Feb 282014


I was given permission to write this and help Georgette Jones and her
They are launching a campaign to restore her name to her burial crypt
at Woodlawn Memorial Park in Nashville Tennessee.
As it stands now her married name of Virginia W Richardson
is what is on her crypt.
This article is more or less to help them achieve this goal,
the Tennessean wrote about a lot of family drama and
I myself have my opinions…but they are private and so will
the family drama be..at least on my website.

I think Georgette Jones is one of the best things to
happen to country music in the last 20 years!
And I think her husband is one HELL of a steel picker!
I met them last year at Muddy Roots when Mr. Jamie played
for Shooter Jennings.

They are asking for public support as they attempt to
rectify a mistake they made after they were told the
name change would only be temporary.
However now they don’t own the burial crypt and cannot
legally change the name.

How can YOU help?
Here’s the facebook page you can join HERE.
“She worked very hard and long her whole life for that name,”
Lennon said. “That’s who she believed she was. That is who she was.”

They are hoping an outpour of public support will help
strengthen their case as they have had no luck
in the past of obtaining ANY rights to any of their
mother’s property or items or rights of any legal sort.

This from the Tennessean:
Wynette’s husband, George Richardson, who went by the professional
name of George Richey, was given their mother’s home and belongings
as well as the rights to her publishing and business enterprises after
her 1998 death. Lennon said her mother had shown them a handwritten list
specifying who would get what personal items, but Richey told estate lawyers
he could not find it.

They and Richey’s children expected to have the intellectual property passed
on to them but learned that those rights were sold to a music publishing company
shortly before his death in 2010.

The Bicycle Music Co. and its affiliate, the AF Circle C. Fund,
announced in a Feb. 19, 2010, press release “the acquisition of
a significant interest in the Tammy Wynette music catalog, name
and likeness rights as well as the trademarks, ‘Tammy Wynette,’
‘First Lady of Country Music’ and ‘Stand By Your Man.’ ”

I myself am not really sure how or why any of it happened..
All I can tell you is I firmly believe that her crypt
deserves to say “Tammy Wynette”.
And if you feel the same way join the page and render your support.

Feb 272014

 photo 200px-Hee_Haw_zpsfc6ba7c1.jpg

Pam Tillis daughter of country legend Mel Tillis and Lorrie Morgan
daughter of country legend George Morgan have announced that on
March 4rth at the Country Music Hall Of Fame there will be a Hee Haw night.

This event will be a fundraiser for Nashville Rochelle Center which helps care for
disabled adults. They haven’t had a budget increase in 15 years.
And this event will help raise money for them.

There are props and some of the props are original pieces from the show
itself and several cast members have been scheduled to appear.
Who will be appearing from the show hasn’t been made public.
I was told the butt kicking fence will be part of the show.
And there will be sketches and music much like the show
which aired from 1969-1992 and is the longest syndicated comedy show
in television history.
It was aired to take the place of Tom and Dickey Smothers Brothers.
It sustained the same theme until 1986 when co host Buck Owens left
and Roy Clark would have a celebrity guest co-host.

Lorrie Morgan Craig Morgan and Joe Diffie will help
“Hey Y’all..An All-Star Salute to Hee Haw.
Also Elzabeth Cook and Jim Lauderdale will appear.

Tickets start at 50 and ALL your money goes to the center
to help needy adults get the care they need to live.
The center does wonderful things for many Nashville adults.

Pam and Lorrie have been touring together for years now
and have released albums together.
Dos Divas has been an ongoing project with them for some time now.

Feb 262014

 photo 9bfce24c-ff8b-4978-bb4e-34d4774d0e57_zps2b9c9cd2.jpg

Dog gone it…I can’t make them all!
Here at Garyhayescountry.com we get ALL the good invites!
SO MANY awesome shows in town and out of town..after
tonight week I’ll wrap up the week with a few more articles
and THEN it’s my “Wayne Mills Weekend”..

The folks at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn have booked a really
awesome west coast band in The Pine Box Boys.
This will be a VERY energetic show and will also include Jake Cox
And on March 28th it will be murderous!

The Pine Box Boys are celebrating their 10th anniversary and they want YOU to join them
on the road when they visit Nashville and bring their murder bluegrass here.

Their new album ‘Tales From The Emancipated” is available NOW their
website and their EP “Worms” is also available.
I recently got their new album and “Waltzing Through The Graveyard” was really
good..so was “No Room For Barbara”.
This is their fourth album their first album from back in 2003
was ‘Arkansas Killing Time” and was a GREAT album.

Honestly drummer Steven Uncle Doods is ONE HELL of a solo
drummer on “Mr. Skeleton” which is my personal favorite song
they play.

They were started out as an old fashioned murder ballad band
to play songs like “Knoxville Girl” Also covered by BR5-49
Live from Roberts..they eventually began writing their OWN
murder ballads. And the rest is history!

you can get tickets by clicking on the Layla’s link above.

