Jan 312014

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Welcome everyone back to my ONGOING series of articles for
you to enjoy. Tonight we remember Country Music comedy legend
Speck Rhodes.

He was born Gilbert Ray Rhodes July 19th 1915 in West Plains Missouri.
He was mostly known for his comedy but did play the banjo and bass fiddle
on many occasions with his sister and two brothers when he started out.
They were called the Log Cabin Mountaineers.

He developed his comedy character in the 1940’s and 1950’s and was
well known for wearing bright colors and polka dots and plaid
suit jackets and vividly colored britches.
He always wore his signature bowler’s derby hat.

In 1960 he auitioned for the Porter Waggoner show and when they
found out they were from the same area growing up they had
immediate chemistry.

Speck Rhodes began a relationship with Porter that spanned over
20 years.
He was best known for his telephone romance with his girlfriend
Sadie Sites..which he also used that skit on Hee Haw.
He appeared on the third season of Hee Haw in 1972.

In early 2000 Porter came out on the Opry and announced
that “Poor Miss Sadie finally hung up with O’l Speck”..
He died March 19th 2000.

He is buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery in Spring Hill Tennessee.

Jan 302014

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As I previously wrote about the Exit/In is having REALLY GOOD talent there this year already and it’s only
JUST JANUARY! if you click on the above Exit In link you can read more about the Reverend
Peyton’s Big Damn Band who will be there February 19th with Joe Buck Yourself and
Whiskey Hill Swillers.

I wrote several articles about the Swillers as well. This spring they are involved
in the Spring Lil Ham Jam which does a GREAT deal for a community in Nashville.
Along with Hillbilly Casino they will perform while the volunteers clean the alley.

I’ll try my hardest to make this show but I cannot make them all.
I CAN however write about them and suggest them TO YOU!
I have two past articles that tie in with this one and you can find them
on the links above.

Jan 302014

 photo 3874f77c-fbec-44af-9160-8f2e1f5c2d12_zpsd758a4fb.jpg

Last week I introduced a BRAND NEW SERIES on Garyhayescountry.com called Last Honky Tonk Music Series.
Now if you click on that above link you can find out what SAVC is all about.

This is NATIONWIDE GUARANTEED talent and coverage for venues and sponsors!
I WILL become a corporate sponsor of this series because I firmly believe this
is GREAT for artists and their communities! And for the venues!

Now tonight I want to announce the OFFICIAL LAUNCH and kick off of the
series in Wilder Kentucky at Bobby Mackey’s The Haunted Honky Tonk.

This acoustic show will be different than the other shows as it will be the OFFICIAL
kick-off. Beginning at 7:30 they will all play their set and then Country Legend Bobby Mackey
will play with his band.

Lineup Includes:

The Last Honky Tonk Music Series is an unprecedented music series taking place
in EVERY state in America. Official Venues are selected to feature the series
either once a month, twice a month or weekly. This is history in the making.
We will announce the first installments of our Artist Roster in February.
The shows will feature local and touring artists in roots music.
Just under 30 of the States have already been selected, we are in the process
of adding the remaining ones. If you are a venue or artist interested in the
series, please contact lhtsavc@gmail.com.
If you would like to be an Official Sponsor of Last Honky Tonk Music Series,
please contact us via email: Lhtsavc@gmail.com
SAVC= Sustain the Artists, Sustain the Venues, Sustain the Community

PLEASE join me as I support this network of FINE talent.

Jan 292014

 photo 3874f77c-fbec-44af-9160-8f2e1f5c2d12_zpsd758a4fb.jpg

In case you missed my introductory article informing you about how and when and why this
series has started you can always learn more about it HERE and now with further installments
you can learn about the venues involved with each state.

The venue that is dedicated to Washington State is Bubba’s Roadhouse And Grill.
They are advertising a HUGE fish basket meal for 9 BUCKS!
I’m looking at the food menu and the prices and I’m thinking this will be a right fine
venue to enjoy music at and eat.
They have an outdoor drinking patio for smokers and they have several doings
for the biker crowd as well.

On Wednesdays they have slider specials for A BUCK!
And they have a 12oz prime Rib cut for 13 BUCKS!

I’ll bet they will be some wild partying people there for Sunday’s
Super Bowl as their Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos!

GREAT CHOICE for some future GREAT music guys!

Jan 282014


If there’s one thing I like to support on this website besides music
and Friendship I think community is it.
And what better way to help the community than music, and preservation?

On Sunday April 27th Lil Ham House will be inviting guests to help clean
up the neighboring alleyway of Little Hamilton Ave and Pillow Street in Nashville.

Together you can make a difference and help make the area a safe and fun
environment for everyone AND enjoy some great music!

