Feb 212014

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I previously wrote an article for the Urban Pioneers which is a side project for
Mr. Jared McGovern and Miss Liz Sloan from Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band.
They currently perform their Urban Pioneers act first kind of like what
Mr. James Hunnicutt does as well.
Then the Broken Band plays as a whole..and the whole night is like
fireworks. I always look for fire coming out of their stuff.

In a few weeks after they come off tour for “Bless This Mess”
which is Mr. Jayke’s second album on the Farmageddon label.
They will embark on a tour of their own for their
Urban Pioneers project.

You can see ALL their tour dates on the link above,
and on March 6th they will be appearing at Live True Vintage in Nashville Tn.
Stop in and see my friend Miss Tammy Pope and tell her I sent you!


We’re back open! we’ve got the back rooms all fixed up, and tons of new
stuff for y’all to look at. But more importantly, it’s fixin to be the season
to start having our friends come by to do some pickin’!!! So to kick it off
right we’ve got the Urban Pioneers (aka Liz Sloan and Jared McGovern from Jayke Orvis
& the broken band). Great old timey tunes with a great sense of humor! special guests
to be announced soon!!

Well they HAVE announced an opening act for the night Miss Madeleine Medley, whom
I intend to feature VERY soon.
They ALSO have a track on the Muddy Folkin Roots CD that has become available
for 8 bucks plus shipping.
Ok MORE on that album later too guys.

I am looking forward to going to one of their shows this year!