Mar 312014


Folks it was announced this past week that legendary Country Music
label Dot Records was purchased by current label Big Machine Records.
Actually it’s the name they bought and are resurrecting and reviving.
It’s not been yet announced if Big Machine will be reissuing all of the
old classic country music that was released on the Dot label in the 1970’s.
Because 1979 Dot (or ABC) was sold to MCA Records.

Universal Music Group currently owns the Dot records catalog
which consists of SO MANY Country Legends and hits I couldn’t name
them all for you but I’ll tell you throughout the 1970’s Dot
Records released recordings from Roy Clark from 1969-1973
including “My Everlov’n Soul” and “Yesterday When I Was Young”.
And more of Roy’s biggest hits were released on Dot and produced
by Joe Allison.

More classic country music came from Dot including The Kendalls,
Gunilla Hutton, Tommy Jackson, and Freddy Fender.
Most of Donna Fargo’s famous recording were all on Dot including
“Funny Face’ and “Happiest Girl In The Whole USA” and “Daddy Dumplin”
all produced by Stan Silver.

MORE CLASSIC COUNTRY..Barbara Mandrell recorded 4 albums with Dot
from 1976-1977. Both “Married..But Not To Each Other” and “Midnight Angel”
were two hits of hers on Dot label.
Leroy Van Dyke, Joe Stampley and Tommy Overstreet also released albums.

However two of Dot’s biggest powerhouses in it’s history were
Don Williams and Hank Thompson.
Don recorded 6 albums with Dot and some of his biggest hits including
‘Tulsa Time” “Say It Again” and “Till The Rivers All Run Dry”.
Most was produced by Garth Fundis.

Hank Thompson recorded for Dot from 1968-1977 and released some
of his lesser known hits including “Smokey The Bar”.
He released 14 albums with Dot Records.

Randy Wood originally founded Dot Records, which was active between
1950 and 1977.
The main headquarters is located in Gallatin Tennessee and many of the
hits were recorded during the night because the radio station was
a daily broadcast. In 1956 the company moved to Hollywood California.

The original headquarters of Dot Records were in Gallatin, Tennessee,
in fact many of the earliest recordings for the label were recorded
right in the on-air production studios of radio station WHIN, which
Wood owned at the time. Since WHIN was a daytime only radio station,
recording sessions were held at night when the station was off the air.
In 1956, the company moved to Hollywood, California.

In its early years, the label specialized in artists from around
Tennessee. It soon branched out to include musicians and singers
from across the United States. It recorded a variety of different
genres of music. After the move to Hollywood, Dot Records bought
up many recordings by small local independent labels and issued
them nationally.

In 1957, Wood sold ownership of the label to Paramount Pictures, but
he remained the president of the company for another decade.
And in 1967 Dot Records was managed by the legendary Tommy Overstreet
who left the management seat in 1970 to pursue a solo act and
recorded 12 albums with Dot until 1978.
Dot Records began to release soundtrack albums and other ventures.

At Dot a subsidiary label entitled Hamilton Records was founded in 1958,
for rockabilly and rhythm and blues distributed Jeff Barry’s Steed
Records along with the only two records from the Herb Alpert and
Jerry Moss-owned Carnival Records. Dot Records created two other
subsidiary labels: Crystalette Records and Acta Records according
to my research of the rare labels.

Now in 1968 is when the classic country music started on the Dot label.
Under the umbrella of the Famous Music Group which was bought by ABC in
in 1974 or 75.
Then in 1979 it was sold to MCA Records and Dot name was dropped.

However just last week it was announced Pop Country label Big
Machine Records has bought the label and will release albums
under the Dot name and redone the logo as placed above.

Big Machine was a joint venture with Toby Keith who backed out
to open his own label.
They are responsible for a lot of falsely marketed “country music”
the likes of Taylor Swift and Rascall Flatts.

Honestly the only really good albums they ever released
was “Heartbreakers Hall Of Fame” by Sunny Sweeney which was
pretty much tossed under the rug by the label because
they were ashamed to have REAL country on their label.
And ‘In Time” by The Mavericks wasn’t bad.

Will this be another Gaylord purchasing the Opry fiasco?
I’m thinking YES..but we shall see..

This label was launched in 2005 so that should tell you
a red flag.

Mar 292014


Last weekend I experienced country music history in Wilder Kentucky.
I LOVE the Cincinnati area and I didn’t realize the roots music
movement was so large scale up there until last Saturday night.
I rolled into town about 5 and got to meet C.J. Cumberland host of
crescent Hill Radio a local radio station and Mr.C.J was also the emcee
for the evening. So I was chatting with Cley Reynolds and also got
to meet Jo El and LeAnn Ulmer who are called “2 Country 4 Nashville”.
But more on them later..LOTS more on them ALL later!

Standing in front of Bobby Mackey’s Haunted Honky Tonk was a pinnacle
in my over thirty years of collecting and studying the history and origin
of country music. See at one time Nashville was marketing the ‘Nashville Sound”
and grooming their view of what “stars” should be like.
And much like Buck Owens and Mickey Gilley, Bobby had a style and look
all his own and didn’t “fit in” with what was his peers.
So in the 1970’s he opened his own empire and created a staple place
to showcase Honky Tonk Country Music. Much like Buck Owens and Mickey did.
I will be honest..getting to tell him he had a large part of my youth
was something I will always remember.
I will tell anybody that I AM the man I am today because of country music
and because of it’s impact on my morals and my rehabilitation.
Country Music may be largely associated with booze and fornication,
and I don’t get religious on here hard core but to say I didn’t love
Roy Acuff because he did all things in God’s glory would be a lie.

Inside I spent the first hour looking at the walls and listening
to what they had to say. How much history was on those walls?
Decades. Literally hundreds of 45’s and pictures from as far back
as the 50’s shortly after the death of our first superstar it ever
knew, Hank Williams.
I slowly scoured every inch of artwork and absorbed the dates and
places and people. I have said this many times..EVERY Honky Tonk
is a museum. EVERY stage is a canvas for these people.
It may not be as precious as the hallowed circle of wood on the Opry
but it holds relevance within Country Music.
It’s not just a place to get drunk.

The music series itself is a songwriter-artist series that is
nationwide and going on in every state at selected venues that
represent each state.
I have articles on 13 of the states so far, and I plan to continue
the series. And how they worked the first set was a set of three
roots music artists Chris “Moondog” Hall, Joshua Morningstar
and Daryl Wayne Dasher.


Chris “Moondog” Hall is half of Goode Dawg with John Goode.
I first heard of them in Altamont and got more familiar with
them at the Wayne Mills benefit however their set was cut short.
Chris did a wonderful job and started out the series with the
OFFICIAL song of the series “Land of Make Believe”.
He also played “Better than That” and “what Happened To The Songs”.
I really liked What Happened..I had to listen a few more times
to that song, and it is really well written.
Later that night on the bus he told us all a story about his
tattoos on his chest and their meaning and it was so special
I couldn’t do it justice to TRY to retell it.
I owe him a bunch of gratitude for sharing it with us.


