Feb 182014

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I am just absolutely brimming over with joy tonight as I heard
Country Music husband and wife duo Joey And Rory Feek
have had a little GIRL. Meet Indiana Boone Feek!
At this time I’m not sure if Its Boone or Boon..sorry guys!

I want to say right out that Joey And Rory are two of the most talented
and Christian people you will ever want to meet.
They represent decency and love for each other and
for country music..PERIOD.

His guitar says it ALL: We Love Country Music!

Ever since they came from out of Columbia Tennessee they have done
just that!
They play the Opry ALOT and I expect they will represent the Opry
Better than anyone else nowadays!

They have their own show on RFD TV on Friday nights,
and their show is on it’s fourth season.
And their new fourth album came out in 2013.

Iv’e featured them many times on here and didn’t
really want to take the main feature off the baby.
I’ll be watching them for more GREAT music.