Nov 292013

 photo 122284d5-8821-4176-832f-51a932edd0bc_zps0806a057.jpg

Well folks ALOT has been happening here on the website and next week I’ll be
taking two days off to attend the Wayne Mills Benefit in Nashville.
We all have to come together and financially support this widow and child.
Especially during the holiday seasons.

Lineup For Benefit:

7:50 PM – Welcome from Brandyn Steen & JR Roberson

8:00 – 8:15: The Southern Boys (Full Band)
8:20 – 8:40: Jared Wade, John Riggins, Jason Lawlor, Brian Warner
8:45 – 9:05: Zac Hacker, Rhean Boyer, Anthony K Culver, James Austin
9:10 – 9:30: Chad Wilson, Billy David Sidwell, Benjamin Phillips, Garrett Walker
9:35 – 9:55: Sean Rivers, Daryl Aldridge, James Williams, Tom Ghent
10:00 – 10:20: Rexton Lee, Brad Cotter, Hunter Lawley, Steve Owen
10:25 – 10:55: Tim Scott, Craig Wayne Boyd, Joshua Morningstar, Brandon Atwell
11:00 – 11:30: The Darlins, Jon Cook, Bernie Nelson, Dave Gibson
11:35 – 12:15: Shannon Lawson, Trent Tomlinson, Tom Tex Perkins, Dustin Bogue, Randall Clay
12:20 – 12:35: Bert David Newton (Full Band w/ Wayne Mills Band)
12:40 – 12:55: Joey Allcorn (Full Band w/ Wayne Mills Band)
1:00 – 1:15: Jesse Keith Whitley (Full Band w/ Wayne Mills Band)
1:20 – 1:35: Kyle Wilson (Full Band w/ Wayne Mills Band)
1:40 – 1:55: Eric Lee Beddingfield (Full Band w/ Wayne Mills Band)

2:00 AM: Closing Remarks from Brandyn Steen and JR Roberson

YOU CAN donate items for the silent auction by contacting me
at or on my Facebook.

Nov 292013

 photo Ray-Price1.jpg

Folks I couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift than that!
I’m just fixin to print what’s public!

Ray was released from the hospital just in time for us to celebrate Thanksgiving Day at home.
I lost track of time and it is all just a blurred memory of days turning into nights and back again.
The only thing that I can tell you with great pleasure is that my Dear Husband, RAY PRICE is alive and has survived the vicious attack of the Sepsis Infection that just about took his life.
He remains very weak and his recovery will be slow. Doctors told me that 6 weeks is a general rule of thumb for regaining strength from battling Sepsis.
I have a great team of Health Care Providers with Ray here at home. His every need is taken care of by these caring professionals. In the comfort of our own home we both have finally gotten our rest.
I have to thank each of you for your continuing prayers and messages of hope. We have read all of them.
Only someone who has been where we were can appreciate the true meaning of how expressions of love and support can carry you through just one more day! And sometimes just one more day can make a difference between finding the strength to fight back or just giving up and letting someone go.
This Is Why Thanksgiving Day Was A True Blessing To Us. A special day we will always remember. Our family and a few close friends with us to celebrate our Homecoming.
Thank you Dear Friends, Thank you! !
Respectively, Janie Price

Nov 292013

 photo 99418393-3245-4830-9110-51b33938d494_zps3534aae2.jpg

Folks I’ll post a picture of Mr. Ray Lawrence Jr. so you will know what he looks like
but this is NOT ABOUT MUSIC!
If you arent a regular reader that’s OK PLEASE READ THIS!

You need to READ CAREFULLY: This is about a lost young girl 14 whom is a runaway from
her foster family in Arizona.

I’ll post a link to the Official Facebook page where you can contact for information
or share ANY information you have concerning her whereabouts.

You can learn,share and leave information HERE.

 photo 94bdf649-cf37-478e-b253-d640dd78eb15_zps6be6f591.jpg

Rayanna, Lynette Lawrence AKA: “Anna” is my youngest daughter. She is 14 years old. DOB: 2 SEPTEMBER 1999. She is a runaway from her foster family. She was last seen in Peoria , Arizona at the Boys and Girls Club, Peoria, Arizona, SATURDAY,23 NOVEMBER 2013. Please call Phoenix Police if found or if you know of her whereabouts.

Nov 292013

As I stated before some people in this series will not all be directly “country” and some like
Grant Turner were never really directly “artists” either.
Nonetheless ALL of my choices have made a dramatic positive impact on the genre of country
music as a whole. I am pretty much convinced you’d all agree with me.

20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt
15.Grant Turner
14.Johnny Russell
13.Bobby Edwards
12.Sonny Burns
11.Big Al Downing
10.Riley Puckett
09.George D Hay

 photo e94c2fd5-24bd-4688-b420-23439546fdd5_zps7948efc7.jpg

My choice for number 8 goes out to a VERY VERY special lady that was more famous for providing
mental and spiritual support to the legends of country music…it makes me cry when I remember her
and what she left behind…the impact she made on so many!
Number 8 is Vestal Goodman.

She was and still is hailed as the “Queen Of Southern Gospel Music” and was born Vestal Freeman
December 13th 1929 in Fyffe Alabama.
She was known as a solo performer and was a founding member of the Happy Goodman Family” upon
marrying Howard Goodman in 1949.
And along with pastoring churches they paved the way for Southern Gospel music and in many
historian’s opinions she brought it out to the mainstream public.
With the formation of Word Records in the 1960’s the whole world began loving her music.