Feb 252014

 photo 4b0572c0-3b65-4a46-97eb-8db4a1463cbb_zps075d3e57.jpg

Outlaw Magazine and Spillway Bar And Grill are launching a Thursday night
songwriter series and I was asked to sponsor the event and OF COURSE I
said HELL YES!
I joined Moonshine Bbq Company and Kenneth Marr Graphics
to bring some really awesome songwriters to the area!
I decided to sponsor this event because I think it’s important to help
independent roots musicians get heard and I think it’s equally important
to take care of them.
This is how they make their living, and the best way to help is to contribute.

This series will launch March 20th and will feature
Brigite London
Cley Reynolds
Joshua Morningstar
And guests.

This series will feature one local and one national songwriter.
Robert Baxter, owner of The Spillway, says, “We at Spillway Bar
and Grill are very excited to join with Outlaw Magazine to give
singer/songwriters a chance to showcase their music and to also
bring some great talent to our stage and to Bowling Green, KY,
as well as provide a place for our Locals to play with some very
talented musicians from other areas. It’s all about bringing
musicians and friends together for some awesome music.”

Folks that’s directly from the event on Facebook.
Spillway is quickly becoming a stop between Louisville Ky
and Nashville Tn. it’s a WONDERFULL venue with REALLY GOOD FOOD.
It’s about 40 minutes from my home and I have driven there
already for just a meal.
Take it from me when I say I like their pizza. They are known for their
wings but I am a pizza guy.

I can’t say enough good about these three artists playing that night.
I can call them at any time and I know they would be there for me.
I can’t say many of the “big names” would ever do that.

Joshua Morningstar to me is more than a friend.
I love him and his music so much I cannot put it in words.
I will support them ANY WAY I can..and this is how I can.

I owe Cley Reynolds a HUGE debt of thanks for using my photo
in his album project and I think Miss Brigite did Mr. Billy Don Burns
good on his song “Hank Williams Lonesome And Keith Whitley Blue”
on her new forthcoming album ‘The Highwaywoman”.
I really enjoy the songs these three songwriters and artists
have given us to enjoy.
I think they are all so very talented and represent the roots music
scene very well.
Like I said they are more than friends.

So please go out and support these fine songwriters and enjoy
this GREAT music and food.

Feb 252014

 photo 3874f77c-fbec-44af-9160-8f2e1f5c2d12_zpsd758a4fb.jpg

Washington State

Folks it’s time to start out the night with another SAVC state venue.
MAN the roster just keeps getting better and better ALL the time!
There’s ALOT of great artists on the various shows ALL OVER the U.S!
THIS IS turning out to be a VERY good resource for everyone involved.
 photo 312831_155129864571522_7111777_n_zps4363e270.jpg


Their choice for North Carolina is The Thirsty Beaver.
This bar has a old-school FREE jukebox…isn’t THAT enough to go?

Well I can give you ANOTHER..one TV plays Hee Haw CONSTANTLY!
That’s correct they have ON LOOP Hee Haw TV..
Free pretzel sticks and a very clean atmosphere.

People are giving good reviews about the drink prices
and a BIG Bloody Mary menu.
It’s described as a tiny, no-frills dive bar.

Feb 232014

 photo 7b1e138d-a41c-4e1a-8385-b9f8ea206c3e_zps472939d0.jpg

I was eating supper tonight and I heard the announcement that Country Music Legend
Penny DeHaven died today after a long fight with cancer at 65.

There aren’t many websites that will even tell you about her
and what she has given country music..I will do that.

In the Honky Tonk era of the 1970’s she had a string of hits
by herself and duets with people the likes of Del Reeves and
Porter Waggoner.
My favorite duet she did was with Boxcar Willie and it was called
“We Made memories” on the album “Last Train To Heaven”.
She only released two albums herself but contributed backing vocals
on many classic country music albums.

She appeared on Hee Haw several times and she sang “Bayou Lullaby
on the Clint Eastwood classic movie “Honkytonk Man”.
She also appeared on the Grand Ole Opry several times in her career.

Feb 232014

 photo daa169f5-190a-427f-bd32-6951e1e70ac7_zpscd359fb0.jpg

On weds Feb 26th Country Music Legend Bobby Bare will appear
at The bluebird Cafe with his son Bobby Bare Jr.
And tickets are selling FAST at only 25 dollars!

Folks Bobby Bare in my opinion along with a few others is are the VERY FIRST
people to start the Outlaw Country Music gnere.
Bobby Bare has been credited for singlehandedly doing it but I think there
were a few more involved.. Nonetheless Bobby was a pioneer of it all.

He has released over 40 albums in his career and has charted 14 top ten hits.
He was recently nominated into the Country Music Hall Of Fame
along with Kenny Rogers and Cowboy Jack Clement.
He acted for a brief time in several shows but turned his back on film to become
the music icon he has.