DJ’s will be spinning vinyl during the clean up to help keep the vibe jumping and jiving.
There will also be a video crew in attendance, shooting footage that will be used to
make a short time lapse video of the transformation.

Also in the works are plans to have a couple artists install some pieces in the alley
that will become permanent fixtures, for future LIL HAM JAM attendees, neighbors of
Wedgewood Houston neighborhood, and all of Nashville to enjoy.

The idea is to create an alleyway that can be used as a walkway for future LIL HAM JAMs
by connecting several different yards with different stages, vendor/artist booths,
possibly a LIL HAM JAM beer garden, and public art displays.

I get invited to SO MANY events and shows and all else and I cannot always
come to EVERY one of them, but if I can drop by for a moment or two I will!

Aside from Hillbilly Casino there will be several more great bands performing.
The Eskimo Brothers
Whiskey Hill Swillers
The Jones

And there will be more added I’m told!

Jan 262014

 photo amy-ray-goodnight-tender_zps0fbade6c.jpg

I just opened a packet I got and it contained an album called “Goodnight Tender” from
Amy Ray. I know for a fact she’s part of the Indigo Girls and I was amazed to see
the cover!
This is her fifth self studio album.

It’s released on Daemon Records and it was recorded in Ashville N.C. in 7 days.
And Brian Spierer produced it and recorded it at Echo Mountain Studios.

She brought Heather McCentire for backup vocals and a absolutely amazing
steel guitarist Matt Smith, who also plays dobro and many other
things on this album.

The Hunters Prayer is a tune of absolute sorrow that is going
to crumble your thoughts of this being a pop country album.
There is a southern rock song called Twang, and a gospel song
called The Gig That Matters..about squandering your life on earth.

I do NOT do album reviews because I don’t feel I have the right
to judge someone else’s work. However I do write informational
articles telling you about the album.
And I’m HIGHLY suggesting you buy this album!

Jan 262014

In 2014 The Marty Stuart Show will be having their
6th season on RFD TV and just like since
the beginning he will be featuring A TON of country music legends
and A TON of those that are carrying the torch for traditional country music.


One of those he will be featuring on May 17th is Shelton Hank Williams 3, who
was featured last year wearing his legendary grandfather’s suit and tie
as he and Marty performed some classic Hank Williams songs time has left untarnished.


This time Hank 3 played his own songs including ‘Possum in A Tree” with
Leroy Troy. And several songs with his band “The Damn Band”.

Leroy Troy is on almost every episode now and I looked at the
list for the new season and I am absolutely going nuts!
Pokey Lafarge, Sturgill Simpson, and Stonewall Jackson will
ALL be guests!
Lorrie Morgan, Crystal Gayle and the Gaitlin Brothers will all
be featured as well.

Of course along with Leroy Troy his wife Connie Smith and his
band the Fabulous Superlatives are always a feature on
every episode.

My personal thanks to Miss Olivia Wilkinson for the permission
to use her personal photos of the show.

Jan 262014

 photo 3874f77c-fbec-44af-9160-8f2e1f5c2d12_zpsd758a4fb.jpg

About two weeks ago I was made aware of this NATION WIDE underground music
series that was started by a group of artists, musicians and radio and media
and music business professionals.

I’m going to tell you more about this project and how I will present this
to you. Right now I’ll tell you about the purpose of this and why it’s
so important to YOU.

SAVC stands for Saving the Artists..Saving the Venues…Saving the Community.
It’s going to officially launch in April 2014 and like I said it will be

This is an ongoing roots music program that will have one official venue
from ALL 50 STATES that will host the artists involved with the series
at that promised venue that represents the state.

This brings GUARANTEED business to the community and gives YOU
a guaranteed place to see your favorite artists.
Can’t figure out how to go see Dallas Moore?

Now as a series this will be a every day or so type deal
for me. I’ll feature a DIFFERENT VENUE from a different state
EVERY article! With information on HOW to support this.

The final artist roster will be EVER GROWING but will be
officially announced Feb 1st.
Are you an artists who wants to submit music?
Email them at lhtsavc@gmail.com

As of now there are 28 states that have already announced
venues to represent their state.
And each venue will host the series on a weekly, monthly
or bi-monthly basis. And will have their own profile
on Outlaw Magazine.

The whole program was named after Outlaw Country Artist
Wayne Mills, who was killed in late 2013.
And will officially launch March 22nd 2014.

