Feb 282014


I was given permission to write this and help Georgette Jones and her
They are launching a campaign to restore her name to her burial crypt
at Woodlawn Memorial Park in Nashville Tennessee.
As it stands now her married name of Virginia W Richardson
is what is on her crypt.
This article is more or less to help them achieve this goal,
the Tennessean wrote about a lot of family drama and
I myself have my opinions…but they are private and so will
the family drama be..at least on my website.

I think Georgette Jones is one of the best things to
happen to country music in the last 20 years!
And I think her husband is one HELL of a steel picker!
I met them last year at Muddy Roots when Mr. Jamie played
for Shooter Jennings.

They are asking for public support as they attempt to
rectify a mistake they made after they were told the
name change would only be temporary.
However now they don’t own the burial crypt and cannot
legally change the name.

How can YOU help?
Here’s the facebook page you can join HERE.
“She worked very hard and long her whole life for that name,”
Lennon said. “That’s who she believed she was. That is who she was.”

They are hoping an outpour of public support will help
strengthen their case as they have had no luck
in the past of obtaining ANY rights to any of their
mother’s property or items or rights of any legal sort.

This from the Tennessean:
Wynette’s husband, George Richardson, who went by the professional
name of George Richey, was given their mother’s home and belongings
as well as the rights to her publishing and business enterprises after
her 1998 death. Lennon said her mother had shown them a handwritten list
specifying who would get what personal items, but Richey told estate lawyers
he could not find it.

They and Richey’s children expected to have the intellectual property passed
on to them but learned that those rights were sold to a music publishing company
shortly before his death in 2010.

The Bicycle Music Co. and its affiliate, the AF Circle C. Fund,
announced in a Feb. 19, 2010, press release “the acquisition of
a significant interest in the Tammy Wynette music catalog, name
and likeness rights as well as the trademarks, ‘Tammy Wynette,’
‘First Lady of Country Music’ and ‘Stand By Your Man.’ ”

I myself am not really sure how or why any of it happened..
All I can tell you is I firmly believe that her crypt
deserves to say “Tammy Wynette”.
And if you feel the same way join the page and render your support.