

AND THEN…..Gary Sargeant called upon Steve Young and Chris Gantry to his side.
And announced early their induction into one of the classes of the Outlaw Hall
Of Fame which I will touch on later in a seperate article.

SO FOR NOW I’m going to eat some food and have a beer with the Rusty Knuckles crew!
And check out Hillbilly Sins on stage NOW!
And of couse….mingle and thank these guys and gals for contributing to country music.

Oct 272013

I am really worn out, and it’s been a cold but fun 2 days. I have LOTS to cover and write about
and I’ll say THIS! Other sites and stations may report a little BUT I WAS THERE!
I WAS right next to Gary Sargeant and I witnessed HISTORY today! I was crying today
you have my word on that…I was in tears. I ALSO know information NOBODY ELSE KNOWS
so STAY TUNED TO ME for the real deal on this! Because I will discuss a divisional class
that honestly I’m NOT SURE I can make public….yet!

Today I hung around and mingled with EVERYONE from J.B. Beverley and Buck Thrailkill and Whey Jennings
to Dallas Moore and Billy Don Burns! And eating and talking and WRITING! I got pages and pages of
information to share!
And I have some BIG HUGE announcments about future deals to come for me!

 photo 83b555bb-fa05-4c67-8abf-7ff579154f85_zps14bf7b18.jpg

There are three categories for the inductees and I’ll describe them in brief detail.
So on to the inductees…Who are they?

Pioneers 1969 and BACK

Hiram “Hank’ Williams
Bobby Bare
Loretta Lynn
The Carter Family
Chris Gantry

The Highwaymen Era 1970-1990

ALL FOUR Highwaymen Willie Nelson Johnny Cash Kris Kristofferson Waylon Jennings
Johnny Paycheck
Billy Joe Shaver
Merle Haggard
David Allan Coe
Randall “Hank” Williams Jr.
Steve Young
Jessie Colter
Sami Smith

The Guardians: Younger artists who carry the torch (Only active for 1 year)

Shelton “Hank” Williams 3
Wayne Mills
Jamey Johnson
Whitey Morgan
Dallas Moore

 photo b461741e-b15c-4620-b349-6c1bb8b2acff_zps3815d6f5.jpg

That NOBODY else will probably EVER TOP!
Country Legend Bobby Bare is the ONLY person EVER to be inducted into
TWO Hall Of Fames in one weekend!
As you know he is being inducted into the Nashville Hall Of Fame tomorrow along
with Kenny Rogers and Cowboy Jack Clement.

I will continue coverage of day 2 TONIGHT..I am writing it AS WE SPEAK!
I WAS THERE and I am living my dreams, and I cannot thank everyone enough
for making this dream a reality.



Oct 262013

Hello everyone here I am in my room in Monteagle warming up and having a beer after tonight’s wonderfull show.
First off it was COLD out tonight and it put a small setback in the amount of people in attendance in person but not the amount of talent that was there or the amount of love everyone had for Mr. Troy. And tomorrow will be a bigger day yet!

This event is also being televised on PPV and you can view it for a ONE DOLLAR DONATION from your home
Mr. Sarge Also told me tonight that it will be available soon on a 3 hour DVD and will most likely
be 9.99 on the Outlaw Music Hall Of Fame website.
We heard a HUGE report from the TV stations that this event has REALLY good ratings on PPV and
is being viewed overseas by a large scale audience.

Now mind you ALL of the proceeds from this event are ALL GOING to Mr. Troy, and TRUST ME there was so
much talent on stage tonight and so many smiles and laughter. It truly was a blessed event so far.
I first got to get reacquainted with Mr. Neil Hamilton author of
Outlaws Still At Large
and we had some wonderfull talks about everything. He’s really funny.

