Feb 092014

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Well you know folks my whole purpose in life is to share my music love and
my research and my discoveries of new artists.
AND I feature ALL the legends that “major media” refuses to allow you
to know still exist!
WHY? Why does most of society NOT KNOW these wonderful gems of country music
still perform for us. And put out NEW music?
Where is the coverage? HERE IT IS!

Folks country legend and comedian Ray Stevens is STILL ACTIVE in Branson
and putting out REALLY FUNNY political stuff.
I’m not really big on politics but I am big on humor and it’s downright funny.

He’s been on the Opry many many times and when he visits it’s always
a big draw for people still.
He is doing a ton of shows in Branson and in 2012 he recorded a HUGE
double album set called 50 years of Hits And Hilarity.
The other half  is called Patriots And Politics and they are available on his
official website as separate albums.

He’s been releasing videos direct to DVD and Youtube because obviously
the major media people don’t put up stuff that they think will remotly
offend somebody.
With Ray Stevens It’s never been anything but just plain fun.
Hell I think The Streak was the funniest thing EVER
And his live shows are really good after all these years.

Recently he made a spoof of the Duck Dynasty people
and I basically fell off a barstool last night.
YOU HAVE GOT to listen to him poke fun at the Robertson’s..

Feb 092014

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Anybody that knows me personally knows that I study country music effortlessly and constantly.
And to me there are two contributing families that weren’t one of the first  families of country music.
Those two families are the Williams and Tubbs.

And last night at the Troubador Theater at the Midnight Jamboree a bunch of people got together to
celebrate the birthday of Country Legend Ernest Tubb who if alive would have turned 100 today.

You cannot argue with me when I say NOBODY contributed more to country music than E.T.
He single handedly assisted more artists than I can name propel themselves to stardom
whether it was on the Opry or off the Opry and on his house shows.
He helped MANY MANY musicians who were and were not Troubadors become successful
in country music.

He acted as himself in the 1970’s classic “Coal Miner’s Daughter” pretending to do for
Sissy Spaceck what he did for Loretta Lynn in real life.
HE WAS one of the reasons we even HAVE Loretta still today, and she will agree.
He was the stepping stone for Jack Greene, Cal Smith, Buddy Emmons, and I could go on and on!

He began the Ernest Tubb record shops 66 years ago, and in 1947 he began the Midnight Jamboree.
It’s been FREE ever since and ALWAYS will be!
It’s an hour and a half show AFTER the second Opry show on saturday nights.
And the shop not only features items from the past it is a resource for hard to find
albums and artists within the confines of the commercial prison placed up by Music Row.
Basically, if THEY dont have it or CANNOT order it…it no longer exists or is rare and
owned by collectors like ME…or Marty Stuart…he owns EVERYTHING!

When I got there around eleven they was warming up with “Two Glasses Joe” and
“Driving Nails In My Coffin”.
Then I got to sit with Glenn Douglass Tubb for a while and talk to him personally.
I have a great respect for him.

Keith Bilbrey is a country music legend in his own right.
HE IS the Grant Turner of my generation, he and Eddie Stubbs.
He should be inducted into the Hall Of Fame someday too.
And as always he performed his emcee duties of the evening as it was being broadcast on
WSM AM 650.

Glenn performed two of his own original songs ‘Texas Troubador” and “The Day That Ernest Tubb
Came To Town”
And he told us all stories about life on the bus, and the historical FACT:
Ernest Tubb was the first country music artist to play Carnegie Hall in New York City.

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Then the band which consisted of original Troubadors Lynn Owsley and Leon Rhodes
did a medley of Ernest Tubb classic songs.
Lynn broke out into the well known intro to Waltz Across Texas.
Now, honestly Buddy Charleton who replaced a road weary Buddy Emmons originally
wrote the intro to it…Lynn played it in his own style.
The song itself was penned by Erenst and his nephew Talmage Tubb.

I have said this before and I’ll scream it until I’m dead!
Country Music has three fundamental building blocks of it’s backbone:
The songwriters
The Producer
The Steel guitarist.
I want to say seeing Lynn Owsley was probably the second greatest reason
I went to the show! He is so nice and happy.
His style compares to nobody ever!

There were album plugs and songs played too.
As Mr. Keith announced some feature albums by Rhonda Vincent (and the rage)
and Jim Lauderdale we listened eagerly.
And a newer Heart Of Texas recording by Country Legend Norma Jean called
“aged To Perfection” which was mostly cover songs but AWESOME.

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Then he brought out his first guest Phillip Steinmetz who is Grandpa Jone’s nephew.
He dresses and performs just like his famous uncle from Ridgetop Teneessee,
and I have actually saw him perform on an older show called Nashville Traditions.
He and his Sunny Tennesseans played “Bowling Green” and “Are You From Dixie”?
And his guitarist played an old Sam and Kirk McGee song “Railroad Blues”.

Then of course Mr. Glenn Douglass Tubb played “Thanks A Lot”
Which was one of Ernest Tubb’s signature closing songs of the
After World War II songs like “Phillipino Baby” became very popular
on the airwaves of America.

Susan West did a wonderful job singing
“Half A Mind” a song wrote by Country Legend Roger Miller.
And I will be featuring her more in the future, she was very good!
Whether she was kin to Dottie or Shelley West…I honestly couldn’t tell you.

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Miss Dottie Tubb whom is Mr. Glenns wife came out in one Hank Snow’s original
“Sidemen” suits.
The Sidemen were Hank Snow’s backup band his career in country music.
The band all got together and played a few more Erenst Tubb songs and
brought the remaining Tubb family members up to close the show out with
the ever popular hymn “I’ll Fly Away”….