Her autobiography was a wonderfull account of her life and told about her heart problems
her bout with cancer and her addiction to perscription medications.

Vestal was one of country music’s most loved “visitors” on many country music programs.
She helped country music legend George Jones with his problems after his wreck
on Hwy 96 while recording “Cold Hard Truth”.
Country Music Legend Waylon Jennings once regarded her as a person he respected
so greatly he would not use any inappropriate language around her.
Ernest Tubb also regarded her as one of the greatest people ever to grace a stage.

The Happy Goodmans performed over 3,500 concerts and won many awards, and charted
more than 15 number 1 singles in their almost 40 years.
They were inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Hall Of Fame in 1998.

She was known for her trademark Hankerchief she held with every performance.
And comedian Mark Lowry used to say “Folks the annointing is in the hankey”

They made a final recording called “The Last Stand” and Mr. Howard died on
my birthday THIS DAY November 29th 2002.
We lost Miss Vestal december 27th 2003 from Influenza.

Nov 282013

 photo daa169f5-190a-427f-bd32-6951e1e70ac7_zpscd359fb0.jpg

Oh my goodness folks I been working on this project for a few days now.
I’m always in contact with Mr. Jason Galaz and what’s going on for
the field in 2014.
I always am so blessed to get the goodies and I never expected the
loop he just threw at us all!
IT IS CONFIRMED Bobby Bare will play a FULL SET at Muddy Roots 2014!

Bobby Bare is strongly considered by many to be THE ONE that
started Outlaw Country Music in it’s entirety.
He’s recorded 38 albums and had numerous number one hits
and top ten chart songs.

Along with welcoming Bobby Bare there will be MORE great music
in store for you and I GOT THE FULL LINEUP as it was announced
and I was allowed to do so!
Here’s the whole show poster.

 photo 0c46d456-3979-494a-b183-fed8ef7871af_zps731e36d6.jpg

Do not get the two events confused, OK?
ANY questions please feel free to inbox me.

There is a BUNCH of information he shared with me privately and I
want to report on it for you if you plan to attend the event.
It seems as Mr. J.D. Wilkes will indeed perform BOTH a Dirt Daubers set
AND a Shack Shakers reunion.
This year they have 2 main stages and a third “Community” stage.
There are 15 confirmed acts for the third stage and you CAN sign up to play
at the festival ticket office.
NO band overlap this year on the two main stages…THAT MEANS YOU can see whole sets
this year and not have to flip=flop…and I can report better.

Early bird tickets will sell out at $85 a ticket. Next price tier is $125 for pre-sale and $150 at the gate. Price includes free camping, free hot showers, and although there are 2 beer bars on site you are permitted to B.Y.O.B. if you are legal drinking age. And this year children of ANY age MUST HAVE a ticket.
I’m NOT sure about pets…PLEASE do not quote me on any pet info.

MRMF is held in Cookeville, TN. Aug 29th-31st, 2014.
There are mini cabins available on site for rent, tents for rent and hotels just 10 miles away in town. We encourage you to bring your vintage campers, buses, and trailers. There are no rv hookups but you may bring generators.

You can have all the order information on cabins

If your’e like ME you CAN stay in a hotel. They are all about 10-12 miles out and NOT a bad drive.
LaQuinta Inn is where I stay and I’m hoping Mr. Jason cuts me a deal this year again…hint hint.
I’ll be there reporting LIVE with the Rusty Knuckles guys, hanging out with them.

I’ll be updating this event information MORE SOON.
You can get your tickets HERE
and tell them I sent you!

Nov 272013

 photo ab7f8680-d1b0-4b8b-beed-e3fa3448765c_zpsfa6792de.jpg

It’s tough this series is I should have made it 20 like my other ongoing series.
I met so many GREAT writers and people in my years of doing this…I can hardly
decide which to choose for only 10.

10.Chris Miller.
9.Gerald Smith
8.Don McNatt

My number 7 pick is one I’m SURE you will ALL agree is a GOOD song.
It’s presented well, and well written and it is easy to relate to
if you are a writer.

Marc-Alan Barnette “Tables And Chairs”.

Marc-Alan is a really well educated man here in Nashville and he works with
young and new songwriters and helps them learn this craft better.

He told me once his first night in town he secured a cut with Shelby Lynne.
And he wrote “Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level” for David Ball.

He’s always a super nice guy to run into anywhere and he’s always
willing to give advice.
And he’s a lefty like me!

Nov 262013

My Goodness! Am I halfway through this series already?
I so greatly enjoyed sharing my rare finds and my loved
legends I study so frequently. See,THIS IS WHY I love this job!
Sometimes it seems a funeral or a wedding are the only reasons
all of Nashville converge in one used to be the Opry.

As always here is a recap of my past people who earned spots

20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt
15.Grant Turner
14.Johnny Russell
13.Bobby Edwards
12.Sonny Burns
11.Big Al Downing
10.Riley Puckett

 photo 109381ba-231d-42eb-8395-49ff67d0a34b_zps0d523fc7.jpg

Well Well Well…whom do you think is number 9?
I’ll give you a hint…the Opry.
Number 9 is the very man who created the whole thing and one of country music’s
first characters ‘the Solemn Old Judge” George D. Hay.

George Dewey Hay was born November 9th 1895 in Attica Indiana and he founded the WSM-AM based
show The Grande Ole Opry. Today it is the longest running radio show in history and most likely
will never be dethroned.

