2014 Music Festivals: Muddy Roots Music Festival.


Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
The Goose On The Lake
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Hub City Music Festival
Red Wing Roots Music Festival
Kilgore Station Bluegrass Festival
Outlaw Fest
Basin Bluegrass Festival
Lost Sierra Hoedown

THIS ONE is one of my personal favorite festivals and it happens
during labor day weekend at the June Bug Ranch in Cookeville Tennessee.
Muddy Roots Music is masterminded by the Galaz brothers and THIS YEAR
they are taking the festival in such a diverse direction I HAVE to praise
the way that everyone will be pleased.

Just as I Reported Earlier this year we WILL WITNESS the (not sure if it’s one time only)
return of the Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers.
Will The Colonel J.D. Wilkes re-assemble the Paducah based band? Nobody really
knows for REAL sure. What I DO KNOW is that it will be an energetic show!

Jimmy “Duck” Holmes
Possessed By Paul James
Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss
The Builders and Butchers
Reverend Beat-Man
Goddamn Gallows
Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early
The Tillers
Terry “Harmonica” Bean
Left Lane Cruiser
Lydia Loveless
Greg Garing
Blackbird Raum
Those Poor Bastards
Hillbilly Casino
J.D. Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers
Buzz Jumpers
James Hunnicutt
Joe Huber
A Man Called Stu
Husky Burnette
Call Me Bronco
Calamity Cubes
Last False Hope
Lonewolf OMB
T Junior
Joe Buck Yourself
Hooten Hallers
Rachel Brooke
The Whistle Pigs
Dead Soldiers
Viva Le Vox
The Hardin Draw
Hellfire Reviva
Hangdog Hearts
Gravel Road
Matt Woods
Dave Arcari
Ten Foot Polecats
Glade City Rounders
The Dinosaur Truckers
JT Oglesby
Richie Owens & The Farm Bureau
Rickett Pass
Gabe Zander
Woody Pines
Lou Shields
The Black Rose Phantoms
Joey Henry’s Dirty Sunshine Club
Clem McGillicutty & The Burnouts
The Misery Jackals
Tilford Sellers
Henry’s Rifle
Sweet GA Bron
Imperial Rooster
Deadly Lo-Fi
Knox County Jug Stompers
Wicklow Atwater
Whiskey Hill Swillers
Tex Railers Doomtown

THERE you got the whole lineup RIGHT HERE from yours truly!
Oh but wait I GOT MORE!
I got the link to buy YOUR tickets HERE.
And WHO by God doesn’t want to see Bobby Bare?

Now there are early bird specials for ticket sales AND cabin rental prices
on the website and links above.
THIS YEAR children need to have paid admission and they need to PLEASE be supervised.

One change this year Mr. Jason shared with me is that the stages will not
“cross perform”. THIS PLEASES ME cause I can report on full sets now and I
can “plan” my write ups and features.

La Quints Inn is the BEST hotel around the Cookeville area.
The hospitality is the BEST and they give a discount. However this year I have not
heard of one..but it’s early!
I’ll be adding MORE information as I learn it!

I wanted to say this as well..this festival is one of the “medical needs friendly”
festivals. Last year they bent over backwards to accommodate my needs of
keeping insulin cold for me.
Combined with the hotel help I KNOW I can take care of myself during the
festival and I can enjoy the music and write articles for YOU.

Camping is 100 percent included in the price, and there is a store on site
for ice and other needs.
There is A TON of camping area and I’m not sure about golf cart rentals this year.