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Outlaw Fest Brings Us Closer To Waylon Jennings


Well folks right now I’m on a little personal time away from things
but tonight I found out some REALLY EXCITING NEWS from my friends at
Outlaw Fest 2014.

I got TONS of updates for you in the near future and THIS ONE I just
couldn’t neglect before others got to report on it.

It seems that Mr. Terry Jennings Waylon’s oldest son will be there
and has chosen this event to present for THE FIRST TIME ON ANY STAGE
“Between Fathers And Sons”.

This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear LOTS of REAL
stories about one of Outlaw Country Music’s finest Heros from a
actual eyewitness and participant of Waylon Jennings life
as he remembers it.

Never Before On ANY Stage…Anywhere…Until Now!!!

Some things in life can’t be debated. Some things are set in stone and,
no matter how much time passes, will remain etched in history.
Who is the original “Outlaw” is one of the topics that isn’t open for discussion.
The person most known for marching to his own beat, doing things his way and raising
the bar for all that follow in his footsteps was, of course, Waylon Jennings.

Waylon proved to everyone, you can be a huge success by staying true to yourself, doing
what you believe in and doing it your own way. While Waylon left us way too soon, he left
enough stories to fill a library…stories that have never been in any book. Outlaw Fest 2014
will make history Sunday, October 12th at 11 AM as we share a lot of never before heard
Waylon Jennings stories.

The ONLY man to experience ALL the ups and downs in the life and career of Waylon Jennings,
the man we are honored to have on the Outlaw Fest stage is none other than Waylon’s oldest son,
Terry Jennings!

Ever the storyteller, Terry will take the audience into the life of Waylon, the life so few know about.
Having Terry with us will be like going into Waylon’s living room. Terry will grab your attention
the moment he walks on stage to share his stories as well as take questions from the audience.
Outlaw Fest 2014 is the venue Terry has chosen to present, for the very first time
, “Between Father’s & Sons…My Life With The Original Outlaw”.

To be honest I’m very knowledgeable about Country Music history PRE Outlaw Era..
so honestly this will indeed be a REALLY good opportunity for me to
get closer to Waylon’s sense of humor and how he was as a person
BEYOND the stage.

Folks there’s DEFINATLY MORE TO COME on this festival from
my website!

2014 Music Festivals: Muddy Roots Music Festival.


Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
The Goose On The Lake
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Hub City Music Festival
Red Wing Roots Music Festival
Kilgore Station Bluegrass Festival
Outlaw Fest
Basin Bluegrass Festival
Lost Sierra Hoedown

THIS ONE is one of my personal favorite festivals and it happens
during labor day weekend at the June Bug Ranch in Cookeville Tennessee.
Muddy Roots Music is masterminded by the Galaz brothers and THIS YEAR
they are taking the festival in such a diverse direction I HAVE to praise
the way that everyone will be pleased.

Just as I Reported Earlier this year we WILL WITNESS the (not sure if it’s one time only)
return of the Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers.
Will The Colonel J.D. Wilkes re-assemble the Paducah based band? Nobody really
knows for REAL sure. What I DO KNOW is that it will be an energetic show!

Jimmy “Duck” Holmes
Possessed By Paul James
Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss
The Builders and Butchers
Reverend Beat-Man
Goddamn Gallows
Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early
The Tillers
Terry “Harmonica” Bean
Left Lane Cruiser
Lydia Loveless
Greg Garing
Blackbird Raum
Those Poor Bastards
Hillbilly Casino
J.D. Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers
Buzz Jumpers
James Hunnicutt
Joe Huber
A Man Called Stu
Husky Burnette
Call Me Bronco
Calamity Cubes
Last False Hope
Lonewolf OMB
T Junior
Joe Buck Yourself
Hooten Hallers
Rachel Brooke
The Whistle Pigs
Dead Soldiers
Viva Le Vox
The Hardin Draw
Hellfire Reviva
Hangdog Hearts
Gravel Road
Matt Woods
Dave Arcari
Ten Foot Polecats
Glade City Rounders
The Dinosaur Truckers
JT Oglesby
Richie Owens & The Farm Bureau
Rickett Pass
Gabe Zander
Woody Pines
Lou Shields
The Black Rose Phantoms
Joey Henry’s Dirty Sunshine Club
Clem McGillicutty & The Burnouts
The Misery Jackals
Tilford Sellers
Henry’s Rifle
Sweet GA Bron
Imperial Rooster
Deadly Lo-Fi
Knox County Jug Stompers
Wicklow Atwater
Whiskey Hill Swillers
Tex Railers Doomtown

