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Muddy Roots Spring Weekender

Well I would like to continue this series as I’m pretty excited about these events
in 2014. I been getting some AWESOME emails and inbox letters about festivals
people want me to feature.
Heck if I got the time I’ll feature them ALL!

Here’s another one I’d like to share that’s VERY CLOSE to my house.
This is the 19th annual Goose On The Lake Festival.
This event will take place June 6th and 7th in Allegre Kentucky..almost right next to my house!
Before I go into more details how about the lineup of music?

Official Schedule

Friday, June 6
5:00 pm – Sons of the Revolution
6:00 – Patson
7:15 – Marty Brown
9:00 – New Old Calvary

Saturday, June 7
4:00 pm -Bootleg Kharma
5:00 pm – Frank Hudson
6:15 pm – Vessel
7:30 pm -Russell Moore and III tyme out
9:00 pm Shooter Jennings

In 1996 a small group of people that were fans of the band Goose Creek Symphony had small
private concerts out on the farm of Lloyd and Donna Settle.
Well apparently it’s developed into a BIG yearly event and Iv’e taken notice
to this one!
I discovered it a few years back and only got to attend this event once.
They PRIDE themselves on being a SMALL intimate festival without multiple stages.
And some times…that’s nice. I know several festival organizers who are doing away
with multiple stages and band overlap so people like me can see them all.
Especially people like me that take notes and report on them!

I’m going to reprint the “Festival History” written by Lloyd Settle in 2000:

One afternoon in the fall of 1995, Charlie and I were walking along the field above
the lake contemplating life and our place in the universe when I asked him,
“if I built a stage down by the lake, would you guys come out and play?” He said,
“Yeah, it looks like a great place for a stage.” In the summer of 1996, I had cause
for a personal celebration in my life coming up so Timmy, my nephew, and I cut the
trees off our farm, sawed the wood on my sawmill, and with the help of local “good ol boys,”
built a small stage. We then ran electricity to it from one of my barns. I invited close
friends and several “gooseheads” that I had met out for a “private concert”
by Goose Creek Symphony and friends. About 75 people attended and we just sat around on quilts,
the ground, and a few lounge chairs. It was to be a “one time thing.” A fun time was had by all!
It was almost like a “family gathering” with incredible music. After it was over, several of the
“gooseheads” suggested we do it again next year. I wasn’t interested. Through the next few months
several close gooseheads like Delbert, Dale, Fred, and Cathy persisted and said, “we need a place
just for Gooseheads to be able to go and party like it was in the late 60’s and early 70’s.
Your place is perfect for that and we will help you.” And, they did. So, we tried it once more in 1997.
The crowd was slightly larger and we discovered that people who wanted to stand and express their
joy at goose music blocked the view of those sitting on the hill. After the concert,
Timmy(my head of security) and I decided the crowd quickly outgrew our little stage
(that was to be used only once). At this concert, even more people thought it was a really cool
concert and idea and should continue. In the summer of 1998, we decided we should tear down the old
stage and try it one more time. This time the stage was to be larger and taller(we called it
“buck-proofing” the stage, Timmy can explain that term). We were going to start on it when school
was out but a flood intervened and covered the entire stage, roof and all. When the waters finally
receded enough to start, we had less than two weeks to tear the old one down and build the new one.
We again cut the trees off our farm, sawed it ourselves, and Timmy and his “good ol boy construction crew”
built it. We finished it on Saturday about noon before the concert that afternoon. It is the stage
still being used(our final one I hope). The number of people attending has increased slowly each year
although we don’t advertise except for flyers at Goose Creek concerts and by word of mouth. We did
go on the web this year(thanks to Jonathan) and we have used an old mailing list of people who bought
CD’s in the early to mid 90’s. Now, after six concerts, we will probably continue until we experience
problems that would warrant us stopping such as fights, or problems that would cause law enforcement
to get involved. We will stick to our original intentions of having a place where “Gooseheads” can come
and listen to great music in peace and harmony. We would like to think ours is a concert where people
from all walks of life can come and focus on likenesses instead of differences and truly “share” time
together even though there may be social, educational, and cultural differences. Music can be a force
that bonds all of us together.

I would especially like to thank Charlie, a really incredible human being, without whose support
and help Goose on the Lake would not have been possible. I would also like to thank all those
gooseheads who have traveled great distances to come to Goose on the Lake and the many who have
been back just about every year. It has been humbling to have many of you share the joy you have
experienced in coming here. It is also a joy to share our little spot on the earth with those of
you who are true “earth people” and can appreciate the freedom of expression we now enjoy. We hope
above all that you continue to share that philosophy with us and help us in protecting that freedom
so that we may continue Goose on the Lake and provide a place where “Gooseheads” can continue come
and continue their yearly “family reunion.”

goose map

Folks if you’d like to call me and ask me where it is YOU CAN!
I’d LOVE to turn folks on to this event and support my community.
You can purchase tickets for this event HERE.
Sadly it says Goose Creek Symphony had to cancel for 2014.

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