Dec 082013

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Two of my good friends in the music industry are doing some shows together and
I was asked to help support them.
If you are in the NC, PA and NY area
Country Music Legend Billy Don Burns and songwriter Joshua Morningstar
will be doing the following shows in December

Dec. 18th-LaCantina aka Southern Exposure, Valley Cottage, NY
Dec. 19th-Shore Road Tavern, Philadelphia, PA
Dec. 20th-The Unique, Blue Ridge Summit, PA
Dec. 21st-Uncle Bucks, Salisbury, NC

To my knowledge there aren’t any more dates but I’ll update
this article upon any further notice of them.

Now you can find out MORE about Josh Morningstar by clicking on his name.
Billy Don Burns has contributed ALOT to Outlaw Country Music.
He’s written and produced A TON of albums for people like Johnny Paycheck and
the list goes on for miles.

RIGHT NOW on W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show
you can hear some more of Josh Morningstar’s work.

GO support these two great people.

Dec 082013

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I don’t usually post my personal pictures with other people but David Ball has ALWAYS BEEN
one of my personal favorite artists. And I just love the fire out of him.

He is a Grammy award winner and was one of the FIRST people to take an independent hit
to the top of the charts with “Riding With Private Malone”.
He is a former founding member of “Uncle Walt’s Band” from the Austin music scene.
And this past November 28th he released an album of Christmas music.
And with the exception of two tracks the entire album is original music.

He’s been touring for several years in support of his ninth studio album
“Sparkle City”.

On December 20th David Ball and The Pioneer Playboys will play
at Historic Puckett’s Grocery in Franklin Tn.
You can reserve tickets for 12 dollars HERE. Or you can call (615) 794-5527 for complete details.

You’ll have to call NOW for table reservations.

Dec 082013

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This will be a special article, about a special person that attracted special people
to come and remember him. He brought together WELL OVER hundreds of people, in fact
at one time I heard a bar employee say they were worried about violating a fire code
for too many people!
Now it’s true there may be some other sites that will write stories about what
I am…but this is MY story, and I was there too!
This is how I feel inside and what I saw and heard that night, I met so many
NEW friends..and they were so welcoming toward my website for being there.
It was humbling that I was a part of something this important!

Many people considered Wayne Mills to be an Outlaw or an Independent guy….
some called him Roots Music…or a “little guy” because he wasn’t a major
name act. But WE considered him to be a BROTHER! A part of a ‘family” that
was created up on a mountaintop in east Tn. Altamont.
And that night I’ll tell you THIS: he was honored and loved more than your
BIG NAME acts will EVER BE! Wayne Mills wore no plastic cowboy hat
or sparkle pocket jeans. And neither do WE!

Don’t get me wrong, I AM and always will be a part of Muddy Roots
family too. We are spread out among the US and he’s taking it nationwide
now too. I LOVE them folks too, and many of the people in Altamont
are a part of both. I am a Muddy Roots fan for life.
What we share is special and it’s an appreciation and an understanding.
And what Wayne Mills brought together on December 4rth was amazing…
nothing short of amazing.

This is my witness of what I encountered at the Tin Roof that night
with my friend Mary Lee foote who came down from Michigan to once again
join us for a night of music. She stayed with me and we had FUN!
I took her to see Sarah Gayle Meech and she got to see where George Jones
rests now.

There were over 40 acts and the first few rounds were set up like songwriter
night type deals. I’m going to point out a few songs I REALLY noticed
and people I enjoyed.
Heck even country legend Tanya Tucker came out to spend time with us all.
And say hello. It was LOUD…and sometimes it was hard to hear the music
or I’m just getting old and wore out…either way it was PACKED and LOUD.

Mr. Brandyn Steen opened the show with welcome and comments and set the
mood for the event. I really enjoyed meeting him, he was helpful
and supportive to us all as reporter people.

The Southern Boys band sang a song called “Dixie Dream’n” and I enjoyed
that a lot. Then the President of the Outlaw Country Music Hall Of Fame
and whom I consider the leader of the Altamont group Gary “Sarge” Sargeant
was called up to give a welcome and some news about the Hall Of Fame.
More on that later…I don’t want to take away from the subject at hand.

So like I said they went up three and four at a time taking turns
in a “writers round” fashion. And mind you I was also busy meeting
new people and networking too…so I didn’t catch the whole entire

8:20-8:40 Jared Wade, John Riggins, Jason Lawlor, Brian Warner
8:45-9:05 Zac Hackler, Rhean Boyer, Anthony K Culver, James Austin.

Now James Austin to me is a country music songwriting legend.
And he sang his song he wrote about us “Altamont”.
He was one of the legends featured at the Outlaws and Icons benefit

9:10-9:30 Garrett Walker, Chad Wilson, Benjamen Phillips.
9:35-9:55 Branden Attwell, James Williams, Daryl Aldridge, Sean Rivers
10:00-10:20 Rexton Lee, Brad Cotter, Hunter Lawley, Steve Owen
10:25-11:05 Tim Scott, Joshua Morningstar, Tom Ghent, Chris Gantry, Craig Wayne Boyd

Now Chris Gantry and Tom Ghent are two more songwriting legends
we had with us that night and Tom Ghent brought out Miss Dianne McCall
who sang with Charlie Louvin. She is a TRUE country music legend.
And he sang songs cut by Bobby Bare.

11:10-11:40 The Darlin’s, Jon Cook, Bernie Nelson, Dave Gibson
11:45-12:25 Shannon Lawson, Trent Tomlinson, Tom Perkins, Randall Clay.

Of course Trent Tomlinson sang “One Wing In The Fire”

12:30 the Wayne Mills band got up and played with Brent Cobb
12:45-12:55 Bert Newton
1:00-1:10 Joey Allcorn

I have been wanting to meet him and talk with him for some time now.
He impresses me and he gave out CD’s when I wanted to buy one!
He of course sang Hank Sr songs but then played
“The Last Honky Tonk”….and had the crowd SCREAMING!

1:15-1:25 Jesse Keith Whitley
1:30-1:40 Kyle Wilson
1:45-1:55 Eric Lee Beddingfield.

I’ll tell you what…people can say what they want, I could care less.
I WAS THERE and they were not!
And I was told some really great stories that night and told some of mine.
I met some really awesome people and I am truly sure that Mr. Wayne
was up in Hillbilly Heaven smiling down at all of us.