He will ALSO be appearing in the field this summer for the 2014 Muddy Roots Music Festival.
And I look forward to twisting his arm to play a few from his “Drinking From The Bottle”
album my hero and friend Tom Ghent wrote.

I highly suggest you go see this event if you can!

Feb 232014

 photo 032e5d96-a991-4d2a-953d-d24266938710_zpsa861ecdb.jpg

Last night I ventured into Nashville to hand out my NEW stickers and to
see a few friends play in the Opryland area.
I was given a “tip” to go to the Nashville Palace (who sponsors my site)
to go check out David Peterson And 1946.

I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY with their show, when I got there he was
digging DEEP into the vaults of country and bluegrass music
and playing some so old most people think they are new!
Heck he was playing Tarnished Angel that George Jones cut
for Mercury Records in the 1960’s!

He also had one of the three pillars of country music..
A damn fine steel player in his band.

Right now I’m listening to his CD “Comin On Strong”
and the song is “Come Back To Me” which was cut by
Jimmy C. Newman..
And he used some REALLY GREAT session players on his album
I bought. He has 5 available and you can buy them by clicking
on his link above.
On steel he used Paul Franklin and John Hughey and Buddy Emmons.
I also saw Tim Atwood and many many more names I noticed.
He also has a young lady on fiddle from Illinois and she
was absolutely fabulous to listen to!

Another song that grabbed me here “Your’e The Only One For Me”
which Don Gibson cut in the 1950’s on (I think it was)
Lion label..or metro.
“Family Bible” was a good song he did. It’s an early Willie Nelson
“Neckties” is one of his own songs he wrote. I enjoy that one too.
“Rattlesnakin Daddy” I always thought was an original Jumping Bill Carlisle
song..I never knew it was older still.
So I learn things by his music..I like that!

I noticed he dresses in traditonal clothes for his shows as I do.
I really enjoyed having a few beers and honky tonking to his band!

I’ll be featuring him MORE in the future!

Feb 222014

 photo 1972a80d-6d7d-47af-b211-929fb9d6b069_zpsc9c7d085.jpg

You know folks I been writing my “Country Music Remembers” for some time now..
but I felt the need to love on someone STILL WITH US today.
Tonight as I enjoy a few beers and my record collection and work on the website
I want to love on Country Music Legend Hoot Hester.

I want to take the time to say THANK YOU for all your beautiful work
and want to educate others whom may not know your work.

Hubert Dwane Hester AKA Hoot Hester
has been a member of the Opry staff house band since 2000 and has
blessed the Opry with his fiddle playing for 14 years.
I go there to see him perform, among a few select others.
BUT He’s done SO MUCH MORE for country music!
In fact to NOT hold him in high regard would be completely ludicrous.

Hoot Hester has recorded and played with the likes of Hank Williams Jr.
,Randy Travis, Conway Twitty, Bill Monroe and many many more.
He worked for Earl Scruggs until Earl died 2012.

He is the former fiddle player and co-founder of the Time Jumpers
which is basically a country music SUPERGROUP of random people.
They have played alot at the Station Inn.
And include the likes of Vince Gill and Ranger Doug Green.
He appears on their DEBUT album “On The Air”.

He has been one of the greatest and most loved session fiddle players
that country music has EVER seen and EVER WILL SEE!
He started around the 1980’s doing session work, and if you have a record
collection like I do…you’ll see his name on a BOATLOAD of albums.
One of my favorites you did Mr. Hoot was “Wild eyed Dream” from
Ricky Van Shelton. And “Put Your Dreams Away” By Mickey Gilley.
He played alot of sessions with Buddy Emmons and Phil Baugh.
And they went on to play with staff bands on Nashville Alive.

Hoot Hester I want to tell you something in public.
We LOVE you…I LOVE you so much.
I love country music more than I love anything on this Earth, and my home
is adorned with your work.
I think you and John Hughey and Ralph Mooney are three of the most precious
icons backup country music bands ever had.
I hope nobody ever forgets you and if they do they should be ashamed of themselves
because YOU RAISED ME..See I didnt have a “normal” childhood.
I was very reclusive and clung to music.
YOU were there when I lost family members…when I lost my wife
and most of ALL you were there when I beat addiction.
I am alive because of you and this website is here because of you!

Feb 212014

 photo d8fa5338-accf-4a89-adaa-7306d6e67ce4_zpsc2ef4704.jpg

I previously wrote an article for the Urban Pioneers which is a side project for
Mr. Jared McGovern and Miss Liz Sloan from Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band.
They currently perform their Urban Pioneers act first kind of like what
Mr. James Hunnicutt does as well.
Then the Broken Band plays as a whole..and the whole night is like
fireworks. I always look for fire coming out of their stuff.

In a few weeks after they come off tour for “Bless This Mess”
which is Mr. Jayke’s second album on the Farmageddon label.
They will embark on a tour of their own for their
Urban Pioneers project.

You can see ALL their tour dates on the link above,
and on March 6th they will be appearing at Live True Vintage in Nashville Tn.
Stop in and see my friend Miss Tammy Pope and tell her I sent you!


