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20 Country Music Icons EVERY Fan Should Know.

20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt
15.Grant Turner
14.Johnny Russell
13.Bobby Edwards
12.Sonny Burns
11.Big Al Downing
10.Riley Puckett
09.George D Hay
08.Vestal Goodman
07.Molly O Day
06.Don Winters
05.Bob Luman
04.Stoney Edwards

Well now I stressed earlier that as I draw near the top three choices for Icons it is NOT
really in order of how important they were to me per say…
THEY ALL contributed GREAT things to country music in their own way.
And this next man was no exception. HE WAS A VERY funny man and a VERY kind
individual and was an integral part of my raising!

 photo th_zps449b06f4.jpg

Number 3 is Archie Campbell.

Archie Campbell was born November 7th 1914 in Bulls Gap Tennessee outside of Knoxville.
He began a career in radio in Knoxville and Chattanoga at various local stations
and joined the U.S. Navy in 1941.

In 1960 he moved to Nashville and replaced Rodney Brasfield on the Grand Ole Opry.
Shortly alongside his Opry tenure he signed with RCA records and had some
Top 25 success.
He briefly left RCA to join the legendary Starday label and then re-joined RCA
in 1967 and had a few Top 30 singles.

Mostly, Archie was well known for his comedy. He was a very funny man
and always smiled. He was considered for the role of famed Batman villain
‘The Joker” because of his smile in the 1960’s TV show but lost the
part to Cesar Romero.

Some of his signature comedy skits were to tell children’s stories while
changing the first letters of the words for instance he would tell
the story of “Rindercella” the gal who Slopped Her Dripper.

Another good one was the Pee Little Thrigs.

Another famous skit he has was “That’s good/ That’s Bad…
Where Archie would describe a troubling circumstance and the other person would
say “Thats bad” and he’d say NO “Thats Good” and then state something good
that came out of it…and the other guy would say “Oh That’s Good” and Archie would
say “NO Thats Bad” and tell a bad result…etc.
He also largely incorporated cigars into his act.

In 1970 however the world came to know and adore Archie Campbell for joining
and helping shape the longest running prime time syndicated television show
in history “Hee Haw”.

He and Gordie Trapp wrote and acted in some of country music’s most famed
He and Gordie wrote and sometimes made up on hand verses to the famed
song “Where Oh Where Are You Tonight”? Which usually resulted in
spitting in each other’s faces.
It was rumored that Archie made up alot of dialect and jokes “on hand”
during the show. There are over 200 verses to this song I have collected.

He also acted as “Doctor Cambell” and the Justice O The Peace and
wrote the Junior Samples skit for “Sample Sales” and came up with
the monicker of BR5-49.

He continued to record comedy albums and appear on the Opry
in regular form until we lost him to heart problems August 29th 1987.

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Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band Comes To Nashville.

Tonight I’ll be playing with my neighbors at our local watering hole and
there are SO MANY awesome shows coming in 2014.
SO MUCH to report on and write about and support.
Man you can just GO NUTS keeping track of everybody cause they are ALL

 photo e5263bc0-16d7-4e19-ac16-b2ff05cbc330_zpsdb744cc4.jpg

Now speaking of talent I want to feature one of the most TALENTED
bands and musicians in this “roots music” scene and movement.
Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band will be coming to
The End in Nashville with some VERY special guests.

I’ll be completely honest I was brokenhearted when the .357 String Band met their demise.
I was equally broken hearted when I saw the remaining three members play together
once again…once.
But honestly Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band are the BEST in the local
I said it before and I’ll say it again and again Liz Sloan is the most talented fiddle player
I have heard in ages and her stage presence is second to NONE!
And when they play it sounds like THUNDER pouring down on you!

They will be bringing in the “PMA MAN” Mr. James Hunnicutt and
I PROMISE YOU he will NOT disappoint EVER!
He just goes completely crazy on the guitar and he has some really powerful moving songs.
He’s also part of the Broken Band so the man plays TWO sets.
You get ALOT for 8 BUCKS! You guys need to put a little extra in their hand.