On his birthday in 1925 he moved to Nashville and began working for WSM. Hay soon announced WSM
would begin featuring “an hour or two” of old timey music every saturday night and thusly
the Opry was born.

It was originally called WSM Barn Dance and he created the Solemn Old Judge and began the
show with “Let Er Go Boys” and blew a trademark train whistle every show.

One of the first performers on the Opry was Harmonica Wizard Deford Bailey largely
overlooked as the first black country star in history.

During the 1930’s he worked on involving the show with NBC and it finally aired
on television for the first time in 1955.
He made a movie about the Opry in 1940 and in 1947 he brought the Opry to
Carnegie Hall.

He was inducted into The Country Music Hall Of Fame in 1966, and shortly after
On May 8th 1968 Country Music lost him at age 72.

Nov 252013

 photo 844a8fa7-e818-41e7-b27f-97e2b284bc70_zps894d36be.jpg

I have been working long into the night on becoming a “drop point” to donate items to
the industry people behind Outlaw Country singer Wayne Mills, who was killed in an
altercation early last weekend at the Pit And Barrel in downtown Nashville.

We are all going to have a benefit show for him December 4rth at the Tin Roof in Nashville.
I KNOW it will happen folks…but this will not the place for tears. Let’s celebrate
our friend the BEST way we know how! With TONS of music and FOOD and some beers.
Did I mention food? Yep ok then!

His people informed me last night it was by invitation only because the
volunteer to play was way too overwhelming in number for one night.
If you do not know me personally and wish to donate items for the silent
auction here is an address to ship items to:

Flat Earth Music, C/o David Wilson or Erin Scarbrough.
1907 Acklen Ave., Nashville, TN 37212

I briefly emailed Miss Erin she’s wonderful! And these people LOVED
Mr. Wayne so much.
Let’s pack the Tin Roof past the tin roof!
I’ll provide you with coverage of this event as I FULLY plan to be there
doing what I do BEST: reporting. Any knucklehead can run a story…I’ll
be right up stage!
And I’ll write up reports of this show from a better standpoint than ANY of them!

Also you can indeed go donate MUCH NEEDED funds for the family:
Here’s how.
FirstBank has set up a
donation fund to just go and donate funds in person.

My really good friend Kenneth Marr
is selling T Shirts and artwork of Mr. Wayne for 20 total. ALL proceeds
go toward his widow and young child. PLEASE…this is REALLY important
you open your hearts and wallets for this important cause.

 photo c35db75c-a21d-4121-a236-f8e14dbc4a3d_zps75369b1d.jpg

Because Mr. Wayne did it for Mr. Troy Rector and would have
done it for others!
Nashville takes care of it’s own.
You can also contact Wild American Radio
to purchase the print and shirt.

His body is being held for investigation, services are still not yet announced.

Nov 232013

Anybody can write a news story on the loss of a musician.
I WRITE ARTICLES FROM MY HEART on what my eyes have seen.
I am a “disciple” of country music and I write like Luke and John did.
From what I saw with my OWN EYES and heard with my OWN EARS!

 photo 15d47365-b043-4750-b19a-9cef8ad5e460_zpse4f6b3ce.jpg

I met Wayne Mills last October in Altamont Tennessee for the Outlaws
And Icons benefit show for Mr. Troy Rector.
I met MANY people that weekend and did ALOT of work while admiring
my heros both young and old.
I had heard some of his music but to be honest up until then I hadn’t
delved into it as deeply as I did during the festival.

He was an absolute behemoth of a man, much taller and larger than me.
Not fat…but large! My first question “OK you get this alot..who’s bigger
you or Trace Adkins?” He said Trace is but not by much.
His hand covered my face almost! But with size and looks came something
bigger yet…his heart.

When he spoke to me he looked down at me every time and addressed my eyes,
a trait not many artists have today. He opened doors for ladies the two days
I met him, (something I actually enjoy doing when and if I do date).
He offered me the last chair available because of my medical problems
but I was so busy gathering information.
It was COLD that weekend.

We talked firearms and hunting (I been known to like the outdoors).
This man was a firearms safety advocate like myself and we spent
alot of time talking about our teaching young adult firearm safety classes.
I can wholeheartedly assure you…he respected firearms.
He had a degree in education and was telling me his future
plans to open a firearms safety school in Tennessee.

He had the tightest firmest handshake I ever encountered in the music
buisness, and he was very soft spoken and mild mannered.
He moved with a slow demeanor and was a very clever songwriter.

He may have indeed been an Outlaw country music performer
but he was a big hearted hero in my eyes.

Goodbye Mr. Wayne…say hello to Roy Acuff for me will you?
Wait for me, I’ll be along when the world has no more need for
my articles no more and my body is wore out.

Go support these artists…he is proof…they may not be around forever!

You can make a financial donation HERE
Also my good friend Kenneth Marr will sell his artwork of Wayne Mills and all
proceeds will go to the family.

Nov 232013

 photo 0f089e86-67d9-41a2-b1c3-1086120a02ec_zps5b388717.jpg

I got a text to print this article. Outlaw Country Music artist Wayne Mills
was shot in the head early this morning off 2nd ave in Nashville.
And the news I heard was absolutely disturbing…he is not doing well.
I am absolutely heartbroken right now…my Arthritus is really bad tonight
and I am resting.
And I just heard the news not long ago.

According to authorities he was at the Pit And Barrel off second avenue
and was involved in an altercation.
An argument ensued and others left the bar and heard gunshots,
and contacted police.