Josh Morningstar I CANNOT say enough good about. I LOVE the man,
and his wife Tess is one of the most beautiful people you’ll EVER
meet. He’s been through hell like me and we BOTH beat the devil.
He WILL NOT have us..I got to witness Country Legend Billy Don Burns
sing “Dark Side Of The Spoon” to us together.
His album with his band the .30’s is really good and for the series
he played “Sellout Celebrity” “Williams, Whitley and Whiskey” and he
played “As long as you ain’t Coming Back” which is so cleverly
written it’s one of my favorite songs.
I owe him thanks for including me in one of his songs..and just for
being such a great brother.

Daryl Wayne Dasher I knew very little about until now.
He had an album on vinyl..I did not get to pick one up
YET. His album Great Big Sky looked to be promising.
He played ‘Yesterdays’ and another good one called
“Mountains of Montana”.

Now MIND YOU everybody..I was taking notes because of
the fact the WI FI was not working correctly because of
some technicalities so WHILE VISITING and taking pictures
I’m trying to take all this music in AT THE SAME TIME!
THIS is NOT easy and making sure I didn’t mess up song titles
was HARD.


C.J. then came back and continued his spectacular job of
emceeing the event.
They brought out one of Country Music’s overlooked legends
Billie Gant. Billie has been head of the Vigilantes for longer
than I have been alive. He resonates history in his songs, and
he started out with “Rueben Dixon” which is one of my favorites.
He played one I have never heard before “The Sadder The Song
The Better I Feel” and I REALLY enjoyed that one.
“No God In Juarez” and he warned the radio people about his
closing song “Stop F’n Up Country Music”.

Legend after Legend at this place on this night.
And these Legends are GROSSLY overlooked and not appreciated
by today’s “normal” society. SHAME ON THEM!
You have my guarantee no other website can even tell you
who Billie Gant or Tom Ghent are..and that pisses me off!
These people MADE country music.
I have a theory and can back it up with FACT:
Country Music has THREE fundamental building blocks..pillars
if you will.
The producers, the songwriter and the steel guitar. You have
ALL THREE you have a classic album, in which you take people
like Vince Gill or Andy Gibson and you HAVE THAT!


One of the highlights of the whole night! Billy Don Burns.
The man has done so much for country music. He wrote he
has produced and he has weathered more miles of road
than anyone I know. He will tell you ‘I buried so many
of my heros”. He opened with ‘Talk About Crazy” which is also
a new documentary in production.
He played “Haggard And Hank”, “Wanted Dead Or alive” which
he wrote at Billy The Kid’s grave.
“Outlaws At The Cross” and Brigitte London came up and sang
“When Waylon Came To Nashville’ with him.
He played “Desperate Men” which was his most successful song
recorded by the late Hank Cochran.
He played “hank Williams Lonesome And Keith Whitley Blue”
and per my request and Joshua Morningstar he played what I
consider the crown jewel of Country Music, a dark tale
of drug addicition and an anthem for survivors “Dark Side
of The Spoon”.

By this time I’ll be honest Iv’e had a few beers.
I stayed with friends and he said “Well get you home”.
So the green light was on..I don’t get much time to
enjoy myself. Health problems be damned the Coors Lights
went down as fast as the music soaked into my veins.


The next set was Brigitte London with Cley Reynolds
and Jill Kinsey. Now I wasn’t familiar with Jill Kinsey’s
songs and I have not been able to contact her on Facebook
so I had to do a little research on her songs. She played
one called “I Love You You Won’t Know” and another about
Jessie Colter, who is widow of Waylon Jennings and mother
of Shooter, Terry, Deanna, Julie Rae, and Buddy Dean Jennings.

Brigitte London..where do I start? She’s got a voice of an angel
and a heart of gold. She works harder than just about ANYONE I KNOW
in the music business. PERIOD!
She does more for roots music and songwriters than ANYONE too.
“Hard Woman” was one of her songs and It’s off her album Thunder.
I have to buy a few more of her albums to fully get the impact of her
long musical career. She also sang part of “Last Honky Tonk” by Wayne Mills
who inspired this series. And it’s named after him.
She also did a new song called “Different You”.
She has a song on her new album Heart Of Highwaywoman that is called
“I Survived” and she said it was written by Roger Alan Wade.
I was listening to her album on I-65 and had to pull over and cry..the song
had that deep of an impact upon my old soul. Only two songs have EVER
affected me that deeply, “Dark Side Of The Spoon” Billy Don Burns
and “Choices” by Billy Yates.
I would do anything for her on a personal level, and she deserves a lot of
love for what she does.


Cley Reynolds is the son of Country Legend Billy Ray Reynolds and he is
a BEAST on stage.
I owe him a debt of thanks for using my picture of him on his album back cover.
He played three songs off his album Live At The Silver Maple”
They were “Hurricane” “Ballad Of A Bad Man” and “Cool Water”.
He and I got to have some pretty cool conversation later on in the night
at the bar. I really enjoyed my time with him on a personal level, he is
really down to Earth and needs to be appreciated for his talent more than he is.
I think the world of these performers and what they are doing NATIONWIDE..
Hell now it’s WORLDWIDE!

Jo-el and LeAnn Ulmer make up the duo 2 Country 4 Nashville and I really enjoyed
their feature too. They played “Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line” written by Jim Alley
in 1968 and they played “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” which was George Jones 45th album!
Honestly one of my favorite songs was “Call The Wrecker For My Heart” off that album.
This duo REALLY put alot of energy into their set and they frequently play the Nashville
Palace. I FULLY PLAN to come down and do a bigger write up on their show. I PROMISE!
NICE folks and I enjoyed their stage attire!


They brought up Country Legend Tom Ghent to sing “Easy As Dreamin” which was recorded
by Bobby Bare in 1983 off the album Drinking From The Bottle..Singin From The Heart.
And I also got to have a wonderful conversation with Mr. Tom about his ethnic
background and it is really funny. You just gotta ask him sometime!


The WHOLE CAST went up to sing “Good Hearted Woman” . In 1969, Jennings and Nelson were staying
in a motel in Fort Worth, Texas. Jennings was inspired to write the song after reading an
advertisement that promoted Ike and Tina Turner. Jennings joined Nelson during a poker game
and told him about the idea. The singers completed the song while Nelson’s wife, Connie Koepke,
wrote it down according to Shooter who told me that.


The BIG finale! The top of the evening was (and always is there) The man himself..
Country Legend Bobby Mackey. He and his band plays covers and originals..on thing is
for SURE they dont play ANY pop country.
Like the radio plays “What They Call Country”…GOOD original song you MUST look it up!
They started out with “Working Man’s Blues” written by Merle Haggard. And in fact later
that evening he told a REALLY COOL (literally cold) story about how Merle performed there
in his overcoat..he then played “Song About Haggard”.


Another GREAT original song was “That Jones Boy Is Gone” and “How The Story Ends”
and “Poor Pearl” which is written about one of the ghosts that reside in the lower
portion of the Honky Tonk. There are tours of it and we indeed went down there
and got to see some of the violent history of the building.