And I have some information I want to add for any venues
wanting to be a part of this network. Please send all
information to

VENUE RECOMMENDATIONS: Contact via inbox here on facebook or
ARTIST SUBMISSIONS: Solo roots music singer/songwriters send
2 mp3s, a link to a live performance video and all digital
media links to LHTSAVC@Gmail.com

Jan 252014

 photo bec35213-52d5-4024-82dc-a1908fe45df7_zps0f40b574.jpg

So you thought country legend Vince Gill was not actively doing shows
That’s cause the mainstream media won’t cover his shows!
And all through the spring he’s doing shows to promote his
new album “Bakersfield” with steel guitar wizard Paul Franklin.

On Tuesday April 1st he is participating in the “Jamming To Beat The Blues”
show at the Ryman Auditorium to benefit Mental Health Of America In Middle Tn.
And you can get your tickets HERE.

Vince Gill broke out in the country music scene in 1990 and has since won 20 Grammy Awards
and 18 Country Music Association honors. He has sold more than 26 million albums.
Vince is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Since 1999, Jammin’ to Beat the Blues has increased community awareness about
the serious impact of mental health disorders on people’s lives and fostered dialog
and widespread understanding of mental illness.

About Mental Health America of Middle Tennessee
Mental Health America of Middle Tennessee (MHAMT) is a 67 year-old non-profit
organization that provides mental health education, advocacy and service in Middle Tennessee.
The goal of MHAMT is to promote mental wellness in the lives of children, families, friends,
and co-workers to erase the stigma of mental illness. For more information about Mental Health
America of Middle Tennessee, call (615) 269-5355

Also on March 25th he will be performing in Bowling Green Ky
at the SkyPac which will be
a Time Jumpers show.

Jan 252014

 photo unknown_hinson_zpsdb7339a5.jpg

The concert announcements just keep POURING IN to my inbox.
As you may have read I recently reported that the venue
has announced The Goddam Gallows will be playing in April.

Now The Exit/In has announced several more great shows!
On Feb 19th they welcome The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band.
As they bring their bluesy roots music to Nashville.

They are out promoting their latest album ‘Between The Ditches on SideOneDummy records.
I must admit I’m still researching them further for future articles.
They are from the Indiana area and so far I’m liking what I hear from them.

And on Friday March 14th they welcome THE KANG Unknown Hinson.
Just recently he re-started his touring after announcing he was no longer
playing any more live shows.

You can purchase tickets to ANY of these events by clicking on the Exit/In link
For such an inexpensive cover charge you can afford to float the band
a little extra for travel expenses and tour maintenance.

I got a TON of informational articles coming on MORE Exit/In events…
So keep staying tuned!

Jan 242014

 photo justintubb_zps053b2373.jpg

Okay dear readers here’s my new ONGOING series of articles dedicated to
education of the Legends of country music.
COUNTRY MUSIC REMEMBERS will never ever stop it’s purpose or it’s cause.
I’m here because I LOVE what you LOVE…country music.

Today on the day we lost him in 1998 let’s take a moment and remember Justin Tubb.

Justin Wayne Tubb was the oldest son of Country Music Legend Ernest Tubb
and was born August 20th 1935 in San Antonio Texas.

Shortly after country music lost it’s first big superstar Hank Williams
Justin broke into the scene with two duets with Goldie Hill
and a year later at age 20 he was one the youngest people ever to become
an opry member.

He was signed by Decca Records in 1954.
He had a few recordings of his own that gained success but he was better known
to us as a songwriter.

He wrote “Keeping Up With The Joneses”
Lonesome 7-7203
and “Love Is No Excuse”.

Toward the end of his own life he made a recording of duets with
his then late father. “Just You And Me Daddy”.
One of my personal favorite albums.

He died today in 1998 and he is buried at Hermiatge Memorial Gardens
in Old Hickory Tn. Davidson County.

Jan 242014


ONE GREAT PLACE to see live music in Nashville is the Exit/Inn and on
Friday April 4rth they will welcome The Goddam Gallows.

They have all been under the radar lately except Mikey Classic solo work,
but they have been recording their NEW ALBUM “The Maker” and it’s on
the Farmageddon Records label.
This is their fifth album.

Their shows are always high energy and packed with great songs, even though I
was sad to see Jayke Orvis leave to fully pursue the Broken Band’s music.
A lot of times the indoor venues will not allow Avery to perform his well
known fire breathing hobby..you may find him sliding a little HUFFFF in there!

PLEASE go down and support this REALLY good act..I PROMISE you will NOT be
They are recording a LIVE ALBUM, and YOU can be part of it all. PLUS they got
J.D. Wilkes and The Dirt Daubers and Whiskey Hill Swillers and MORE!
So go down and holler your head off for the album.

UPDATE: Here’s all their tour dates!