 photo 659d200b-0a7b-43ca-9a4f-4dca7f1f0bdc_zpsfa77ee9c.jpg

The venue is REALLY gorgeous and the stage is HUGE and well lighted. It’s a VERY nice facility for
an outdoor festival. I’m having such a wonderfull time out here and it’s worth every penny and
every minute of my time!
I walked around the campgrounds met a bunch of people from Ohio and other places, and made some new
friends from Indiana.
If you’re familiar with Muddy Roots Music Festival…the Sweet Tea and Lemonade guy is here!
And it’s always a treat to get to see Buck Thrailkill and J.B. Beverley! TO ME Mr. Buck is a hero
is one of country music’s treasures not many people know about.

 photo d5ca763a-a9b3-47a5-938f-4061a301f30f_zps639c52dc.jpg

The first band on stage was Goode Dawg a
duo of singers and guitarists from the Nashville area.
Very fun and energetic duo and they had some good original songs like ‘Saturday Night Small Town”
and “Not Your Maybeye”. And one they played called “Jim’s Barber Shop’ about a deer head on
the wall…I enjoyed it.
They covered David Allan Coe’s “The Ride’ and the Skynrd classic ‘Simple man” VERY WELL!
And the lead guitarist is very good, I was enjoying them.

THEN for the rest of the night…which could have lasted until sunrise it was so great..
was Brigitte London, J.B. Beverley, Wayne Mills, Josh Morningstar, and Clay Reynolds.
They jammed together and took turns playing their own material as well.
It was absolutely AWESOME! Wayne Mills is EVERYTHING I studied him to be and
his original song “I’m Alive And Well” was just beyond great!
He also did “Call Me The Breeze” really well.

One of my personal favorites was Josh Morningstar who played his original
“Williams Whitley and Whiskey”…I LOVE his voice. It is honest and real, and
so is he. He had the greatest line I have heard yet “It must be a bitch
being a bitch and do it professionally”..And the way he juxtaposed it into
the song flow was amazing.

 photo f2b92f81-9dac-4927-b770-ac484f5b4bc7_zpsbde99119.jpg

J.B. Beverly was the lead guitarist and also did “Great Day To Whoop
Somebody’s Ass”…and did a doggone fine job at it.
Iv’e loved his music for years now and I cannot wait to get his new
album “Stripped To The Root” on the Rusty Knuckles label.

Brigitte London…wow…her voice is just beautifull. She did
“Help Me Make It Through The Night” and did the greatest job I
myself ever heard! I mean she had people just absolutely captivated.
The Highwaywoman Is quickly becoming one of my favorite females to see
perform live. She’s up there with Rachael Brooke and Ashley Monroe.
And then they brought out Mr. Troy and all played ‘Blue Eyes Crying
In The Rain”.

 photo a57255b0-37cf-4392-80d2-33427494886c_zps9d6a8c50.jpg

The love that Gary Sargeant has for this man and for country music was absolutely heartwarming
and the way I was welcomed today assures me that the Outlaw Hall Of Fame
will indeed be a wonderfull place to visit and I look forward to doing
more articles on it in the future. WE NEED to support what Mr. Gary Sargeant
is doing because the future of country music truly needs him.

Oct 232013

I realize that some viewers may have caught up on this series with one of their favorite
artists, and so I’d like to always put on my links for the other artists too.
So here are the past articles.

Josh Morningstar
Brigitte London
Dallas Moore
Billy Sidwell
Whey Jennings
The Wayne Mills Band

THESE GUYS I learned about on the GOOD OLD MYSPACE DAYS! When Myspace was in it’s prime
and you could spend DAYS browsing band pages and their music.
THESE GUYS are country….no theyr’e metal…no theyr’e rockabilly…
THESE GUYS are EVERYTHING…they are Joecephus And The Georgetown Massacre

 photo ba94bca4-ba8a-485b-84a7-f87a293963d7_zpsa4ace6ab.jpg

They are a memphis based band and they have played just about
every type of venue the south has to offer!
And I’m telling you as far as work ethic THESE GUYS work harder than
just about ANY BAND I could name next to Hellbound Glory.
They really kind of mix all genres of music and roll them together and smoke it
and blow it right in your face!

Their third album “Hell Or High Water” is where I started to catch them in their act.
And it’s one of my top 40 underground albums along with their LIVE bootleg Volume 2
which was recorded live from the Shed in Maryville Tn in 2010.