It was Bobby’s birthday that following Tuesday and some fans came up
and gave him a cake. And THEN was a BIG announcement and presentation
as they presented Bobby with the OFFICIAL LAST HONKY TONK MUSIC SERIES
plaque that was designed by my good friend Kenneth Marr.
It was burned into a wood barstool by the musicians.


He played two more Haggard songs I remembered “Ramblin Fever” and “From Now On
All My Freinds Are Gonna Be Strangers”.
And honestly I was on the ghost tour and visiting with SO MANY friends
and watching people like Eric French ride the electric bull!
I NEVER SAW ONE in person! It really was an exciting time and WELL WORTH
a four hour drive to Cincinnati.

And I’ll be back! And I’ll be reporting MORE for the Last Honky Tonk
Music Series and MORE on these artists and venues involved!

Mar 252014


I got a call from my buddy in West Virginia Noah Bowles last Friday
to help him cover this event for his band The Backwoods Butchers.
Mr. Noah is a GREAT supporter of and is always
willing to put a word out for me because I’m always willing to help
the bands and venues. It’s what I do!

Next Saturday March 29th in Summers County Memorial Building
in Hinton West Virginia the Backwoods Butchers will be involved
in their community for the Hinton Hope Foundation which is
an organization that is doing great things for the people and THAT
is what music and the music scene SHOULD BE all about..US!
When I found out they help narcotics anonymous I REALLY WANTED to

I will share with you some pieces from Facebook first:
–Teamwork: We’ve teamed up with a local organization called
ETHNÊ HOUSE, which also has similar goals and who has organized
a Nutrition 101 course and a Narcotics Anonymous. We hope to
work in tandem to expand some of their programs for the county.
We’ve also become the local Blueprint Community Team for the town.
Being a Blueprint Community team gives Hinton the advantage of grant opportunities and numerous amounts of development and support
organizations at our disposal. I.E. The West Virginia USDA Rural Development,
West Virginia Office of Healthy Lifestyles, WV Department of Environmental Protection & WVU Extension Service.

The Hinton Hope Foundation is actively fundraising to upgrade the Summers County Memorial Building Auditorium to better function as an Arts and Entertainment Venue. These upgrades will help us to expand our abilities to provide Music and Performing Arts Programs in Summers County. The Hinton Hope Foundation in conjunction with the Summers County Commission and others are working together to secure grants and funding matches to achieve these goals for the citizens and especially the youth of Summers County.

Folks I think We ALL should actively support the bands involved!
They will be:

Jacob Woodrum Band,
Nick Bennett & Taran McKinney (Other Brothers),
Chosen Generation Bluegrass
New Horizon Bluegrass for the Soul
Abigail Belcher
Valley Bluegrass
Alix Crawford
The Backwoods Butchers.

Donation admission price of $6. $1 off the price if you come dressed in “country attire” (cowboy boots, cowboy hat, etc.) Or bring your own folding camp chair. Kids 5 and under are free.

Prizes awarded for best dressed in each age group
(5-10) (11-16) (17-25) (26-40) (41+)

YOU can donate or purchase tickets HERE.
Folks PLEASE send a few dollars their way and every little bit helps.
This all goes to a wonderful event supporting people who need
rehabilitation and HOPE!
Let’s help them.

Mar 252014

Folks I’m tired as all getout and road weary and
I wouldn’t trade ONE DAMN MINUTE of it.
I’m at Dublin’s Irish Pub for the Urban Pioneers.
I was REALLY GLAD to have Mr. Jared tell me they are already
VINTAGEQUEEN54 is here filming this event go check her
out on youtube.
They just finished up a two week tour after tonight in support of their
first self recorded album with cover art done by one man band Lou Shields.
And YES IT IS available on vinyl SOON!

Dublin’s is a smaller place but the stage was really nice and
the atmosphere was unique.
It’s off state street in the college district of Bowling Green’s
Western Kentucky University.
I did not look or inquire about food options.

First up right now is one member of the Dead Broke Barrons.
Which consists of Seth Sederpedigo, Hunter Colson and Shane Johnson.
I’ll feature them later on for themselves.
He opened his set with a song made more famous by the Carolina Chocolate Drops
called White House blues, which was a banjo song of old that dates
back to civil war era Kentucky.

He played one called ‘Hillbilly Heroin” and it was really
well written.
He played one called “Jolly Rancher” which had a short story
about prison life with it that involved shanks.
He slides really good barre chords and is a hell of a good
There was a second performer and I did not catch his name
or any song titles accept “Crystal Got A Hold On Me” which was
actually VERY cleverly wrote.


FINALLY the set I been REALLY wanting to see for MONTHS NOW!
The Urban Pioneers which consist of Liz Sloan on fiddle and
Jared McGovern on banjo. Also joining them was Keith Roberts
on Bass from the band Call Me Bronco.


I’m fixin to be honest..I was in the men’s room for the first
song and I’m pretty sure the second song was called “Cindy”.
I’m not sure about the title and asked Miss Liz.
But I’ll tell you what..the WHOLE set was GREAT!

They played a song they made a video for “Apparition In The Fog”
And a song about A nutty aunt called “Izzy’s Song” followed by
“Please Give Me A Highway”. Other songs they played were
“My Hometown” and “Lost My Weed Waltz”.


One of my favorite songs they play was “Liz’s Reel”
and “Autumn Time”. You really get to appreciate Liz Sloan’s
talent on those songs.
And honestly I have thought for a LONG time she’s one of most
talented performers Roots Music has!
She has a style you can hear and pick you could
pick out country stars by their voices back in the day.


Jared McGovern has a unique finger picking style on the banjo
that is similar to Phillip Steinmetz who is Grandpa Jones nephew.
I really enjoy his stage presence and together they make a damn fine
And when you add the bass to their music it’s beyond awesome.
When they play with Jayke Orvis I think their instruments will
start smouldering and catch fire!

They played a song about Muddy Roots which is an outdoor music
festival that features roots music twice a year in two states.
I report on both events and you can find out more SOON!
They also played a Wayne The Train Hancock cover “Hwy 54 Took My Girl”
Which is off his second album “Thats What Daddy Wants” produced by
Lloyd Maines.

They closed the show with “Breakin Down” and “Gotta Go”.

As a whole it was a really enjoyable evening with good people
and I had a really good time.
I’d go see them play ANYTIME and you should too.

Mar 212014


I write this with absolute tears and a heartbroken soul tonight.
There are THREE integral pieces to Country Music, the producer
the songwriter and the steel guitarist.
People like Andy Gibson (steel guitarist for Hank 3) that are
ALL THREE OF THESE are especially integral to it.

Yesterday I learned of the passing of Bobbe Seymore.
Hell I doubt that many other websites even KNOW who he was.
And I intend to tell you who and what he’s done for country music.
More So, Bobbe was a teacher and influence to other pedal steel players.
He opened Steel Guitar Nashville in his later years and published many
books teaching young people the ART of steel guitar.
But he’s done MORE for country music than that!

