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ROOTS…Muddy Roots..Day 1 Part 1.


My weekend of adventure started around 9 AM on Friday, I got very little sleep Thursday
night as I was busy packing and preparing the articles for you.
I had the rough draft sketch already laid out all I had to do was fill in the information.

Let me say THIS..and this is an honest statement. I wouldn’t do Muddy Roots without
La Quinta Inn, folks this place is THAT nice. The free breakfast is a real good spread
the staff is nice and friendly and they let me into my room early enough to get to the
Junebug Ranch and get my wristband.
The rates are a little high but for what all you get it’s worth EVERY penny and
I would suggest it to anyone. I just went swimming and re did my cooler although
I am not planning on having any beers unless it’s at the hotel room later.

So far I have no drawbacks about the festival at all. Everything looks to be
running smoothly right now, I had an overlap problem with Urban Pioneers ..I
missed them to cover the set for J.B.Beverley.

Rachel Kate opened Muddy Roots in high
gear and people got more excited by the minute.
I missed most of her music because I was busy getting ready with paperwork and such.
I will cover her set on Tuesday at Live True Vintage with Calamity Cubes string band and the master
of all things with strings James Hunnicutt.

Whiskey Hill Swillers are a punk rooted
bluegrass and country band and they use bluegrass instruments.
They are a damn fine bunch of guys and always full of jokes and music.
They got a washboard player that climbed on the amp stacks and goes through the audience
and they have fun when on stage.

I have covered them many times and I recognized most of their set list
and they opened their set with “Whiskey Calling” and ‘Want To Know”.
Then they started throwing little (I call them airplane bottles) of whiskey
out to the audience. OK So I had one nip for history’s sake.

Third song was called “Girl” and I had to ask about it I don’t recall ever
hearing that one and they also played “Back To The Bottom” and “Loosing Hope’.
They played ‘Hollow Eyes’ which is a cool song in my opinion and they
covered a new age song.
They closed their set with “What Went Wrong” and “Make It Right”

All in All they did a pretty damn fine job on the Ol Wood Stage
and I think they deserve to be on future Muddy Roots lineups for sure!

I like string bands a lot. If you study the history of Country Music
and the Opry you will find that string bands pretty much began it all.
You know it really wasn’t until the early 1940s when Ernest Tubb and Hank
began introducing the steel guitar.
If you look at people like Dr. Humphrey Bates and his Possum Hunters
and Dixie Cloggers and Fruit Jar Drinkers in the 30’s that first
played the Opry…they were all string bands.


I stayed at the Ol Wood Stage to get to see Call Me Bronco who received TWO encores last night.
I was just talking with the guy down the hall about how good their set was
last night. They opened their set with a song they dedicated to a recent friend
that took their life and their second song was ‘Burn The Witch” and that one is
my favorite one they do.

They also played ‘Stopped Drinking For The Dog” and ‘Devil’s Daughter”

All the while this band was on the Tent Stage had The Buzzjumeprs
tearing up the place and I missed most of it to cover Call Me Bronco.
They played “Broken Man” and “Ky Girl” as an encore and a new song.

I had to go eat then before J.B. Beverley and I’m going to say THIS.
J.B. was one of my top 2 sets of the festival so far.
I may not get to finish part 2 of day 1 until later which will start out
with J.B. set. But man oh man I tell you he was SPOT ON and he played
a lot of my favorites.

Glenn Douglas Tubb Hosts Fourth Annual Ernest Tubb Tribute Show.


Well Folks It’s early in the AM and I am up planning on some other irons I have
in the fireplace. I’m up getting ready for a Roots Music Festival but I want to
flip over for just a moment if I could to Traditonal Country and to one of the
many people in Country Music I look up to.

On September 6th at the Ernest Tubb Troubador Theater Glenn Douglass Tubb
who is Ernest Tubb’s nephew will host the Fourth Annual Ernest Tubb Tribute Show on the
anniversary of his death in 1984.
It will be a special edition of the Midnight Jamboree which is STILL a weekly show after
the Opry and has been since 67 years ago.
It is the second longest running radio program second only to…..YEP…The Opry!

The many guests for the Ernest Tubb Tribute will be Jerry Green, from Texas that Glenn
first met back in 1952 in Austin, Texas where he and Justin had a band. They were playing
at Dessau Hall, a big night club outside of Austin in the little community of Pflugerville.
We have another Texan on the show in the person of Texas Bluesman, Johnny Riley. And all the way
from the big community of Burns, Tennessee, they welcome Gary Clardy; a fine singer and
songwriter who also makes those fine Clardy Guitars.
We also have Miss Jennifer Brantley and her husband, David Hand, who will play lead guitar
for her. Jennifer is a fantastic singer who lives here in Nashville.
She recently cut Glenn’s song he co-wrote with Hank Williams.

Another Nashville singer, Miss Brenda Best, will be performing for us also. Her name pretty
well describes her talent. And driving in from Delaware will be Greg Watson and his wife
Teresa. Greg has been on our show before and he never fails to entertain. There is a good
variety of entertainers who will share the stage with him that Saturday evening.

And if you cannot be there in person you can ALWAYS listen in on WSM AM 650.

You know I could write another whole series of articles of the many things
Ernest Tubb did for Country Music.
For many years the Tubb family has preserved Country Music tradition and upheld
it’s honor within the store and Troubador Theater.
As a musician Ernest Tubb Brought forth a lot of his Troubadors and allowed them
to become Country Music Legends themselves in their own right.

HE IS responsible for Cal Smith, Jack Greene, Buddy Emmons, Buddy Charleton
Jan Curtis, Ronnie Blackwell….the list goes ON AND ON!

Local Oprys: Boot City Opry


Kentucky Opry.

This series of article will be the same format as my other ones.
I’ll post the past links up above and you can catch previous ones you
have missed.
My “Music Festivals” one has become so large I lost track of my past
ones I made there are so many!
I am still learning this gig folks…

These little Oprys all over the United States have uncovered some
really amazing singers and musicians from ALL OVER and I’m really
enjoying uncovering some of these hidden places.

This edition of the series bring us to Terra Haute Indiana off
Us Hwy 41 is Boot City Opry.
This 5,000 foot square auditorium seats 300 plus and runs Saturday
only shows from April-December.

Their website has stated that they have recently added brand new
stage lighting and other new features.