We’re back open! we’ve got the back rooms all fixed up, and tons of new
stuff for y’all to look at. But more importantly, it’s fixin to be the season
to start having our friends come by to do some pickin’!!! So to kick it off
right we’ve got the Urban Pioneers (aka Liz Sloan and Jared McGovern from Jayke Orvis
& the broken band). Great old timey tunes with a great sense of humor! special guests
to be announced soon!!

Well they HAVE announced an opening act for the night Miss Madeleine Medley, whom
I intend to feature VERY soon.
They ALSO have a track on the Muddy Folkin Roots CD that has become available
for 8 bucks plus shipping.
Ok MORE on that album later too guys.

I am looking forward to going to one of their shows this year!

Feb 182014

 photo ba7b50f9-cf8c-492c-9896-019ebb13b919_zps71b4a045.jpg

I am just absolutely brimming over with joy tonight as I heard
Country Music husband and wife duo Joey And Rory Feek
have had a little GIRL. Meet Indiana Boone Feek!
At this time I’m not sure if Its Boone or Boon..sorry guys!

I want to say right out that Joey And Rory are two of the most talented
and Christian people you will ever want to meet.
They represent decency and love for each other and
for country music..PERIOD.

His guitar says it ALL: We Love Country Music!

Ever since they came from out of Columbia Tennessee they have done
just that!
They play the Opry ALOT and I expect they will represent the Opry
Better than anyone else nowadays!

They have their own show on RFD TV on Friday nights,
and their show is on it’s fourth season.
And their new fourth album came out in 2013.

Iv’e featured them many times on here and didn’t
really want to take the main feature off the baby.
I’ll be watching them for more GREAT music.

Feb 162014

 photo 3874f77c-fbec-44af-9160-8f2e1f5c2d12_zpsd758a4fb.jpg

Washington State

 photo 80b92ea6-6a75-4951-b73b-a858f1f1f819_zps569a1d25.jpg

Sometime this week I’ll announce the artist roster and research some of them
for you and for my knowledge too.
I’ll be trying to catch the series kickoff in Kentucky on the 22nd.
I just saw the roster and let me tell you it’s AWESOME!
I’ll be placing the older ones I did on the list above for you.

The venue selected for Colorado is Bucksnort Saloon.
Nestled at 7,040 feet in the Denver foothills, The Buck Snort Saloon is legendary
as a cozy, old-west family restaurant and bar. They are committed to live music
and host national and touring acts. We are proud to work with Galina Bye as she
represents The Centennial State by hosting this Series once a month beginning on March 29th.

This venue is indeed a historical landmark dating back to the 1800’s.
The Denver and South Park Railroad made it’s way through Breckenridge
and the small town of pine was founded.
And further up the town of Sphinx Park was founded.
Some of the log cabins still remain intact and the old mercantile
was turned into a restaurant and bar.
The bar stools are made from real logs!

The food looked VERY appetizing and delicious.
The menu says if your’e in a hurry go to McDonalds!

I think they selected a REALLY good choice to have the Colorado shows here.

Feb 162014


Lawrence Hankins Locklin was born February 15th 1918 in Brewton Alabama.
He was a member of the Grand Ole Opry for nearly 50 years and was
a staple active fixture on the Opry stage.
He had a lengthy tenure recording for RCA Victor
And from 1949-1971 he charted over 70 singles in country music.

He grew up in the Florida panhandle and began playing guitar at
age nine after he was struck by a school bus and injured.
While he recovered he taught himself  how to play.

Hank Locklin was one of Country Music’s earliest Honky Tonk players
He first recorded for 4 Star records before moving on to
RCA in 1957.

Beginning in 1960 he started his tenure as an Opry member.
He appeared regular until his last appearance in 2007.
He was widely known for being one of country music’s most
influential tenor singers.

He charted 70 singles 8 number one’s and generated 20 million
in total album sales internationally.
He was a mentor and personal friend to my good friend Joe Rucker.
And he influenced his music in a huge way..you can tell.

Billboard Magazine listed “Send Me The Pillow You Dream On’
as the second most influential and integral song of the
Rock And Roll Era.
“Please Help Me I’m Falling” spent a back then incredible
14 weeks at number 1 and 30 weeks on the top 10.

Until his death at 91 he was the oldest active member of the Opry.
He passed away in his home in Brewton March 8th 2009.

He is buried in the Mount Caramel Cemetary
in Santa Rosa County in Florida.

Feb 152014

 photo b1aa4f01-4e55-4b2b-a4c9-3c96c382a352_zps41ce2a08.jpg

Folks I wanted to share some great tour news about J.B. Beverley as he tours to support
his new long awaited album “Stripped To The Root” on the Rusty Knuckles label.

On March 2nd at the Wayne Mills Benefit in Nashville at the Limelight you can see both J.B. Beverley
and his tour mates and label mates Rory Kelly And Triple Threat.