He came to us from upstate New York from a very huge musical family
and his uncle was a traveling steel guitarist. He was fascinated by
those stories.

He joined the Air force and was stationed in Texas and when he was
off duty his steel guitar talents were boasted about and he played gigs
with local bands.
After his service he played with Johnny Lee Wills and Hank Thompson.

He moved to Nashville and after only two days here he began to play
with Ferlin Husky and Jean Shepard who at the time was under his parental
rights being a minor so she could tour.
He went on to work with Stonewall Jackson and Claude Gray and Billy Walker.

In the 1950’s after the death of Country Music’s first big superstar
Hank Williams his band the Drifting Cowboys were carried by Country Legend
Ray Price. And when they parted ways Ray began his own backup band
the Cherokee Cowboys of which Bobbe was an original part of.
This was during Ray’s most pivotal point in his career during the Honky Tonk Era.

He eventually gave up the road in favor of playing on hit records and
became one of Nashville most sought after session people.
Both for his skill AND his ethics and good business behavior..he was well
respected among his peers.

For many years he played many master sessions weekly and kept
a fast pace. He is known for producing and finding Trisha Yearwood
Steve Wariner and Tracey Lawrence.
He later on went back on the road and became a part of The Working Man’s Band
for Johnny Paycheck.

At the beginning of 2012 he developed Spinal Stenosis which took away
his ability to walk and play steel guitar.
But he still instructed people on how to play..he never lost his style.
He passed away Wednesday evening in his home in Tennessee.

Heaven’s gates have certainly opened up WIDE to accept him into
their midst..I loved you Bobbe and thank you for all your stories
at the store.

I have not heard of any services as of this time.

Mar 202014


I ordered mine TODAY!
I’m excited about this album from Outlaw Dallas Moore.
He shares his talent night after night with us
all over the United States and right now he’s part
of the ongoing Last Honky Tonk Music Series.

He’s on several bills for outdoor festivals in 2014
and I’ll tell you more about this NEW LIMITED EDITION ALBUM!
Once they’re gone they’re GONE.
Now first off this is NOT his new release solo album for 2014.
I have heard rumor that will be called “Tales From The Dark Rider”
But have nothing confirmed from Dallas yet.

This album is a collection of traditional country music
and gospel songs that were handed down for generations
to enjoy. It features Dallas on Vocals, Guitar,Banjo,Mandolin
and Bass with Mama Madgelee adding the Harmony Vocals, Dulcimer
and Autoharp.

Old Time Family Jam is a collection of traditional music performed
by Dallas and his mother Madgelee Hanes Moore on traditional
instruments and style carrying on their Appalachian family heritage.
This item ships the week of April 6th 2014 limited quantity available,
when they are gone they’re gone… Order now and receive it a week
before street date to insure you get a copy while they last !

It is released on SOL Records and you can pre-order this
album HERE.

He’s appearing at the Spillway in Bowling Green next weekend and I
really want to try to get out to see him play.
I was really wanting to see him at the Limelight March 2nd
but the weather was SO nasty making travel impossible
for Dallas and his band.

TRUST ME..he is REALLY talented!
And a downright good friend, he just LOOKS mean.
Blessed be The Bad Ones like Him.

Mar 192014


“Ronnie Milsap, six-time Grammy-winning icon,
releases Summer Number Seventeen today – a homage
to the various styles of music that shaped his
singularly bluesy take on modern country,
the 12 song collection is defined by his instinctive
keyboard playing and soulful vocals. Pick up Summer
Number Seventeen today”

THIS Saturday March 22nd You can win ONE of TWO WAYS!
You can inbox me HERE and the FIRST THREE messages that says
“Smokey Mountain Rain” WINS!
And YES ANYONE CAN WIN! When I answer you back just include
your name and address and I’ll send it out FREE!

You can come out IN PERSON to The last Honky Tonk Music Series
at Bobby Mackey’s in Wilder Kentucky and he will allow me
to raffle off TWO COPIES PLUS the three additional CD’s.
EVERYONE can have a FREE ticket to play and win…EVERYONE!

Folks this is OVER a 100 dollar value!
It’s available ONLY on here and through me.
And I want to thank Ronnie Milsap and the label
for allowing me to do this.

I have wrote so many articles about this contest and
about Ronnie Milsap. He is one of the still active
Country Music Legends we still have with us.
He will also be appearing on the Opry March 29th
and I have been told he will sign copies of this album
in the store.

So HOW BOUT IT FOLKS let’s see them inbox letters POUR IN!
First three I read get the album!

Mar 192014


Folks since I went national, the requests for help with articles have been
And I want to help EVERYBODY as much as I can, so when you see one in YOUR them out or attend please.
I met Billy Hood and his wife at Muddy Roots last year and got to play with him
and got to hang out some. He’s doing some really charitable things in
the state of California and I want to acknowledge them.

He’s a good person and I saw that directly, and he needs to be acknowledged.

This will be a musical charity event to collect non perishable foods
new clothing, bottled water,and hygienic items for the Rio Linda food Closet.
You can Facebook them HERE.
This event will take place April 19th.
Now before I tell you who is performing I’ll tell HOW and WHERE
to donate if you are not in California (like me)..
Follow THIS LINK and chip in a little cash if you have
any spare.
You can ALSO send donations to me I’ll make SURE they get there.
I’ll be HAPPY to send them and this website will pay ALL shipping.

ALSO this will be broadcast LIVE on Silent Storm Radio from noon to 6pm.
DO NOT FORGET the time difference in Ca.

Cash Prophets, Johnny Cash Tribute Band
Rooster Still, Ol’ Timey, Junkyard Folk & Classic Country
Woody Boyd, Country Troubadour of Boyd Luthiery™& Guitar Co.
Hilary Marckx Singer/Songwriter, Rockabilly/Honky Tonk
Zach Kincaid, Country Troubadour
Billy Hood Music, Troubadour
Terence Steel, Local Poet
Trailer Park Romance Radio Show, Radio/Podcast Duet of Silent Storm Radio

Mar 182014


MARK your calendars folks!
The Rutledge is having
His T Ness in their midst along with Eddy Raven, Danny Wells
Frank Myers and Jimmy Nichols.

This is a show NOT to be missed!

T Graham Brown has recorded 13 studio albums and has amassed more than
20 charted singles in his tenure.
Since his first hit on his first album “Tell It Like It Used To Be”
in 1986 he has graced many stages with his unique sound and style.

I think you’ll enjoy his soulful songs next week during
Tin Pan South.

Mar 182014

Picture property of Mr. Hawkshaw Hawkins.

Today at the State Capitol Building the State Of Tennessee honored Country Music
Legend Jean Shepard as ‘Tennessee Woman of The Year”.
And I am quite convinced she deserves this accolade.
I want to say PUBLICALLY that SHE IS one of the reasons I GO TO THE OPRY!
SHE IS one of the ‘Grand Ladies Of Country Music” along with a few more
that are of her ilk.
Today, she was awarded and loved on for what she has given Country Music.

She released 73 singles to her label and 24 studio albums during her
still active career.
She’s been an Opry member since 1955 and she IS the longest active member
to date (unless my studies are wrong)..59 years?

