Mar 032014

Not just always music but sometime I want to use my website for helping
promote small local owned business out.
And out here in Olmstead Kentucky in our little community we have
a wonderful little market and lunch place.

Please come down to my area and check out The Olmstead Market.
Here, you can get some great sandwiches and a REAL burger and fries
for a VERY reasonable price.
And she has “specials” sometimes, chili , ribeye sandwiches and all kinds
of different items. You can get a REAL fried hot dog.

It’s a nice little handy place for people like me that have had
coffee emergencies.

Miss Dawn Bouisseau runs a VERY clean and friendly town store
for us to enjoy and you can get a glass bottle of coke
and a REAL ham or bologna sandwich.

It’s off Hwy 79 just past Guthrie Kentucky. Not a far
drive from Clarksville either, so come check out all
the great lunch and breakfast food.
HOT and FRESH biscuits and GREAT coffee along with all
the other good stuff I mentioned.

Go find out what she has ‘In Store’ for the Lickskillett and
Olmstead area next!

Mar 032014


Well after we had our dinner and the restaurant closed around 9:00 A
bunch of us headed out to Dickson Tennessee to see The Outlaw Music Association’s
show which was one of the main reasons for us being together this weekend.

A lot of times I go to these events and wonder why things were organized the
way they are, and I don’t argue or complain..I just follow them.
But honestly it’s hard to get everywhere and do everything in one night.
and I myself wished the dinner would have been served closer or at the Dickson venue.
Sadly I missed Kara Clark, Joshua Morningstar and Pete Berwick perform
because of cross events.
But It’s like Tin Pan cannot do it all!
A LOT of festivals are going to more organized stage programs so as NOT to cross
event shows you want to see or do.
I’m just kind of still sad I missed them it seems I always miss Pete
Berwick..I’ll have to make it a point to get to his show.

When I got to Dickson they were setting Joshua Morningstar ON FIRE!
Yup it was Dr. Danger..a stuntman you can see on the History Channel.
And I missed that because I was talking to the VERY friendly doorman
about my being from so far away.
Well, I knew where the venue was cause a nearby factory is one my company
deals with, and I knew his brother.
He said “Oh don’t worry..we set another guy on fire at midnight”..wonderful.

I got in and checked out The Wanted Saloon in Dickson Tennessee.
I did not get to try any of the food or look at the menu, but the venue
is a NICE well arranged place to see a show. VERY clean honky tonk.
This man holds Wayne Mills in high regard and features a lot of great artists.
It’s owned by J.D.Outlaw and he was VERY nice to me.
I’ll be doing an artist feature on him soon!
This venue has a lot of room to move around in and to me that is
important cause I do not always move so fast.
But I think he’s got a GOOD place to stop before Memphis on Nashville’s west side.


So I finally got to check out a band the Outlaw Music Association proudly
features The Rowdy Johnson Band. And I enjoyed the band’s layout.
I was among friends and I had a Coors Light..what more can I ask for?
Oh yes..a steel guitar. Not JUST a guitar but a damn good player on it!


After Sarge introduced them they played “Outlaws Today” which was an original
and they played “House Of The Rising Sun” and “Folsom Prison Blues”.
They played a bunch of great covers and I enjoyed them..
They even played Dixie…No really they played “I Wish I Was From Dixie”
Many folks credit the writer as Daniel Decatur Emmett and is the
anthem of the Confederacy.

But their original songs are what REALLY impressed me. And I got both their
albums. They played a song called “Drinkin Jack With Jill” and it did a GREAT
job featuring their steel player Dan Showalter. He also plays lead guitar.
And I HAD to approach him and have a REALLY lovely conversation about some
ideas he has. I wish him luck with them!
Just to talk about steel pickers with him was a life experience.

His albums feature a GREAT example of the difference from real country and
pop CAN WRITE a song called ‘Double Wide” which is about chunky girls
and blue jean shorts and it’s country because of the music!
And he also has songs like “Ellie May’s Biscuits” and some really good
other ones like “Haunted Guitar”.
I had a VERY good time enjoying this band..I HIGHLY suggest them.

Whey Jennings grandson of Waylon Jennings was there with us and he
played one of his grandfather’s songs “Don’t Think Hank Done It This Way”.
And also country legend Billie Gant came up and played a few.
“Stop F’n Up Country Music” sounded GREAT with that steel player!



They played more good original songs like “Church Of Hank Williams”
and many more. I had a longer talk with the owner and we will be
in cahoots VERY SOON!
Look for GREAT THINGS to come from ALL THESE ARTISTS and Venues.100_7211

Mar 032014


Well it started for me friday night. I pulled an all night work session on the website
for some other directions I’m involved in.
Saturday morning I went into Nashville to meet with my friend for lunch and he
is the mastermind behind this fresh new look you are enjoying!
It’s amazing what he can do with this website for me..I guess I’m just a music guy.
I leave the technology smarts to others.

Then I stopped at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens to say hello to Johnny Paycheck and
George Jones. And others are buried there too, Webb Pierce and Porter Wagoner.

So then I stopped at Live True Vintage to see my friends I have there. She’s a great
supporter of independent music with GREAT acts coming
this year. This week the Urban Pioneers are coming and I have done several articles
announcing that and she has just announced Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy.
So I wanted to pop in and keep up on all the happenings there and I got a James Hunnicutt T shirt
and she GAVE ME an ORIGINAL Boots Randolph hat. It is one of the few leftover treasures from his
bar he owned on Printer’s Alley in Nashville in 1977.
Boots Randolph was a major part of the “Nashville Sound” for most of his professional career.
He and Floyd Cramer and many more formed Nashville’s “A Team” which was actually formed to
take the place of the Honky Tonk sound of country music with smooth instruments.
I promise you not many people my age would appreciate such beautiful history but
this particular piece is absolutely priceless to me.

Then I attended a dinner that was organized by The Moonshine Bbq Sauce Company.
Which was at Mackie’s in Green Hills. A BUNCH of “Altamont Originals” got together and ate
and caught up with each other.
It was kind of difficult getting to everything in one evening. It was definatly
a move move move type of day.
We ate and shared memories of Wayne Mills and drank a lot of beers and shared some
company. I met some new friends from the Chicago area that were fans of Dallas Moore
and came down for the benefit. Which will be part two…or three..I just write and post
go with it!
A lot of us were partying downtown and seeing shows down there, and some of them were
resting to get ready for sunday’s BIG bash.

We were not doing any of this for ourselves. We were all loving and admiring
the life and legacy of Wayne Mills. All these parties and gatherings were to
enjoy music. And I think Wayne Mills would have been RIGHT THERE with us eating
and enjoying each others music.
Actually HE WAS with us all weekend!

Part Two is coming! And it was a REALLY FUN TIME in Dickson
with the Rowdy Johnson Band and Kara Clark and Pete Berwick
and Josh Morningstar. And more new friends and more fun.