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OK folks HERE STARTS my coverage of 2014 music festivals. Now as most of you know I can’t
be at EVERY one of them..but I’m sure you’ll see me a t a few of them!
I got a list as long as my arm of festivals YOU can attend. Bluegrass, country, pop country
(which I do not feature) underground roots music or WHATEVER your’e into..I think I got it!

As promised to my readers Here’s more information on the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender in Nashville Indiana.
FIRST OFF IT’S NO RUMOR there is ONLY 500 tickets available to this event and you can get them on my last article
that covered the headliner Dr.Ralph Stanley. THIS article will cover another GREAT reason to come to the Spring Weekender Jayke Orvis.
The Broken Band…sadly…doesn’t get any coverage from media outlets and THAT’S WHY I started this website!
They WILL get positive attention from us and they have been added to this event. YOU MUST GO and see his fine
musicianship and band, I myself think Liz Sloan is one of underground music’s finest fiddle players and her
stage presence is AWESOME!

OK Now, for those of you that know me personally you know I’m not physically able to camp for two days
and I AM an avid outdoors sportsman but I have many health issues and I’ll need a hotel room.
SO just for them fine folks at Muddy Roots I been digging into a report for ALL OF YOU, here’s some
nearby area hotels you can check into while enjoying all the fine music and friends.
I want to add that I stayed at La Quinta Inn at Cookeville for the Muddy Roots 2013 festival
and I was WELL taken care of,I had a WONDERFULL time.

La Qunita Inn of Columbus Indiana will be one of my first choices. They have GREAT
Wi-fi and breakfast was REALLY good.And the pool and hot tub were above nice.
And TRUST ME with a severe case of RA like me…a hot tub is GOOD. Starting at 92 and up,they are 10.4 miles away.

Days Inn of Columbus Indiana is another great hotel chain I have used for hunting and fishing in the past in several states. Starting at 59 and up they are 10.3 miles away from the campgrounds.

Motel 6 of Columbus Indiana is another chain of hotels that are only 10.4 miles from the campground but I have never
stayed with them before.I cannot report on their hospitality but they have reasonable rates at 44 dollars and up.

Abe Martin Lodge is located IN THE PARK AREA and is only 5 miles from the campgrounds and starts at 59 dollars and up.
I have heard GREAT things about this lodge and I will check it out for future use for my personal enjoyment.

Ok now I plan to bring up my boat to the Spring Weekender and I want to fish a nearby lake the day before the music starts. How do you buy a license to fish Indiana? Well…I go THAT covered too!
I bet NO OTHER media outlet will answer ALL THESE questions for festival goers like me.
The Indiana DNR is where you can
purchase and print out a one day or three day license from the Dept.Of Natural Resources.

So there you have it my dear readers, I hope you enjoy this blessed time being put together by Jason Galaz and
Muddy Roots. I’ll be there reporting on all the bands and I may set up a few sit downs with some of the bands.
But I’ll be there buying merch and hanging out with friends and enjoying everyone.
Come say Hi to me!

Here’s a WHOLE MAP of the Spring Weekender AND ALSO Mr. Jason has announced there will be a fan-performer
family style dinner..catered and Joseph Huber will entertain us as we eat.
Mr. Jason tried REAL hard to schedule it all together to NOT cross into any band time
and it looks like we’ll eat from 5:30-7:00 PM.


Heres a WHOLE LIST of cabins, prices AND photos available.

M*A*S*H* cabin | 10 singles | Cold water sink | C-1 – $400 FR-SUN Island cabin | 10 singles| can join with Artist Cabin | C-2 – $350 FRI-SUN Artist cabin | 10 singles | Cold water sink | C-3 $400 FRI-SUN Rock N’ Roll cabin | 1 queen, 7 singles | C-4 -$350 FRI-SUN -PENDING Bike Shack cabin | 1 queen, 7 singles w/loft that sleeps 3 | Cold water sink | C-5 – $400 FRI-SUN -PENDING Pioneer cabin | 2 doubles, 4 singles | C-6-RESERVED All Sport cabin | 2 doubles, 4 singles | Cold water sink | C-7-RESERVED Babbling Brook cabin | 1 double, 3 singles | C-8-RESERVED Love Nest cabin | 1 double, 3 singles | C-9-RESERVED Bartels Log Cabin | sleeps 6 | 1 queen, bunk beds and a loft, indoor commode |Cold water sink | C-10-RESERVED


TENT CAMPING – Primitive and free. Tents only in tent area. No vehicles.



7) $35 A NIGHT $35 A NIGHT 9) $35 A NIGHT 10) $35 A NIGHT 11) $35 A NIGHT 12) $35 A NIGHT 13) $35 A NIGHT 14) $35 A NIGHT 15) $35 A NIGHT 16) $35 A NIGHT

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