She’s given Country Music SO MUCH and has entertained millions
on the Opry weekends for decades.
Her song “Dear John” a duet with Ferlin Husky was the first post
World War II song to sell 1 million copies in 1953.

In 1960 she married Country Legend Hawkshaw Hawkins who died three
years later, in the same plane crash that claimed Patsy Cline and
Cowboy Copas.

I firmly believe that she was so Honky Tonk sounding during
this time of the “Nashville Sound” era that the fact she
didn’t chart more than she did was because of that fact alone.

One of the first stories I ever heard of country music was the fact
her parents had to sign rights to her over to Ferlin Husky so she
could tour, as she was only 20. At that time she was still a minor.

I haven’t gotten to study her as much as I need to as I have
spent a lot of time studying the Piano Honky Tonkers of the 70’s
and early 80’s a lot more.

I promise to feature her more often on THIS website!

Mar 132014


It was announced a few weeks ago that there will indeed be
a benefit planned to take place at The Nashville Palace for
Country Legend Dennis Payne.

Dennis, Nephew of Leon Payne is from Bakersfield California and was an integral
part of the Bakersfield sound of Country Music by co writing “Highway Patrol”
with Country Legend Red Simpson.
He played bass and co wrote more material for Red Simpson during his prime
days of recording.

in 1974 Dennis signed an open contract with Buck Owens and recorded several songs
“Come On Home, Girl” (Capitol 4083), “I’m Stoned”(Capitol 4024), and ” Love Me Like
You’ve Never Done Before” (Capitol 4196); all from 1975 and recorded in Buck Owens
Studio in Bakersfield.

After little push from the label and other endeavors Dennis moved to Nashville
in 1976 and sought out Gary Paxton and did some work for him as well.

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s he worked for several other publishing
companies and worked with several bands.

On March 23rd there will be a huge benefit show for him at the Nashville Palace
This from the Event:
An all-star lineup is in the works, including Leona Williams, Ron Williams,
Roni Stoneman, John England, Ira Allen, Eugene Moles, Larry Hamilton, Donna Chapel Cuno,
Diane Berry, Tracey K. Houston, Nathan Belt, and many, many more. There also
will be a silent auction with many music and non-music-related items on which to bid.
All proceeds will go to help Dennis defray medical bills after his recent surgeries
as well as to make needed repairs on his home and van. $10 at the door.

Mar 132014


On the heels of so many GREAT new albums for 2014 comes
the curveball ALL of Nashville has been waiting for.
The last final album from one of Country Music’s finest
legends Ray Price.

On April 15th Wal Mart, Cracker Barrel and online retailers
will begin selling “Beauty Is”, Ray Price’s last final album
before he passed away from pancreatic cancer late 2013.
It will be released on Amerimonte records.

It has twelve tracks produced by Fred Foster who had a huge
involvement in “The Last Of The Breed” that Ray Price did
with Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard.
Fred Foster produced many of Roy Orbison’s songs and early
Dolly Parton. He did work for so many I cannot stop naming them.
Fred is responsible for so much country music.

Beauty Is . . . Track Listing
1.“Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder” with Vince Gill
2.“This Thing of Ours”
3.“I Can See You”
4.“It Will Always Be”
5.“No More Songs to Sing”
6.“An Affair to Remember” with Martina McBride
8.“Until Then” with Vince Gill
9.“Beautiful Dreamer”
10.“I Wish I Was 18 Again”
11.“Among My Souvenirs”
12.“I Believe”

Mar 122014


Washington State

Well now my research of this event has taken me to the GREAT state
of Georgia and the state representative is Captain Stan’s Smokehouse in Woodbine.

Looks like another GREAT MENU!
Soulfood, seafood, burgers and barbeque and more
in a genuine smokehouse honky tonk.
Twice a month beginning march 28th they will feature the series
on Friday nights.

They are nationally known for treating local and touring
musicians VERY good.
They have a great outdoor area and bar (No Sunday Liquor).
It has an honest to God open fire pit in the middle of the outdoor
dining area and they make you Smores for dessert!

This looks like a REALLY good choice to enjoy a live show.

Mar 112014


In the 1920’s when America was war ridden and weary from depression
and change Chicago was a bustling city and an epicenter for
country music at one of it earliest roots.
America was facing major industrialization and the cultural upheaval
of the blues before it even HEARD the name Hank Williams.

The Hayloft Gang is the documentary of the “National Barn Dance”
which was a radio program in the 1930s and 1940’s that launched
the tenure of Gene Autry and singing cowboys and one of Country Music’s
greatest females..Patsy Montana.
It also brought out one of Country Music’s finest performers of his time
Bradley Kincaid.

Rural farm America couldn’t come to grips with all this change
and this program precluded the Opry.
The heartland immediately grabbed onto this show.
The Hayloft Gang: The Story of the National Barn Dance, a one-hour
documentary, weaves rare performance footage, home movies,
and candid photographs with firsthand accounts from fans and performers.
Interviews with historians, folklorists, and media experts reveal
historical and cultural perspectives of this unique period in America’s
history.For rural citizens unsure of the future or homesick transplants
confronting the city, the National Barn Dance served as a touchstone,
from its first broadcast in 1924 to its last in 1960. Reaching a national audience,
the radio program served as a marketing pioneer, making millions for network
sponsors like Alka Seltzer.

This film will help us understand the significance of it’s impact
on American culture and music as a whole.

Mar 102014


By the time this article hits major waves the album will on store shelves.
This Country Music Legend began his tenure in 1973 with Volume 1.
Since then he has had a ton of studio albums and number 1 hits
in 40 years of country music.

He is the Gentle Giant..Don Williams and he has more hit songs
than many country legends still active today.
Don Williams came out of retirement in 2006 and now plays a VERY
active schedule.

He has teamed up with Sugar Hill Records and producer Garth Fundis
to release a ten track ALL NEW album, “Reflections”.
Some of the writers featured will be Merle Haggard and Townes Van Zant
and Jesse Winchester.
In fact one of the songs was shelved by Don Williams after Townes death
in 1997. It has NEVER BEEN HEARD by public ears from what I understand.

So head on out to your local record shop and BUY this album
also available on vinyl too.

Mar 102014


Washington State

It’s time for another state research article, and this time I looked at
the state representative for Indiana.
The Firehouse Bbq And Blues is located in Richmond Indiana.


It seems that some local firemen partnered together to open an old firehouse into
a local place to eat and enjoy a cold beverage.
This venue is perhaps one of the most interesting I have checked into yet.
And the local people seem to love the owners as vital parts of their community.
And THAT is one important aspect of the Last Honky Tonk Music Series!
I think that this series will really help out area communities for ALL the states.

It actually WAS a fire station in the 1800’s and in fact the owners have kept a lot
of the original architecture intact and the dining room sits in the old stable where
the horses were kept to pull the fire wagons.