Their latest release “Arokalypse Now” is available on their website.
As well as their other albums which are all just a little bit of everything.
You might be thinking…It’s not really country….OR IS IT?
Come down to Altamont and find out!

Oct 232013

Hey folks I’m trying my hardest to write articles about ALL the ones you may not know about.
These are the ones that don’t get as much major media attention….and should.
I have made several of these and in case you just joined me on this series I will
post some links so you can enjoy them too! I think you’ll stumble on some GREAT music
that is previously undiscovered.

Josh Morningstar
Brigitte London
Dallas Moore
Billy Sidwell
Whey Jennings

 photo 0f089e86-67d9-41a2-b1c3-1086120a02ec_zps5b388717.jpg

Ok Folks so now it’s time to feature another great artist The Wayne Mills Band. This man is from the small town
of Arab in the north mountains of Alabama. He was raised on the anthems alot of people my age
were raised on the likes of Merle Haggard and Johnny Paycheck.

He went on to play sports in college and he earned a degree in education, which is a VERY
impressive to have in this industry…a thing to fall back on!
And upon his touring and playing the college bars country music stars like Jamey Johnson
OPENED for this man. And he’s been touring with Jamey.
He’s got more than fifteen years of road time and I’m sure looking forward to watching him
perform this weekend!
He’s also playing selected dates with Blackberry Smoke.

He will soon release a studio album called “Long Hard Road” under the new Nashville label
Diesel Records. It will have twelve tracks, seven he wrote himself.

I’ll tell you out of ALL the articles I have wrote this is one of the ones I’m
waiting to hear more from the MOST…simply because Iv’e never heard until now.
THAT IS WHY I do what I do….YOU NEED to hear about it too!
Melt Down all them 45’s to talk about trucks and trains….Damn good line in this song.
I am LOVING this guy as much as Whitey Morgan!

Oct 212013

Here’s another installment in my Outlaws And Icons Benefit Show that happens THIS WEEKEND! Get your tickets NOW on that link, Mr. Gary “The Sarge” Sargent NEEDS US to come together and support him and help!
It is to my understanding this event will be on pay-per view as well. I have enjoyed covering this event so far and writing these columns.

Here’s a re-cap of ALL the articles so far.
Josh Morningstar
Brigitte London
Dallas Moore
Billy Sidwell

Now we move onto an interesting guy to say the least and until now I never knew much about him.
But I enjoy studying his family. When you look at country music’s families and you study it like I do
you expect to find greatness within the younger members of them. Williams, Frizzell and Tubbs all have
them. This family does too…Jennings.

 photo 9a5fd512-e46c-4584-a5b2-a35838e45f4a_zps9d766dc9.jpg

He is the oldest son of  Terry Jennings who is Waylon’s oldest son, and grandson of Waylon.
And is Shooter’s Nephew.THOSE FACTS ALONE should perk up your ears, I appreciate him but delved into his music last night HARD. I’m quite convinced he will be BIG in the near future. He’s talented.
HE IS Whey Jennings and he is based out of Texas.
He’s just starting out and I’ll be reporting on him MORE SOON, and as soon as he has music available to purchase.
I may try to set up a sit down interview with him to learn more about him as his website is still under construction.
I think more people need to learn about him….and they will!
His band is called “The Unwanted” and they are defiantly an up and coming presence in the music world.

I talked with him via email briefly and he’s a nice fellow I think he will do his own thing and
uphold the family name quite well. I’ll post some videos of him.
He is a little bit of everything and I look forward to his set this weekend, He excites me to see what
he has in store for us!

Oct 202013

Here’s a re-cap of the list of this series.
20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney

 photo 1a9ef7b8-391c-401e-b18b-876e5410a677_zpsf2647da5.jpg

Number 16 in my list of Icons YOU NEED to know is Elton Britt.
He was born James Elton Baker on June 17th 1913 and was a VERY scarce and overlooked performer
who recorded almost 60 albums for various labels during a time when country music was just
first being brought to the American public by Hank Williams and Roy Acuff.
He was born with heart troubles and because of this he was not expected to live. His parents
never named him until he was a year old!
His father was a local doctor who kept him alive, and because of his fragile condition
he was a spoiled and pampered child.
He practiced yodeling by manipulating his breath under water,and could hold a note
for an amazing length of time.