Mar 28 Massachusetts Tattoo and art festival Sturbridge, MA
Mar 29 Legendary Dobbs Philadelphia, PA
Mar 30 Crooked I Erie, PA
Apr 02 The Avenue Lansing, MI
Apr 03 Brass Rail Fort Wayne, IN
Apr 04 Exit/In Nashville, TN
Apr 05 Smiths Olde Bar Atlanta, GA
Apr 06 Zydeco Birmingham, AL
Apr 07 Hi-Tone Memphis, TN
Apr 08 Stickyz Rock N Roll Chicken Shack Little Rock, AR
Apr 09 Siberia New Orleans, LA
Apr 10 Walters Houston, TX
Apr 11 Bull McCabes Austin, TX
Apr 12 Three Links Dallas, TX
Apr 13 Blue Max Midland, TX
Apr 15 Yucca Tap Room Phoenix, AZ
Apr 16 Alex’s Long Beach, CA
Apr 17 Dive Bar Las Vegas, NV
Apr 18 In The Venue Salt Lake City, UT
Apr 19 3 Kings Denver, CO
Apr 20 Lizard Lounge Wichita, KS
Apr 22 The Yeti Tulsa, OK
Apr 23 Outland Ballroom Springfield, MO
Apr 24 The Demo St Louis, MO
Apr 25 Reggies Rock Club Chicago, IL
Apr 26 Smalls Detroit, MI

Jan 242014

 photo a4df62ac-69ba-4509-84e9-9c7d16ade29c_zps37289e8b.jpg

Those great folks at Willie Radio 102.1 and the great folks at the
Kentucky Opry have brought back the late 80’s and early 90’s
era of country music as they welcome The Roots And Boots Tour 2014 to The Carson Center
in Paducah Kentucky.

Now much like the Dos Divas project that Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis have going
this tour involves three stars from the 1980’s and 1990’s spotlight.
Aaron Tippin, Sammy Kershaw and Joe Diffie have teamed up in 2013 and 2014 to
bring their hits and stories about them to us in an intimate setting.

Aaron Tippin, Joe Diffie and Sammy Kershaw, who have combined for
14 number one songs, 16 gold and platinum albums, and 42 top ten singles.
And they will be performing onstage together in an in the round setting.

Aaron Tippin has charted more than thirty singles including three Number Ones:
“There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Radio”, “That’s as Close as I’ll Get to Loving You”,
and “Kiss This”, as well as the Top Ten hits I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way”,
“My Blue Angel” and “Working Man’s Ph.D”. His most successful crossover hit is
“Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly”.

Joe Diffie’s hits include ” John Deere Green”, “Home”, “If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets)”,
“Third Rock from the Sun”, “Pickup Man”, and “Bigger Than the Beatles”.

Sammy Kershaw’s hits “Cadillac Style”, “Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer”,
“She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful”, “Third Rate Romance”, “I Can’t Reach Her Anymore”, and “Love of My Life”.

The Trio recently released their first album together titled: “All In The Same Boat”.
It features new songs, covers of other artist’s classics, and some new twists on
some of their most famous hits. The title track is a new song the trio recorded in
response to all of the fun they were having on this Roots and Boots Tour.

Jan 232014

 photo 565dccb3-e9ba-4e69-b98e-b56af5e38fcb_zpsfb7adc8b.png

Those fine folks that run The Kentucky Opry are once again bringing some
AWESOME country music legends to The Marion Cultural Civic Center in Marion Kentucky.
Mr. Clay and Miss Barbie Campbell never fail to amaze me at the talent they bring to western Kentucky folks
in the LBL area.
MANY TIMES I have enjoyed what they bring to the stage.

And on February 28th they will bring country legends John Conlee and T.G. Sheppard!
And tickets are on sale HERE .

John has charted 31 singles and has had 7 number one hits on eleven studio albums
and is an active member of the Grand Ole Opry.
and he’s been an Opry member for many many years.

T.G. Sheppard has fifteen consecutive top ten albums and 10 of those songs
were number one hits.


Jan 222014

 photo aa15ddff-63b0-4d48-8652-266bd66159c2_zps621f2977.jpg

Scott H. Biram AKA The Dirty Old one Man Band has been up to quite a bit of
things in an already eventful 2014. He has his BRAND NEW album “Nothi’n But Blood”
coming out Feb 4rth on Bloodshot Records and he has recently recorded
a LIVE CD/DVD in Austin Texas at the Gibson Guitar Showroom!

And if that’s not enough here’s a BUNCH of tour dates he has going on with
Larry And His Flask and the Whiskey Shakes, then he will be headed overseas
in March of 2014.