Thrashabilly band Deadman Flats have discontinued their
last two albums “Read Em And Weep” and “Antlers” to refine their sound and bring new
direction to their act.
So go out and support these guys too.

And Whiskey Hill Swillers will be there
as well bringing a little of everything to the stage that night.

The End is 2219 Elliston Place
Nashville Tn 37023
18 And Over Only Please
9:00 PM

This update is the winter and spring tour dates of Jayke Orvis and
the Broken Band. And of course you can catch them at the Spring Weekender in Indiana. HURRY tickets ARE limited.
Jan 3rd – the Shrunken Head – Columbus, Oh w/ The Urban Pioneers

Jan 4th – The Highland Taproom – Louisville, Ky w/ the Urban Pioneers

Jan 5th – The End – Nashville, Tn w/ the Urban Pioneers

Jan 7th – Roxys – Columbia, Mo – w/ Deadman Flats and Honkysuckle

Jan 8th – Rock Island Brewing Company – Rock Island, Il w/ the Urban Pioneers and James Hunnicutt

Jan 9th – The Screaming Eagle – Waterloo, Ia w/ the Urban Pioneers

Jan 10th – The Lizard Lounge – wichita, Ks w/ Deadman Flats and Fishgutzzz the Ig’nant

Jan 11th – the Lions Lair – Denver, Co w/ the Urban Pioneers

Jan 12th – the Black Nugget – Carbonedale, Co w/ the Urband Pioneers and JAMES HUNNICUTT

Jan 14th – The Celt – Idaho Falls, Id w/ James Hunnicutt

Jan 15th – Burts Tiki Lounge – SLC, Ut w/ James Hunnicutt and Wyatt Maxwell

Jan 16th – The Filling Station – Bozeman, Mt w/ James Hunnicutt

Jan 17th – Ole Beck VFW post 209 – Missoula, Mt w/ James Hunnicutt and Whiskey Hooves

Jan 18th – Bucknums – Heppner, Or w/ James Hunnicutt and DogBite Harris

Jan 19th – El Corazon – Seattle, Wa w/ James Hunicutt

Jan 20 – The Hub – Centralia, Wa w/ James Hunicutt

Jan 21st – Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, Or w/ James Hunnicutt

Jan 23rd – Bombays – Redding, Ca w/ James Hunnicutt

Jan 24th – Thee Parkside – San Fransisco, Ca w/ The Pine Box Boys and James Hunnicutt

jan 25th

Jan 26th – The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, Ca w/ James Hunnicutt and The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit

Jan 27th -TBA- Los Angeles, Ca

Jan 28th – Brick By Brick – San Diego, Ca w/ James Hunnicutt and Wicklow Atwater and the Fallen Flame

Jan 29 – The Bum Steer – Winchester, Ca w/ James Hunnicutt

Jan 30 – Time Out Lounge – Tempe, Az

Jan 31st – Taos-Mesa Brewing Co- Taos, Nm w/ Carrie Nation and CarrieNation AndThe Speakeasy and My Graveyard Jaw

Feb 1st – The Damn Bar- Albuquerque, Nm w/ Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy and Hillbilly Casino

Feb 2nd – The Blue Max – Midland, Tx w/ Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy

Feb 5th – The Wherehouse – Forth Worth, TX w/ Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy

Feb 6th -Holy Mountain – Austin, Tx w/ Whiskey Shivers, Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy and James Hunnicutt

Feb 7th – Rudyards – Houston, Tx w/ Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy

Feb 8th -Siberia- New Orleans, La w/ Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy

Feb 9th – Artmosphere – Lafayette, La w/ Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy

Feb 10th TBA

Feb 11th – Assay – Ozark, Ar w/ Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy

Feb 12th – Smoke & Barrel – Fayetteville, Ar w/ Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy

Feb 13th – Mercury Lounge – Tulsa, Ok w/ Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy

Feb 14th – The Outand Ballroom – Springfield, Mo w/ Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy and Vegabond Swing

Feb 15th – Daveys Uptown – Kansas City, Mo w/ The Calamity Cubes! Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy and Posessed By Paul James

Feb 16th – Ole Simrells – Terre Haute, In

Feb 20th – Aldos Lounge – Altoona Pa

Feb 21st – The Grove – Strongstown, Pa

Feb 22nd – Snug Harbor – New Paltz, Ny

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Bob Wayne Is Hard At Work For 2014

 photo a9b8e2b0-f0a9-4500-8ff4-ade9af04e572_zps3700c05c.jpg

Everybody’s favorite finger flipping guitar slinging outlaw is gearing
up for a BIG open to 2014!
I got some GREAT NEWS for you if you’re a fan of Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies!

I understand his new album will be called “Back To The Camper”.
And he is no longer signed to Century Media so this new album
will be 100 percent total DIY.
So THAT MEANS put a little extra cash in his hand if you
go to his show…PLEASE!
Cause NO LABEL is a hard thing to do these days. So make sure if you
like what he does SUPPORT what he does!

I also understand he has a new lead guitarist named Rory.
And this new album will include a duet with Elizabeth Cook
called “20 Miles To Juarez”.
And a duet with Country Legend Red Simpson.

I also have some European dates for you for his 2014 tour
and he is currently booking Feb-May dates in America.

