Dec 082013

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This will be a special article, about a special person that attracted special people
to come and remember him. He brought together WELL OVER hundreds of people, in fact
at one time I heard a bar employee say they were worried about violating a fire code
for too many people!
Now it’s true there may be some other sites that will write stories about what
I am…but this is MY story, and I was there too!
This is how I feel inside and what I saw and heard that night, I met so many
NEW friends..and they were so welcoming toward my website for being there.
It was humbling that I was a part of something this important!

Many people considered Wayne Mills to be an Outlaw or an Independent guy….
some called him Roots Music…or a “little guy” because he wasn’t a major
name act. But WE considered him to be a BROTHER! A part of a ‘family” that
was created up on a mountaintop in east Tn. Altamont.
And that night I’ll tell you THIS: he was honored and loved more than your
BIG NAME acts will EVER BE! Wayne Mills wore no plastic cowboy hat
or sparkle pocket jeans. And neither do WE!

Don’t get me wrong, I AM and always will be a part of Muddy Roots
family too. We are spread out among the US and he’s taking it nationwide
now too. I LOVE them folks too, and many of the people in Altamont
are a part of both. I am a Muddy Roots fan for life.
What we share is special and it’s an appreciation and an understanding.
And what Wayne Mills brought together on December 4rth was amazing…
nothing short of amazing.

This is my witness of what I encountered at the Tin Roof that night
with my friend Mary Lee foote who came down from Michigan to once again
join us for a night of music. She stayed with me and we had FUN!
I took her to see Sarah Gayle Meech and she got to see where George Jones
rests now.

There were over 40 acts and the first few rounds were set up like songwriter
night type deals. I’m going to point out a few songs I REALLY noticed
and people I enjoyed.
Heck even country legend Tanya Tucker came out to spend time with us all.
And say hello. It was LOUD…and sometimes it was hard to hear the music
or I’m just getting old and wore out…either way it was PACKED and LOUD.

Mr. Brandyn Steen opened the show with welcome and comments and set the
mood for the event. I really enjoyed meeting him, he was helpful
and supportive to us all as reporter people.

The Southern Boys band sang a song called “Dixie Dream’n” and I enjoyed
that a lot. Then the President of the Outlaw Country Music Hall Of Fame
and whom I consider the leader of the Altamont group Gary “Sarge” Sargeant
was called up to give a welcome and some news about the Hall Of Fame.
More on that later…I don’t want to take away from the subject at hand.

So like I said they went up three and four at a time taking turns
in a “writers round” fashion. And mind you I was also busy meeting
new people and networking too…so I didn’t catch the whole entire

8:20-8:40 Jared Wade, John Riggins, Jason Lawlor, Brian Warner
8:45-9:05 Zac Hackler, Rhean Boyer, Anthony K Culver, James Austin.

Now James Austin to me is a country music songwriting legend.
And he sang his song he wrote about us “Altamont”.
He was one of the legends featured at the Outlaws and Icons benefit

9:10-9:30 Garrett Walker, Chad Wilson, Benjamen Phillips.
9:35-9:55 Branden Attwell, James Williams, Daryl Aldridge, Sean Rivers
10:00-10:20 Rexton Lee, Brad Cotter, Hunter Lawley, Steve Owen
10:25-11:05 Tim Scott, Joshua Morningstar, Tom Ghent, Chris Gantry, Craig Wayne Boyd

Now Chris Gantry and Tom Ghent are two more songwriting legends
we had with us that night and Tom Ghent brought out Miss Dianne McCall
who sang with Charlie Louvin. She is a TRUE country music legend.
And he sang songs cut by Bobby Bare.

11:10-11:40 The Darlin’s, Jon Cook, Bernie Nelson, Dave Gibson
11:45-12:25 Shannon Lawson, Trent Tomlinson, Tom Perkins, Randall Clay.

Of course Trent Tomlinson sang “One Wing In The Fire”

12:30 the Wayne Mills band got up and played with Brent Cobb
12:45-12:55 Bert Newton
1:00-1:10 Joey Allcorn

I have been wanting to meet him and talk with him for some time now.
He impresses me and he gave out CD’s when I wanted to buy one!
He of course sang Hank Sr songs but then played
“The Last Honky Tonk”….and had the crowd SCREAMING!

