Dec 272013

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I’m not fixin to lie when I tell you I have a HUGE AMOUNT of respect for
Ronnie Milsap. One night I was at the Opry and he was performing there.
He came out and walked over to that circle of wood and bent down and
kissed the circle.
Then he looked up at the audience and said “No matter how hard the suits
try they will never break this bond right here”.
I’ll never forget that night..if you look in the right places
the Opry is still a magical place. Full of ghosts and history.

Ronnie celebrates 5 decades of membership. He is a CMA entertainer
of the year and a recipient of the Pioneer award.
He is a 6 time grammy winner and has won awards in
many other genres besides country.
His 40-40 vision tour marking the 40 number one hits and the 40
plus years of being in music of MANY genres will come to
a close soon. And the release of his new album on Jaunary 28th
will be met with much anticipation.

Summer Number 17 will be the name and it will be
released under Legacy Recordings.
The 12 song collection will feature remakes of 11 songs
and 1 new song which is the title track.
One of the songs he’s redone is “Lost In The Fifties Tonight”
Which is the title of his fourth country album.

He enlisted the help of Mandy Barnett for a remake
on “You Make Me Feel Brand New”.

You CAN pre-order the album on his website or buy it
in stores March 17th.
He will be doing an Opry in store signing in 2014
which hasn’t been announced yet I understand.