Then on March 8th you can catch the tour at Copy’s Bar in Indiana as they will both be featured there
brought to you by Mr. Donnie Wymer.


March 10th they will be in Pittsburgh Pa at Howlers Coyote Cafe.


 photo 92350cc1-e313-409c-8180-84e165cb60d0_zps55014149.jpg

Then on March 11th in Hagerstown Maryland you can see them both with my personal buddy
Mr. Josh Morningstar at  Hard Times Cafe.

March 14th: Old Bowie Town Grille   Bowie Md

March 15th : Shore Road Tavern  Philadelphia Pa


And I’m sure I’ll have MORE dates soon!

Feb 142014

 photo c01f5f16-d1c7-4fef-b13b-b2ddaca378c4_zpsf2030e38.jpg

I bet you readers thought I have aborted or forgotten this series?
NO SIR I’m just busy researching more artists on this roster and
working on other irons I have in the fire.

Another really great artist I found that plays The Smokehouse a lot
is Amanda Williams and she is not related to the famed Williams family.
However, I found her to be quite talented and she contributes to MANY genres
not just country.

She does some classic country and pop country and some blues and does a lot
of fusing them together. I was quite impressed on her versatility.
And she extremely educated in the music business.

She wrote “Wrecking The Train” for Alecia Nugent and “Beer Run” for Garth Brooks
and George Jones.
And she’s had a ton of other cuts as well..
Here are some highlights from her own website:

• Composer Grammy nominated song “Beer Run” George Jones & Garth Brooks 2002

Best Country Collaboration with Vocals

• “Tell Your Sister I’m Single” released as a single on Lyric Street’s Tyler Dickerson

• “Wreckin the Train” album cut Rounder Records artist Alecia Nugent

• Performed at Ambassador Andrew Young’s 75th and 80th birthday parties

• Independent casting for Can You Duet & CMT’s Next Superstar shows

• Music Publisher – founded Hillbilly Culture Enhanced Music Publishing in

2010 and how have cuts on Jimmy Fortune, Larry Gatlin, and indie

artist Brad Puckett.

• Established legal precedent in 2011 with Bluewater Music Services Corp

changing the common terminology “exploit” the copyright to “employ”

in our contracts.

As a teacher: Business of Songwriting Workshop – taught at Durango Songwriters Expo,

Songwriting School of Los Angeles, NSAI Indianapolis, NSAI Headquarters, Dothan

Songwriters, Mobile Songwriters, Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Rogersville

Songwriters, Lubbock Songwriters, Knitting Factory Brooklyn NYC, Indie Songwriters

Festival Nashville, Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference, University of

Colorado at Denver – Intro to Music Business class, Belmont University – Songwriting


Brand You Workshop – new model branding and marketing for songwriters and performing

artists, taught at Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference, Hillbilly Culture

Club workshop weekends in Nashville, Rogersville Songwriters

Write Brain Songcrafting Workshop – right and left brain function applied to your songwriting

process to help you write better songs in less time. (brand new workshop)

She has more performing credits than a lot of the other artists featured at the
Smokehouse and her teaching credentials are incredible.
Her music is like I above stated…little bit of everything.
I enjoyed quite a bit of it to be honest and I’ll feature a video.
You can buy her albums on her name-link up above if you like what
you hear on this article.

Feb 132014

 photo c82194ea-750e-4b49-bfd5-252e09a7e7a8_zps4e874886.jpg

Everybody LOVES Miss Liz Sloan and Mr. Jared McGovern from The Broken band!
Honestly I think Miss Liz is one of the most talented musicians in ALL
of the roots music scene!
Jayke Orvis does it better than anyone and they sound like Holy Hell Fire Thunder
on stage.
Directly after The Broken Band ends their tour for ‘Bless This Mess’
on Farmageddon Records, Miss liz and Mr. Jared will embark on their
solo project The Urban Pioneers.

The album “Addicted To The Road” will be available soon around the
end of February. And it will be pressed on vinyl as well!

They are also filming a video soon for “Apparition In The Fog”
And theyr’e doing a two week run up north with Keith Roberts
from Call Me Bronco.

I have some tour dates for you:

The Urban Pioneers

The Verve
Terre Haute, IN US

with The Urban Pioneers
Live True Vintage
Nashville, TN US

The Magnolia Bar
Louisville, KY US

with Call Me Bronco, Jesco White
Ole Simrell’s
Terre Haute, IN US

with A Pony Named Olga
Pekin, IL US

Outland Ballroom
Springfield, MO US

with Honky Suckle
Mason City, IA US

Gas Lamp
Des Moines, IA US

Chico’s North Of The Border
Park Falls, WI US

with The Ditchrunner
Frets and Friends
Green Bay, WI US

with The Urban Pioneers
Fort Wayne, IN US

Casa Del Wymer
Union City, OH US

Shamrock Tattoo
Portsmouth, OH US

Tootle’s Pumpkin Inn
Circleville, OH US
with Matt Woods, The Urban Pioneers

So go head out to one of their shows and I’ll see you out there!
PLEASE support this great band, keep them rolling!

