Apr 122014


Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
The Goose On The Lake
John Hartford Memorial Festival

Mr. Donnie Wymer up in Indiana is a music warrior for the roots music scene in his area.
He is absolutely wonderful to musicians and bands in his home.
He’s an incredibly nice guy and I’m thinking about hitting this festival!
I have talked to him via email several times, he’s a great guy!

Folks this is the FIRST ANNUAL Hub City Music Festival at Copy’s in Union City Indiana.
So this one is IMPORTANT cause he’s trying to get this off the ground. So go support him OK?
On saturday October 4rth they will welcome

Possessed By Paul James
Billy Cook
White Trash Blues Revival
Filthy Still
Sean K Preston
Joey Henry’s Dirty Sunshine Club
Matthew “Mule” McKinley
Lou Shields

And at 25 bucks HOW can you NOT want to go to this event?

Konrad Wert AKA Possessed By Paul James released a groundbreaking album
last year “There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely” on Hillgrass Bluebilly records.
It set boundaries for underground roots music and showed the mainstream music
world that there IS TALENT and SUPPORT from roots music fans!

Right at the same time J.B.Beverley released “Stripped To The Root” on Rusty Knuckles
the two albums went toe to toe on many music charts and lists.
They BOTH were critically welcomed by many in the Nashville scene and surrounding area.

You can contact Donnie Wymer on Facebook and I’m SURE he will HAPPY
to answer any questions or any information you need.
And tell him I sent you!

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