He wrote and co-wrote many of the songs he made famous including “Chime Bells” which was
made more famous by Don Winters, and ‘Candy Kisses” which of course was made famous
by George Morgan.
He was one of Hollywood’s finest yodeling cowboys and starred in two movies
and also was a television performer. And was often compared to Jimmie Rodgers.
In 1960 he ran for president of the United States on the Democratic ticket.
He had records up until 1968 and in 1972 he died of a heart attack.

HERE you can sign a petition to elect him to be
a member of the Country Music Hall Of Fame.
He was the very first artist to be awarded a gold record for selling one million copies
of “There’s a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere”.

Oct 202013

 photo acc9af4a-6640-4375-b219-1d00d4c7db8b_zps978c2c23.jpg

This one is the fourth installment of my Outlaws And Icons Festival.
Here’s the others:
Josh Morningstar
Brigitte London
Dallas Moore

This is Billy Sidwell.
And he comes from a small town in southern Illinois. I’m listening to his work right now, and I am
pleased with what I hear. he’s obviously influenced by many types of music, and you can tell
from his song “Battle Scars” he is really living his life in his songs.

He has several thousand fans and they call themselves “The B.S. Army”.
And honestly with no radio airplay or label backing that’s not a bad
group of people that follow him.

He recently recorded a three song demo called “Battle Scars”
I look forward to spending time watching him perform, and reporting on him
in his future endeavors.

Oct 202013

 photo 40f67c20-f16b-4334-8dad-0135b33475e0_zps2c6abcfc.jpg

This is my third installment of my ongoing series of articles that are introducing readers to the artists
performing on The Outlaws And Icons Benefit Concert that is happening THIS WEEKEND! Click on the link for info and tickets and all other info.

I have done two other of there on the following artists
Josh Morningstar
Brigitte London

So let’s go ahead and report on Dallas Moore.
I got my first dose of this man and his band from the book “Outlaws Still At Large” that
Mr. Neil Hamilton wrote. Iv’e heard of
him before in Nashville and honestly as large of a following he’s slowly brewing I can see why!
This man is one of the most active bands I have ever seen as an independent artist, he works
over 300 shows a year! That’s absolutely IMPRESSIVE!
When you got a indie artist that has people coming from out of state to see them play they
stick out like a rooster wearing socks!
He’s label mates with Pure Grain..who I’ll report on later during this series,
and he’s based out of the Ohio area.

This man draws a good sized crowd and it’s evident in his live album “Hank To Thank”
which he released in 2011 and it featured longtime Family member Jody Payne.
(Mr. Jody was a member of Willie Nelson’s band “Family”…he’s not kin to Mr. Dallas.).

In 2013 he released “Blessed Be The Bad Ones” on SOL Records.
And he’s getting ALOT of airplay on Sirius XM radio. And other independent stations.
And Outlaw Magazine wrote a REALLY NICE article about him and you can see it HERE. I refuse to copy or imatate yet
instead I want to share what others say about him.
He also has two other releases “Tales From A Road King” and “Cant Tame A Wildcat”.

Another thing I am impressed with is his band. They have ALL been with him for years and THAT tells me
his buisness integrity is top notch. That was the first thing I read when reading between the lines
as I study this man’s work.
I look forward to meeting this man and his band and give them some goodie bags for the road!
And I hope that he tears the place completely apart….I’m VERY impressed with what I hear so far.

Oct 192013

 photo 6b0c3fe5-3361-45c1-a28a-57395ccb0d8d_zpsd0d033a2.jpg

Ok my dear readers let us move along to the second installment of my Outlaws And Icons series.
These articles are intended to introduce you to the folks performing during the Outlaws And Icons Benefit Concert.
And if you like what you see and hear and you decide you want to go or make a donation to a man in need
YOU CAN DO SO by clicking on the link. Because I’ll be honest…this man NEEDS US!
And NOW the Sarge needs us,and what better way to celebrate than the coming of the Outlaw Country Music Hall Of Fame?