Feb 12 Jinx Tavern Savannah, GA

Feb 13 Yacht Club Asheville, NC

Feb 14 JR’s Tavern High Point, NC

Feb 15 The Coffee Pot Roanoke, VA

Feb 16 The Gold Room Baltimore, MD

Feb 17 Traghaven Whiskey Pub Tivoli, NY

Feb 18 The Anchor Kingston, NY

Feb 20 Roxy & Dukes Dunellen, NJ

Feb 21 Shore Road Tavern Philadelphia, PA

Feb 22 The Barn Pawlet, VT

Feb 24 The High Note Pekin, IL

Feb 25 The Auricle Canton, OH Tickets

Feb 26 Tootle’s Pumpkin Inn Circleville, OH

Feb 27 Lager House Detroit, MI

Feb 28 Brass Rail Fort Wayne, IN

Mar 01 Crunchy Frog Green Bay, WI

Mar 02 Missy’s Broken Arrow Conrath, WI

Mar 03 Willy Street Pub & Grill Madison, WI

Mar 04 Beer Barrel Hurley, WI

Mar 05 The Delft Nightclub Escanaba, MI

Mar 06 Butter’s Brick House Stevens Point, WI

Mar 07 Reggies Music Joint Chicago, IL Tickets

Mar 08 The Avenue Lansing, MI

Mar 09 Armington Outpost Armington, IL

Mar 10 Eagle’s Hall Vincennes, IN

Mar 13 The Mint 400 Las Vegas, NV

Mar 15 Nickelspot Sioux Falls, SD

Mar 16 Four Winds Bar & Grill Garden City, KS

Mar 17 Lizard Lounge Wichita, KS

Mar 18 Mercury Lounge Tulsa, OK

Mar 19 Red Brick Bar Norman, OK RSVP

Mar 20 Basement Bar Stockyards Fort Worth, TX

Mar 21 Scooters Icehouse Pearland, TX

Mar 22 The White Horse Austin, TX

Mar 24 The Blue Max Midland, TX

Mar 25 Bobby Joe’s Benson, AZ

Mar 28 The Dive Las Vegas, NV

Mar 29 The Royal Lounge Placentia, CA

Mar 30 The Gypsy Shack Jamestown, CA

Apr 01 Winters Tavern Pacifica, CA Tickets

Apr 03 Royal Dive Oceanside, CA

Apr 04 The Blue Lamp Sacramento, CA

Apr 05 B Ryder’s Bakersfield, CA

Apr 08 Johnny’s Lompoc, CA

Apr 09 Manny’s Paso Robles, CA

Apr 10 Whiskey Richards Santa Barbara, CA

Apr 11 Red Cove Ventura, CA

Apr 12 Hippy Killer Hoedown Winchester, CA

Apr 15 Rojo’s South Lake Tahoe, CA

Apr 16 Sam Bond’s Eugene, OR

Apr 17 Blue Spruce Packwood, WA

Apr 30 Westport Saloon Kansas City, MO

May 01 Gas Lamp
w/ Franklin’s Basement…
Des Moines, IA

May 02 NorthStar Bar Rochester, MN

May 03 TorqueFest Dubuque, IA Tickets

May 04 Spillway Bar & Grill Bowling Green, KY

May 15 Paard The Hague, Netherlands Tickets

May 16 Merleyn Nijmegen, Netherlands Tickets

May 17 Tivoli De Helling Utrecht, Netherlands Tickets

May 18 Blues & Bluegrass Festival Hoogeveen, Netherlands

May 19 Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen London, United Kingdom Tickets

May 20 The Cluny Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom Tickets

May 21 The Temple @ The Institute Birmingham, United Kingdom Tickets

May 22 Edma Vorselaar, Belgium

May 23 Mondo Bizarro Rennes, France

May 24 American Journeys Festival Cambrai, France

May 25 Tattoo Motor Show Festival Davezieux, France

May 26 Le Bootleg Bordeaux, France

May 29 Carpe Diem Caceres, Spain

May 30 Stairway Club Lisboa, Portugal

May 31 Bafo de Baco Loulé, Portugal RSVP

Jun 03 Acapulco Gijon, Spain

Jun 04 Salason Cangas, Spain

Jun 05 Open Air Vitoria, Spain

Jun 06 El Sol Madrid, Spain

Jun 07 Loco Club Valencia, Spain

Jun 08 RockSound Barcelona, Spain

Jun 10 Lio Bar Brescia, Italy

Jun 11 Sidro Club Savignano Sul Rubicone, Italy

Jun 14 Rednecks Roadclub Muotathal, Switzerland

Jun 15 RHAMC Overland
w/ the Jet-sons…
Olten, Switzerland

Jun 16 L Usine Geneva, Switzerland

Jun 17 Rhiz Vienna, Austria

Jun 18 The Rock Cafe Prague, Czech Republic

Jun 19 Barrak Club Ostrava, Czech Republic

Jun 24 Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Denmark

Jun 25 Kafe Deluxe Växjö, Sweden

Jun 26 Rootsy Uddevalla, Sweden

Jun 27 Dinosbar Mariedamm, Sweden

Jul 04 Schaubude Kiel, Germany

Jul 05 The Rambler Eindhoven, Netherlands

Jul 07 Enler Delta Blues Club Belfast, United Kingdom

Jul 09 Crane Lane Theatre Cork, Ireland

Jul 17 Pitcher Düsseldorf, Germany Tickets

Jul 18 Hafenklang Hamburg, Germany

Jul 19 Clash Berlin, Germany

Jul 20 Silo 1 Töging Am Inn, Germany

Jul 22 Sonic Ballroom Cologne, Germany

Jul 29 Aux Legendes Pradelles, France

OK And I WILL post American dates when I hear them or have them
released to me.
So be on the lookout for The Outlaw Carnies in 2014.

He will be at the Spillway in Bowling Green
Sunday May 4rth.

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The Savior Comes To Dino’s In Nashville

Saturday night went to Dino’s bar in East Nashville to witness
the Pride Of Possum Trot Kentucky (and not very far from me) …The Savior of Country Music
and one of the most REAL Country music artists I have heard lately Lickem Brown.