He received a gunshot wound to his head and was taken to Vanderbilt
to be treated for serious injuries and I was just told he is
in extremely serious condition.

The owner who has a valid carry permit is claiming self-defense.

I WILL post ANY information I hear or find out..
Please Pray.

Nov 232013

 photo 50db414e-028f-4a61-bc7a-9b4358150bc7_zps9bf9ff94.jpg

Early this morning 3:30 in Sulphur Springs Texas on I-30 Country Legend Willie Nelson’s
slammed into a bridge pillar hospitalizing three members of his band “Family”.

It was confirmed about an hour ago Drummer Paul English has a broken ankle
and Billy Jean English and Thomas Hawkins has a cracked rib and sustained minor
cuts and bruises.
Willie himself was not on board during this crash because he travels
in a seperate bus than his band.

Reportedly there are high winds and wet and icy conditions in both
Texas and Oklahoma which were the causing factor for this.
No alcohol or any other factors were reported.

There were seven people total traveling on the bus and the three were
taken to a Suplhur Springs E.R.

This has made the possibility of Willie Nelson postpone some tour dates.
But as of now all 14 remaining dates are planned.

Nov 232013

Dear readers:
There will be NO picture with this article, because Mr. Nelson would have wanted it
that way. He was never really a big picture person wanting it out front of the music.
He was a true hard working producer,writer a good person.

You know you may have read this from me before and you will over and over again.
THERE ARE THREE building blocks of country music REAL TRUE country music.
Songwriters, producers, and steel guitarists.
And I feel it is a downright shame most websites will not even know who he was
let alone write about him.

He was born in Tennessee and moved here in 1972, and embarked on a 40 year
career in the music world. HE IS the most important reason for Country Legend
Earl Thomas Conley as well as working with George Jones, Freddie Hart, Billy Joe Royal
Billy Crash Craddock, T. Graham Brown and Tracey Lawrence.
And more than I can name.

His greatest advice to me was in a Hardees on Harding Place one time for lunch.
“Take care of music and it will return the care to you”…..he said that ALOT!
He taught me how to copyright my stuff on paper and how to become a publisher.
He and Phil Lister were two of the first people I was ever introduced to
in Nashville.

He was (and I still think he is the only) the first producer to ever have
four number one hits off the same album…of ANY genre!

He passed away peacefully at 70 in his home in Brentwood Tennessee.

Larkin produced many of Earl Thomas Conley‘s 1980s albums, among them
1981′s Fire & Smoke, 1982′s Somewhere Between Right and Wrong, and
1984′s Treadin’ Water. Larkin also produced projects for Toby Keith,
Billy Joe Royal, George Jones, Lynn Anderson, and Tracy Lawrence.

He also co-wrote Royal’s Top 5 hit, “I’ll Pin a Note on Your Pillow,”
as well as “Searchin’ For Some Kind of Clue” and “Love Has No Right.”
He also co-wrote Lawrence’s Top 10 song “Somebody Paints The Wall,

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to Pearlpoint
Cancer Support, 310 – 25th Avenue North, Suite 103, Nashville, TN 37203;
and Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, 1500 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 200,
Manhatten Beach, CA 90266.

Nov 222013

 photo aa15ddff-63b0-4d48-8652-266bd66159c2_zps621f2977.jpg

You heard it everybody Scott H. Biram AKA The Dirty Old One Man Band
will release an ALL NEW ALBUM in Feb of 2014.

BUT FIRST Here’s some dates for his quick shot across the south:

Nov 22 The Jinx Savannah, GA
Nov 23 Underbelly Jacksonville, FL
Dec 27 Sam’s Burger Joint San Antonio, TX
Dec 31 North Door Main Stage Austin, TX

Then he’s traveling all over with Black Pistol Fire and finishing up in early 2014.

AND ALSO he has an ALL NEW Gospel single coming out on Black Friday for download
called ‘When I Die” and the B Side will be called ” John The Revelator”.

Now YOU WILL GET A CHANCE to pre-order this album and I’ll SOON tell you how!

Nov 222013

 photo ab7f8680-d1b0-4b8b-beed-e3fa3448765c_zpsfa6792de.jpg

Once again I bring you another great pick from all of my years of Nashville open mic nights in town.
SO MANY possible choices for me here and you may or may not have heard these.
Now I URGE YOU to PLEASE some night…go support these open mic nights buy a beer..cause if they do
not make money the writers have NO PLACE to showcase!

10.Chris Miller.
9.Gerald Smith

My number 8 pick is Don McNatt “Ripped Up Tore Up”.
It’s an absolutely hilarious song and it catches your attention RIGHT AWAY!
The first time I ever heard it I was at the Commodore and I had to leave for a basketball game just as he
was halfway done…I was upset.

One night at the Douglass Corner I was there and he played it and I got to talk with him.
He and his wife Karen accompany each other REALLY well. And it’s inventive how he plays an
acoustic as a bass for her songs.

I invited them both out to hotel Maxwell for Ty Brando in the past and played Chick Fil A
with them as well. I can honestly say I’ve been blessed to share the stage with him.

Nov 212013

 photo daa654e7-53bd-43cd-a886-b03e82f60a8d_zps3346a577.jpg

It was announced today on the Evening news that country star Alan Jackson, restaurateur Tom Morales, owner of the Southern Steak and Oyster, former Country Music Association CEO Steve Moore, George Boedecker, founder of Crocs, and music industry executive Nancy Russell have been planning for some time to open the once booming
Acme Farm Supply building that has been vacant on lower broadway since 1990.

