Dec 282013

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In late October I was up in Altamont for the weekend enjoying The Outlaws And Icons
benefit concert for Mr Troy Rector.
MY hotel room was booked in Monteagle and I stayed at the Super 8 off the Hwy there.
One morning I awoke and was just getting finished with an article on day 2 coverage.
I got hungry before the music of day 2 commenced.
I had run into a lot of folks in the area that suggested I go eat at Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse
and so I decided to act upon the word of mouth.

I arrived and the place was so huge I couldn’t find the restaurant portion of it.
There’s a hotel, and a large country store and museum with more artifacts
than I can mention.
I spent almost an hour looking through the entire place, and I still did not see
everything. There was a portion of it dedicated to Charlie and Ira Louvin.
There was just SO MUCH to see, it was hard for me to take the full amount
of it all in with the time I had left.
Some Roy Acuff artifacts that caught and kept my attention.

The food was really good and the buffet section was HUGE and well worth
the amount you pay. I won’t lie it was a little pricey but HEY for fresh
food like there was it’s OK to spend a little more to have that!
FRESH beef stew and cornbread in skillets warmed up, NOT in steamtrays!
Hot veggies and smoked meats, just so much food I was just stuffed.

Now the MAIN reason I am writing this is ONE MAJOR reason.
This place patronizes songwriters and musicians.
I mean they sell independent music CD’s and posters.
And they feature A TON of songwriter nights and shows.
I never did get to see them but I HAVE BEEN researching this
project and I cannot wait to share with you what I found!
Some DANG GOOD country music. Found some music that I myself didn’t
care for and that in itself was good because WE ALL like different things.

I’m not sure how many articles this main article will spawn
but I know of two or three I’ll be reporting on!
All In All you MUST go to this place if you are in the Monteagle
You’ll be GLAD you did!