Dec 012013

MANY of the independent and mainstream country artists I feature on this website
have recently released ALL NEW albums just in time for the holidays.
And WHAT BETTER TIME for this to happen? Give the gift of music..especially
to younger folks.
Be a positive influence to your son or daughter.
There’s SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC out there coming and you won’t hear it on the FM
YOU CAN click on the names of these people under “Artists You Should Know”
And it will direct you to their music to purchase.

Independent artist Cley Reynolds has recently released an acoustic album
“Live At The Silver Maple” and it is 10 tracks of raw material and four
bonus tracks from a show in New Eagle Pennsylvania.
And he used one of my photos from Outlaws And Icons festival in Tn
as his back CD cover…I’d like to THANK him SO MUCH for that kind gesture.

 photo 2dd824d7-b217-4815-8a7f-1b70bdd65f33_zps1e5cac74.jpg

One of the artists he plays and travels with Brigitte London is also
releasing her 7th album “Heart Of The Highwaywoman” is being released
REALLY soon, and will include “Keith Whitley Blue” which was wrote by
Country Legend Billy Don Burns”.
It was recorded in Texas and produced by AJ Downing,and will have
12 tracks on it.
I highly anticipate buying this album!

Those GREAT people at Rusty Knuckles and Mr. J.B. Beverly have
teamed up to release “Stripped To The Root” which is an AWESOME
album. Just a mix of several different songs he recorded through
the last few years since his last release.
I HIGHLY recommend that album!

We got ALL NEW music coming SOON from Dallas Moore and Kara Clark.
I’ll be getting the exclusive news from these two great
artists before the public gets the info.
In February of 2014 we will have NEW MUSIC from Scott H Biram as well.

Mandy Barnett has released “I Cant Stop Loving You” the songs
of Don Gibson, and is available exclusively from Cracker Barrel
Old Country Store.
It’s been highly anticipated for some time now by me.
She also has several autograph signings at local area Cracker Barrels.
And is doing several performances with the Nashville Symphony.

Dec 012013

 photo ab7f8680-d1b0-4b8b-beed-e3fa3448765c_zpsfa6792de.jpg

I been doing “open mic songwriter nights” for more than 10 years down in music city.
I have heard a TON of them folks! I have seen people make it and I have seen them fall.
And THEN there are just some of them songwriters that became personal friends…
and I can go on and on saying GOOD and KIND things about them!

10.Chris Miller.
9.Gerald Smith
8.Don McNatt
7.Marc-Allen Barnette

And then there are some songwriters I am humbled to have love me so much..
Like my number 6 pick Mr. Kurt Fortmeyer and the song is “My Dog Jesus”.
It’s pretty much his signature song and It is so clever I went out of my
way to meet him during the mighty Myspace Days.
Once I heard it I was absolutely hooked and you will be too.