This is Brigitte London AKA The Highway Woman. I just recently met her through my REALLY GOOD friend
Kurt Fortmeyer, and let me tell you if HE SAYS I will like them….I will.
Iv’e spoken to her in emails so far and she’s VERY nice and beautifull, and my regret is I have not seen her
perform live yet! SHAME ON ME! She is PURE talent through and through.
BUT HEY this is what I’M HERE for….and even I benefit from this job I have!

She is a Texas based singer-songwriter, a writer,and many other things. And despite a huge push from many
people within the industry she remains independent for more creative control. Because THAT IS what
the “Outlaw Movement” TRULY WAS! It wasn’t because they wanted to be criminals or crude individuals.
They wanted to break rules and barriers and cross lines CREATIVELY…and THAT IS just what she is doing.

One of her Bios says she has released six albums and traveled the world with her songs.
Pretty impressive! And Iv’e heard from alot of people that her audience is from ALL different walks
of life. And that is one thing I have always been impressed with by people like Shelton Hank 3.
My first time going to one of his shows they all looked wild and crazy and I thought they were
going to tease me and make fun of me because I was more “clean cut”….NOT THE CASE AT ALL!
I found the bikers and the hillbillys and the metal crowd and punk metal people all having FUN
and soaking in the music!
She radiates that same ambiance and energizes her audience with all types of music and it all
comes from one place…her heart.

She has her own syndicated radio show “The Highwaywoman Radio Show” where she plays her favorite
music for her fans, roots country and Americana and more!
I cannot wait to meet with her next weekend and I’m sure I’ll be reporting on her music again VERY

Oct 182013

 photo 356f92b3-77b3-4c65-b1ec-880c440f1bad_zps3e4b3a36.jpg

Folks I been long overdue on beginning this series of articles on some more new artists I discovered while
continuing my support of the Outlaw Hall Of Fame and the Outlaws And Icons benefit festival in a few weeks.
I’LL BE THERE and I’ll be OFFICIALLY launching this website from Kara Clark’s set sunday night.

First off I want to say THIS:
THIS WEBSITE will ALWAYS promote independent artists and NOT ONLY will it share and promote them
IT WILL support them. Financially, emotionally and through gift bags and acts of kindness.
THIS IS YOUR SAFE HAVEN! YOU are loved here.
This isn’t some guy who prints words on a page, I WILL be there for YOU!
True I cannot cover EVERY show and help EVERY artist EVERY time….but I do what I can!

I’d now like to talk about some of the performers that will play the friday set of shows at
the festival. The first one is Josh Morningstar.
He’s from Haggerstown Md and my first impression of his voice was a really smooth note carrier
MUCH LIKE my own! In fact if I ever sang alongside him it would only be a slight difference in
octave. I could hear folk influence and country as well in him and I really enjoyed it!

In fact after reading his bio, we are VERY much alike in both good and bad ways. We have battled
the same demons in our lives, health issues and bouts with the devil’s dandruff. Only a few would
even know what that means…and honestly I hope you are blind to the meaning.
In MY opinion HE IS the story of hope and of recovery, and his songs come from far
beyond his heart and can cut through a stone brick with ease.
He’s one of the most damn fine songwriters I myself have heard from a younger artist in the
last few months.

This man has pretty much done it all and opened for so many national acts from Brett Michaels to D.A.C.
to Little Jimmy Dickens. He’s performed MANY kinds of music but always went back to country.
And with his band The .30’s I’m eagerly awaiting to see what he has up his sleeves for me.
I CHALLENGE HIM to absolutley WOW ME as a critic…he has already started.

He has two albums out “Contradiction” and “Hymns For Heartache” AND JUST RECENTLY he released
his third album “From The Top To The Bottle”.
And you can preview and purchase either of his albums by clicking on his name link and soon I will
add him to my Column Of Fame on the homepage.