Feb 112014

 photo 3874f77c-fbec-44af-9160-8f2e1f5c2d12_zpsd758a4fb.jpg

Washington State

The official venue for Texas is The Blue Max.
I have done some researching on this venue and found it to be really nice.

 photo 453d31a8-114a-4d70-805a-53bf78ce7d7e_zpseebd064c.jpg

It’s a complete DIY venue and they take REALLY good care of hard
working road musicians.
The provide a comfortable place to play, meals, showers and
a sound guy and great sound equipment.
A sound engineer and a place to stay for the night.


You see, for those of you that don’t know, Midland is a boomtown and it
has been for several years now. Our housing is at 98% capacity.
Construction on apartments and hotels begins daily; however it is never fast enough.
We have people living in RV’s and tents. Man camps popping up anywhere someone
has a piece of land. You can find all of the work you want around here..

Hotel pricing is another nightmare. If you are lucky enough to find a room for the night,
be prepared to shell out $120-300 per night. The days of $30-$60 rooms are gone.
Even our extended stays cost more for a week than most apartments in larger
cities like Austin or Dallas! Most humble touring artists don’t even ASK FOR THAT MUCH TO PERFORM!!!

Now, I must clarify….when we say artists, musicians, etc….we mean the
REAL working musicians. The ones that are out there every day on our highways…
busting their tail to share their music with people like us. NOT your everyday
corporate band that falsley uses the term Hospitality when they demand items on their
riders. We, in the music industry, whether it be performing, hosting or promoting…
.should remember that we are all in this together. Karma is real and she is a Goddess!
Everything we give will come back to us all!

So please go support this show when it comes to the Blue Max in Texas!
It has three venue areas and a huge outdoor patio for music.

Feb 092014

 photo c368e176-b02b-4837-a7aa-71ff510ced59_zpsfed6a2af.jpg

Well you know folks my whole purpose in life is to share my music love and
my research and my discoveries of new artists.
AND I feature ALL the legends that “major media” refuses to allow you
to know still exist!
WHY? Why does most of society NOT KNOW these wonderful gems of country music
still perform for us. And put out NEW music?
Where is the coverage? HERE IT IS!

Folks country legend and comedian Ray Stevens is STILL ACTIVE in Branson
and putting out REALLY FUNNY political stuff.
I’m not really big on politics but I am big on humor and it’s downright funny.

He’s been on the Opry many many times and when he visits it’s always
a big draw for people still.
He is doing a ton of shows in Branson and in 2012 he recorded a HUGE
double album set called 50 years of Hits And Hilarity.
The other half  is called Patriots And Politics and they are available on his
official website as separate albums.

He’s been releasing videos direct to DVD and Youtube because obviously
the major media people don’t put up stuff that they think will remotly
offend somebody.
With Ray Stevens It’s never been anything but just plain fun.
Hell I think The Streak was the funniest thing EVER
And his live shows are really good after all these years.

Recently he made a spoof of the Duck Dynasty people
and I basically fell off a barstool last night.
YOU HAVE GOT to listen to him poke fun at the Robertson’s..

Feb 092014

 photo 18901d5e-8fb8-4a1b-bbcb-6fd727a2572e_zps54c07da6.jpg

Anybody that knows me personally knows that I study country music effortlessly and constantly.
And to me there are two contributing families that weren’t one of the first  families of country music.
Those two families are the Williams and Tubbs.

And last night at the Troubador Theater at the Midnight Jamboree a bunch of people got together to
celebrate the birthday of Country Legend Ernest Tubb who if alive would have turned 100 today.

You cannot argue with me when I say NOBODY contributed more to country music than E.T.
He single handedly assisted more artists than I can name propel themselves to stardom
whether it was on the Opry or off the Opry and on his house shows.
He helped MANY MANY musicians who were and were not Troubadors become successful
in country music.

He acted as himself in the 1970’s classic “Coal Miner’s Daughter” pretending to do for
Sissy Spaceck what he did for Loretta Lynn in real life.
HE WAS one of the reasons we even HAVE Loretta still today, and she will agree.
He was the stepping stone for Jack Greene, Cal Smith, Buddy Emmons, and I could go on and on!

He began the Ernest Tubb record shops 66 years ago, and in 1947 he began the Midnight Jamboree.
It’s been FREE ever since and ALWAYS will be!
It’s an hour and a half show AFTER the second Opry show on saturday nights.
And the shop not only features items from the past it is a resource for hard to find
albums and artists within the confines of the commercial prison placed up by Music Row.
Basically, if THEY dont have it or CANNOT order it…it no longer exists or is rare and
owned by collectors like ME…or Marty Stuart…he owns EVERYTHING!

When I got there around eleven they was warming up with “Two Glasses Joe” and
“Driving Nails In My Coffin”.
Then I got to sit with Glenn Douglass Tubb for a while and talk to him personally.
I have a great respect for him.