The facility dates back to the 1800’s and has been saved from destruction several times
by historical societies in Tennessee.

It will feature a restaurant a bar and a game room,and will open in June 2014
before FAN FAIR..(I REFUSE to call it CMA fest!)

I also have MORE NEWS SOON about Skull’s Rainbow Room RETURNING!

Nov 212013

OK Folks Thanks so much for enjoying this awesome series with me!
I enjoyed writing this and sharing my love, my knowledge and my research with you.
As always here’s a re-cap list of past choices for this honor.

20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt
15.Grant Turner
14.Johnny Russell
13.Bobby Edwards
12.Sonny Burns
11.Big Al Downing

In 1946 when the world of country music was unbeknownst to it’s future first superstar Hank Williams,
it lost one of it’s very first and earliest noted performers dating back to late 1800’s.
I so greatly delved into further studying this man and I think you’ll be astounded by
my number 10 pick. Riley Puckett.

 photo 95aae5ff-0b18-4bf9-b5ad-aec7f75c4b0f_zps5e3cf9e6.jpg

George Riley Puckett was born May 7th 1894 in Alpharetta Georgia, and an accident during his childhood
left him blind and deaf in his left ear.

In 1924 he and fiddle player Gid Tanner went to New York,where they recorded twelve songs for
Columbia records. It was Columbia’s first country music genre contribution.
In his song “Rock All Our Babies To Sleep” he was documented as the first ever artist
to yodel on record.

In 1929 he and several others recorded in Atlanta more songs for Columbia records and
continued for Bluebird records into 1934.

He was a charter founding member of the Skillet Lickers and continued to perform with
them as a side project also until 1934.
He recorded well into the 1940’s recording more than 200 records on labels such as
Columbia,Decca and Bluebird.
He was well known for his great musicianship and was one of the first people to
ever introduce bass runs and solos in his music.

He was most noted for his biggest hit “Ragged But I’m Right” which was covered
by so many artists…I can’t name them all.

He died July 13th 1946 of blood poisoning and was inducted into the Georgia Music
Hall Of Fame in 1986.

Nov 172013

As my most awesome series so far almost comes to half a close, I would like to reflect
on the past 9 choices for subjects.

20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt
15.Grant Turner
14.Johnny Russell
13.Bobby Edwards
12.Sonny Burns

 photo 2dfc6e44-09f9-4739-adc6-7b70cb97607d_zpsad36fc41.jpg

My choice for number 11 is Big Al Downing.
In my opinion the every time people regard Charley Pride as one of country music’s only black
superstars I feel they have forgotten Big Al.

He was born Al Downing in Oklahoma on January 9th 1940 and he was an entertainer, songwriter, publisher
and pianist. He did more than just country however country was what he was mostly noted for doing.
He was a frequent performer on the Grand Old Opry and American Bandstand, Hee Haw and many more.
He received the Billboard’s new artist of the year in 1979. And best new artist by the Acadamy
Of Country Music.

Downing began his career doing piano and vocals in Bobby Poe and The Poe Kats, who were an early backing band for country entertainer Wanda Jackson. His piano playing contributed to the single “Let’s Have A Party”, which was released in 1960. The song reached #32 on the UK charts and made the Top 40 on the U.S. pop chart.

Downing reached the U.S. Hot 100 with “You’ll Never Miss the Water (Till the Well Runs Dry)”, a duet with Little Esther Phillips. After the release of this single, he was signed by Warner Brothers. His 1974 single, “I’ll Be Holdin’ On”, made the Disco charts in America and Europe, reaching number one on the U.S. dance chart

In 1978 his most popular hit “Mr. Jones” rose to fame and he rose in popularity quickly.
, followed by “Touch Me (I’ll Be Your Fool Once More)” in 1979. That same year, Downing produced “Midnight Lace,” which reached the 50s on the charts, and “I Ain’t No Fool,” which peaked at the upper 70s. In 1980, the “Story Behind The Story” reached the Top 40 and “Bring It On Home” reached the Top 20.

During the next few years he had several top 40 hits and in the 1980’s “There’ll Never Be A Better Night For Being Wrong” was his last song for the team label.

In 1987, “Big Al” was signed by the Vine Street label, which released the “Oh How Beautiful You Are” (To Me) and “Just One Night Won’t Do,” both of which hit the Top 70. Two years later, he was signed by Door Knob Records, with whom he produced the 1989 Top 100 hit, “I Guess By Now.”

Multi genre music legend Fats Domino recorded two songs written by Downing: “Mary, Oh Mary” and “Heartbreak Hill”. Bobby “Blue” Bland and Tom Jones have also recorded Downing’s songs.

In 2003 One Of A Kind was his last album of 14 new songs that were met with moderate commercial success.
He continued to be a regular performer on the Opry and many other shows.
He was hospitalized and diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Soon after, he commenced chemotherapy treatment. country music lost Big Al Downing on July 4, 2005.

Nov 172013

 photo ab7f8680-d1b0-4b8b-beed-e3fa3448765c_zpsfa6792de.jpg

I just started this series last week because I wanted to touch on a few songwriters you may have never heard of.
These are mostly songs that have not been cut that I have heard and admired through the years of singing
in “open mic” shows in Nashville.
Some of these songs have been cut by major artists and some have not.

In case you missed the first installment of this series its below on the link.

10.Chris Miller.