The Firehouse also has some of the states best murals on their walls and outside
of the building.
Now upon checking into the food menu I am actually thinking about driving up there
for a SAVC show in the future!
THAT looks like some of the BEST barbeque and brisket I have seen in a while.
Everything looked really good even the smoked sausage.

I think whomever is choosing the venue choices for SAVC is doing a FINE JOB!

Mar 102014


Blessed Be The Bad Ones Like Dallas Moore.
I’m here to tell you this man makes ANY guitar his bitch!
Sorry for the language but there isn’t ANY other way to
describe it!
He has a NEW album in the works and has released some possible
cover art via Kenneth Marr Graphics but I haven’t heard much
from him about the new album.

On march 28th he visits the The Spillway Bar And Grill
in Bowling Green Kentucky.
Trust me I have and will do ALOT of features for this venue.
Mr. Robert is really nice and the food is REALLY GOOD!
Probably one of my favorite venues to enjoy shows at and eat at.

There is plenty of room to move and shop for merch and eat.
And the Wi Fi connection is always good.
It’s easy for a website like me to go there and work the show.

Dallas in my opinion along with Hank 3 and Bob Wayne are the hardest
working most active artists on the road today.
NOT TO put anyone down ALL Y’all work hard and the road life is HARD!

Along with him will be Taylor Shannon Band.
He’s just starting out and Dallas is helping him branch out.
I’m looking forward to getting more familiar with his work.
It says he is working on his first record at New Fidelity Studios.

I would strongly suggest anyone who dies not have plans that friday night
go eat and enjoy some GREAT music.

Mar 092014


Washington State

Now folks I will focus more attention to the Last Honky Tonk Music Series.
If you don’t know anything about this NATIONWIDE songwriter and roots music
series then NOW is the time to tune in!
I absolutely adore this idea! I sponsor this event FULLY!
I’ll talk about the roster of artists in days to come too.

The official venue for Arizona is The Western Bar in Scottsdale Az.
They have a hardwood dance floor and were voted BEST new music venue by the Phoenix New Times.
They have an old timey crimson curtained stage with good lighting.

The southwestern food and really good looking meat selection makes this
a GREAT VENUE to eat and enjoy the artists this series features.
Fire roasted corn and beef brisket burritos also sound really good.
They have Bison burgers..REAL Bison meat.
This is actually one of the best venues I have researched for this series yet!

It looks really rustic and western hence the name.
And I think we will ALL get to enjoy GREAT music at this venue.

Mar 082014


Beginning May 1st Country Legend Willie Nelson and Bluegrass Giant Alison Krauss will
combine forces along with Kacey Musgraves and MORE for a nationwide HUGE TOUR.
Jason Isbell will be breaking off with touring with Holly Williams and join them
as well.

It is RUMORED that Dan Tyminski guitarist for Union Station will actually
perform a side act as the Soggy Bottom Boys, which was made popular
from the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou”.
A movie based on “Thy Odyssey” by Homer.

Also touring with Willie right now is his son Lucas Nelson.
Whom has a side band called ‘Promise Of The New”
And he’s been taking the guitar duties for the passing of
Jody Payne last year.

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss CFSB Center (formerly Regional Special Events Center)
Murray, KY Thursday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Chastain Park Amphitheatre
Atlanta, GA Friday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Thompson Boling Arena
Knoxville, TN Saturday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Booth Amphitheatre At Regency Park
Cary, NC Sunday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Saint Augustine, FL Tuesday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Family Circle Magazine Stadium
Charleston, SC Thursday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Charter Amphitheatre at Heritage Park
Simpsonville, SC Friday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss White Oak Amphitheatre – Greensboro Coliseum
Greensboro, NC Saturday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Big Sandy Superstore Arena
Huntington, WV Sunday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Roanoke Civic Center
Roanoke, VA Tuesday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Schottenstein Center
Columbus, OH Wednesday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Woods Amphitheatre at Fontanel
Whites Creek, TN Friday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss BJCC Arena
Birmingham, AL Saturday
Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss James Brown Arena (formerly Augusta Richmond County Civic Center)
Augusta, GA Sunday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Snowden Grove Amphitheater
Southaven, MS Thursday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Louisville Waterfront Park
Louisville, KY Friday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Artpark Mainstage
Lewiston, NY Saturday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Bethel Woods Center For The Arts
Bethel, NY Sunday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Radio City Music Hall
New York, NY Tuesday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss The Mann Center For The Performing Arts
Philadelphia, PA Friday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia, MD Saturday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Summer Concerts at Simsbury Meadows
Simsbury, CT Sunday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Blue Hills Bank Pavilion (formerly Bank of America Pavilion)
Boston, MA Tuesday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion (Formerly Bangor Waterfront Park)
Bangor, ME Thursday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion At Meadowbrook
Gilford, NH Friday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Constellation Brands Performing Arts Center
Canandaigua, NY Saturday

Willie Nelson Billy Bobs
Fort Worth, TX Friday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Starlight Theatre
Kansas City, MO Sunday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Arkansas Music Pavilion
Fayetteville, AR Monday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheatre
Oklahoma City, OK Wednesday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Stir Cove At Harrahs
Council Bluffs, IA Friday

Ravinia Festival: Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Ravinia Pavilion
Highland Park, IL Saturday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Freedom Hill Amphitheatre
Sterling Heights, MI Sunday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Casino Rama Entertainment Center
Orillia, Canada Tuesday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Interlochen Center
Interlochen, MI Thursday

Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss Toledo Zoo Amphitheatre
Toledo, OH Friday

Mar 082014


That Ol’ guitar gunslinger Ryan Clackner who used to play with Bob Wayne
and The Outlaw Carnies has joined Fifth On The Floor and will be continuing
their tour with George Thorogood and the Destroyers and some with
Unknown Hinson.
I’m quite sure they will come to YOUR area and I wanted to put out
the tour dates.

Mar 10 Tennessee Theatre
w/ George Thorogood &…
Knoxville, TN

Mar 11 Center Stage Theatre
w/ George Thorogood &…
Atlanta, GA

Mar 12 Iron City
w/ George Thorogood &…
Birmingham, AL

Mar 13 Wildhorse Saloon
w/ George Thorogood &…
Nashville, TN

Mar 15 The Grey Eagle
w/ Unknown Hinson
Asheville, NC

Mar 21 Woodlands Tavern
w/ Unknown Hinson
Columbus, OH

Mar 22 The Warehouse at Mt. Victor
w/ Unknown Hinson
Bowling Green, Ky

Mar 28 Zydeco
w/ Unknown Hinson
Birmingham, AL

Mar 29 Rhythm & Brews
w/ Unknown Hinson
Chattanooga, TN

Apr 18 The Southgate House Revival-Sanctuary
w/ Unknown Hinson
Newport, KY

Apr 26 Moonrunners Festival 2014 Chicago, IL
May 17 Muddy Roots Spring Weekender Nashville, IN

I will most likely get to see them during the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender,
and I’m excited to once again see Mr. Ryan work.
I have always enjoyed him, he is a really good guitar player and a damn
good guy. And Justin Wells has always also been nice to me.
I also think Mr. Kevin Hogle is a damn fine drummer..might be one
of my favorite ones in the roots music scene.