Keith Bilbrey is a country music legend in his own right.
HE IS the Grant Turner of my generation, he and Eddie Stubbs.
He should be inducted into the Hall Of Fame someday too.
And as always he performed his emcee duties of the evening as it was being broadcast on
WSM AM 650.

Glenn performed two of his own original songs ‘Texas Troubador” and “The Day That Ernest Tubb
Came To Town”
And he told us all stories about life on the bus, and the historical FACT:
Ernest Tubb was the first country music artist to play Carnegie Hall in New York City.

 photo cf2d6b3c-4a91-473b-a7dd-05b1441572e0_zpsd661b16f.jpg

Then the band which consisted of original Troubadors Lynn Owsley and Leon Rhodes
did a medley of Ernest Tubb classic songs.
Lynn broke out into the well known intro to Waltz Across Texas.
Now, honestly Buddy Charleton who replaced a road weary Buddy Emmons originally
wrote the intro to it…Lynn played it in his own style.
The song itself was penned by Erenst and his nephew Talmage Tubb.

I have said this before and I’ll scream it until I’m dead!
Country Music has three fundamental building blocks of it’s backbone:
The songwriters
The Producer
The Steel guitarist.
I want to say seeing Lynn Owsley was probably the second greatest reason
I went to the show! He is so nice and happy.
His style compares to nobody ever!

There were album plugs and songs played too.
As Mr. Keith announced some feature albums by Rhonda Vincent (and the rage)
and Jim Lauderdale we listened eagerly.
And a newer Heart Of Texas recording by Country Legend Norma Jean called
“aged To Perfection” which was mostly cover songs but AWESOME.

 photo bfe704c6-1b4a-47f6-a0ab-da42be5f640b_zps2f567424.jpg

Then he brought out his first guest Phillip Steinmetz who is Grandpa Jone’s nephew.
He dresses and performs just like his famous uncle from Ridgetop Teneessee,
and I have actually saw him perform on an older show called Nashville Traditions.
He and his Sunny Tennesseans played “Bowling Green” and “Are You From Dixie”?
And his guitarist played an old Sam and Kirk McGee song “Railroad Blues”.

Then of course Mr. Glenn Douglass Tubb played “Thanks A Lot”
Which was one of Ernest Tubb’s signature closing songs of the
After World War II songs like “Phillipino Baby” became very popular
on the airwaves of America.

Susan West did a wonderful job singing
“Half A Mind” a song wrote by Country Legend Roger Miller.
And I will be featuring her more in the future, she was very good!
Whether she was kin to Dottie or Shelley West…I honestly couldn’t tell you.

 photo 1261b2e6-bfb2-4210-84eb-9d06be0d7747_zps37aeb40e.jpg
Miss Dottie Tubb whom is Mr. Glenns wife came out in one Hank Snow’s original
“Sidemen” suits.
The Sidemen were Hank Snow’s backup band his career in country music.
The band all got together and played a few more Erenst Tubb songs and
brought the remaining Tubb family members up to close the show out with
the ever popular hymn “I’ll Fly Away”….

Feb 082014

 photo 361b7dd3-cb2e-41a6-b696-c799fa53ca82_zpsd55000e7.jpg

Ok Folks here’s the most current lineup for the March 2nd Benefit at the Limelight
I have from the Outlaw Music Association and you can buy tickets on the link.
HURRY THEY ARE SELLING FAST and the venue seats 2000 people.

Brian Randle and Southern Justice
Rory Kelly and Triple Threat

Billie Gant
Pete Berwick
Don Poobah Mealer
Vernon Rust
Guy Nix

Goode Dawg

Chris Gantry
Steve Young
Tom Ghent
James Austin
Will Callery
R.C. Oleary

Pure Grain
Kara Clark

Matt Woods
Jessie Keith Whitley
Joshua Morningstar
Tonya Watts
Brigette London
Cley Reynolds
Scott Haggard
Larry Fleet

JD Outlaw
Rowdy Johnson Band

Dallas Moore
Whitey Morgan
J.B. Beverly
Kyle Wilson
Mike Owens
Buck Thrailkill
Whey Jennings

followed by an all-star jam with the Wayne Mills Band.

I know all my Altamont Originals kinfolk will be there (and they wont eat all my food).
So PLEASE come join me as I hang out with them and spend time remembering the great
Wayne Mills.
Folks ALL THE PROCEEDS will go to his widow and son, so PLEASE…this is IMPORTANT
that we raise money to help our fellow neighbors.

Mr. Wayne was tragically taken from us much too soon in Nashville.
Shortly after we all said goodbye in Altamont..we said farewell to
Mr. Wayne Mills.

I know this..I think Sarge’s words at his funeral service were the most
powerful and heartfelt I ever heard at a service.

