Dec 242013

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Nashville you have been warned..because the Savior of country music
Lickem Brown is coming to Nashville to perform for the
first time in 11 years.

Lickem Brown will be performing at Dino’s
next Saturday night at 10:00.
He comes to us from Possum Trot Kentucky, which really isn’t too
far from me. It’s in McCracken Country near Reidland
and Land Between The Lakes.

Now, personally we don’t know a lot about Lickem Brown as a person
but he’s quickly becoming extremely famous!
HE IS one the most real country artist out there now
and he’s 100 percent Outlaw Country.

He’s currently working on his first album
Lickem:Raw which will be an acoustic album.
As he plays both guitar and banjo.
Iv’e heard serveral songs he has done and I got
the pleasure of hanging out with him at Muddy Roots last year.
He’s really down to Earth and he’s becoming famous.

He has recently released songs like
Country As Fuck, G Damn Tractor and Possum Trot..which he wrote
about his home town in Kentucky. He also recently covered
Conway Twitty’s “Lay You Down”.

I’m trying my BEST to be there next week for him because
I consider him a good friend..and I want his autograph
he’s famous!

Dec 242013

10.Chris Miller.
9.Gerald Smith
8.Don McNatt
7.Marc-Allen Barnette
6.Kurt Fortmeyer
5.George Harper
4.Billy Yates

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Well folks we are bringing this series of articles to a close with the next three.
I have REALLY enjoyed sharing these songs that are my favorites and the artists
that I love so much.
These people are my friends and a lot of them I have been so blessed to have
shared the stage with in the past.

This next person has contributed SO MUCH to country music and deserves
to be admired.
I doubt that most “country music” websites even know whom she is….sadly!

This is June Stearns and she is a country music legend.
Y’all need to go and research her more because she’s performed on more
country music shows and with more legends than ANYONE.
And the song I am featuring is “Wild And Wicked Ways”.

She’s always so nice and VERY welcoming and will always answer my questions
when I want to pester her.
I have been researching her for several years.