Dec 182013

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Dean Miller son of Roger Miller announced a few days ago he will be releasing his fourth studio album
under the Off The Verge label.
He hasn’t really had a very easy time getting broken into the Nashville scene however with
what I have heard of the album (which hit stores December 10th)
it sounds pretty doggone country!
It is called “Till You Stop Getti’n Up”

It is his first release since Koch Entertainment closed in 2005.
So It’s been a few years since he has had a label.

He has had some success as a pop country songwriter since he penned such songs as
“A Little Gasoline” for Terri Clark and “I’m Gonna Love You Anyway” for Trace Adkins.

However something really tripped me into delving into his fourth release.
I was given an EP and WOW!
I cannot wait to go grab it and find out WHO is playing steel on it and
who produced it! Trust me from little I heard it was GOOD!