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Country Music Remembers: Speck Rhodes.

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Welcome everyone back to my ONGOING series of articles for
you to enjoy. Tonight we remember Country Music comedy legend
Speck Rhodes.

He was born Gilbert Ray Rhodes July 19th 1915 in West Plains Missouri.
He was mostly known for his comedy but did play the banjo and bass fiddle
on many occasions with his sister and two brothers when he started out.
They were called the Log Cabin Mountaineers.

He developed his comedy character in the 1940’s and 1950’s and was
well known for wearing bright colors and polka dots and plaid
suit jackets and vividly colored britches.
He always wore his signature bowler’s derby hat.

In 1960 he auitioned for the Porter Waggoner show and when they
found out they were from the same area growing up they had
immediate chemistry.

Speck Rhodes began a relationship with Porter that spanned over
20 years.
He was best known for his telephone romance with his girlfriend
Sadie Sites..which he also used that skit on Hee Haw.
He appeared on the third season of Hee Haw in 1972.

In early 2000 Porter came out on the Opry and announced
that “Poor Miss Sadie finally hung up with O’l Speck”..
He died March 19th 2000.

He is buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery in Spring Hill Tennessee.

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Exit/In Welcomes Whiskey Hill Swillers And Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band.

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As I previously wrote about the Exit/In is having REALLY GOOD talent there this year already and it’s only
JUST JANUARY! if you click on the above Exit In link you can read more about the Reverend
Peyton’s Big Damn Band who will be there February 19th with Joe Buck Yourself and
Whiskey Hill Swillers.

I wrote several articles about the Swillers as well. This spring they are involved
in the Spring Lil Ham Jam which does a GREAT deal for a community in Nashville.
Along with Hillbilly Casino they will perform while the volunteers clean the alley.

I’ll try my hardest to make this show but I cannot make them all.
I CAN however write about them and suggest them TO YOU!
I have two past articles that tie in with this one and you can find them
on the links above.

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SAVC: OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Last Honky Tonk Music Series.

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Last week I introduced a BRAND NEW SERIES on called Last Honky Tonk Music Series.
Now if you click on that above link you can find out what SAVC is all about.

This is NATIONWIDE GUARANTEED talent and coverage for venues and sponsors!
I WILL become a corporate sponsor of this series because I firmly believe this
is GREAT for artists and their communities! And for the venues!

Now tonight I want to announce the OFFICIAL LAUNCH and kick off of the
series in Wilder Kentucky at Bobby Mackey’s The Haunted Honky Tonk.

This acoustic show will be different than the other shows as it will be the OFFICIAL
kick-off. Beginning at 7:30 they will all play their set and then Country Legend Bobby Mackey
will play with his band.

Lineup Includes:

The Last Honky Tonk Music Series is an unprecedented music series taking place
in EVERY state in America. Official Venues are selected to feature the series
either once a month, twice a month or weekly. This is history in the making.
We will announce the first installments of our Artist Roster in February.
The shows will feature local and touring artists in roots music.
Just under 30 of the States have already been selected, we are in the process
of adding the remaining ones. If you are a venue or artist interested in the
series, please contact
If you would like to be an Official Sponsor of Last Honky Tonk Music Series,
please contact us via email:
SAVC= Sustain the Artists, Sustain the Venues, Sustain the Community

PLEASE join me as I support this network of FINE talent.

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SAVC : Washington State.

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In case you missed my introductory article informing you about how and when and why this
series has started you can always learn more about it HERE and now with further installments
you can learn about the venues involved with each state.

The venue that is dedicated to Washington State is Bubba’s Roadhouse And Grill.
They are advertising a HUGE fish basket meal for 9 BUCKS!
I’m looking at the food menu and the prices and I’m thinking this will be a right fine
venue to enjoy music at and eat.
They have an outdoor drinking patio for smokers and they have several doings
for the biker crowd as well.

On Wednesdays they have slider specials for A BUCK!
And they have a 12oz prime Rib cut for 13 BUCKS!

I’ll bet they will be some wild partying people there for Sunday’s
Super Bowl as their Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos!

GREAT CHOICE for some future GREAT music guys!

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Hillbilly Casino To Play Spring Lil Ham Jam.


If there’s one thing I like to support on this website besides music
and Friendship I think community is it.
And what better way to help the community than music, and preservation?

On Sunday April 27th Lil Ham House will be inviting guests to help clean
up the neighboring alleyway of Little Hamilton Ave and Pillow Street in Nashville.

Together you can make a difference and help make the area a safe and fun
environment for everyone AND enjoy some great music!

DJ’s will be spinning vinyl during the clean up to help keep the vibe jumping and jiving.
There will also be a video crew in attendance, shooting footage that will be used to
make a short time lapse video of the transformation.

Also in the works are plans to have a couple artists install some pieces in the alley
that will become permanent fixtures, for future LIL HAM JAM attendees, neighbors of
Wedgewood Houston neighborhood, and all of Nashville to enjoy.

The idea is to create an alleyway that can be used as a walkway for future LIL HAM JAMs
by connecting several different yards with different stages, vendor/artist booths,
possibly a LIL HAM JAM beer garden, and public art displays.

I get invited to SO MANY events and shows and all else and I cannot always
come to EVERY one of them, but if I can drop by for a moment or two I will!

Aside from Hillbilly Casino there will be several more great bands performing.
The Eskimo Brothers
Whiskey Hill Swillers
The Jones

And there will be more added I’m told!

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