Friday February 28 @ Three Kings – Denver, CO – NO LAHF

Saturday March 01 @ The Garage – Salt Lake City, UT – NO LAHF

Sunday March 2 @ Mangy Moose Saloon – Jackson Hole, WY – NO LAHF

Monday March 3 – OFF

Tuesday March 4 @ Neurolux – Boise, ID

Wednesday March 5 – OFF

Thursday March 6 @ Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA

Friday March 7 – OFF

Saturday March 8 @ Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR

Sunday March 9 – OFF

Monday March 10 @ Harlows – Sacramento, CA

Tuesday March 11 @ Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco, CA

Wednesday March 12 @ The Catalyst Atrium – Santa Cruz, CA ***TENTATIVE***

Thursday March 13 @ The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

Friday March 14 @ The Casbah, San Diego, Ca

Saturday March 15@ The Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ

Sunday March 16 – OFF

Monday March 17 – OFF

Tuesday March 18 – OFF

Wednesday March 19 @ Red 7 (inside) – Austin, TX

Thursday March 20 @ Continental – Houston, TX

Friday March 21 @ Gas Monkey Bar & Grill – Dallas, TX

Saturday March 22 @ The Lizard Lounge – Wichita, KS

Sunday March 23 @ Off Broadway – St. Louis, MO

Monday March 24 – OFF

Tuesday March 25 @ The Brass Rail – Fort Wayne, IN

Wednesday March 26 @ Grop Shop – Cleveland, OH

Thursday March 27 @ Reggie’s – Chicago, IL

Friday March 28 @ The Frequency – Madison, WI

Saturday March 29 @ Triple Rock – Minneapolis, MN

Sunday March 30 – OFF

Monday March 31 @ Bourbon Theatre – Lincoln, NE

Tuesday April 1 @ Mercury Lounge – Tulsa, OK

Jan 152014

 photo georgette_jones_1.jpg

I WILL be updating this article SOON!..so check back for MORE!
On June 2nd at the Hard Rock Café upstairs lounge Georgette Jones
will be hosting a benefit show for her friend Denise Jernigan
who I am told lost a battle with cancer.

From her personal Facebook page.
Ashton Shephard, Jan Howard, Tommy Cash, Leona Williams and many
many others have already agreed to sing at the show. I’ll post
a full line up of artists as we get closer to time. We will have
a silent auction as well with lots of amazing items to buy, including
a guitar signed by all the artists there for the night. More details
to follow as we are putting this all together. If you plan to come to
Nashville, please join us at the Hard Rock Café for a very special night
of music in honor of my incredibly special friend. THANKS!!!

Billy Yates and Teea Goans have recently been added to the roster
of talent for this event.
I’ll be adding more as they are announced.

Billy Yates is most noted for writing the 2000 George Jones hit “Choices”.
Billy did what Music Row said for years would NEVER happen again…he
put George Jones on FM radio.
The song became an anthem for struggling addicts everywhere.
In my opinion it was one of George’s finest recordings of his last
ten years of albums.

Teea Goans has been active with the Opry for many many years
and has contributed SO MUCH to country music that I can’t even
tell you without it being a HUGE article.
She has two albums available to buy.

Jan 152014

 photo th_zps378bffd6.jpg

Monday and Tuesday the 13th and 14th of January Travis Tritt filmed a
live DVD at the Franklin Theater in Franklin Tennessee to a sold
out audience of both nights.

He’s had 19 number 1 hits over many albums, and recently he opened
his own label Post Oak Recording.
Nowadays many of the 80’s and 90’s stars have had to create their
own label to survive the imminent doom of being put on a shelf by
mainstream people, who allow the media to dictate their music choices.

These all acoustic very personal shows were to celebrate his
25 years in country music and they were his first performance
in this area since 2002.
This past July he released his latest album “The Calm After”.

He plans another release in late 2014.

Jan 142014

 photo c8d7e86f-2529-43c3-b2fe-61d5b5f0d493_zps930c8cbf.jpg

Folks like I said before this article will give you an address that was
given out to send cards and letters to Randy Travis.

Honestly as of right now I have heard two different stories on his
recovery from his stroke he suffered last year.
I have heard he was walking and speaking and another time
I heard he was bedridden and could not move his right side,
nor could he speak.

Whichever one is true I myself do NOT know..my contact I
had with him has failed to give me any further news.
So sadly I cannot report ANYTHING on his condition
other than he NEEDS US right now..

I want to share something Country Legend Glenn Douglass Tubb
said on my Facebook Wall today. This was directly from Mr. Glenn

“I’ve been around this business since 1952 and seen a lot of stars come and go.
Randy Travis is, in my opinion, one of the top ten of all time.
He’s unique, identifiable, and so, so Country.
I hope he knows how much joy he has brought to so many. He will go down in history as one of the all time greats”…

This past September, Randy’s album Influence Vol. 1: “The Man I Am,”
containing 13-cover songs was released. There is a duet with Joe Nichols,
“Tonight I’m Playing Possum,” which pays tribute to George Jones.
Other songs are hits from Waylon Jennings, Lefty Frizzell, Merle Haggard, and Ernest Tubb.

