Feb 262014

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Dog gone it…I can’t make them all!
Here at Garyhayescountry.com we get ALL the good invites!
SO MANY awesome shows in town and out of town..after
tonight week I’ll wrap up the week with a few more articles
and THEN it’s my “Wayne Mills Weekend”..

The folks at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn have booked a really
awesome west coast band in The Pine Box Boys.
This will be a VERY energetic show and will also include Jake Cox
And on March 28th it will be murderous!

The Pine Box Boys are celebrating their 10th anniversary and they want YOU to join them
on the road when they visit Nashville and bring their murder bluegrass here.

Their new album ‘Tales From The Emancipated” is available NOW their
website and their EP “Worms” is also available.
I recently got their new album and “Waltzing Through The Graveyard” was really
good..so was “No Room For Barbara”.
This is their fourth album their first album from back in 2003
was ‘Arkansas Killing Time” and was a GREAT album.

Honestly drummer Steven Uncle Doods is ONE HELL of a solo
drummer on “Mr. Skeleton” which is my personal favorite song
they play.

They were started out as an old fashioned murder ballad band
to play songs like “Knoxville Girl” Also covered by BR5-49
Live from Roberts..they eventually began writing their OWN
murder ballads. And the rest is history!

you can get tickets by clicking on the Layla’s link above.