I read some really positive feedback on the people that have
visited the Opry and I noticed that on October 18th they
will welcome Georgette Jones.

In November there are several great shows coming including a
Ray Price tribute and another band called “Walking With Cash”.

Keith Furry is well aware of the complexities surrounding Johnny Cash, in fact,
he embraces them. “One of my favorite lines to describe Johnny Cash is from the book
‘Cash’ by Rolling Stone magazine: ‘Sinner, Saint, Rebel, Voice of Protest, Man of Faith’,
says Furry, leader of the tribute band Walkin’ With Cash.

Hailed as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, Cash had that rarest
of crossover appeals, having earned induction into the Rock n Roll, Country and Gospel Halls of Fame.
Furry captures those intricacies with a fan’s eagerness and a musician’s skill. From his note
perfect trembling baritone voice to his all black outfits, every detail rings true during a
Walkin’ With Cash show.

Of course, much of Cash’s music, particularly toward the end of his stellar career,
focused on moral questions and the search for redemption but Furry’s rendition of this
often dark and mysterious superstar never translates into a dour, over-serious experience
on stage. Instead, Furry delves deep into the Cash catalog shining a spotlight on every
corner of this legend-from his rockabilly beginnings to his flirty duets with wife June
Carter Cash, expertly recreated in the Walkin’ With Cash performances by Jan Daily.

I hope they do not mind I just posted that directly from them..cause I think this
will be a stellar show. If you are in the area you should certainly go check them out.

You can log onto their website above and inquire how to perform on there
or call Miss Stacey. Her contact number is included on there I will not post
her phone number on this many people see it.

Store hours for the Boot City Western Superstore are

Monday-Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
Sunday 12:00 P.M.- 5:00 P.M.

YOU CAN rent the facility for functions too just hollar at them.
I do not usually get around to that area but I’ll have to come up
and visit them one Saturday night.

Original BR5-49 Reunites at Country Music Hall Of Fame.


Lately the Country Music Hall Of Fame has opened some REALLY
nice exhibits and after Muddy Roots Music Festival I hope to be able to
sneak down there and check them out.
They have opened a good one for Kenny Rogers and the Bakersfield exhibit is still going on (I’m pretty sure).
Crystal Gayle has a really good one and “Sing Me Back Home” I have heard is wonderful.
Alan Jackson has just recently had one opened for him as well.

I’m REALLY wanting to take a day off from both jobs and go down there to see
some of the great artifacts and nerd up with information. I just become a sponge
around this stuff! I’m just NUTS about dates, places and people.

In my opinion there is NOBODY you cannot learn something from.
Even if you dislike what or how they believe there is still
some tidbit of knowledge you can find out.
Places as well are valuable and worth preserving and keeping.
Places like Printer’s Alley which is now in SERIOUS TROUBLE (and you need to sign
the petition).

September 20th the Hall Of Fame will be celebrating the 20th anniversary
of Lower Broad Revival with a historic reunion of EPIC PROPORTIONS!
Folks this has happened a few short times as of late and I’m hoping it happens
MORE and some albums result of it.

ALL FIVE original members of BR5-49 will be there AND PERFORM for this event.
This information WAS CONFIRMED by Smilin Jay McDowell on bass.
The intense road life and other ventures became the demise of this powerful
Hillbilly Honk Tonk band that is integral to underground and roots music.

Their last full known performance (to me) was when they opened for Old Crow Medicine
Show at the Fontanel Mansion.
I really enjoy Chuck Mead’s solo music but if this means he’s got the boys back together

Live True Vintage Welcomes Calamity Cubes, James Hunnicutt And Rachel Kate.


My friends down in east Nashville at Live True Vintage always have local bands and
Independent musicians performing summer concert series shows there and usually
on Tuesday nights.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Austin Lucas and Baskery there in 2014 and
in 2013 I got to see Jake Cox and Dag And Bulleit Boys.

Joshua Morningstar was supposed to be there in place of Austin Lucas and
could not make the show for personal reasons.
It still was indeed a good show and a good time was had by all.

It’s a great way to support our local community and friends businesses.
And I always say that’s what music is all about.

Two days after we are all coming home from Muddy Roots Music Festival
Live True Vintage will welcome The Calamity Cubes, James Hunnicutt and Rachel Kate.
Now I WILL SAY I have had the honor to see James Hunnicutt play numerous times
and he SHREDS the guitar!
In fact if you ask me the most aggressive player I would say it’s him or Dallas Moore.

The Calamity Cubes are a little bit of all kinds of genres.
Thrashicana is what their Facebook page says.
Theyr’e just a downright jam string band from Kansas.
I have seen their set many times as well and they NEVER DISAPPOINT.

The shows usually are donation based and usually start at a reasonable 7:00 start time.
It gives me time to get back up to Kentucky from a short 40 minute drive down there.

I’ll more than likely be there why don’t YOU JOIN US!

Alabama To Release Gospel Album.


Well it seems that Randy Owen and the folks over at Alabama are
set to release a Gospel album due out September 8th and sold
exclusively through Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores.

“Angels Among Us: Hymns and Gospel Favorites: will contain 15 songs and three bonus
songs on the Deluxe edition and later in September is when the deluxe edition will be

Randy Owen, Jeff Cook and Teddy Gentry have decided to market this album ONLY
through Cracker Barrel just like quite a few others have recently taken
to the chain of restaurants to market their new release.

1. ‘I Saw The Light’
2. ‘Because He Lives’
3. ‘Just A Closer Walk With Thee’
4. ‘Knights Of Molite’
5. ‘What A Friend We Have in Jesus’
6. ‘Church In The Wildwood’
7. ‘The Old Rugged Cross’
8. ‘Raising Alabama’
9. ‘Jordan’s Banks’
10. ‘Let’s All Go Down To The River’
11. ‘Lift Me Up’
12. ‘Angels Among Us’
13. ‘The Last Altar Call’
14. ‘Oh, The Lord Has Been Good To Me’
15. ‘I’ll Fly Away’

Back in 2011 Randy Owen brought the band back to continue after their
farewell tour when he was diagnosed with cancer, and he has long
since been treated and given a clean bill of health.

And ever since their reuniting they have released two albums and have
made several Opry appearances and performed several sold out shows
across the United States and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Alabama amassed over 41 number one hit singles (on a variety of industry charts)
and a dozen top-10 albums, including ten that peaked at number one on Billboard’s
Top Country Albums chart. The group had 34 number ones on Billboard’s Hot Country
Songs chart.

