May 152014

Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
The Goose On The Lake
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Hub City Music Festival
Red Wing Roots Music Festival
Kilgore Station Bluegrass Festival

Well folks this event has been MOVED from North Carolina to Bowling Green Kentucky.
It will be taking place at The Wishbone Ranch.

HELL I might even have a small pre-shindig at my house which isn’t far.
I CAN SAY THIS if anyone wants to camp in my yard they’re more than welcome
I have a fire pit for you.

There is A TON of GOOD bands and artists coming out for this one people.
YOU DO NOT WANT to miss this event, and NOW that it’s closer we can support
this event EVEN MORE!

I will be setting up a small vendor area at this festival and several other
of my friends and sponsors will have them as well.

The Horse Traders
Tom Ghent
The Buzz Band
Taylor Shannon Band
Billy Joe Shaver
Sinners And Saints
Ross Key
Rooney Sisters
Raelyn Nelson Band
Pure Grain
Left Hand Voodoo
Kyle Wilson
The SteelDrivers
Dallas Moore
Hal Bruni
Josh Morningstar
James Austin
Christopher Corkery
Buck Thrailkill
Brigitte London
Brandon Lee Tallent
Brandon Attwell
Billie Gant
Cley Reynolds
Billy Sidwell

May 152014


I have been really backed up on articles and information and I apologize for not
having this article out sooner.
This weekend on May 18th once again at The Limelight in Nashville
the Outlaw Music Association will host another
benefit show.

This time they are hosting a benefit for the city of Brookport Illinois which
was hit by tornadoes in November of 2013.

This event will feature one of my personal favorite female artists Kara Clark.
She was featured on W.B. Walkers Old Soul Radio Show last week
and was MY CHOICE for artist to launch this whole damn website to!
If youv’e never checked out her music YOU NEED TO.

Also appearing is Country Music Songwriting Legend Chris Gantry.
Chris Gantry has written over 1000 songs in his tenure and has had songs recorded
by over seventy artists.
He is one of the artists from the legendary “Dot Records” era and recorded five albums
during that period.

J.D. Outlaw I met during the last Outlaw Music Association run of shows.
He runs a REALLY nice place in Dickson Tennessee and I have not been
able to go back there yet.

There are others scheduled to perform during this event. So head out this weekend
for some of the GREAT music I have been featuring!