Many people have contacted me and asked HOW can I send him
a card or letter to tell him how much I love him?
Well THIS address was given to me by another website director:

Randy Travis,
266 Blanks Road,
Tioga, TX 76271

Jan 132014

20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt
15.Grant Turner
14.Johnny Russell
13.Bobby Edwards
12.Sonny Burns
11.Big Al Downing
10.Riley Puckett
09.George D Hay
08.Vestal Goodman
07.Molly O Day
06.Don Winters
05.Bob Luman
04.Stoney Edwards
03.Archie Campbell
02.Little Roy Wiggins

My number one choice is one who was extremely popular in his prime and even now after his death
he has influenced stand up comics all over the world.
He is often NOT credited with one his greatest gimmicks and another comedian IS..and took
ALOT of credit for trying to make it seem original.
Most people don’t have a clue this man REALLY started “You might be a redneck”.

 photo th_zps3966088c.jpg

I’m going to close this series RIGHT NOW With the Mouth Of The Mississippi.

Howard Gerald Clower was born September 29th 1926 in Liberty Mississippi.
And a lot of his stories of family and neighbors were fiction.
After finishing high school he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and was discharged in 1946.
He began work as a fertilizer salesman and took notice that his funny stories
helped boost his sales, and he used them more and more as time went on.

In 1953 he was invited to tell a coon hunting story in the offices of MCA,
and they signed him to a contract. Later in life MCA awarded the Coon Hunt
a platinum award for 1 million is sales.

This was after Grant Turner played his recording and calls flooded the WSM
office for more. His stories broke lose so quickly radio stations were
becoming less about music and more of his wild stories about the rural south.

In ten months Live Form Yazoo Mississippi sold another 1 million copies.
And he was being invited all over the U.S.
He recorded 27 albums in his career and they would beat out music on the top 20.

His characters were mostly fictional containing the Ledbetters
clan which includes from story to story various combinations of Uncle Versie, Aunt Pet,
Ardel, Burnel, Raynel, W.L., Lanel, Odell, Eudel, Marcel, Claude, Newgene, and Clovis.

He became an Opry member in 1973 and remained a strong presence on the Opry
until just weeks before his death in 1998.
The Opry was his home and he would often be given a little extra time
to tell his tales of craziness.

His most famous gimmick he created was “You Might Be A Redneck”
Which was later copied by another comedian.
Lots of people do not even realize Jerry created it.

The laughter was turned to tears here in Nashville in 1998
when we learned he passed away in Jackson Mississippi.
He died from open heart surgery.

Jan 122014

 photo fd092730-0c16-4efb-b0e0-70a36a96bd66_zps33093df4.png

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the Ambassador
Of Western Swing Ray Benson doing some solo work.

On weds January 22nd Music City Roots welcomes
Ray Benson as he will perform his solo work at the Loveless Barn.

THIS IS most assuredly a show you DO NOT WANT to miss.
And if you can’t make the show you can listen LIVE
just go to the website up above and find out HOW to listen in
on this wonderful show.

Jan 122014

 photo e2160f40-9eca-4df9-a981-f82305259e27_zpse98a58df.jpg

On Tuesday February the 18th Rachel Brooke will be
coming to Nashville at the 5 Spot.

Last year was an extremely busy year for Miss Rachel who
released her finest album yet in my opinion
“A Killer’s Dream”. And playing with a full band for
the first time was awesome!

Thanks to Viva Le Vox she cut the whole album live
on analog 2″ tape.
The album has the duet “Old Faded Memory” with lonesome Wyatt
from Those Poor Bastards.
It features MANY MORE great songs.

Head on out and check out her show.
Tell her I sent you…you’ll be glad you did.

Jan 092014

20.Little David Wilkins
19.Glenn Douglass Tubb
18.Autrey Inman
17.Ralph Mooney
16.Elton Britt
15.Grant Turner
14.Johnny Russell
13.Bobby Edwards
12.Sonny Burns
11.Big Al Downing
10.Riley Puckett
09.George D Hay
08.Vestal Goodman
07.Molly O Day
06.Don Winters
05.Bob Luman
04.Stoney Edwards
03.Archie Campbell

The Time has come…to reveal my number 2 pick and I may set a spoiler for
my number 1 choice.
I learned ALOT researching all these people and then writing these
articles. I hope you learned some things and enjoyed their work
even further yet!