Lee Ann Womack Releases First Album In Seven Years.


For the first time in almost seven years Lee Ann Womack will
release a new album on Sugar Hill Records.
It will be produced by her husband Frank Liddell and is scheduled
for a September 23rd release date.

“The Way I’m Living” will hit stores at midnight in September.
The title track is now supposedly being played on radio
I have been searching for it and haven’t found it on FM radio

This album features song written by Chris Knight, Mindy Smith, Buddy Miller,
Mando Saenz, Hayes Carll, Neil Young and Bruce Robison. It also includes a
cover song written by Roger Miller.

She hasn’t released any new music since 2008 accept for a few
soundtracks and some small projects.

I’ll write more about this album VERY SOON.

Americanafest First Article.


Holy Lord Almighty!
I got two HUGE music festivals going on to complete 2014 right now.
I got TONS of preparations right now for Muddy Roots Music Festival in Cookeville Tn at the
Junebug Ranch AND I got Outlaw Fest in Bowling Green Kentucky in October.
BOTH festivals have been really nice to O’l Gary since I started reporting on them.

I TRY to report on as many festivals as I can for all Country related genres
and THIS ONE going on in Nashville is going to take some time to fully
report on!
I’m not going to lie..I got HUNDREDS of bands to delve into on this one!
And this event is going to be HUGE!
And you can daggum sure bet I’ll have MORE articles to follow for you
to learn more about the artists and bands involved.
AND PLUS there’s so many ways to pay to see it and places to go
it’s hard to actually grasp this whole deal.
As a consumer..and in this instance I AM…I PAY just like you do
It’s really confusing.

As far as I CAN SURMISE there are four ways to see this event.
1. Becoming an Americana Music Association Member or registering for
the conference. This ranges from 365-515.00 right now.
2. Buy a wristband for 50 dollars, BUT this does NOT include the awards
banquet or the daily events or the Riverfront Park Shows.
3. Open To The Public. This option is venue capacity only.
Prices of admission vary upon the venue’s discretion.
4. A 99 dollar wristband gets you the same as the 50 dollar one
and also includes the Riverfront shows.

Also,some of these choices include or do not include the Hall Of Fame
which right now features Alan Jackson’s car.
For MORE details go HERE.

This event is almost as huge as Fan Fair (I’m sorry I REFUSE to call it CMA Fest).
There are event going on ALL OVER the place and they keep pouring into my
inbox like firecrackers!
Just TONS of acts and bands and artists..holy cow!

First I will tell you about the venues that will have nightly
showcases of the bands and artists.
Station Inn
3rd And Lindsley
The Basement
Mercy Lounge
City Winery
The High Watt
The Rutledge
ALL of these venues will be 20 at the door if you choose the THIRD option.
And once they are full they are full, there will be NO STANDING ROOM ALLOWED
for ANY of the performances scheduled to be at ANY of these venues.

Also there will be features and shows on Music City Roots as well.
I’m telling you this is going to be completely NUTS…BETTER than Fan Fair!


Is there a shuttle bus?
Yes. All wristband wearers are invited to use the bus, which travels from the
conference center to all participating venues.

What does my wristband entitle me to?
Wristband wearers may attend ALL evening showcases at ALL participating venues ALL nights.
In the event of a line, laminate badge holders do have priority access.

Can I buy tickets for individual showcases?
Yes. However, tickets for individual showcases are $20. You only have access to that one venue.
In the event of a line, priority goes to laminate badge wearers, the wristband wearers, then
individual ticket holders.

How do I purchase a wristband?
Wristbands will be available for purchase at all participating venues,, the
registration desk at the conference center and select retail outlets. Wristbands will NOT be mailed to you.

Where do I pick up my wristband?
Wristbands ordered through will be available for pick up at the Cannery Row complex.
Wristbands will NOT be mailed to you.

Will wristbands sell out if I don’t buy them in advance?
Probably not, but the possibility exists.

Are wristbands refundable?

Can I get into the award show with a wristband?

Can I get into the Riverfront Park event featuring The Avett Brothers with a wristband?

Will I receive a letter confirming that my wristband purchase was made?
Yes. We ask that you bring it with you.

What happens if I lose my wristband?
You will need to buy another one.

Does my wristband guarantee entry to the venues?
Yes, in most cases. In the event of a line, laminate badge wearers have priority access. If there is a show you just cannot miss, we suggest you arrive to the venue prior to the first showcase of that night.

Will wristbands be mailed to me?

I am 17 years old. May I go to a show at an 18+ or 21+ venue if I am with my parents?
The Station Inn welcomes you with your parents. The Mercy Lounge, Cannery Ballroom, The High Watt
and The Basement have strict age policies. These venues are “bar settings” and do not allow minors
to attend, regardless of parental accompaniment. They are unable to negotiate on this point.
The Rutledge and 3rd and Lindsley are 18+ venues, also regardless of parental accompaniment.

Now that I hopefully answered all your immediate questions, how about a schedule?
I was hoping you wouldn’t ask…just kidding!

Tuesday, September 16

Steelism In-store at Grimey’s New & Preloved Music
Songwriters in the Round presented by 30A Songwriters Festival
Mike Farris
Leftover Salmon featuring Bill Payne of Little Feat

Wednesday, September 17

Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds
Caleb Klauder Country Band
Del Barber
Greensky Bluegras
The Barefoot Movement
The Mastersons

The Cactus Blossoms
John Moreland
Jonny Two Bags
Rhett Miller
Sturgill Simpson
Todd Snider & Friends

The Bluegrass Situation Late Night Windup

Humming House
Lindi Ortega
Packway Handle
Band Robbie
Fulks Steelism

Thursday, September 18

Sharde Thomas and the Rising Star Fife & Drum Band Chris Smither
Ruthie Foster
Lee Ann Womack
Leo ‘Bud’ Welch

The Duhks
Amy Ray
Emily Barker & The Red Clay
Halo Frank Fairfield
Grant-Lee Phillips
Joe Pug Parsonsfield (formerly Poor Old Shine)
Ryan Montbleau
The Vespers

Luther Dickinson
Sam Outlaw

Angaleena Presley
Carlene Carter
r Gregory Alan
Isakov Laura
Cantrell Robert Ellis
Tom Freund
Whiskey Shivers

