Apr 172014


Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
The Goose On The Lake
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Hub City Music Festival

Next week in Chicago at Reggies Rock Club the second annual
Moonrunners Festival will take place.
And folks this is one event I have wanted to go to for since it was started
last year by Jashie P from Last False Hope and Outlaw Radio Chicago.
It’s set to take place next week April 25th and 26th in Chicago Illinois.

This year the headlining act was announced to be Scott H Biram!
Along with a TON more great underground and roots music in two days.
In fact this will be one of the only events where Shooter Jennings will
be performing with his mother Jessi Colter.

Other acts to be performing are (In no specific order):
Roger Alan Wade
Fifth On The Floor
J.B. Beverley And The Wayward Drifters
Goddamn Gallows
Hellbound Glory
Cletus Got Shot (See additional info)
Mamie White
The Calamity Cubes
Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
The Hangdog Hearts
Last False Hope
Possessed By Paul James
The Hooten Hollars
Filthy Still
Black Eyed Vermillion
Joseph Huber (see additional info)
Izzy and the Catastrophes
Joshua Morningstar
Adam Lee
Carmen Lee and the Tommorrow River Two
Coondog And The Stumpjumpers
Molly Gene
Whiskey Dick
Dog Bite Harris
T. Junior
Rachel Kate
Ten Foot Polecats
Lou Shields
Rickett Pass
Nelie Wilson
Six Gun Britt
Lonewolf OMB
The Jailhouse Poets
The Imperial Rooster
The Tosspints
Matt Woods

Now then, I understand from Muddy Roots Reocrds that Jospeh Huber will premier his
new album “The Hanging Road” at the festival.
His CD release party will be a part of the festival.
This album will have ten songs on it and YES it will be released on vinyl as well.

Cletus Got Shot is a three piece string band from Fayetteville Arkansas
that is partly going and partly not going these days.
Iv’e heard of some shows going on from them in the past few months
but I understand they will be playing Moonrunners.

You can buy tickets for this festival HERE.

There is hotel accomodations on the Moonrunners homepage.
I’ll tell you what there will be so much fun and exciting
things going on during this festival I’m pretty upset I
cannot make it but I plan to go out of my way to make 2015.

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