Feb 082014

 photo 82d6ec4a-4119-46fd-a203-2879024cb66e_zps04503d55.jpg

The Outlaw Music Association will be visiting Baldwyn Ms
at Buschwacker’s sports bar GRAND OPENING!
I have to research further into this venue and their services however I talked to the owner
and he’s REALLY NICE.

So if you are in the area you need to go see the Rowdy Johnson Band tear up Mississippi.

Folks the Outlaw Music Association is accepting bands and artists for their membership
and that means you will get booked on their shows and tours.
Your support and your funds go a LONG LONG way to promote and support Outlaw music

It’s ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT to become a member. Your dues go to such important
things like keeping these artists active and roadworthy.

Feb 082014

 photo ad27e7d5-2681-40b7-9f0b-fba8dd4a9cf3_zpsbd1b2f63.jpg

Well it’s been a hard working two weeks but I went national and I think it’s been quite
a success for me with the response I got and rating I have now.
So I been researching more shows in more states from more bands than ever.

This one is for the Outlaw Music Association and it is taking place
Feb 28th at Just One More Bar And Grill in Manchester Tennessee.

This series of shows will feature Kara Clark, Pete Berwick and The Rowdy Johnson Band.
These shows are all close to the Wayne Mills Benefit at the Limelight, which
I will update again later today.
I wanted to keep up with all the lineup changes and make sure I was informing everyone
correctly about that benefit show.

I will touch more on the complete benefit show in a later article tonight.
For now you can get your tickets for these shows on the website.
I’ll be at the Limelight FOR SURE however I try to get to as many house shows
as I can..sadly there are just so many to go see.

Feb 082014

 photo 3874f77c-fbec-44af-9160-8f2e1f5c2d12_zpsd758a4fb.jpg

Washington State

The Official venue for Alabama is The Brickyard in Mobile.
Noell Broughton was a dear friend of Wayne Mills whom this
whole series is actually named after.

They have signed on to their network for once a month shows.

I’ll be researching this venue further in the next few weeks to come.

Feb 062014

 photo c533883e-7996-434c-b6a0-01b2de021bba_zpscbb568f1.jpg

Haggard And Hank Are both a son of a bitch….YES you’ll probably hear
Country Legend Billy Don Burns play that in Calico Rock Arkansas!
March 8th 2014.

Billy And Billy two of country music’s original outlaws will perform
back to back onstage.

Get your tickets HERE.

Billy don Burns has recorded five of his own albums and has produced
albums for more legends than I can name.
He’s had hundreds of cuts on more than 40 classic country albums.
He produced many many classic country albums.

Billy Joe Shaver has also been an iconic legendary songwriter.
Penning songs for everyone from Patty Loveless to Dolly to
Hank Williams Junior.

His album ‘Ol Five And Dimers like Me” is held in high regard
as one of the original BIG FIVE outlaw country albums of all time.

He’s world known for only having two fingers on his pick hand.
He’s known for singing the theme song for Squidbillies.
In 1999 he was known for performing on the Opry.

Feb 062014

 photo th_zps57ef0595.jpg

On Valentine’s Day country legend Kenny Rogers will perform here in
Nashville at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.
And also on the 15th of February as well.

This will be an up close and personal show as the venue only
holds 2000.

Kenny is a legendary actor and singer having released over 30
albums spanning almost Five decades.
He’s amassed 21 number one hits and his album/hit “The Gambler”
is one of the first albums EVER IN ANY GENRE to hit platinum FIVE TIMES!

My personal favorite album he did was his concept album “Gideon Tanner”.
It wasn’t critically acclaimed or spawned any hits but I still
love it nonetheless.

I would highly suggest this event.

Feb 052014

 photo 755db2d9-13a2-4f82-b6de-60f93d002a9c_zps6c44c0e8.jpg

Well I reported earlier that Shooter Jennings has been doing some
shows with Waymore’s Outlaws, and recently they announced
a new LIVE album that features twelve of Waylon Jennings classic

Richie Albright, Jerry “the Jigger” Bridges, Fred Newell and
Tommy Townsend make up the classic band and they still play
all of Waylon’s timeless classic songs.

It’s available on I Tunes and you can purchase it on the website as well.

Here’s a list of songs for you.

1.Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way.
2.Rainy Day Woman
3.Waymore’s Blues
4.Same Ol Outlaw
5.trouble Man
6.Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies
8.Do You Think This Outlaw Bits
9.Southern Man
10.Luckenbach Texas
11.Rambli’n Man
12.Good Ol Boys.

Goose On The Lake is an outdoor music festival in Allegre Ky May 31st and June 1st.
Last year when this CD was recorded the festival also featured Shooter Jennings and
Colonel J.D. Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers..of course you know J.D. from Th’ Legendary
Shack Shakers.

Now it began in 1996 as a small private festival for fans of “Goose Creek Symphony”
and developed into a reunion of folks, much like we do at Muddy Roots and
other bigger festivals throughout the U.S.

I’ll be writing a series of 2014 music festivals and I’ll include this one.