Buddy Miller Marty Stuart
Andrew Combs
Bobby Bare, Jr.
Joshua James
Otis Gibbs
Parker Millsap
Rodney Crowell
The Black Lillies
Zoe Muth

Trigger Hippy
Immigrant Union
Israel Nash
Joe Henry
y Lake Street Dive
Robby Hecht
The Stray Birds
Webb Wilder
Willie Watson

Whiskey Myers

Ben Miller Band
Dustbowl Revival
Matt Andersen
Police Dog Hogan
Promised Land
Sound Robyn Hitchcock
Sean Rowe
The Paul Thorn Band
Willie Sugarcapps

Friday, September 19

Tim Carroll’s Rock ‘n Roll Happy Hour
Allison Moorer
Haden Triplet
s Howard Fishman
Joe Purdy Sons
of Bill Suzy Bogguss
The Mae Trio The Silks
Zachary Lucky

Ian McLagan
Black Prairie
Ethan Johns
Falls Hayes Carll
Jonah Tolchin Marah Presents: Mountain Minstrelsy Matthew Ryan Oh Susanna The Hot Nut Riveters
J.D. Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers
Cale Tyson
Cory Branan
Howlin’ Brothers
Jamestown Revival
Jim Oblon
Josh Ritter
Lauren Shera
Pete Molinari
Quebe Sisters Band

The Devil Makes Three
Brennen Leigh
and Noel McKay Danny & The Champions of the World
Green River Ordinance
Griffin House
Jim Lauderdale
NQ Arbuckle
Peter Bradley Adams
The Audreys
The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer

Carolina Story
Chatham County Line
James Maddock
Kristina Train
Moot Davis
Shakey Graves The Bros.
Landreth Truth & Salvage Co

Saturday, September 20

Phil Cody
The Brothers Comatose
Sammy Brue
Sleepy Man Banjo Boys
Kristina Train
Over the Rhine
Joe Purdy
Holly Williams
Cory Chisel’s Soul Obscura
Aaron Lee Tasjan
Anthony D’Amato
Doug Seegers
Grace and Tony Liz
Longley Matthew
Mayfield Paul Burch

Billy Joe Shaver
Lera Lynn Matt the Electrician
Michaela Anne
Miss Tess & the Talkbacks
Nathaniel Rateliff
Ryan Tanner

Bradford Lee Folk
Caroline Rose
David Ramirez
Humming People
Jason Eady
Los Colognes
The Deadly Gentlemen

Harlan Pepper
New Country Rehab
Phil Madeira
Steep Canyon Rangers
The Grahams
Tony Joe White

Blackie & the Rodeo Kings
Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys
Ernie Hendrickson
Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons
Matthew Perryman
Jones Rebecca Frazier and Hit and Run The Danberrys

Sunday, September 21

Post AmericanaFest Sunday All Dayer

Ryman Auditorium Welcomes Jerry Lee Lewis!


Folks it’s not everyday I get to report on crossover Legends!
I spent quite a bit of time studying Jerry Lee Lewis and the Sun Records
pioneers of Sam Phillips from days of old.

In reality You would think Ray Price originally cut the song “Crazy Arms”
that was wrote by Ralph Mooney (I get steered off track easy).
But Jerry Lee Lewis also cut the song in 1956 and it sold only 300,000 copies.
Both artists cut the song the same year.

After the national scandal about his marriage his mainstream success
plummeted but he kept on going and was determined to bounce back.

I could write an article longer than my arm about this man
and nowadays his shows are just as good as they were years ago.
Jerry is known for energetic live shows even in his age they are
still known for being pretty rowdy.

Now I can tell you THIS: HE IS the last surviving member of
Sam Phillips “Million Dollar Quartet”. Which consisted of
Johnny Cash,Carl Perkins,Roy Orbison and Elvis.

He is cousins with Country Legend Mikey Gilley and TV Evangelist
Jimmy Swaggart who he actually did buy a car for once.

On saturday October 4rth the Ryman Auditorium will
welcome Jerry Lee Lewis as he plays a FULL CONCERT
for us.

My Buddy Joshua Morningstar Plays Show With Andy Gibson: Tn


Last year at Outlaws And Legends in Altamont Tennessee I met so many people that
have now become like family to me. I cannot even begin to write in words what
they mean to me.
I met Mr. Chuck and Miss Diann and Mr. Marty shine sauce and Mr. Kenneth who
is a damn talented artist.
I met all the people involved with The Last Honky Tonk Music Series.

I been blessed and honored to be able to watch them ALL grow as
artists and songwriters.
And I have certainly been blessed enough to get to write these articles
that I do about them.

One person in particular I identified very well with was Joshua Morningstar.
I have wrote several articles about him and studied him extensively in the past
year. I know what he loves and what he dislikes..I know his style.
I know his background..I lived his background and when I hug him I FEEL his passion.
I love this man more than any other artist I ever met in 20 years of music.

I owe him a lot, in his album liner he did not forget me. In his song “You Dont
Follow Billie Gant” he again remembered me.
He has graced the stage with many legends like Billy Don Burns and Tom Ghent.
He holds true to the Legends like Hank Williams and can actually tell you
facts about him.

On the other side of this article…Joshua Morningstar has announced that on
Thursday Sept 11th at The End Nashville he will be joined by steel guitar
wizard Andy Gibson. Mr. Andy just previously ended his several year tenure with Hank Williams 3
(PLEASE do not ask or start rumors I have NO CLUE why)..RESPECT HIM!

Andy Gibson in my opinion is one of the finest producers of today’s day
and age within country music.
He produced “Fire And Hail” by the .357 String Band which broke ground for
Roots music along with Sarah Gayle Meech’s first album AND the second forthcoming
He played steel on Hank Williams 3’s album “Straight To Hell” which defined independent
music as Hank was just being released from Curb Records and was beginning to show us
what was truly in his heart, and he continued on to play for several more of Hank 3’s
He played steel guitar for Bob Wayne on his latest release “Back To The Camper”.
He was mentored by Kayton Robert’s who played on Hank 3’s first two albums
and played for Hank Snow for over 30 years.

This is a show you DO NOT WANT TO MISS. Now honestly I’m trying
to get off for this show..but I cannot cover everything.
I am considering in the future of getting a helper.

Will there be MORE shows? I have no information right now folks.