This week for number 9 I have chosen one of songwritings greatest treasures Gerald Smith.
The song is “You Play Like Chet”
For years he appeared on one of the longest running syndicated comedy shows Hee Haw known as the “Georgia Quacker”
because he does really funny duck quacking songs.
He has songs cut by Lorrie Morgan (What Part Of No) and Collin Raye (Every Second Every Minute)
and many more.

He is currently a staff writer in Nashville for melody roundup music.
He is a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a BS degree in education.
And is also doing gospel music.

Nov 132013

 photo ab7f8680-d1b0-4b8b-beed-e3fa3448765c_zpsfa6792de.jpg

I try not to begin a series type article upon having another active however I couldn’t wait
to begin this series. I feel it needs to be published badly, and now is the time to do so.
Nashville is full of them…songwriters…open mic nights…and songwriter showcases.
It has stages EVERYWHERE, you get off the plane at the airport…there’s a stage.
Hell there used to be a stage at the Kmart on Harding Place!

I have been down here 14 years now, I was adopted at a late age. I have played every
darn place Nashville has. And I have spent years doing open mic writers night and
going to listen to other folks…studying…learning.
Here’s a rule down here: If you cannot enjoy and support OTHER PEOPLE’S SONGS
as much as your own…you WILL fail.

Country music has three major “building blocks” that make up it’s foundation.
The writer, The Publisher and the Steel Guitarist.
Those three together (or separate) make up the backbone of country music.

These articles will tell you the story of the artist and post a video
and how to find them and support them if you like what you hear.
IN NO ORDER OF IMPORTANCE! PLEASE do not feel offended and send me a nasty letter
if your song is above/below someone else in “rank” on the list!
Numbers 10 and Number 1 are BOTH EQUALLY good!
With that being said let’s delve into number 10.

Chris Miller: Goodnight Ruthie Wilson Goodnight.

Mr. Chris is from Minnesota and he plays out at songwriter night quite
frequently. He’s actually one of my favorite people to talk with
in the bar settings of Nashville.

The first time I ever heard this song was at Douglas Corner
off Haywood Lane in Nashville. Across from Zanie’s comedy club it is one of the city’s BEST
tuesday night hotspots hosted by Donnie Winters. Donnie and I have been friends for many years.
Mr. Chris is no exception we became friends real quick, and trust me you’ll enjoy his songs.


I like songs that make me paint a mental picture really fast and really well.
I like songs that describe the scenario or event taking place. This song does more
than that. It has comedy and it has darkness, it has a piece of “normal” everyday life to it.
And I had the pleasure of enjoying this song at many many different venues.
You MUST go out and see him play the next chance you get!
The first time I ever heard this song I was quickly captivated by both the lyrics and
the melody of his playing.

Nov 122013

 photo f40bc7c3-ed85-49ad-90b4-a36d527fb5b3_zps2551763a.jpg

Early monday morning Nashville began mourning the loss of a legendary publisher and producer
Bob Beckham who died at 86 in Hermitage Tn.
He was one of the few left from the “Bradley Era” of country music which is held in high
regard by students of country music…like I am.

He mentored and taught so many songwriters and artists while at Combine music
from 1964-1989. The list is so extensive I couldn’t print the whole thing.

His influence was such that in 2008 he was given the very first Mentor Award by the
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. The Nashville Entertainment Association presented
him with its Master Award in 1988.

He was born Robert Joseph Beckham in Statford Oklahoma and was entertaining
at an early age.
He signed with Decca records and made two albums that never really made
much commercial success or generated any chart life.

Fred Foster hired him to run Combine Music and in 1966 he became
the president of the company.
By the 70’s Combine was one of our more famous and more successfull publishing
companies and Bob secured alot of revenue from Ad Jingles.

After leaving Combine, Bob Beckham founded HoriPro Entertainment in Nashville in 1990.
This is a division of Japan’s Taiyo Music, which is that nation’s largest publishing business.
Beckham retired in 2006.

Nov 122013

As always in case you have just joined us on this or you would like to enjoy the others here they are.

20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt
15.Grant Turner
14.Johnny Russell
13.Bobby Edwards

I’ll tell you what I am really enjoying writing these and researching some great “possible people” to
put on further spots on the list.
And as always I’d like to explain that it will not be ALL JUST ARTISTS that earn spots.
I THINK the three pillars of the foundation should be equally loved on, the songwriters
the producers and the steel guitarists are the three I speak of.

 photo c74b5b24-875f-4bf3-8f77-5e4cfb23e87a_zps3fa05894.jpg

At number 12 I choose Sonny Burns.
Clyde Burns Jr. was born in Lufkin Texas on Septmeber 19th 1930.
He became increasingly popular in Texas for being Eddie Noack’s sideman on lead guitar
however he decided to enlist in the Air Force.
In 1953 country music was given it’s largest blow in it’s history…it’s first big superstar
Hank Williams was found dead en route to Ohio on New Years Day.
Amidst the sorrow Sonny released an album on Texas based label Starday records.
One of his singles quickly fell off the charts after it was covered by Faron Young.

He was a frequent guest on Houston Hometown Jamboree (which is where I first heard of him from)
with a young George Jones.
It’s been said they began a fast freindship due to Sonny’s love for the same demons that
George had…alcohol.

They were set to record a duet together and Sonny never showed up for it and George Jones
ended up cutting “Why Baby Why” alone. A move that would begin a slope of bad luck for Sonny.
He soon became known as a rable rousing drunk who recorded great music but delivered
sloppy performances and untrustworthy showmanship.

