Dec 142013

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On Friday December 13th 2013 Earl Grigsby, former bassist for the Charlie Daniels
Band in the 1970’s died in Branson Mi of a heart attack.

Earl was “Te John” in the early CDB album, “Te John, Grease and Wolfman.”
And he also contributed to the album “Honey In The Rock”.

He was also given credit for contributing on two of Mark Heard’s
albums, 1975 – Mark Heard
1978 – Mark Heard – On Turning to Dust

He produced and did a lot of session work for many artists and
also gave lessons from his Branson area studio during
and after his retirement form recording.

Dec 142013

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10.Chris Miller.
9.Gerald Smith
8.Don McNatt
7.Marc-Allen Barnette
6.Kurt Fortmeyer
5.George Harper

In all the years I have been participating in “Open Mic Nights” in
Nashville and other cities all over the U.S. I have NEVER LOVED a
song as much I love my choice for number 4 in this series.

I heard it for the first time in 1998 at an open mic night in downtown
Nashville and it is called “Choices” and it was written by Billy Yates.

Mr. Billy wrote several songs that were cut by George Jones.
And in 2000 George cut the song Choices on his critically acclaimed
smash hit album ‘Cold Hard Truth”.

Before it was cut Mr. Billy would occasionally play it during
writers rounds. And I remember the first time I heard it at the
end of it I was lost in tears.
It moved me so intensely as they were the most powerful words
I think have EVER been put on paper.

When I was on my way to work in 2000 Billy Yates did what Music Row
said was not possible: He put George Jones back on FM radio.
I had to pull over my truck and cry for a few minutes.
The song was so powerful George himself was involved in a wreck
while playing it for someone on his way home.

This song just absolutely haunts anyone that ever had a
bout with the devil…and I think all of us have at one
time or another.

Dec 142013

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Country Music Songwriting Legend John Prine has had surgery this month
to remove a form of cancer found in his lungs by doctors in December.
And he has moved yesterday and tonight’s scheduled show in
Louisville Ky to Feb 28th and March 1st 2014.

On his website, Prine revealed he’d been diagnosed with non-small cell carcinoma of the lung. “Doctors here in Nashville have caught it early, and it is operable,” he shares. “They see no reason why I won’t fully recover

This is totally unrelated to the cancer found on his neck in 1997 which was safely removed and treated.

John Prine has been regarded as a songwriting legend since the 1960’s
when he was discovered by Kris Kristofferson.
And he is most famous for co-writing ‘You Never Even Called Me By My Name” with
Steve Goodman which was cut by David Allan Coe.
However Prine refused to take songwriting credits and never received
royalties but John Goodman was rumored to have bought him a jukebox
as a gift.