Country Music Hall Of Fame Honors Alan Jackson.


Folks I am REALLY excited about this exhibit that opens August 25th!
The folks at The Country Music Hall Of Fame have outdone themselves!
They have opened a new exhibit honoring Alan Jackson who is certainly well on his way to becoming
a country legend with a whole exhibit honoring his 25 years in the industry.

You know when I think about the current state of country radio (I’m talking FM) and the
current state of the CMA and ACM awards the only two MAJOR mainstream superstars
that do not leave a sour taste in my mouth are Alan Jackson and George Strait..
I for one just cannot grasp the concept of how listeners can actually accept
a playlist with Alan Jackson and flip flopping to Brantley Gilbert and honestly
thinking it’s ALL country.

As previously stated this exhibit opens on August 25th 2014 and will run until March 30th 2015.
This exhibit will include MANY of his personal artifacts from his career in Country Music.

The guitar he played on the CMA Awards when he debuted “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)”
just two months after the September 11 terrorist attacks and the nation’s response that inspired the song.
The front of an old, red Ford pickup truck that served as Jackson’s first Fan Fair booth, before
his sister and brother-in-law had it made into a desk.

Items from Jackson’s collection of “Mayberry” memorabilia—a jacket, jersey and autographed picture from Don Knotts—from one of his favorite television shows, The Andy Griffith Show.
Jackson’s first tricycle, childhood bike and scooter, evidence that his love of vehicles started early.
Harley-Davidson motorcycle from the cover of the seminalalbum A Lot About Livin’ (And a Little ’bout Love).
The water ski Jackson rode, while wearing his trademark white cowboy hat, in the “Chattahoochee” music video.
Along with handwritten lyrics from Jim McBride who wrote Chattahoochee along with a few other
of Alan’s hits.

A collection of belt buckles from the Houston Rodeo—which Jackson has played more than 20 times.
Handwritten manuscripts of classics like “Drive,” “First Love” (about his ’55 T-bird), “Livin’ on Love”
and “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning).”

Numerous music awards, a sailfish caught by Jackson and much more.

AUGUST 29th-Sept 1st ONLY!!
His “first love” a used 1955 Ford Thunderbird will be on display in the Curb Conservatory
along with the story of how his wife helped reunite him with his car.
Alan saved his money and bought the car at 15 and restored it with his father
and drove it throughout high school but sold it to place a down payment
on a home with his wife.

Songwriter Session: Jim McBride
Saturday, August 30, 2014 • 11:30 a.m.

Family Program: When Daddy Let Me Drive: The Museum’s Cool Cars
Saturday, August 30, 3014 • 1:00 p.m.

Film Screening: Alan Jackson: The Greatest Hits Collection (1995)
Sunday, August 31 • 2:00 p.m.

Alan Jackson will be the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s 2014 Artist-in-Residence
this fall.
This will make Alan Jackson the twelfth Artist In Residence in history.
Each year, the Museum invites a noted artist or musician to give a series of
original performances that highlight their career and explore their artistry. Tickets go
on sale to the general public at NOON on Monday Sept 8th.

The concerts will take place October 8 and 22nd.
Both mid-week shows begin at 7PM and you can soon purchase tickets.

What I Plan To Cover At Muddy Roots Music Festival.


Muddy Roots Music Festival is almost here. And it’s time to
get ready to head to the Junebug Boogie Ranch in Cookeville Tennessee. will be there for the three main days of the festival, I WILL NOT be able
to attend the pre-party on thursday night.

Now this pre-party will be a BIG event as THIS WILL be the LAST show for Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band
with their current lineup.
I’m NOT SAYING that Jayke will no longer perform solo or reunite with the .357 String Band..
I have no idea on the  String Band rumor. Ever since they played together during 2014
Farmageddon Records Music Festival I been getting bombarded with questions.
ANSWER: Gary does NOT KNOW…but would pay good sized money to see a full show with the remaining
No this WILL BE the last show with James Hunnicutt on guitars
and Miss Liz Sloan and Mr. Jared McGovern. Miss Liz and her husband to be will continue on as the
Urban Pioneers.

Just a quick point out to the fact this year the stages have names.
Stage 1: Ol Wood Stage
Stage 2: Trailer Stage
Stage 3: Cracker Swamp Productions Stage

I’ll be arriving on friday afternoon around 4 because at 4:30 where I plan
to cover Whiskey Hill Swillers. GET BETTER SPOOKS!
And all through the evening I will be covering bands at different times.
One good thing is the stages don’t really overlap much this year. And I LIKE THAT because
I can get around easier and cover everybody as best as I can with minimal difficulties.

Here is what to expect from me for coverage (UNLESS SOMETHING GOES WRONG)
Call Me Bronco Like I said earlier all these
bands aren’t hardcore country but rooted within country.
So when you got bands that have such friendly members like Mr. Keith who’s always
really nice..they got a home here on the website anytime!

J.B.Beverley And The Wayward Drifters
Hellfire Revival
J.D. Wilkes And The Dirt Daubers
Hillbilly Casino
The Tillers
Pokey Lafarge
The Monsters

Now then on Saturday I’m REALLY super excited to say I WILL FINALLY
get to see Tillford Sellers And The Wagon Burners.
Folks THESE GUYS really JAM…I MUST HAVE this band’s albums.

Rickett Pass
Lou Shields
Sweet Georgia Brown
Hangdog Hearts
Husky Burnette
The Goddamn Gallows
Th Legendary Shack Shakers

Sunday I plan to try to get there early for Sunday services. THATS RIGHT
I try not to shove my religion down anybody’s throat..but if there
will be a service and a blessing than I’m in.

I’m also looking for an opportunity to see the Hard Soil Film.
And then I’m REALLY EXCITED to see
Matt Woods
Richie Owens And The Farm Bureau
Joseph Huber
Bobby Bare

Now THIS IS the crown jewel reason I’m going to the whole festival.
For some of the people it’s “The Scene” and the people there, and some
of them go to party their asses off.
I cannot say I will not have a few beers one night, or visit with
certain people…I CAN SAY I go for the music!
I’m there to enjoy the music and the bands..whatever reason you go
HAVE FUN and enjoy this great music.
ALL these bands and musicians love to do this for us!

Lydia Loveless
The Hooten Hallers

And I will most likely drive home late Sunday night and take a rest
and begin my coverage and download pictures and things.