In 1961 he re emerged on United Artists cutting several singles for the label over
the course of years but none had any chart success. And after recording some songs
for MGM in 1968 he reitred from music.

He later became a born again Christian and even became a pastor and paid his bills
by cutting hair.

On October 21st 1992 Sonny Burns passed away and after his passing many years later
his songs and albums became collector rarities that have graced many auctions
and sales.

Nov 112013

 photo 3f964168-8305-4cfb-b5b5-68f74a22e518_zps4b843fb6.jpg

The wonderfull folks at Muddy Roots Music Festivals.
have announced some BIG….HUGE…MAJOR NEWS for the 2014 music festival!
Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers are coming back
for one time only?…..nobody really knows!

One thing is for SURE, Mr. Jason has confirmed their appearance for the 2014 music festival
and since around November of 2012 nobody really knew what they planned on doing.
I’m also at this time unsure which lineup will be assembling for this event, but I
plan for DAMN SURE to find out and report on it to you.

They are a psychobilly punk rockabilly delta blues polka southern rock band originally from Paducah Ky.
They came around in the mid 90’s and blew threw towns like a pack of wolves..their live shows
are the so energetic and hardcore that venues reported it took two days to clean up
They were founded by Colonel J.D.Wilkes and they have had several lineup changes including
former Hank Williams 3 bassist JoeBuck, and several different drummers.
They have 6 albums from several different labels since they have formed in the 90’s.
Will they return for GOOD? WE WILL REPORT ON IT!

Nov 082013

 photo 269cbffa-2188-4a11-80e4-245b57686195_zps4bef0934.jpg

Goal: Present, Preserve, Promote and Protect Country Music. By bringing country music to your community, we will be able to ensure a more visible traditional image, which will result in a positive appreciation of country music.

Those are the first words I read from these folks when I learned about them on Facebook from a local
friend of mine. And it QUICKLY caught my interest and I HAD to check it out further.
I’m a BIG supporter of local area songwriters and music in my Kentucky area..and in the future I
will be branching out to Texas, and Illinois and MORE PLACES!

But for now lets continue to focus on Kentucky area shows and venues.
One of their events takes place every third sunday at Vino’s restaurant is Bowling Green Kentucky.
And they feature songwriters from the area, and I hear they have been doing some
really awesome things for the community.

Now this is a FREE ALL AGES SHOW as far as I have concluded so HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG?
I’m not at liberty to release the phone number to call to perform YET,
I’ll be doing further articles on this organization and I have started to support
them in some small ways BUT I WILL BE IN CONTACT WITH THEM SOON!
And I’m going to inform you and tell you how to contact them to become
involved with them.

Will Gary Hayes be playing this event in the future?
I have a feeling the suit and tie will be venturing out that way SOON!
And I think I’ll bring some hired guns with me!
How would you readers like to see Jimmy Payne or Dallas Frazier out there?
Could possibly happen….you just never know with me involved!

Nov 062013

 photo 06499c0b-d769-49a4-bd5a-570e455bb9bb_zps7d217249.jpg

It’s been talked about all through 2013 and it’s finally happening!
Four family members of country music legends have banded together and will perform
shows in 2014, and I’ll tell you about them all!

Dion Pride is the son of Country Music legend Charley Pride.
He began playing guitar at 5 and at 8 he was practicing classical piano and modern piano.
Drums at 10 and bass at 12, and much like other children of stars like Hank Williams Jr
he began singing and performing at 13.

He has several self released albums out and one album with covers on it.
Some of them are actually better than the original singers, I was impressed.
His cover of Gene Watson’s “Fourteen Carat Mind” which Dallas Frazier wrote.

He is just as wonderfull and talented as his father is and I have been loving
his music for several years now.

Jessie Keith Whitley is the son of
Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan, and thusly the grandson of Country Legend
George Morgan.
To me he has shown through they years that he can be his own different singer
and not have to use his name.
I caught my first glimpse of him at the Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame when he
accepted an award on behalf of his father, and I was impressed.
His first album “Kentucky Thunder” was released about a year ago, and TRUST ME
he’s not riding any of his family’s coattails!

Do I HONESTLY need to say ANYTHING to let ANYONE know whom
David Frizzell is?
David is the brother of Lefty Frizzell and began performing with him
at a very young age. At 18 he was recording for Capitol.
I remember Eddie Stubbs telling me that David played a huge role in
starting the country music movement in Las Vegas.

He then went on to form the Classic duo with Shelly West. Daughter of Dottie West.
AND WHO DIDNT like her? When I WAS a kid…she was HOT (not that she isnt pretty still now).
They recorded five albums together and had much success with hits like
“Your’e the reason God made oklahoma” which even ended up on Clint Eastwood movies.

They are STILL one of the most awarded duos in ANY genre of music.
The duo twice won the Country Music Association’s Vocal Duo of the Year award, twice won the Academy of Country Music award for Vocal Duet of the Year and were awarded the ACM Song of the Year award.

Along with his CMA awards, Frizzell has won numerous performing and recording trophies from the Academy of Country Music, Billboard and Music City News. He has been nominated for three Grammys, both as part of Frizzell & West and as a solo artist.

If you do NOT KNOW who Georgette Jones is then
I WILL wave the big “NO-NO SHAME” finger at you! (not the middle one either).
Let me go ON RECORD as saying she and her husband Jamie Lennon (on steel) are the two best
things to happen to country music in the last ten years!
And if she EVER STOPPED country music would have suffered a HUGE LOSS!
She’s released several albums on Heart Of Texas
records. And three on Lennon records.
And she has a new book out which talks about growing up with her parents, George Jones and
Tammy Wynette.
She has five albums out total and what angers me the most is you CAN’T HEAR THEM ON MAJOR RADIO!
WHY….Who the HELL decided that needs to be SLAPPED!