Their newest album is called Ashes And Angels and is on Black Country Rock label
and was produced by Shooter Jennings.
It was released as a joint issue with “The Other Life” by Shooter.

So go check out Fifth On The Floor in YOUR area.

Mar 082014

Well sunday morning came down..but not like the Kris Kristofferson song.
I wasn’t hung over…the rain was coming down. A huge winter storm was
rearing it’s nasty head over the south.
It was gloomy and raining lightly and was supposed to freeze later
that night. I packed up again and stopped for breakfast and headed
down to the Limelight to once again pay my respects to his family.

It was a nice large venue VERY nice! Heck it even had a bathroom
attendant. And the food was VERY good we enjoyed it very much
We made our way to the VIP area and sat with Guy Nix, whom is a
very good Nashville Songwriter. Go check him out..he’s good.


The first act was Brian Randle and Southern Justice.
Brian is really good I really relate to his past easily.
His band Southern Justice contained members of the
Amazing Rhythm Aces and Kentucky Linemen.
Anybody who likes country music was influenced in some fashion by
the Rhythm Aces…whether they know it or not.
They are still somewhat active today.

They came out ON FIRE with full blown guitar assaults on
the audience. With covers like “Aint Living Long Like This”
that Waylon cut and Rodney Crowell wrote and “Call Me The Breeze
from Lynrd Skynrd.
They had some really powerful and moving original tunes as well
with one being “Good Drugs” and another being ‘More Than Brothers
Wer’e Blood”.


The second act was Good Dawg which consists of Chris ‘The Moondog” Hall
from Loiusville Ky and John Goode from Ocala Florida.
They are an acoustic duo that combined their talents and they
covered ‘Outlaw Women” that was wrote and performed by Hank Williams Jr.
on the 1979 album “whiskey Bent And Hell Bound”.
They also had a good original song called ‘I Can Do Better Than That”.

They then brought up Pete Berwick, Billie Gant, Don “Poobah’ Mealer
Vernon Rust (and son) and Guy Nix.


Pete Berwick is an awesome acoustic entertainer and he tells a lot of
funny and politically incorrect jokes and plays a harmonica in his act.
And he gives off a ‘normal guy vibe” and it makes you relate to
him. He’s a real deal performer and author and he works very hard
at what he does. He did “Ain’t No Train Out Of Nashville” among others.

Billie Gant has been leading the Vigilantes for many years now.
He’s been playing deep within America’s Honky Tonks for more
years than I have been alive.
He has a common respect for me and I was flattered to have achieved that
from whom I consider a country legend.
He played “Stop Fn Up Country Music’ which is becoming an underground anthem
within this music scene.
he also played the ballad of Rueben Dixon.

Don Poobah Mealer is a great songwriter and I always enjoy seeing him perform.
He played ‘Theres A Hole In the Sky Where The Sun Used To Be’.
He’s had cuts from Patty Loveless and many more.

Vernon Rust was someone I was looking forward to seeing and it was starting
to get downright nasty outside..I was in good company and had my phone off.
I turned it on to have several calls “Gary..get home it’s freezing”.
Vernon Rust had had a ton of cuts in the years and had his son with him
playing banjo. he did several songs from his catalog.


Guy Nix has a huge influence in songwriting here in Nashville.
I know his father has contributed a lot to country music and
one day I need to sit with him and listen to his teachings.
It’s how you become a better country music fan.
people often ask HOW do I get more knowledgeable in country music
(not that I’m smarter than anyone else) and I tell them ASK, LISTEN and STUDY.
If you truly love it like I do then ASK.

I started to worry about the rain. It wasn’t freezing in Nashville
but further up north it was becoming nasty fast.
I decided to wait for the next set. I REALLY wanted to see
J.B.Beverley play, it always happens some way or another I miss his show.

The next set was James Austin, Chris Gantry, Tom Ghent, and RC Oleary.
and for their set I was outside on the phone trying to figure out the weather
and what I needed to do, leave early and feel bad or get a room and go home
Monday. I had to work Monday so I decided to stay a little longer and
venture home early.

I want to say outright that Chris Gantry is one of Outlaw Country Music’s
greatest treasures. HE IS Outlaw Country Music as far as I’m concerned.
And to me he’s like Freddy Powers and Billy Don Burns, overlooked and
He has given Nashville a lot to look up to in his long career and
he has more stories than Mother Goose. And ALL of them are true
in every way.

Tom Ghent is another underappreciated Country Music Songwriting Legend.
Who has done songs for Bobby Bare and many more Country Music legends.
Gene Watson, Nat Stucky and many more.
I have a great deal of love and respect for all these people.
They are heros to me.

I rushed in to try and catch the rest of their set and I plan to
run future articles on these gentlemen and their work.
You my readers NEED to get the opportunity to find out
more about these people.


Then Sarge did what what we all came together to see and do.
Celebrate the life and legacy of Wayne Mills.
He unveiled the Wayne Mills Memorial Award which will take the
place of the Torch carrier award.
My friend Kenneth Marr did a wonderful job on the artwork for this
award and I’m so proud of him.
It truly was a heartfelt tribute to a wonderful man and Outlaw performer.
I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.
They let his son hold the award as well and let us all take pictures.

The show moved on and a band I have been wanting to see and feature
came on..Rory Kelly’s Triple Threat.
His dad in back on drums was an exceptional drummer!
They played an original called ‘Shake My Family Tree” and they
also had an enormous guitar assault on us!
They did an awesome cover of ‘Devil Went Down To Georgia” and
THEN…THEN I think they did one of the highlights of what I saw!
They did a HEAVY cover of “Sixteen Tons’ that Merle Travis wrote
and Tennessee Ernie Ford made famous.


And sadly when J.B. Beverley and Buck Thrailkill got to come
out and play “Get The Wheels Rolling” off his new album
“Stripped To The Root” on the Rusty Knuckles label
I was packing up to leave. It was absolutely treacherous
north and east of town.
The rain was inches deep in ice and snow was heaping on top
and freezing on top.
He began playing Wayward Drifters songs in his set and I
was upset I had to leave.

The rest is history……I’ll have to read someone else’s
account of what transpired.

Mar 032014

Not just always music but sometime I want to use my website for helping
promote small local owned business out.
And out here in Olmstead Kentucky in our little community we have
a wonderful little market and lunch place.

Please come down to my area and check out The Olmstead Market.
Here, you can get some great sandwiches and a REAL burger and fries
for a VERY reasonable price.
And she has “specials” sometimes, chili , ribeye sandwiches and all kinds
of different items. You can get a REAL fried hot dog.

It’s a nice little handy place for people like me that have had
coffee emergencies.

Miss Dawn Bouisseau runs a VERY clean and friendly town store
for us to enjoy and you can get a glass bottle of coke
and a REAL ham or bologna sandwich.

It’s off Hwy 79 just past Guthrie Kentucky. Not a far
drive from Clarksville either, so come check out all
the great lunch and breakfast food.
HOT and FRESH biscuits and GREAT coffee along with all
the other good stuff I mentioned.