Some of these bands I am not as familiar with and THIS IS the perfect
opportunity to report on them and study their music.
I buy albums and records by the boatloads and I work a lot of hours
on this website so it’s my baby.

Hope To See YOU There…Tell Mr. Jason I sent you and don’t forget to

Also if you would like EVEN MORE coverage and in some areas
BETTER than mine PLEASE check out Psycho Ramblin Country
And support Mr. Joshua’s work. I think he does a DAMN super fine job reporting
on underground music.

Country Legend Gene Watson’s New Album.


There are so many names I can give you when you ask me about underrated artists within
Country Music and when I give them many people argue with me.
One name I give will always be Gene Watson..why?

Well for one thing he has never been asked to join the Grand Ole Opry
however he performs on it almost more than some that ARE members.
Now mind you, I understand some great Legends haven’t been asked…or have been
and refused because of performance demands like George Strait and Merle Haggard.
Whatever the reasons the fact he is not a member has always saddened me immensely.

Watson’s long career has notched two number ones, 23 top tens and over 75 charted singles.
However despite national recognition he sells out venues all over the world.
And in 2012 he celebrated 50 years in the music business with a great album and
on June 10th he released a concept album of his personal favorite Country songs
for us to enjoy…I would like to tell you about it.

I kind of bought it and put it on my backburner list because I get SO MANY
albums and others grabbed my interest first.

This album is REALLY GOOD. The first track is a song that Country Legend Dottie West
wrote called “Here Comes My Baby Back Again”.
Faron Young also recorded it long ago and It’s not really well known.

“Don’t You Believe Her” was a Ray Price song taken from the 1968 album
Take Me As I Am. Honestly most of these songs are VERY obsolete
and not well known.

“Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets” was a Paycheck song from The Soul And The Edge
wrote by Dan Carson.
It was the “B Side” for Colorado Cool-Aid.

“Make The World Go Away” was a Hank Cochran tune recently recorded by
Jamey Johnson for his tribute album. However so many people recorded it
but Eddy Arnold is credited with first cutting the song.

“Long Black Veil” his version is the same as the Lefty Frizzell version
of this song written in 1959 by Danny Dill.

“It’s Not Love But It’s Not Bad” is a Merle Haggard tune that most avid fans
know but not the general public fans. If you have only listened to a
“Greatest Hits” album you’ll not be as familiar with this song.

“Walk Through This World With Me” was a song made popular by George Jones.

“Turn Out The Lights The Party’s Over” is another less known song written
by Willie Nelson in 1966.
It had an album named after it and Gene always closed his shows with this song
and sometimes he still does that very thing.

“I forget You Everyday” is another Merle Haggard song that isn’t too well
known. I’m actually not sure what album that song is on.

“Count Me Out” was a Marty Robbins song from 1966 I believe.
This was the song I was most unfamiliar with and I’m still
doing research on this song.

“Hello Trouble” was of course the very song made popular by Buck Owens.
And on this following promo video you can see the coming of this REALLY GOOD album.

The Osborne Brothers Documentary Is Priceless.


Bobby and Sonny Osborne just recently celebrated fifty years as members
of the Grand Ole Opry and were featured on WSM radio together for the
first time in years.
Sonny who is 76 is now retired from Bluegrass music while Bobby at 82
still plays with the Rocky Top X Press. He still tours shows and plays
the Opry on a regular basis.

In 1967 Felice and boudleaux bryant wrote their most famous recording
“Rocky Top” which they released on Decca records on Christmas day.
It is the Tennessee state college fight song and has been since.
And Bobby Osborne still proudly plays it today.
And in 1982 it was inducted as our Official Tennessee State song.

Independent filmmaker Russ Farmer has released a documentary about
these two brothers and how they helped shape Bluegrass music as it was
being brought forth by greater influences.

They grew up in Hyden, Ky and went on to become the first Bluegrass band
to ever perform in the White House in 1973.
This documentary details everything they have done since the beginning
and highlights their Opry induction in 1964 and also their IBMA induction
to the Hall Of Honor in 1994.
Sixty years on the road is a long long time and honestly I don’t blame
Sonny Osborne for his retiring, that is a hard and rough life.

They also became the first Bluegrass band to incorporate electric instruments
on stage and were also the first Bluegrass band to play on a college campus.

This film will feature ALL OF THIS and much much more.

PLEASE Help Save Printer’s Alley!


If you are like me you moved here to bring your music and your songs to “Music City U.S.A.”
or you came here to study Country Music’s history.
Perhaps you came to study at one of it’s fine schools or to admire it’s
historical places and people.

Country Music in a nutshell didn’t really originate here in Nashville.
Some say it started in Chicago…and somewhat that’s an accurate statement.
Some say it came from Appalachian regions of America and some say it came from
“nooks and crannies” of America or even churches and front porches.

Wherever you personally claim or believe it came from it is up to US
to decide where it’s headed.
THAT IS one of the reasons I started this website folks. I don’t make any
money off doing any of this, this all comes from my heart and my brain.
I don’t personally care if tens of thousands of people read my articles
I’ll write them as long as I’m alive…because I love to.
My heart lies within Country Music and Nashville, and one piece of
Nashville is in jeopardy and that why the page Save Printer’s Alley is so crucial.

To some fighting and preserving Country Music means analyzing pop country
and attacking it, or helping to promote those that do this.
To some it means supporting local community and local bands and small
venues working for tips.
Whatever your version of preserving Country Music MINE IS becoming involved
with causes like this one.

There is currently a political proposal that could close several businesses around
the historical Printer’s Alley district of Downtown Nashville to make way for a new
“boutique” hotel.
The four targeted buildings include the former Utopia Hotel building — which features
the Downtown Cleaners and strip club Brass Stables as tenants — and the vacant space
above the businesses. It also includes the buildings that house Lonnie’s Western Room
and Fiddle & Steel Guitar Bar on the Printers Alley side and the buildings that are home
to Taste of Italy Pizza, Santorini Greek Restaurant and Kebab Gyros on the Fourth Avenue side.

The website says “progress” seems to be slowly erasing the very things that made
Nashville the city that it is today…I AGREE!
I think Opry Mills ruined Opryland in it’s own right, I still patronize both places
but if I had my choice Opryland would be here again.