It was a smaller bar and it allowed smoking it was hard for me to take really
good pictures but I think I pulled this off quite well!
And the service was outstanding…wasn’t it guys?

 photo fd943f97-ee44-4316-a9ad-39b28add1bb2_zps24a9a76c.jpg

First up was a really cool banjo picker Jeremiah Cline.
This young man played some REALLY cool traditional bluegrass folk music and here’s a
bit of news that explains this man’s passion for playing music.
He was at the E.R. earlier to have stiches in his finger!
And he played that banjo like a true pro! He entertained is all while we waited
to be saved.
He played an original tune named “Ellen Rose” and several traditional tunes
like “Little Sadie” and more.

HE THEN began an introduction that put me to mind of an old fashioned
tent revival.
Announcing that the time was at hand for a savior to come..and come forth
he did as we were all witnessing the first appearance of Lickem Brown in
11 years!

 photo afc6f63f-79d9-425f-a96f-338c38f1fb84_zps7d5a39b4.jpg

He opened the show with his self titled song “Lickem Brown” and showed
his respect for Shelton Hank 3 with a cover of “straight To Hell”
It’s always a good song that gets the crowd going.

OK Here’s the scoop y’all and you heard it HERE FIRST!
He debuted a new song just like he promised, and it is
called “Dope Sick Blues” (not to be confused with Josh Morningstar)
it was a REALLY good song.

Then he played Skin And Bones which will be on his new album,
along with “Blue Moon Oer Kentucky” and then he paid a good
tribute to his hero Ernest Tubb by playing a REALLY cool
version of “Walking The Floor” and then he invited some
“Frands” up to play “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”.

My personal favorite song was “Possum Trot”.
It’s not really far from me where O’l Lickem is from.
It’s out near the LBL (Land Between The Lakes) area
in McCracken Co. There is a beautiful drive in theater
out there near him in Calvert City.

He then played a Bob Wayne tribute from his second
album “Till The Wheels Fall Off”.
And of course played some Hank Williams songs.
He did a really good job up there for being out
of performing live for so long. I hope he does some
more shows in the future!

And lastly but not least Mr. Jared Papas and I were
given the privilege to become famous and we were called
up to help him perform “Country As Fuck”.
Once you’re a buddy of his you’re a buddy for life.
He’s becoming more famous every day!

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Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse.

 photo c01f5f16-d1c7-4fef-b13b-b2ddaca378c4_zpsf2030e38.jpg

In late October I was up in Altamont for the weekend enjoying The Outlaws And Icons
benefit concert for Mr Troy Rector.
MY hotel room was booked in Monteagle and I stayed at the Super 8 off the Hwy there.
One morning I awoke and was just getting finished with an article on day 2 coverage.
I got hungry before the music of day 2 commenced.
I had run into a lot of folks in the area that suggested I go eat at Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse
and so I decided to act upon the word of mouth.

I arrived and the place was so huge I couldn’t find the restaurant portion of it.
There’s a hotel, and a large country store and museum with more artifacts
than I can mention.
I spent almost an hour looking through the entire place, and I still did not see
everything. There was a portion of it dedicated to Charlie and Ira Louvin.
There was just SO MUCH to see, it was hard for me to take the full amount
of it all in with the time I had left.
Some Roy Acuff artifacts that caught and kept my attention.

The food was really good and the buffet section was HUGE and well worth
the amount you pay. I won’t lie it was a little pricey but HEY for fresh
food like there was it’s OK to spend a little more to have that!
FRESH beef stew and cornbread in skillets warmed up, NOT in steamtrays!
Hot veggies and smoked meats, just so much food I was just stuffed.

Now the MAIN reason I am writing this is ONE MAJOR reason.
This place patronizes songwriters and musicians.
I mean they sell independent music CD’s and posters.
And they feature A TON of songwriter nights and shows.
I never did get to see them but I HAVE BEEN researching this
project and I cannot wait to share with you what I found!
Some DANG GOOD country music. Found some music that I myself didn’t
care for and that in itself was good because WE ALL like different things.

I’m not sure how many articles this main article will spawn
but I know of two or three I’ll be reporting on!
All In All you MUST go to this place if you are in the Monteagle
You’ll be GLAD you did!

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