Feb 162014

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Washington State

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Sometime this week I’ll announce the artist roster and research some of them
for you and for my knowledge too.
I’ll be trying to catch the series kickoff in Kentucky on the 22nd.
I just saw the roster and let me tell you it’s AWESOME!
I’ll be placing the older ones I did on the list above for you.

The venue selected for Colorado is Bucksnort Saloon.
Nestled at 7,040 feet in the Denver foothills, The Buck Snort Saloon is legendary
as a cozy, old-west family restaurant and bar. They are committed to live music
and host national and touring acts. We are proud to work with Galina Bye as she
represents The Centennial State by hosting this Series once a month beginning on March 29th.

This venue is indeed a historical landmark dating back to the 1800’s.
The Denver and South Park Railroad made it’s way through Breckenridge
and the small town of pine was founded.
And further up the town of Sphinx Park was founded.
Some of the log cabins still remain intact and the old mercantile
was turned into a restaurant and bar.
The bar stools are made from real logs!

The food looked VERY appetizing and delicious.
The menu says if your’e in a hurry go to McDonalds!

I think they selected a REALLY good choice to have the Colorado shows here.

Feb 162014


Lawrence Hankins Locklin was born February 15th 1918 in Brewton Alabama.
He was a member of the Grand Ole Opry for nearly 50 years and was
a staple active fixture on the Opry stage.
He had a lengthy tenure recording for RCA Victor
And from 1949-1971 he charted over 70 singles in country music.

He grew up in the Florida panhandle and began playing guitar at
age nine after he was struck by a school bus and injured.
While he recovered he taught himself  how to play.

Hank Locklin was one of Country Music’s earliest Honky Tonk players
He first recorded for 4 Star records before moving on to
RCA in 1957.

Beginning in 1960 he started his tenure as an Opry member.
He appeared regular until his last appearance in 2007.
He was widely known for being one of country music’s most
influential tenor singers.

He charted 70 singles 8 number one’s and generated 20 million
in total album sales internationally.
He was a mentor and personal friend to my good friend Joe Rucker.
And he influenced his music in a huge way..you can tell.

Billboard Magazine listed “Send Me The Pillow You Dream On’
as the second most influential and integral song of the
Rock And Roll Era.
“Please Help Me I’m Falling” spent a back then incredible
14 weeks at number 1 and 30 weeks on the top 10.

Until his death at 91 he was the oldest active member of the Opry.
He passed away in his home in Brewton March 8th 2009.

He is buried in the Mount Caramel Cemetary
in Santa Rosa County in Florida.