You can buy these shirts at the Fiddle And Steel Guitar Bar
in the Alley and you can sign the petition that is in circulation.
I’ll be soon taking the opportunity to purchase one and make MY voice heard!

Friends we CANNOT LET this happen and we CANNOT LET our precious historical
Country Music background die.
I will include several more links so you can study this issue further like
THIS TENNESSEAN article that started the whole
Save Printer’s Alley movement.
They want to make Printer’s Alley another Green Hills!

Nashville Scene
Fox 17 News
News Channel 5
More Fox 17 News

Folks you can click on the above link and purchase a shirt and add your
Let’s keep this part of historic downtown HISTORIC for our children and
grandchildren so they have the opportunity to also remember where
Country Music thrives and the heart of it beats.

Muddy Roots Helps Support The Community Of East Nashville


This past Saturday I went down to the Woodland area of East Nashville
for the 2014 Tomato Art Festival.
This was a really fun community street festival that was FULL of music
and family entertainment.
It pretty much had a little bit of everything for everybody no matter
what you are into.

I went down to see Jason Galaz from Muddy Roots and support
some really good music.
I LOVE Muddy Roots and they are always good to yours truly!
Like other music ventures along the same lines he represents the
American Dream…a self built empire from OUR SUPPORT!

It was HOT down there so I really did not get enough time to look around.
Heat and cold are rough on me so I found some shade and a few bottles
of cold water and enjoyed Richie Owens And The Farm Bureau in the Muddy Roots tent.

The three members Richie Owens, John Reed, Brian O’Hanlon together play Americana
roots rock and blues and little bit of everything.
They are actually originally from the Nashville area and Richie really
has an interesting background on his Facebook page.
They currently play every Thursday night at the Blue Bar And Rack Room.

They also currently have a recording entitled “Tennessee” on Red Dirt Records.
And they will be performing during Muddy Roots 2014 festival.
And they are also played on Outlaw Radio Sirius XM Radio.

I enjoyed their cover T For Texas T for Tennessee and they closed the show
with a cover of “Rye Whiskey”.
They had many original songs including L and N which was a train song,
and another called “Going Down South”.
My personal favorite was “Shes Got Everything She Needs Accept Me”.

More of their original material were songs like “Sticks And Stones”
and ‘Rolled And Tumbled”.
I really enjoyed his use of pedals and his arsenal of guitars he has.
He had a really unique way of using a “crybaby pedal”.

There was indeed a pretty good time had by all down there and I
would REALLY suggest you check out this band at Muddy Roots
or wherever they are next.
I fully plan to delve further into their music and set and you can damn sure
bet I’ll report on them again SOON!

The Last Honky Tonk Music Series Update


One of the most active series in the local music scene is The Last Honky Tonk Music Series.
I have done a lot of coverage for them in the past and I have been following them
as quite a few of them are going ALL OVER the United States bringing acoustic music
to places that would normally not have such an array of talent.

It still features Brigitte London and now it has begun to feature
Seth Turner is making his debut Texas run with the Series, starting with Bad “S” Icehouse.
Christopher Corkery has done a bunch of shows and the
huge amount of shows I see pouring into so many locations makes it easy for
a more wider audience to attend…and a reporter hard to follow totally.
But I been doing JUST THAT!

Dallas Moore has been doing several shows all over the place for the series as well.
And I have other news about him in later articles.
Announcements will be coming shortly involving our 2015 plans, new artist & venue additions,
new web site features & apps), live streaming, TV pilot, community plans, a Last Honkytonk Music
Series radio station (yes!) & more.

This series has introduced my ears and my heart to people like Hal Bruni and to be able to
become better aquainted with the music of Jill Kinsey.
You have got a fantastic duo I have reported on before 2 Country 4 Nashville that does a WONDERFUL JOB to entertain
people with classic country music.

Some of them are on a west coast jaunt and some of them are in Ohio..they are all over the place
in memory of our friend Wayne Mills who helped come up with the idea of the national series.
Honestly if I tagged ALL the venues involved in ALL the places I’m seeing it would
take me a month to write one article…it’s THAT BIG!
They just announced several new venues all over the place.

Also the first week of June 2015 (June 1st- June 7th) there will be a bus tour!
This will feature ALL of the Last Honky Tonk Series artists going from Morgan City
Louisiana and ending in Clarksville Ohio. Along the way there will be several stops
at participating venues on EVERY NIGHT along the way. This will be filmed LIVE and streamed
online so everyone can watch the music. MORE DETAILS BELOW!

I’m not sure how I will be able to be involved with this event schedule wise BUT I PROMISE
I will have some coverage of this event.
Dec 28th Win Place Or Show Cincinnati, Ohio
Dec 28th The Hunt Store Hunt, Tx
Dec 28th Garage On Back Salt Lake City, Utah
Dec 28 Garage On Beck Salt Lake City, Ut
Dec 30th Rusty Nail Miamisville Ohio
Jan 3rd The Drink House Morgan City, La
Jan 9th Backyard Grill Clarksville, Ohio
Jan 10th Pivo’s Ice House Fayeteville,Tx
Jan 16th The Outpost Armington,Il
Jan 24th Cigar Club Lake Charles,LA
Feb 7th Uncle Stewey’s Roadhouse Spring Valley,Il
Feb 12th Jay’s Sports Columbus, Ohio
Feb 13th Rusty Nail Madisonville, Ohio
Feb 13th Drink House Morgan City,La
Feb 14th Backyard Grill Clarksville, Ohio
Feb 19th Jay’s Sports Columbus, Ohio
Feb 20th Backyard Grill Clarksville, Ohio
Feb 20th Jay’s Sports Columbus, Ohio
Feb 27th Backyard Grill Columbus, Ohio
Mar 6th Jay’s Sports Columbus, Ohio
Mar 7th Backyard Grill Clarkville, Ohio
Mar 21st Backyard Grill Clarksville, Ohio

Ok FOLKS now I want to tell you about March 21st 2015.
THIS WILL be the one year anniversary that we had the nation launch at Bobby Mackey’s!
And several venues from ALL OVER the United States will stream their performances
I think it will be an online music festival so to speak!

My friend from the Louisville area CJ Cumberland producer of Crescent Hill Radio
(You can link to his website on the sidebar) features many of the artists
on his internet radio shows weekly.

Beginning January of 2015 they will be featuring none other than Ray Lawrence Jr. and I’ll be telling you more about that in the future.