The four of these future legends teaming up together is worth it’s weight in gold
and I AM HOPING MORE join in this deal. WHO would YOU like to see join this lineup?

Nov 052013

Well like always in case you have just joined me in this series please take a moment to
enjoy the rest of the list thus far.

20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt
15.Grant Turner
14.Johnny Russell

And that will bring me to my 13th Icon that I think was important to country music. They will not all
be artists per se, we had writers and producers who were just as integral to it.
We had steel guitarists and backing musicians whom also were important to country music.
In fact, I SAY country music has three “building blocks” that make up it’s foundation:
Steel Guitarists

 photo efd5be67-6308-4da5-a67e-496153393d35_zps0684b6f9.jpg

With that being said number 13 is an artist of historical obscurity.
Bobby Edwards.
Nobody is absolutely sure WHAT his REAL birthname was, it was either Robert Edward Moncreif or Burgan.
And he was born January 18 1926 in Alabama.
He first got into the spotlight with a Tex Ritter cover song Jealous Heart in 1959.

Shortly after he joined a group called the four young men, and he quickly became the front
man for the group. At first there were really four of them but they added another member after
Bobby joined to make it five.

Their first record together was “Your’e The Reason” which was their only top hit peaking at
number 4 and 11 in 1961 on the Billboard top 100. The song was later covered by Hank Locklin
Hank Williams 3, Joe South and a few more. It became one of my favorite covers Hank 3
ever did so far.

He later then labeled over to Capitol Records and released the sound alike version “Whats The
Reason” which peaked at number 71. His third single was “Don’t Pretend” which did not
Upon becoming unsatisfied with his accomplishments he retired from music in the 1960’s.

The Four Young men pressed on and changed their name to the Castaways and became a
really successfull act in the Vegas Casino Circuit.

He died July 31st 2012 at Middle Tennessee Medical Center.
It was never made public how he died.

Nov 052013

 photo ce6255d2-76ac-4221-bb14-9f3e6fa15bac_zps79873823.jpg

Opry Update NOV /DEC 2013


Nov 1 – JPFOB Bluegrass Night – Featuring local and regional bluegrass groups. FREE Show. 7:30pm
Nov 2 – Featured Performers: Clayton Campbell on Fiddle, Casey Campbell & Winner of 2013 Talent Contest Kevin Crawford plus The Kentucky Opry Country Music Variety Show – Adult $17, Senior $16, Student $10, Child $7.50.
NOV 8 – Winter Dance Party
Marion,IL- The official tribute to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper. John Mueller’s “Winter Dance Party” is the official live and authentic re-creation of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper’s final tour and the only show endorsed by the Holly, Valens and Richardson estates. (618) 997-4030
Marion, Illinois Civic Center. Showtime: 7pm.
Nov 9 – Kentucky Opry presents: “A Kentucky Connection” featuring songs about Kentucky, Country Music stars from Kentucky, and little known trivia about the music from Kentucky. Adult $16, Senior $15, Student $10, Child $7.50.
Nov 16 – The Kentucky Opry presents “A Salute to Veterans!” Plus our Country Music Show and Guests – Adult $16, Senior $15, Student $10, Child $7.50.
———————————————- —–
Nov 19-22 – (2 seats left) Kentucky Opry Tours goes to Branson for Christmas!
Nov 23 -BLEND Acapella Doo Wop plus Kentucky Opry Country Music Variety Show – Adult $21, Senior $20, Student $10, Child $7.50
Nov 30 – Kentucky Opry “Country Christmas” Adult $17,Senior $16, Student $10, Child $7.50.
Dec 3 – School Day & Senior Day Christmas Shows 9:15,11:15, and 2pm. Seniors $7.50, Student $3.
Dec 7 – Kentucky Opry “Country Christmas” 7:30pm Adult $17,Senior $16, Student $10, Child $7.50.
Dec 12 – KENNY ROGERS – Christmas and the Hits! at the Carson Center Call 270-450-4444 for tickets. For Group Tickets Call Barbie at 270-527-3869 Brought to you by Kentucky Opry and Willie Radio and WKYQ. Dec 13 – Kentucky Opry “Country Christmas” Show. Adult $17,Senior $16, Student $10, Child $7.50. 7:30pm.
Dec 14 – Kentucky Opry “Country Christmas” Matinee Show 2pm.
Dec 14 – Evening Show 7:30pm. Adult $17,Senior $16, Student $10, Child $7.50.
Dec 20 – Kentucky Opry “Country Christmas” Show 7:30 pm Adults $17, Senior $16,Student $10, Child $7.50.
Dec 21 – Kentucky Opry “Country Christmas” Show 7:30pm Adults $17, Senior $16,Student $10, Child $7.50.
Dec 31 – Big New Years Eve Show – 7:30 – Midnight, Special Guests: The Vickie Vaughn Band, Slick Tire and the White Sidewalls, Clay Campbell and the Kentucky Opry Show – Party Favors, Food and lots of great Music! Adult $35, Senior $34, Student $15, Child $10.


Clay & Barbie Campbell

Kentucky Opry
88 Chilton Lane
Benton, Kentucky 42025
Website Email Phone (270) 527-3869 or (888) 459-8704

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