Feb 232014

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I was eating supper tonight and I heard the announcement that Country Music Legend
Penny DeHaven died today after a long fight with cancer at 65.

There aren’t many websites that will even tell you about her
and what she has given country music..I will do that.

In the Honky Tonk era of the 1970’s she had a string of hits
by herself and duets with people the likes of Del Reeves and
Porter Waggoner.
My favorite duet she did was with Boxcar Willie and it was called
“We Made memories” on the album “Last Train To Heaven”.
She only released two albums herself but contributed backing vocals
on many classic country music albums.

She appeared on Hee Haw several times and she sang “Bayou Lullaby
on the Clint Eastwood classic movie “Honkytonk Man”.
She also appeared on the Grand Ole Opry several times in her career.

Feb 232014

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On weds Feb 26th Country Music Legend Bobby Bare will appear
at The bluebird Cafe with his son Bobby Bare Jr.
And tickets are selling FAST at only 25 dollars!

Folks Bobby Bare in my opinion along with a few others is are the VERY FIRST
people to start the Outlaw Country Music gnere.
Bobby Bare has been credited for singlehandedly doing it but I think there
were a few more involved.. Nonetheless Bobby was a pioneer of it all.

He has released over 40 albums in his career and has charted 14 top ten hits.
He was recently nominated into the Country Music Hall Of Fame
along with Kenny Rogers and Cowboy Jack Clement.
He acted for a brief time in several shows but turned his back on film to become
the music icon he has.

He will ALSO be appearing in the field this summer for the 2014 Muddy Roots Music Festival.
And I look forward to twisting his arm to play a few from his “Drinking From The Bottle”
album my hero and friend Tom Ghent wrote.

I highly suggest you go see this event if you can!

Feb 232014

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Last night I ventured into Nashville to hand out my NEW stickers and to
see a few friends play in the Opryland area.
I was given a “tip” to go to the Nashville Palace (who sponsors my site)
to go check out David Peterson And 1946.

I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY with their show, when I got there he was
digging DEEP into the vaults of country and bluegrass music
and playing some so old most people think they are new!
Heck he was playing Tarnished Angel that George Jones cut
for Mercury Records in the 1960’s!

He also had one of the three pillars of country music..
A damn fine steel player in his band.

Right now I’m listening to his CD “Comin On Strong”
and the song is “Come Back To Me” which was cut by
Jimmy C. Newman..
And he used some REALLY GREAT session players on his album
I bought. He has 5 available and you can buy them by clicking
on his link above.
On steel he used Paul Franklin and John Hughey and Buddy Emmons.
I also saw Tim Atwood and many many more names I noticed.
He also has a young lady on fiddle from Illinois and she
was absolutely fabulous to listen to!

Another song that grabbed me here “Your’e The Only One For Me”
which Don Gibson cut in the 1950’s on (I think it was)
Lion label..or metro.
“Family Bible” was a good song he did. It’s an early Willie Nelson
“Neckties” is one of his own songs he wrote. I enjoy that one too.
“Rattlesnakin Daddy” I always thought was an original Jumping Bill Carlisle
song..I never knew it was older still.
So I learn things by his music..I like that!

I noticed he dresses in traditonal clothes for his shows as I do.
I really enjoyed having a few beers and honky tonking to his band!

I’ll be featuring him MORE in the future!