Feb 082014

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Ok Folks here’s the most current lineup for the March 2nd Benefit at the Limelight
I have from the Outlaw Music Association and you can buy tickets on the link.
HURRY THEY ARE SELLING FAST and the venue seats 2000 people.

Brian Randle and Southern Justice
Rory Kelly and Triple Threat

Billie Gant
Pete Berwick
Don Poobah Mealer
Vernon Rust
Guy Nix

Goode Dawg

Chris Gantry
Steve Young
Tom Ghent
James Austin
Will Callery
R.C. Oleary

Pure Grain
Kara Clark

Matt Woods
Jessie Keith Whitley
Joshua Morningstar
Tonya Watts
Brigette London
Cley Reynolds
Scott Haggard
Larry Fleet

JD Outlaw
Rowdy Johnson Band

Dallas Moore
Whitey Morgan
J.B. Beverly
Kyle Wilson
Mike Owens
Buck Thrailkill
Whey Jennings

followed by an all-star jam with the Wayne Mills Band.

I know all my Altamont Originals kinfolk will be there (and they wont eat all my food).
So PLEASE come join me as I hang out with them and spend time remembering the great
Wayne Mills.
Folks ALL THE PROCEEDS will go to his widow and son, so PLEASE…this is IMPORTANT
that we raise money to help our fellow neighbors.

Mr. Wayne was tragically taken from us much too soon in Nashville.
Shortly after we all said goodbye in Altamont..we said farewell to
Mr. Wayne Mills.

I know this..I think Sarge’s words at his funeral service were the most
powerful and heartfelt I ever heard at a service.

Feb 082014

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The Outlaw Music Association will be visiting Baldwyn Ms
at Buschwacker’s sports bar GRAND OPENING!
I have to research further into this venue and their services however I talked to the owner
and he’s REALLY NICE.

So if you are in the area you need to go see the Rowdy Johnson Band tear up Mississippi.

Folks the Outlaw Music Association is accepting bands and artists for their membership
and that means you will get booked on their shows and tours.
Your support and your funds go a LONG LONG way to promote and support Outlaw music

It’s ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT to become a member. Your dues go to such important
things like keeping these artists active and roadworthy.

Feb 082014

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Well it’s been a hard working two weeks but I went national and I think it’s been quite
a success for me with the response I got and rating I have now.
So I been researching more shows in more states from more bands than ever.

This one is for the Outlaw Music Association and it is taking place
Feb 28th at Just One More Bar And Grill in Manchester Tennessee.

This series of shows will feature Kara Clark, Pete Berwick and The Rowdy Johnson Band.
These shows are all close to the Wayne Mills Benefit at the Limelight, which
I will update again later today.
I wanted to keep up with all the lineup changes and make sure I was informing everyone
correctly about that benefit show.

I will touch more on the complete benefit show in a later article tonight.
For now you can get your tickets for these shows on the website.
I’ll be at the Limelight FOR SURE however I try to get to as many house shows
as I can..sadly there are just so many to go see.

Feb 082014

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Washington State

The Official venue for Alabama is The Brickyard in Mobile.
Noell Broughton was a dear friend of Wayne Mills whom this
whole series is actually named after.

They have signed on to their network for once a month shows.

I’ll be researching this venue further in the next few weeks to come.