October 17,2011 is his second birthday like mine is July 15th 1995. He knows what I mean.
I’m honored to be one of the FEW who know the true meaning behind his band’s name.
And I hope we can have a good friendship for many years to come.

Oct 172013

 photo 181b1070-5908-490a-9823-c782e005d447_zpsca21e0e1.jpg

Today about an hour ago on social media sites Leroy Virgil announced his band Hellbound Glory will be
performing some east coast dates with country music (and other genres legend) Leon Russell.
Recently they released a single “The Feud” under the Rusty Knuckles label, and they are one of the most active bands on their roster. Leroy and crew are almost constantly touring.
To my understanding these are the selected dates announced now, I will add to this post if any more follow.

Fri/ Jan 3 | Bethlehem, PA | Musikfest
Sat/ Jan 4 | South Orange, NJ | South Orange Performing Arts Center
Sun/ Jan 5 | New York, NY | City Winery NYC
Mon/ Jan 6 | New York, NY | @CityWineryNYC
Wed/ Jan 8 | Strafford Springs, CT | The Stafford Palace Theater
Sat/ Jan 11 | Newton, NJ | The Newton Theatre

In the past they were also featured on tour with Kid Rock and other bands and you can ALWAYS see them on
the Muddy Roots Festival lineup in Cookeville Tn.
Here are a few of MY personal favorite videos of them, and I hope after this article you will support them too!

Oct 162013

 photo ab55030a-2797-4893-9dec-fab55ab72063_zps81230e1d.jpg

Country music newcomer Sunny Sweeney first impressed Music Row with her first album “Heartbreaker’s Hall Of Fame”
which got re-issued by Big Machine records. It had some WELL WRITTEN songs and was not really embraced as large
as it should have been.
And she had three top fourty hits from her 2011 release from Republic Nashville called “Concrete”.
After leaving those labels last year she is releasing a third album on Thirty Tigers label
and is enlisting our help to raise the funds needed to fund it and offering special incentives
for those that donate.

You can donate and learn about it HERE.

“Pledging will get you a digital download of the album as soon as its ready- before anyone else. Plus there’s a range of perks from getting weekly updates, merchandise, exclusive visits to the studio, parties to come to … you can even play or sing on the album.

As an added bonus, a portion of every dollar raised will go to an amazing charity, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Northeast Texas, an organization that’s very near and dear to my heart.”

Pledges start at $15, for which donors can receive (in addition to the digital album) either a bumper sticker, or an album download with an autographed 8×10. Amounts go all the way up to $10,000 for which donors can play or sing on the new album.

Oct 162013

Here’s another installment of one of my weekly ongoing series of articles and if you have just joined us here is
a recap of numbers 20,19 and 18.
20. Little David Wilkins
19. Glenn Douglass Tubb
18. Autry Inman

Well let me first off explain to you that I BELIEVE there are THREE staples of the backbone of country music.
The writers,the producers and the steel guitar. I firmly believe that to be true today.
I thought Ashley Monroe released ONE HELL of a good country solo album,wrote by her and produced by Vince Gill.
And the steel guitar was AWESOME!


 photo 60312136.jpg

Ralph Mooney.
He was born in Duncan Oklahoma September of 1928 and we lost him in March 20th of 2011. He was 82 when country music
lost this precious man.
At an early age he developed a signature sound of his own as did many of the guitarists of his era. He played with
many bands and for many country music legends.
His first major cut was co wrote with Chuck Seals and was cut by Ray Price…it was none other than the mega hit
“Crazy Arms”. He once told me he was attracted to the guitar by Leon McAullifes “Steel Guitar Rag”.
And he told me as well he used a butter knife to learn it on a flatop while collecting coke bottles to
buy his first steel guitar.
He refined his style with the help of the Texas Playboy Jessie Ashlock and also played briefly for Wynn Stewart.
He also was a Buckaroo briefly playing on “Fooling Around” and “Under Your Spell Again”.

