Feb 222014

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You know folks I been writing my “Country Music Remembers” for some time now..
but I felt the need to love on someone STILL WITH US today.
Tonight as I enjoy a few beers and my record collection and work on the website
I want to love on Country Music Legend Hoot Hester.

I want to take the time to say THANK YOU for all your beautiful work
and want to educate others whom may not know your work.

Hubert Dwane Hester AKA Hoot Hester
has been a member of the Opry staff house band since 2000 and has
blessed the Opry with his fiddle playing for 14 years.
I go there to see him perform, among a few select others.
BUT He’s done SO MUCH MORE for country music!
In fact to NOT hold him in high regard would be completely ludicrous.

Hoot Hester has recorded and played with the likes of Hank Williams Jr.
,Randy Travis, Conway Twitty, Bill Monroe and many many more.
He worked for Earl Scruggs until Earl died 2012.

He is the former fiddle player and co-founder of the Time Jumpers
which is basically a country music SUPERGROUP of random people.
They have played alot at the Station Inn.
And include the likes of Vince Gill and Ranger Doug Green.
He appears on their DEBUT album “On The Air”.

He has been one of the greatest and most loved session fiddle players
that country music has EVER seen and EVER WILL SEE!
He started around the 1980’s doing session work, and if you have a record
collection like I do…you’ll see his name on a BOATLOAD of albums.
One of my favorites you did Mr. Hoot was “Wild eyed Dream” from
Ricky Van Shelton. And “Put Your Dreams Away” By Mickey Gilley.
He played alot of sessions with Buddy Emmons and Phil Baugh.
And they went on to play with staff bands on Nashville Alive.

Hoot Hester I want to tell you something in public.
We LOVE you…I LOVE you so much.
I love country music more than I love anything on this Earth, and my home
is adorned with your work.
I think you and John Hughey and Ralph Mooney are three of the most precious
icons backup country music bands ever had.
I hope nobody ever forgets you and if they do they should be ashamed of themselves
because YOU RAISED ME..See I didnt have a “normal” childhood.
I was very reclusive and clung to music.
YOU were there when I lost family members…when I lost my wife
and most of ALL you were there when I beat addiction.
I am alive because of you and this website is here because of you!