THERE you got the whole lineup RIGHT HERE from yours truly!
Oh but wait I GOT MORE!
I got the link to buy YOUR tickets HERE.
And WHO by God doesn’t want to see Bobby Bare?

Now there are early bird specials for ticket sales AND cabin rental prices
on the website and links above.
THIS YEAR children need to have paid admission and they need to PLEASE be supervised.

One change this year Mr. Jason shared with me is that the stages will not
“cross perform”. THIS PLEASES ME cause I can report on full sets now and I
can “plan” my write ups and features.

La Quints Inn is the BEST hotel around the Cookeville area.
The hospitality is the BEST and they give a discount. However this year I have not
heard of one..but it’s early!
I’ll be adding MORE information as I learn it!

I wanted to say this as well..this festival is one of the “medical needs friendly”
festivals. Last year they bent over backwards to accommodate my needs of
keeping insulin cold for me.
Combined with the hotel help I KNOW I can take care of myself during the
festival and I can enjoy the music and write articles for YOU.

Camping is 100 percent included in the price, and there is a store on site
for ice and other needs.
There is A TON of camping area and I’m not sure about golf cart rentals this year.

Nashville Gathers For R.O.P.E. Brunch.


This past Wednesday during CMA Fest I went to the REAL country music
celebration for the R.O.P.E. breakfast and meet and greet.
It is a VERY important and integral part of the Country Music industry just like the
Opry is. There were so many Icons gathered into one place it was hard to get to them all.
You just cannot cover a show to the extent I do and get pictures with everyone.

This organization began one evening in May of 1983 when forty-three folks in the music industry
got together to discuss the idea of having an organization. Prior to the organizing of R.O.P.E.
generally the only times these folks were together was to either work and/or attend the funeral/visitation
for a fellow comrade. Wanting to correct this situation was the beginning of this great organization
that is known as R.O.P.E., International.

The Board Of Directors consists of: Billy Henson (President)
Libby Griggs (Treasurer)
Johnny Moore
Ron Elliott
Jean Stromatt
Gene Kennedy (Vice President)
Tommy Cash
Leslie Elliott (Executive Director)
Ruth Elkins
Jeanette Scott
Razzy Bailey
John Denny
Rita Jones
Ross Key
Walt Peters
Gene Ward
Mac Wiseman

There are many R.O.P.E. functions and the public is allowed to attend.
The different types of memberships are as follows:

LIFETIME-Persons or spouses of good moral character who are or have been engaged in
the entertainment industry or related industries and choose to pay the lifetime dues.
Professional Life members can vote and hold office. Non-professional Life members can vote,
but cannot hold office.

REGULAR-Persons or spouses of good moral character who are or have been engaged in the
entertainment industry or related industries and choose to pay their dues annually.
Regular professional members can vote and hold office. Non-professional regular members
can vote but can not hold office.

HONORARY-Shall be persons of good moral character who are selected by the Board of
Directors based on their contributions to this Corporation and/or the entertainment
or related industries. Honorary members can vote, but cannot hold office.

FRIENDS OF R.O.P.E.-Persons or spouses of good moral character, not in the
entertainment industry, who want to support the organization and it causes.
F.O.R. members cannot vote or hold office, but they will receive the newsletter
and can participate in the social activities or any other involvement as may from
time-to-time be designated and approved by the Board.

Currently Lifetime Membership is $350.00; Annual Membership is $40.00 and Friends of
Rope is $30.00 per year.It happened at the Al Menah Shrine Temple on Brick Church Pike in the morning.
I went in and immediately saw Mr. Jerry Overcast taking pictures and I FINALLY got
one with him! YAY!