1:15-1:25 Jesse Keith Whitley
1:30-1:40 Kyle Wilson
1:45-1:55 Eric Lee Beddingfield.

I’ll tell you what…people can say what they want, I could care less.
I WAS THERE and they were not!
And I was told some really great stories that night and told some of mine.
I met some really awesome people and I am truly sure that Mr. Wayne
was up in Hillbilly Heaven smiling down at all of us.

Dec 072013

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Good folks there will be some NEW series of articles popping up in the near future.
And I think for certain you will enjoy them as I enjoy writing them!
For now let’s finish up where we are with these.

10.Chris Miller.
9.Gerald Smith
8.Don McNatt
7.Marc-Allen Barnette
6.Kurt Fortmeyer

This next one is performed by a REALLY cool rabble rousing man and his band.
My next choice for this series is George Harper
and the song is called “Sugar Tit”.

People I saw him perform this song and have the whole damn place
going absolutely NUTS!
You MUST buy his album and check out this’s absolutely hilarious.
PLUS his band is REALLY awesome…so they are called The Awesome Bastards!

Dec 072013

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I been planning a trip over to the Nashville Palace for several weeks now,
and I would like to publicly THANK THEM for allowing me to support them
on my website here and for everything they do for me and for country music
in general.
Recently The Nashville Palace was re-opened
by Robert’s Western World and has been fully functional once again.
And I had some company down for a few days and I thought I’d go and try the food
and see THIS GAL…one of my favorite young ladies Sarah Gayle Meech.

 photo 51b42860-089a-4691-8c2c-585f5e90b83e_zps8575f2c5.jpg

Now I MUST SAY THIS: There are several people I’ll pay whatever or go where ever to see.
I think her and Kara Clark and Ashley Monroe are my TOP THREE choices for the ladies.
She rolled out an AWESOME show with a bunch of covers and had the people two-stepping
and dancing slow. And as always she HAD to play my favorite song “Foolish”.
She played just about all of her originals which I REALLY LOVE!
Now for the BIG SCOOP NEWS!

She played a NEW SONG called “Love For You” and it was a GREAT SONG!
AND….AND…she has album number 2 in the works!
So when she announced it I had several questions for her and I want to
THANK HER from the bottom of my heart for letting me pester her on them.

YES IT WILL be produced by (in my opinion a future legend) Andy Gibson.
Andy is the steel and dobro player for Shelton Hank 3.
It will have 14 or 15 songs on it, and as of right now
it is not named.

As of January 1st since there are SO MANY new albums coming out
I’ll start a NEW series of articles featuring a NEW persons
album EVERY time!
I work many many nights on this deal and sometimes it gets the best of me
But I’ll tell you…I enjoy so many people’s music and I want to
feature ALL OF IT!

Hell Iv’e even played the Palace…see.

 photo 9913be43-97fe-4842-95f7-43236355a216_zpsb822cff5.jpg

The food was REALLY good and usually the kitchen is open until 1AM
I liked that, it used to not be open that late.
I don’t know about you but when I drink…I snack.
So you MUST go down there and see her play or ANY of the fine artists that play there!

Here’s a few dates Sarah Gayle Meech has announced.
January 28th Nashville Palace
January 29th Robert’s Western World
January 31st Layla’s Bluegrass Inn.

Dec 062013

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Last year The Country Music Hall Of Fame started an exhibit
educating it’s visitors about the western coast “Bakersfield Sound” of the 1960’s that was entered into
the country music genre by the likes of Buck Owens and Merle Haggard and Red Simpson.

I recently went to see the exhibit and I really enjoyed myself there. It was VERY educational and narrated
by Dwight Yoakam. I enjoyed that as well, and I learned a lot.

This Saturday December 7th you can learn MORE with a paid admission.
There will be a trio of special programs offered to all guests that day.

Program 1: At 11 AM in the Ford Theater Willie Cantu former drummer for the Buckaroos and
ONLY surviving member of the classic 1960’s lineup will be joining the CURRENT Buckaroos
and Buck’s son Buddy Owens in a panel discussion entitled
The Buckaroos:Making Magic with Buck Owens.
The current Buckaroos that perform with Buddy Allen Owens are
Terry Christoffersen (steel guitar), Doyle Curtsinger (bass) and Jim Shaw (keyboards).

