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What I Plan To Cover At Muddy Roots Music Festival.


Muddy Roots Music Festival is almost here. And it’s time to
get ready to head to the Junebug Boogie Ranch in Cookeville Tennessee.
GaryHayesCountry.com will be there for the three main days of the festival, I WILL NOT be able
to attend the pre-party on thursday night.

Now this pre-party will be a BIG event as THIS WILL be the LAST show for Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band
with their current lineup.
I’m NOT SAYING that Jayke will no longer perform solo or reunite with the .357 String Band..
I have no idea on theĀ  String Band rumor. Ever since they played together during 2014
Farmageddon Records Music Festival I been getting bombarded with questions.
ANSWER: Gary does NOT KNOW…but would pay good sized money to see a full show with the remaining
No this WILL BE the last show with James Hunnicutt on guitars
and Miss Liz Sloan and Mr. Jared McGovern. Miss Liz and her husband to be will continue on as the
Urban Pioneers.

Just a quick point out to the fact this year the stages have names.
Stage 1: Ol Wood Stage
Stage 2: Trailer Stage
Stage 3: Cracker Swamp Productions Stage

I’ll be arriving on friday afternoon around 4 because at 4:30 where I plan
to cover Whiskey Hill Swillers. GET BETTER SPOOKS!
And all through the evening I will be covering bands at different times.
One good thing is the stages don’t really overlap much this year. And I LIKE THAT because
I can get around easier and cover everybody as best as I can with minimal difficulties.

Here is what to expect from me for coverage (UNLESS SOMETHING GOES WRONG)
Call Me Bronco Like I said earlier all these
bands aren’t hardcore country but rooted within country.
So when you got bands that have such friendly members like Mr. Keith who’s always
really nice..they got a home here on the website anytime!

J.B.Beverley And The Wayward Drifters
Hellfire Revival
J.D. Wilkes And The Dirt Daubers
Hillbilly Casino
The Tillers
Pokey Lafarge
The Monsters

Now then on Saturday I’m REALLY super excited to say I WILL FINALLY
get to see Tillford Sellers And The Wagon Burners.
Folks THESE GUYS really JAM…I MUST HAVE this band’s albums.

Rickett Pass
Lou Shields
Sweet Georgia Brown
Hangdog Hearts
Husky Burnette
The Goddamn Gallows
Th Legendary Shack Shakers

Sunday I plan to try to get there early for Sunday services. THATS RIGHT
I try not to shove my religion down anybody’s throat..but if there
will be a service and a blessing than I’m in.

I’m also looking for an opportunity to see the Hard Soil Film.
And then I’m REALLY EXCITED to see
Matt Woods
Richie Owens And The Farm Bureau
Joseph Huber
Bobby Bare

Now THIS IS the crown jewel reason I’m going to the whole festival.
For some of the people it’s “The Scene” and the people there, and some
of them go to party their asses off.
I cannot say I will not have a few beers one night, or visit with
certain people…I CAN SAY I go for the music!
I’m there to enjoy the music and the bands..whatever reason you go
HAVE FUN and enjoy this great music.
ALL these bands and musicians love to do this for us!

Lydia Loveless
The Hooten Hallers

And I will most likely drive home late Sunday night and take a rest
and begin my coverage and download pictures and things.

Some of these bands I am not as familiar with and THIS IS the perfect
opportunity to report on them and study their music.
I buy albums and records by the boatloads and I work a lot of hours
on this website so it’s my baby.

Hope To See YOU There…Tell Mr. Jason I sent you and don’t forget to

Also if you would like EVEN MORE coverage and in some areas
BETTER than mine PLEASE check out Psycho Ramblin Country
And support Mr. Joshua’s work. I think he does a DAMN super fine job reporting
on underground music.