EVERYWHERE you saw tables and tables of industry people from ALL directions of the
business mingling and eating.

Just sitting and eating at the same table with people I admire was such a pleasant
time in Nashville.

President Billy Henson gave a blessing and prayed for Weldon Myrick and his passing.
And called the great Keith Bilbrey to the stand as he emceed the event.
I got to sit up front at his table to do my reporting..


Roni Stoneman who was one of the original cast members of Hee Haw
and played Ida Lee Nagger and many more on the show was first.
She is one of Country Music’s FIRST families her father being Ernest “Pop” Stoneman.
Country Music buffs like me have long debated if the Stonemans WERE the first family.
She sang a Johnny Russell song “Catfish John” and told jokes.
She is a VERY funny individual and FUN to watch perform.

Bobby G. Rice is a legendary Country Music songwriter and has
penned many classic country songs. Among them were the two
he performed “Pick Me Up On Your Way Down” cut by Charlie Walker and more.
And ‘Easy On My Mind” which was his own most popular hit.

Dianne Sherrill is a gospel performer and has been performing
music for 40 years. I heard Keith Bilbrey refer to her as the
“Entertainers Entertainer”.
She performed “I Saw The Light” and another song.


Another person I REALLY was anxious to see was Country Music Songwriting
Legend Dickey Lee.
He performed “Never Ending Love For You” and another hit that he wrote
for George Jones “She Thinks I Still Care”.
And he has co-wrote hits for many artists. Dickey Lee has certainly given
his life to Country Music on a grand scale.


Host of the show Keith Bilbrey announced two awards that afternoon and
one was from last year and Ronnie Reno won it.
Their FIRST (planning to be annual) “fan Appreciation Award” went to my friend
from Michigan Helen Holmes. Helen does awesome things for Country Music.
She owns and operates Queen Bee Airbrushing and does work for Country Music through
her artwork.
I had heard that R.O.P.E. was intending on starting this award and I had a small guess
that SHE was going to win!
She gave a speech and was presented the award and it was rightfully chosen to go to a GOOD
recipient. She does more for Country Music than I or anyone else will ever hope to.

Rattlesnake Annie took the stage and performed “There Goes My Everything” that Jack Greene
made famous from Dallas Frazier writing it.
And she followed with the “Tennessee Waltz”.

The Harmonica King Charlie McCoy was there!
Charlie was a member of Barefoot Jerry and has recorded and backed more musicians
than I could name on this article.
He was part of the great Monument Records era of Country Music History and
recorded fourteen albums for them in his thirty seven album tenure.
He played ‘Cold Cold Heart” made popular by Hank Williams and he played
“The Orange Blossom Special”

Jeannie Seeley and Veteran Opry Pianist Tim Attwood did a wonderful
duet together a very heartfelt song that the audience greatly enjoyed.


The moment I WANTED had arrived!
To see this icon of Country Music…but what transpired then I had NO IDEA
would ever happen.
Keith Bilbrey brought the mic down to him and we ALL gathered round him
and he performed two songs!
At 89 years old Mac Wiseman was the very first Secretary Treasurer and
is the oldest original Board Member.
This year he was honored to be inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame.
And he performed “I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight” and “Sweet To Be Remembered”.
I will tell you THAT IS SOMETHING I will never ever see again..and you
may not either.

Ron Williams, son of Leona Williams sang “Act Naturally” that was written by
Johnny Russell. And another song called “If Your’e Trying To Break My Heart”.
I want to publically thank him for taking my picture with his mom and
Jan Howard at their table.
What a kind man he is and he has a really nice voice.

LuLu Roman was there as well from Hee Haw Fame.
She performed ‘Till I Can Make It On My Own” and called miss Helen
up there to perform “Crazy” with her.
I got to get her picture as well and to tell her how integral she
was in my raising.
I was pretty much ignored as a child and Country Music raised me
along with Pabst Blue Ribbon.