Program 2: At 1:30 p.m. in the Education Center, Poe will read from and discuss his latest book, Buck ‘Em: The Autobiography of Buck Owens. Using recorded reminiscences Owens left behind when he died in 2006, the book chronicles the singer’s life from his impoverished beginnings to superstardom. Following the book talk, Poe will sign copies of the book purchased from the Museum Store.

Program 3:Rounding off the day, at 2:30 p.m., is a Buckaroos concert in the CMA Theater. Cantu, Christofferson, Curtsinger and Shaw will join Buddy Alan Owens as he performs his father’s hits. James Intveld, Jim Lauderdale, Angaleena Presley, Sunny Sweeney and others will make guest appearances.

I’m REALLY SURE you’ll enjoy this WAY COOL program and learn things while you are at it.
The Hall has some really fun interactive video puzzles and games for everyone.
And there’s something for your stockings in the gift shop!

Dec 032013

20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt
15.Grant Turner
14.Johnny Russell
13.Bobby Edwards
12.Sonny Burns
11.Big Al Downing
10.Riley Puckett
09.George D Hay
08.Vestal Goodman

THIS ONE is indeed a rare find much like George Riley Puckett.
She started in the 1920’s and is argued by many of us history buffs to be THE QUEEN of Country Music.
THIS IS Molly O’ Day.
 photo 0eedeaeb-907d-474d-8b02-057778175741_zps2330f889.jpg

She was born Lois LaVerne Williamson in Pike Co. Ky on July 9th 1923.
Although she had a short career in country music is said to have been THE
TRUE QUEEN of country music.
Even though Kitty Wells was the first woman to ever chart a single
Molly was surely the first female to ever RECORD country music.

In 1939 she and her two brothers formed Skeets And Duke. And began performing
dances in Ky.
In 1940 they moved to West Virginia to join the Happy Valley Boys.
Which quickly disbanded.

The world was getting to know her as Dixie Lee and in 1941 she married Lynn Davis
whom led the Forty Niners.
In 1941 she changed her name to Molly O’ Day because there already was a Dixie Lee.
And Lynn Davis renamed his band the Cumberland Mountain Folks.

The new band was a HOT act and in 1946 the head of Acuff Rose had TWO big deals going
THEM and a man named Hiram King Williams…Hank.
They signed with Columbia Records and made their first recording on December 16th 1946.
However in 1951 to 1960 she did little recording and worked in churches.

Both Dr. Ralph Stanley and the Smithsonian Institute tried to coax her into
returning to the stage..she declined.
And in 1974 she began a Christian Radio Station.

Country Music lost her December 5th 1987.

Dec 032013

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Tonight I learned my good friends Kara Clark and Brittany Avery (AKA Six Gun Britt)
will be touring together in January of 2014.
I’ll be watching them CLOSELY and posting ALL THE INFO on here that I can.
I’ll be helping them find some venues to play ANYONE with booking info help
can email them I’m sure they would LOVE to come to YOUR town.

I know Miss Kara has a new album in the works as well.
I so greatly enjoyed BOTH her albums and Iv’e been a HUGE
supporter of hers for years.

Brittany Avery is from Georgia/Alabama line area and has
been my personal friend for MANY years going back to the
mighty “Myspace” days.
I watched her get older and more talented as the years went on.
I remember when she started playing fiddle and banjo on Youtube.
She is SPECIAL to me. And she does the “Six Gun Britt” outlaw country
as a side act.
Which act she does I’m not sure yet…like I said MORE TO COME!

Dec 032013

 photo ET_zps2e6e835f.jpg

Folks I may have to take the night off for THIS!
My HERO and my good friend Glenn Douglass Tubb has been
asked to host the 100th birthday of Ernest Tubb, his uncle
on the evening of Feb 8th which will turn Feb 9th at
The Midnight Jamboree at the Texas Troubador
Theater in Nashville Tennessee.