Folks these fine legends should NEVER EVER be forgotten or shelved!
Let’s keep their spirit and memory alive and well.
My number 2 pick is a LITTLE ONE! A steel guitar legend and a TRUELY
wonderful and remarkable talent. Little Roy Wiggins.

 photo 65c0e5fa-4da5-4af2-a5bc-696541f2764b_zps9e87fa28.jpg

Ivan Leroy “Little Roy” Wiggins was born june 27th 1926 and turned to the steel after hearing the Grand Ole Opry’s Burt Hutcherson picking the instrument. “He played in the neighborhood at somebody’s home and mother and dad took me, and I thought then that it was the prettiest thing I ever heard,” recalled Wiggins in 1995. At age 13, he was so remarkable on the instrument to join Paul Howard’s Arkansas Cotton Pickers on the Opry. Later, he joined Pee Wee King’s Golden West Cowboys as a temporary replacement for Clell Summey. When Eddy Arnold left the Golden West Cowboys, he hired Mr. Wiggins for his own band, the Tennessee Plowboys. Little Roy also developed a trademark “Courtsey” using
his suit sides.

“Little Roy Wiggins’ crying steel guitar was the definition of Eddy Arnold’s early style, the style that made him country music’s biggest star in the late ’40s,” said country music historian Ronnie Pugh of the Country Music Hall of Fame. “You just can’t imagine the early Eddy Arnold sound without that,” he said. “It would be like not having Billy Byrd on Ernest Tubb’s records.”

Mr. Wiggins stayed with Arnold for 25 years, providing the “ting-a-ling” sound that distinguished the singer’s recordings. “When you heard him play, you knew it was him and you knew it was going to be an Eddy Arnold record,” said Grand Ole Opry announcer Eddie Stubbs. “Artists’ recordings aren’t that easily identified in this era. There’s no telling how many people took up the steel guitar as a result of hearing the records Little Roy played on.”

In the late 1950s Mr. Wiggins made instrumental records for Dot, Starday and several smaller independent labels. He went on to play in the same style with George Morgan, the Willis Brothers, Ernie Ashworth and other Opry acts. And played with George Morgan
until George died July 9th 1975.

In the late 1960s he opened a music store, Little Roy Wiggins’ Music City, at 427 Broadway in Nashville, near the Ryman Auditorium. When the Opry moved to Opryland, Wiggins eventually closed his store and moved to Pigeon Forge, Tenn., where he performed for tourists and ran a music shop.

Mr. Wiggins was inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in St. Louis in 1985. “He inspired a generation of players to pursue the beauty of the smooth, pure melody line,” reads Mr. Wiggins’ plaque. “A man of character and quiet determination, he viewed ‘artful simplicity’ as a performer’s first virtue for advancing the steel guitar.”

Country music lost one of its most distinctive sounds with the death of steel guitarist “Little Roy” Wiggins on August 3, 1999.
His grave in Goodlettsville is unmarked.

Jan 072014

 photo c01f5f16-d1c7-4fef-b13b-b2ddaca378c4_zpsf2030e38.jpg

Earlier this week I ended a series of articles and
began this one. I wasn’t really totally sure it would
turn out to be a series. However I found out a lot of
great things about the place and found some great artists
that play there.

I picked up some flyers and some info first and
researched some of the people that play there.
One thing I liked was the country store actually sold
the CD’s of some of the artists that frequently play there.

 photo c48ff172-3842-43b8-a099-71a0f77d05c7_zps3b7d04da.jpg

One of my personal favorite artists I found that play
there was Jason Lee Wilson. He has three albums
out from Rhythm Bomb Records and his latest release “Big Gun”
REALLY impressed me! It is apparent he is highly influenced by Marty Robbins
and the singing cowboys of the Golden Era of country music..my favorite Era!

This man will be featured during Pee Wee Moore’s Great American HonkyTonk Tent Revival
and I’m sure he will be a really big draw for that event.

He dresses and presents himself like a true traditional country artist
And I’ll be featuring him in the future for absolute certain!

Jan 052014

 photo 73ec2b78-191f-4af2-bd3e-0ed473323bdd_zps37e685f5.png

On January 11th 2014 in Shelby NC the doors of the Earl Scruggs Center
will welcome it’s first visitors.
Apparently the Greek Revival Cleveland County Courthouse was an
important landmark..it was chosen to re-open as the Earl Scruggs Center.
it is a landmark remaining from the early 1900’s and will now become
a place to learn “Music And Stories From The American South”.

It seems the totally restored three story courthouse will
become a mecca of public education for one of the five string banjo’s
finest masters and a native of Cleveland County.

It was in the nearby Flint Hill community that Earl developed his
unique and own three finger style of picking known as
‘Scruggs Style”.