Jett Williams performed “Hey Good Lookin’ and ‘So Lonesome I Could Cry”
Some 70 years later her father Hank Williams was still alive and well
within country music and is still influential today.
I’m sure Luke Bryan doesn’t know any of his songs..but I BET

David Church does!
David is a wonderful entertainer from the Ohio area
and he performed “They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me”.
And another patriotic song called “The Old Red White And Blue”
which drew massive attention form the audience.

The “Queen Of Bluegrass” Rhonda Vincent came to sing
minus her band “The Rage”.
She sang “Beneath Still Water” also written by Dallas Frazier.
So much like Hank Williams, Dallas Frazier was equally there in spirit.
Dallas now is a minister and has since retired from Country Music
but he still performs on occasion.

Marilyn Sellars performed her classic ‘One Day At A Time”.
She is a four year veteran of R.O.P.E and has played on the
Opry stage many times.

Bobby Lewis “The Boy With The Lute” is the only Country Music singer
to use one. Although it is a six string Lute he prominently uses
the instrument in his usual act.
He performed his 1968 hit “From Heaven To Heartache”. He and Bobby Goldsboro
were two of United Artists most popular Country Musicians on the roster
in the 60’s and 70’s.

I’ll admit the last act I was talking to someone and missed her first
song but 9 year old Emi Sunshine was a smash hit with everyone.
She from east Tennessee and I heard she is gaining huge popularity
within the music realm.
Her first song was a Wanda Jackson song and she followed with
‘Jolene” by Dolly Parton.
She will be featured with Emmylou Harris very soon.

All in All it was a very blessed and special event.
I saw the Tennessean scratch the surface of it with little
coverage and I hope mine was much more enjoyable!

Hard Soil-The Muddy Roots Of American Music Premiers In Nashville


Well folks Jason Galaz has been talking about it and promoting this documentary
for some time now. It follows and features the growing subculture scene of
an underground movement of various types of music the venues that they play at
and one of the rapidly growing festivals that breed it The Muddy Roots Music Festival.

I learned about it all during the “Myspace Era” and some say it was brought out by
Wayne Hancock, Hank 3, or Split Lip Rayfield.
Hell, everybody has their OWN opinion and answer for who really
forefathered it.
I don’t have an answer for you I ONLY HAVE coverage of most of the artists
involved. Now I have said this before and I say it once again..
I AM a member of NO scene nor do I align myself with ANY group but the
Muddy Roots people are good to me, and some of them are my best friends.
There isn’t too many of them I have ever had bad vibes with.

And on July 31st this movie will be featured at the Belcourt Theater.
You can get your tickets by clicking the above link.
The U.S. premier of the film HARD SOIL – The Muddy Roots of American Music will
be at the Belcourt Theatre July 31 from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m. Tickets go one sale friday
Hard Soil was filmed at Muddy Roots Music Festival in Tennessee and Muddy Roots Europe
in Belgium by SLOWBOAT FILMS – Maverick Cinema.

ard Soil traces the history and evolution of American Roots music and examines its social
and cultural relevance in the 21st century.
Nowhere is America’s cultural evolution and diversity as palpable as in the music of the people – folk music or alternately roots music, a collective term encompassing a variety of musical styles from
Bluegrass, to Blues and from Country to Gospel.
Today a wild and vibrant subculture of musicians has begun to infuse these musical styles
with the sounds of the 21st century keeping the evolution of American Roots music an ongoing
one and one that is not only heard in the land of Lincoln but across the globe. To many it has
not only become the soundtrack to their lives – it has become a way of life.

I myself think the main reason I admire the festival so much is because these
people are like me…they are deeply passionate about tradition and history.
Folks, these people admire and uphold those that built the foundations of
all the styles of music.
I have seen these people love on Little Jimmy Dickens, Black Flag, Dr.
Ralph Stanly, Red Simpson and the list could go on and on.

I also admire Mr. Jason a lot, he certainly does not run things from
a couch. He’s OUT THERE in the middle of it all busting his ass for
a dream.
He is a prime example of American pursuit of an empire much like I
consider doing. Good fortune comes with hard work and I do not care who