I WILL report MORE on this as I learn about the artists involved with this show.
Mr. Glenn said he would like to see a HUGE representation from the country music
community there to honor this fine man,and what he has done for country music.

He was indeed personally responsible for MANY artists to grace the Opry stage
and helped break them into the country music scene and being broadcast on
WSM all over the world.
When he started the Midnight Jamboree in 1947 it provided a “way in” for so
many people I couldn’t name them all.
This is STILL being done today with the help of David McCormick
Who is ONE HELL of a GREAT guy and keeps the Ernest Tubb Record Shop open.
He owns and operates them all and keeps them open so WE ALL can get the
hard to find country music AND the independent country music as well.

Without the E.T Record shop we wouldn’t have an ACTUAL STORE to go buy
Whitey Morgan or Hank 3 or Teea Goans or MANY of the artists I feature
on this website on a regular basis.

When someone asks me “What is country music?”
I tell them this: It is family, and it is representation of the common man.
Family being the Tubbs and the Williams and the Whitleys…generations upon
generations of different music all deeply rooted in country music.
Steve Earle and Justin Townes Earle..WHATEVER your preference it’s all
deeply rooted in family.
The common man’s music..where a convict can become forgiven and become a
Country music REAL country music has always represented the working man
and his blue collar.

I’ll be in contact with Mr. Glenn in the NEAR future concerning
the artists involved with this show.
I’m PRETTY SURE I’ll be there!

Dec 012013

MANY of the independent and mainstream country artists I feature on this website
have recently released ALL NEW albums just in time for the holidays.
And WHAT BETTER TIME for this to happen? Give the gift of music..especially
to younger folks.
Be a positive influence to your son or daughter.
There’s SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC out there coming and you won’t hear it on the FM
YOU CAN click on the names of these people under “Artists You Should Know”
And it will direct you to their music to purchase.

Independent artist Cley Reynolds has recently released an acoustic album
“Live At The Silver Maple” and it is 10 tracks of raw material and four
bonus tracks from a show in New Eagle Pennsylvania.
And he used one of my photos from Outlaws And Icons festival in Tn
as his back CD cover…I’d like to THANK him SO MUCH for that kind gesture.

 photo 2dd824d7-b217-4815-8a7f-1b70bdd65f33_zps1e5cac74.jpg

One of the artists he plays and travels with Brigitte London is also
releasing her 7th album “Heart Of The Highwaywoman” is being released
REALLY soon, and will include “Keith Whitley Blue” which was wrote by
Country Legend Billy Don Burns”.
It was recorded in Texas and produced by AJ Downing,and will have
12 tracks on it.
I highly anticipate buying this album!

Those GREAT people at Rusty Knuckles and Mr. J.B. Beverly have
teamed up to release “Stripped To The Root” which is an AWESOME
album. Just a mix of several different songs he recorded through
the last few years since his last release.
I HIGHLY recommend that album!

We got ALL NEW music coming SOON from Dallas Moore and Kara Clark.
I’ll be getting the exclusive news from these two great
artists before the public gets the info.
In February of 2014 we will have NEW MUSIC from Scott H Biram as well.

Mandy Barnett has released “I Cant Stop Loving You” the songs
of Don Gibson, and is available exclusively from Cracker Barrel
Old Country Store.
It’s been highly anticipated for some time now by me.
She also has several autograph signings at local area Cracker Barrels.
And is doing several performances with the Nashville Symphony.

Dec 012013

 photo ab7f8680-d1b0-4b8b-beed-e3fa3448765c_zpsfa6792de.jpg

I been doing “open mic songwriter nights” for more than 10 years down in music city.
I have heard a TON of them folks! I have seen people make it and I have seen them fall.
And THEN there are just some of them songwriters that became personal friends…
and I can go on and on saying GOOD and KIND things about them!

10.Chris Miller.
9.Gerald Smith
8.Don McNatt
7.Marc-Allen Barnette

And then there are some songwriters I am humbled to have love me so much..
Like my number 6 pick Mr. Kurt Fortmeyer and the song is “My Dog Jesus”.
It’s pretty much his signature song and It is so clever I went out of my
way to meet him during the mighty Myspace Days.
Once I heard it I was absolutely hooked and you will be too.