It will feature many interactive displays and high tech videos
and allow visitors to learn about the community that allowed
Earl Scruggs to take form and bring traditional bluegrass music
to the American living room.

In the permanent exhibits like the Rotunda Gallery visitors will
see the actual instruments Earl played throughout his career
and The Turning Road” which will feature his turning point
in his life when he set out for Nashville to break musical
boundaries in history.

The second floor will feature a new exhibit and related
programming twice a year.
And will rotate every summer.

You can find admission rates and directions on how
to visit the center HERE.

On opening day, visitors will be in for a REAL TREAT as WSM legend
Eddie Stubbs will host an evening of “Remembering Earl Scruggs: Music and Stories”
Vince Gill, Travis Tritt, Sam Bush, Rob Ickes, Gary Scruggs, Randy Scruggs, Jim Mills,
and John Gardner will all participate.


Jan 052014

 photo 8f61930c-63c9-4e5c-b78d-c9588ec8624e_zps6e54920c.jpg

On May 23rd 24rth and 25th HonkyTonk torch carrier PeeWee Moore
is heading up a different kind of music festival in
Huntsville Alabama.

What makes it the same as others?
Well this will be a 3 day outdoor event complete with
camping on site and multiple stages.
And it’s still actually in the planning and trial stages.
As he announced he is still seeking vendors and sponsors
and such. So if ANYONE has people or services to
offer or pitch to PeeWee I’m sure he would appreciate it.

NOW What makes it DIFFERENT?
THIS is really unique and it really made me admire
his GREAT idea. Friday and Saturday will be for
music and partying and SUNDAY will be for salvation!

There will be an old fashioned tent revival (hence the name)
and there will be an actual river baptism in the river
that runs through the campground!
and close with an All Star Gospel Jam.

It’s not my normal habit to push my religious belief
on others..but I really think this is a wonderfull way
to share the Gospel with anyone that may be interested
in hearing more.

OK so WHO is performing and HOW can you buy tickets?

Now I haven’t yet been informed WHEN these people will perform
during the festival, I just have word from PeeWee that is who
has been added SO FAR!
I WILL update this as needed!


There are plenty of great festivals out there that are more on the outskirts of traditional american music, so I want to throw something else in the hat of music

Peewee Moore (Chattanooga, TN)
Roger Alan Wade (Chattanooga, TN)
Sarah Gayle Meech (Nashville, TN)
Jason Lee Wilson (Maryville, TN)
Casey James Prestwood and The Burning Angels (Denver, CO)
Ray Lawrence JR (Phoenix, AZ)
Casper McWade (Shawnee, OK)
Billy Don Burns (AR)
The Crimson Balladeers (Las Vegas, NV)
Trailer Queen (Phoenix, AZ)
Joshua Morningstar (Hagerstown, MD)
Sweet G.A. Brown (Ringgold, GA)
Brigitte London (Nashville, TN)
Horse Opera (Austin, TX)
The Bo-Stevens (Winston-Salem, NC)
Owen Mays (Madison, WI)
Lara Hope And The Ark-Tones (Kingston, NY)
The Tatum Bros. (Henagar, AL)
Kenny Owens & The Backburners (Nashville, TN)
Brennen Leigh & Noel McKay (Austin, TX)
Gators In The Sawgrass (Gulfport, FL)
The Loose Lugnuts (Charlotte, NC)
JT and the Dragpipes (Charlotte, NC)
Adam Lee (Chicago, IL)
More TBA
festivals for the folks that do appreciate the Real Country Music, Honkytonk, Outlaw Country, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, and Old Time side of the spectrum.

I realize that this will take a whole lot of work, money, favors, and support from the people that care about it, but for my sanity I must proceed!

I’m gonna need ideas, vendors, sponsors, and musical talent!

If you wanna be involved please send an email to honkytonktentrevival@gmail.com

You can now RSVP by going on his WEBSITE
and as soon as I’m released more information I will update this!

Jan 052014

 photo c14a7d3b-e543-42fb-b396-c4626976aa86_zps87021e18.jpg

On Thursday night January 9th The Basement in Nashville will welcome
the dancing outlaw Jesco White. This time it will be hosted by Lonesome Liz
and Kara Clark, who I feature a lot on here.

This is a one of a kind event and they will be making some
special announcements about future events that night.

The doors open at 9PM show starts at 9:30
15.00 at the door.

Jesco white is an American Mountain Dancer and entertainer from Bandytown West Virginia.
He is following his father’s footsteps of tap and clog dancing and has lately
become a pillar of Roots and Americana music fans.
His father Donald Ray White (AKA D. Ray) was undoubtedly one of America’s
most famous mountain dancers of our time.

Both Jesco and his father were recently acknowledged and included in
the Smithsonian Institute.