Go find out what she has ‘In Store’ for the Lickskillett and
Olmstead area next!

Mar 032014


Well after we had our dinner and the restaurant closed around 9:00 A
bunch of us headed out to Dickson Tennessee to see The Outlaw Music Association’s
show which was one of the main reasons for us being together this weekend.

A lot of times I go to these events and wonder why things were organized the
way they are, and I don’t argue or complain..I just follow them.
But honestly it’s hard to get everywhere and do everything in one night.
and I myself wished the dinner would have been served closer or at the Dickson venue.
Sadly I missed Kara Clark, Joshua Morningstar and Pete Berwick perform
because of cross events.
But It’s like Tin Pan cannot do it all!
A LOT of festivals are going to more organized stage programs so as NOT to cross
event shows you want to see or do.
I’m just kind of still sad I missed them it seems I always miss Pete
Berwick..I’ll have to make it a point to get to his show.

When I got to Dickson they were setting Joshua Morningstar ON FIRE!
Yup it was Dr. Danger..a stuntman you can see on the History Channel.
And I missed that because I was talking to the VERY friendly doorman
about my being from so far away.
Well, I knew where the venue was cause a nearby factory is one my company
deals with, and I knew his brother.
He said “Oh don’t worry..we set another guy on fire at midnight”..wonderful.

I got in and checked out The Wanted Saloon in Dickson Tennessee.
I did not get to try any of the food or look at the menu, but the venue
is a NICE well arranged place to see a show. VERY clean honky tonk.
This man holds Wayne Mills in high regard and features a lot of great artists.
It’s owned by J.D.Outlaw and he was VERY nice to me.
I’ll be doing an artist feature on him soon!
This venue has a lot of room to move around in and to me that is
important cause I do not always move so fast.
But I think he’s got a GOOD place to stop before Memphis on Nashville’s west side.


So I finally got to check out a band the Outlaw Music Association proudly
features The Rowdy Johnson Band. And I enjoyed the band’s layout.
I was among friends and I had a Coors Light..what more can I ask for?
Oh yes..a steel guitar. Not JUST a guitar but a damn good player on it!


After Sarge introduced them they played “Outlaws Today” which was an original
and they played “House Of The Rising Sun” and “Folsom Prison Blues”.
They played a bunch of great covers and I enjoyed them..
They even played Dixie…No really they played “I Wish I Was From Dixie”
Many folks credit the writer as Daniel Decatur Emmett and is the
anthem of the Confederacy.

But their original songs are what REALLY impressed me. And I got both their
albums. They played a song called “Drinkin Jack With Jill” and it did a GREAT
job featuring their steel player Dan Showalter. He also plays lead guitar.
And I HAD to approach him and have a REALLY lovely conversation about some
ideas he has. I wish him luck with them!
Just to talk about steel pickers with him was a life experience.

His albums feature a GREAT example of the difference from real country and
pop CAN WRITE a song called ‘Double Wide” which is about chunky girls
and blue jean shorts and it’s country because of the music!
And he also has songs like “Ellie May’s Biscuits” and some really good
other ones like “Haunted Guitar”.
I had a VERY good time enjoying this band..I HIGHLY suggest them.

Whey Jennings grandson of Waylon Jennings was there with us and he
played one of his grandfather’s songs “Don’t Think Hank Done It This Way”.
And also country legend Billie Gant came up and played a few.
“Stop F’n Up Country Music” sounded GREAT with that steel player!



They played more good original songs like “Church Of Hank Williams”
and many more. I had a longer talk with the owner and we will be
in cahoots VERY SOON!
Look for GREAT THINGS to come from ALL THESE ARTISTS and Venues.100_7211

Mar 032014


Well it started for me friday night. I pulled an all night work session on the website
for some other directions I’m involved in.
Saturday morning I went into Nashville to meet with my friend for lunch and he
is the mastermind behind this fresh new look you are enjoying!
It’s amazing what he can do with this website for me..I guess I’m just a music guy.
I leave the technology smarts to others.

Then I stopped at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens to say hello to Johnny Paycheck and
George Jones. And others are buried there too, Webb Pierce and Porter Wagoner.

So then I stopped at Live True Vintage to see my friends I have there. She’s a great
supporter of independent music with GREAT acts coming
this year. This week the Urban Pioneers are coming and I have done several articles
announcing that and she has just announced Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy.
So I wanted to pop in and keep up on all the happenings there and I got a James Hunnicutt T shirt
and she GAVE ME an ORIGINAL Boots Randolph hat. It is one of the few leftover treasures from his
bar he owned on Printer’s Alley in Nashville in 1977.
Boots Randolph was a major part of the “Nashville Sound” for most of his professional career.
He and Floyd Cramer and many more formed Nashville’s “A Team” which was actually formed to
take the place of the Honky Tonk sound of country music with smooth instruments.
I promise you not many people my age would appreciate such beautiful history but
this particular piece is absolutely priceless to me.

Then I attended a dinner that was organized by The Moonshine Bbq Sauce Company.
Which was at Mackie’s in Green Hills. A BUNCH of “Altamont Originals” got together and ate
and caught up with each other.
It was kind of difficult getting to everything in one evening. It was definatly
a move move move type of day.
We ate and shared memories of Wayne Mills and drank a lot of beers and shared some
company. I met some new friends from the Chicago area that were fans of Dallas Moore
and came down for the benefit. Which will be part two…or three..I just write and post
go with it!
A lot of us were partying downtown and seeing shows down there, and some of them were
resting to get ready for sunday’s BIG bash.

We were not doing any of this for ourselves. We were all loving and admiring
the life and legacy of Wayne Mills. All these parties and gatherings were to
enjoy music. And I think Wayne Mills would have been RIGHT THERE with us eating
and enjoying each others music.
Actually HE WAS with us all weekend!

Part Two is coming! And it was a REALLY FUN TIME in Dickson
with the Rowdy Johnson Band and Kara Clark and Pete Berwick
and Josh Morningstar. And more new friends and more fun.

Mar 012014

March 5th the Exit/In DOES IT AGAIN…they strike ANOTHER big blow in
the area!
They present Wayne The Train Hancock and Roger Alan Wade together in one night.
You can purchase tickets HERE.
Wayne The Train is in my opinion truly the King of juke joint swing in
today’s times.
A lot of Hank Williams 3 first album were Hancock covers and he pretty much
turned me onto a lot of other artists.
Wayne The Train to me is one of the forefathers of independent music.
He came around in 1995 with Thunderstorms And Neon Signs and when I was
told it was produced by Lloyd Maines I rushed out and bought it.
Cause the Uncle Tupelo album he also produced I LOVED as well.
The BEST Lloyd Maines steel guitar work was with Jimmy Dale Gilmore.

Roger Alan Wade has over 20 years in country music.
He’s best known for writing “Country State Of Mind” for
Hank Williams Jr.
In fact no two shows are exactly alike as far as his set lists go.
And he is one of the undergrounds most active performers reportedly doing
more than 250 shows a year.