Alot of people do not know that he was also briefly a member of Merle Haggards Strangers before he was replaced
by Norman Hamlet. He soon became disenchanted by Merle’s heavy traveling schedule.
He did record some of Merle’s most popular and siganture songs, “Sing Me Back Home” “Swingin Doors” and “The Bottle Let Me Down”.

In 1969 he became the steel guitarist for Outlaw Country Music Legend Waylon Jennings and became mostly
noted for providing 20 years of service to him and his band The Waylors.
Waylon believed in the importance of the steel guitar and was critically blasted by the media for placing
Mooney on the front line of the band, right next to Waylon himself.
In fact, you can often times see him right next to Waylon, and many times his volume would be above
Waylon’s vocals.

He is rated as one of the top ten most influential and inventive steel guitarists.
He’s also credited for writing “Foolin” for Johnny Rodriguez.

Oct 132013

 photo 1885b56c-30c7-472f-a281-21c875f89073_zpsf281d37c.jpg

ANY country music fan like me can tell you there’s NOTHING left for Whispering Bill Anderson to accomplish
in any music genre….after 2014 that is. It’s been announced by the Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame amoung many other BIG names in all kinds of fields of music.

And in the non-performing section he will be joined by Bobby Braddock.
The Songwriters Hall of Fame gave The Associated Press a list of nominees in advance of the official announcement, set for Thursday. The gala will be held June 12 at the New York Marriott Marquis.

Whispering Bill has recorded 40 studio albums and has amassed 7 number 1 hits in his career.
He’s been billed as one of the top 5 most influential and successful songwriters in country
music history, and is second to only Harlan Howard in wealth from writing.
His first cut “City Lights” was recorded by Ray Price when Bill was just 15.
And in his tenure in Nashville he’s had more cuts than can be counted…I asked him once
and he estimated it was into the thousands by more artists than he can even recollect.

He had two stints as a game show host, and currently hosts the “Country’s Family Reunion” series
on RFDTV and available on DVD and Blue Ray.
He’s been featured on Hee Haw and hosted “Opry Backstage”.
He’s been a member of Nashville’s songwriter Hall Of Fame since 2001 and has been an active Opry
member and host for 45 years.

Oct 132013

 photo c173d68b-7ee3-4b23-9d2a-8b391b6132f3_zpse0896f0f.jpg

Folks last night Miss Tammy and Mr. Trevor at Live True Vintage And Vinyl hosted a third event for independent country artist Jake Cox and Dag And The Bulliet Boys.
WE ALL got together and had an absolute blast on their behalf last night. You MUST come down and join
them for their next concert they have.

 photo 29ffc5c2-6504-459d-811c-9269b606389c_zpse272a0a8.jpg

Joining us this time were my VERY FIRST website contest winners Mr. and Ms. Chidester from Ohio.
They joined us on their vacation and came to enjoy the music with us. We all made some new friends
saw some old ones and supported some daggummed good music.

 photo 71c2b548-f496-4308-9e03-ffd6f722c425_zpsdff77bf0.jpg

Jake Cox treated us to a long and fun performance, he’s formely the frontman from Slim Chance and the Can’t Hardly Wait Playboys and now he’s a solo artist. Although I was VERY happy he played Hillbilly Psycho.
He even had some minor equipment problems and STILL did a top notch show!
Worth EVERY penny they charged to get in to the venue.

 photo 1a2e0131-f4ad-4369-b9b8-59029a799edc_zpsd8ec0736.jpg

Dag and The Bulleit Boys were the first featured artist and they tore the place apart!
They have so many good old timey toe tapper songs and a wonderfull lead guitarist.
BOTH of these fine independent performers work VERY HARD and tour around the country
and they all got the Garyhayescountry.com goodie bags for the road.

IT IS IMPERATIVE that we go out and SUPPORT this kind of music…or it WILL disappear!
These guys can NOT do it alone….they NEED YOU! If your’e reading this and still in
doubt click on the links and try their music out.
I PROMISE YOU it’s WAY BETTER than mass-produced corporate crap!