Feb 012014

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On Friday night in the south side of Indianapolis Indiana a young man
was delivering pizzas for his job at Papa Johns.
Folks this man was 30 years old!
And he is being described as a selfless and very passionate musician.
Struggling like the rest of us to make ends meet, and delivering pizzas
for an income aside from his music.

He was pronounced dead Friday night laying face down in a parking lot
after delivering a pizza at an apartment complex, and his vehicle
was stolen.

A black Jeep Cherokee Laredo that he was driving was stolen after the shooting.
The vehicle was recovered Saturday morning at 1601 S. East St., police said.

Aparantly this was the second fatal shooting of a pizza delivery driver in Indianapolis
in less than two weeks.

Now the person that ordered the pizza called the authorities and tried to help
Mr. Daniel but could not.
They are NOT considered a suspect in the murder.

I’m reading some really touching stories of him helping his friends
who all loved him with lots of passion.

He was a well known local area vocalist for a band and he was a good
From the IndyStar:

Jaffke was a vocalist and guitarist in several local bands, including Two O’clock Twilight.
Friends of the fallen musician recalled his contagious aura, optimism and dependability.
On Saturday, friends shared stories of Jaffke’s obsessive love of music — and his generosity.

There was the one Saturday night when Tenille Williams and a friend wound up with a tab at
the cash-only Alley Cat bar — but without cash.

The two called a few friends for help, but no one came. Then Jaffke walked through the
door and paid the bill.

“He said ‘I would only hope that someone would do it for me if I needed it,’ and refused to
let us pay him back,” Williams said. “He was always smiling, so warm and heartfelt in everything
that he said and did.”

NOW I ASK YOU will YOU please help my website help HIM?
This is the link to donate funds to his loved ones.

HERE is where you can go donate much needed
funds for his family. And I’m sure they would appreciate your prayers
and hopes for JUSTICE!

Feb 012014

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I love to support great songwriters and independent music as well as the legends
on this website. This young lady is NO exception!
This is Mandy Mae Hallman and she is originally from Wisconsin. She moved here at 18 to pursue songwriting.

I was turned onto her music from Ty Brando, he contacted me because he knew
I would appreciate her music…and I did!
She has several really well-written songs in her arsenal and she has been HARD
at work down here doing shows all over.

Shame on me, every time I’m off and she’s playing somewhere my plans
always fell through. I do listen to her CD alot and if you click on
the link above you can get her CD.

She’s doing two shows next week at the Commodore Grille which is a GREAT place to see live music
and a GREAT place to eat..the food is AWESOME there!

Debi Champion and Mr. Rick Stewart are both GREAT hosts for the shows.
You NEED to go check out her music if you aren’t familiar with her.

Tell her I sent you to her show!

Feb 012014

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I have been writing for DAYS for this network of national venues supporting
independent roots musicians. The OFFICIAL NATIONAL kickoff is in Wilder Ky
and there is a venue representing each state.

At this time I would like to report on the venue that has been
selected to represent the state of Illinois.
Guitars And Cadillacs Saloon.

On Thursday April 24rth Josh Morningstar and Cley Reynolds will be performing
there and on March 4rth they will also feature Rory Kelly’s Triple Threat.

This particular venue is featuring the Last Honky Tonk Music Series
the first thursday of every month.
This looks like a GREAT venue to enjoy live music at and I might be able to
visit this venue someday.

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Feb 012014

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Hey Folks Sarge and The Outlaw Music Association has announced some shows.
These two shows are in Kentucky and Tennessee and they feature several Altamont Originals.
Kara Clark, Josh Morningstar, and Pete Berwick are all Altamont Originals like I am.
And they will also feature the Rowdy Johnson Band whom is based out of Arizona.

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The Kentucky venue is one I have reported in the past and have run a contest in the past
from the Spillway bar and grill.
The Tennessee venue is The Wanted Saloon in Dickson.

So when you make your plans to attend the Wayne Mills Benefit at the Limelight
on March 2nd you can also make plans to attend the first two shows sponsored
by the Outlaw Music Association.

Feb 012014

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Like I mentioned on Facebook..I’m going NATIONAL!
I just got SO MANY emails about shows I cannot pass up trying
to promote shows in other states as well!
Just TOO MUCH great music the media will NEVER tell you
still exists or does exist.

So this article came from my Michigan friend Helen Holmes.
She is a WARRIOR for traditional country music and a REALLY
good person. So Miss Helen this ones for YOU!

It will be hosted at Arcadia Rodeo Arena in Arcadia Florida.
And it will feature some Country Music Legends for 35 BUCKS!

if I have to tell you about these Country Music Legends you’ve
been living under a rock…but I WILL tell you about them!

John Conlee and T.G. Sheppard are already together in Marion Kentucky.
Brought to us by Clay and Barbie Campbell and the Kentucky Opry.

They will be joined by Country Legends David Frizzell brother of
Lefty Frizzell and Janie Fricke and Moe Bandy.
Also appearing is Moore and Moore.

Moore and Moore are a twin sister duet and they are playing the Rutledge on
February 17th in Nashville if you want to check them out.
From what I’ve heard of them it will be a GREAT SHOW!

Now Moe Bandy is mostly doing shows in Branson Missouri.
Moe has released 32 albums and had 8 albums with Joe Stampley.
Although he only had one number one hit he had 14 top tens
on those albums.
And duets with Janie Fricke who is also involved with this show.

If you plan to be in the Florida area or already are
YOU NEED to catch this show!