The Last Honky Tonk Train To Clarksville:
A weeklong historic event featuring multiple LHTMS artists beginning in Morgan City LA at The
Drink House and ending at Friends-Backyard Grill in Clarksville OH. A filmed event, this will
feature a bus tour and CARAVAN of music lovers from around the USA, LHTMS venue vehicles,
Sponsors and more, with LHTMS artists traveling and performing shows Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs,
Friday and Saturday night at Official LHTMS venues. From motorcycle runs, special appearances,
honky tonk shenanigans, radio & LIVE STREAMING, along with SO MUCH MORE, this historic event
will be one to not miss!! Details on this event will be revealed in the days to come.
Be part of history, enjoy the music, live for the times. ***Several special stops scheduled
between shows.
NEWS NEWS NEWS On the Last Honky Tonk Train To Clarksville: This historic event will begin
Monday June 1st thru June 8th (w/ a possible pre-kickoff party/event/hooplah in Texas).
We will launch the “Train” (Buses, vehicles, bikers, sponsors, etc) in Morgan City.
Outline is as follows: Morgan City, New Orleans, Florabama, Alabama, TN, KY, OH.
On the dispersal back to Morgan City from Clarksville, Ohio , there will be ONE stop in Missouri
for an overnight camp/picking circle. The entire experience will be filmed by 3 separate
film companies for documentary/streaming. A set schedule of Live events will be determined
by January 15th. Variables (special appearances, promo stops, etc) will be added and confirmed by March 15).
We will sell bus tickets for whole and half-trip. An open invitation will be extended to anyone in the
general public who wants to bring their own vehicle and join the caravan.

If you are an artist who would like to participate in the Train, please contact me via phone text
& I will explain how the shows will work. We will be live streaming at least 3 of the show events.
The kickoff at The Drink House in Morgan City, Jay’s Sports Lounge in Columbus on Sat June 6 and the
finale at Friends in Clarksville. We would like to live stream all of the shows & we’ll be working with
the venues to make this happen. A more detailed explanation of the event, along with an official Press Release,
will be issued in January. This event will get Nationwide publicity in a big way. The opportunity to share with the world the music of all our artists, promote live music, the venues, community, raise money for local charities, spread the legacy of Wayne Mills, will be unlimited. We can work together to make this the Woodstock of our generation, except let’s encompass our goals even broader for the sake of live music and Independent Artistry. Please “click going” on the event, even if you’re not sure if you can make any of the shows or the whole trip – as this event will help ALL of our VENUES, ARTISTS and SPONSORS.

Now A LOT of venue owners read my website on a regular basis and might wonder WHO to text..send me a personal
message and I’ll get in touch with the correct people.
I’ll be looking into more sponsorship of this event and how I can participate. For now I will continue
to include ALL the news I find on this series.



For the first time ever, 40+ independent artists that lean toward the “Outlaw Country” music genre will be assembled at one event!

The gates open to Outlaw Fest 2014 on October 9th, and will remain wide-open until 7 PM, October 12th. Over 40 hours of country/southern rock, bluegrass, folk, and everything in-between. It will be presented at the world famous, Wishbone Off-Road Park, located in Bowling Green, KY. While starting as a grassroots local effort, Outlaw Fest 2014 has morphed into an event of national proportions, with advance ticket sales reflecting attendees from over 25 states!

Outlaw legend, Billy Joe Shaver, headlines the Friday night event. His performance will be made legendary by having his best friend, Willie Nelson’s granddaughter, Raelyn Nelson, and her band as his opening act. Another history-making moment will be when Waylon Jennings’ oldest son, Terry Jennings, takes the stage, for the first time ever, to tell stories of his life with the original outlaw. Terry’s segment is entitled, “Between Fathers & Sons,” and end with him taking questions from the audience.

In addition to artists suchas Grammy nominated, Steeldrivers and multi-platinum songwriter, Tom Ghent, there will be a huge “Outlaw Mall” vendor area with vendors from all over the United States. There will be appearances by stars from the “Moonshiner” TV series, the History Channel’s, “Appalachian Outlaws,” and the “REAL Hatfield & McCoys.”

Free primitive camping is provided with paid admission. More information can be found at or by emailing us at

Opry Legend Earl White Dies.


You know folks I have been studying Country Music almost my whole life
and I am still young…I’m only 41. I’m not the greatest or most knowledgeable
It’s history but I certainly know my fair share for being so young.
I get criticized about my opinions and from people that know more than me.

One reason I started this website is because I wanted to give credit and
remember the “Underdogs” of Country Music. The ones that are forgotten
under appreciated or just not even known about.

One of those people is fiddle player Earl White.
In 2005 Earl celebrated his 50th year on the Opry as part
of the Opry Squaredancers. And he played on the Opry
for 59 years.

March 1st 1936 he was born in Hardin County Tennessee. He grew up
with the talent of the Fiddle around seven and by the age of eighteen he was
playing with Marty Robbins.

He and his Sister got to play a few songs with Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.
Upon which Lester Flatt told his father “Mr. White one of these days your’e
going to loose your boy”.

After School he moved to Nashville to get into the business and attend
trade school.
He performed a few times with Ernie Ashworth who performed then as
Billy Worth and wrote his most well known songs.
He missed a chance to play for the Drifting Cowboys with Don Helms
as they began backing Ray Price after the monumental rift in the industry
created by the death of one of it’s first superstars..Hank Williams.
He couldn’t get the union clearance and they left without him.

In 1955 he began playing with Marty Robbins, however it was
short lived because Marty went pop country with songs like
“White Sportcoat And A Pink Carnation”. Those songs did not require
a Fiddle player.
During his time with Marty he played on the Opry for the first time ever.

After that he worked for Hawkshaw Hawkins and Jean Shepard, Faron Young
and more.
In 1963 when Hawkshaw and Cowboy Copas were killed in that
historical plane crash (With Patsy Cline) he decided to retire form

In the 1970’s he played with some bluegrass bands and began playing
for the Opry Squaredance band.
They come out on each night’s segment of the Opry and play and
dance for us, and have for almost the entire 75 years of it’s

He was described on FaceBook as:
More than a footnote. He was the real deal…A Christian man
never got the recognition he deserved in this industry, but who
continued to play BECAUSE HE LOVED THE MUSIC.

He died in the morning of August 7th services are not
announced at this time.