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Gary Hayes To Launch One Year Anniversary During Joshua Morningstar.


I got A TON of “side articles’ coming during Outlaw Fest 2014 but THIS IS my
official announcement of my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY article and it will launch
Thursday October 9th at around 9:00PM during Joshua Morningstar and a VERY
special set.

Now I got a some special help all weekend to run my little tent for me while I
am by the stage taking notes and pictures. I have A TON of business to do
this weekend!
I got some special people that will hang around my spot at the Outlaw Mall
so MAKE SURE you come say Hi…get some coffee….or throw water balloons at me
hell I don’t care!

I will be handing out Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Shave cream and razors, soap and
small food items to ALL “road bands” or ANY band that wants them.
I got Toilet paper and batteries too.

I’ll be BLOGGING LIVE right from the vendor spot and the stage BOTH.
I GOT special announcements from A BUNCH of the artists!
I really don’t do interviews much but I WILL be getting the scoop from several
artists down there about album releases and other things.

Me and Joshua Morningstar are VERY SPECIAL friends, hell I called him
once at 5AM for advice.
We have a very special history together and there isn’t many others I could
think of that deserve this blessing more than him.

Ok now from the Outlaw Fest website here are some further details about
We have fielded a lot of calls today concerning tickets. Here’s the info on tickets:
—Advance tickets will be available online ONLY until 10/3/14
—Once advance ticketing stops you may purchase tickets at the gate
—The 2-Day / $60 ticket is ONLY available online and will not be available at the gate.
—You will save $25 on a 4-day ticket by purchasing in advance
Any other questions…throw them out there we will get an answer for you ASAP.

ABOVE GROUND fires are OK and grills are welcomed..and I asked about
propane fryers because I JUST MIGHT fry up some catfish and pups for
any visitors at my tent.

2014 Music Festivals: The Fall Campout At Duck Creek.


Well folks as I promised I will keep this series open as an ongoing
feature on my website. Because they pretty much always keep rotating
from March-November every year.
I try to pick a NEW one every year to cover and rotate covering them
according to how much of a response the articles get from my readers.
Also if the festival promoters aren’t really as friendly as other I usually
include them but just don’t involve my participation as eagerly as most.
Heck, two of them have flat out declined to LET ME include them in this!

Out in the Hocking Hills of Ohio The Fall Campout At Duck Creek is a smaller outdoor
festival to the Duck Creek Log Jam.
Duck Creek Outdoors is a GREAT Ohio outdoor festival company in that area.
They are rapidly becoming more popular all over the U.S. and I have NO PROBLEM helping them.

So we will dwell on this event just a little in this article..
The event happens on October 10+11th in Hocking Hills Ohio.
Duck Creek is located just 40 minutes south of Columbus in the Hocking Hills Region of Ohio.
28508 Murphy Rd. Logan, Ohio 43138
And upon my study of their festival they have had two previous festivals and pretty much
just put the first one on with no previous knowledge of festivals..and it’s doing really well.

It look like they have three or four stages and a VERY low fee for this fall festival.
There’s a “no camping” option as well, AND there is a secluded section for “no after party” parties
in that area for people that wish to sleep earlier.
I’ll touch on the prices further down on here. They contacted me during another music festival to
get an article for them and gave me some shirts and posters for doing this.

The Tillers
Hocking River String Band
Al Scorch
Coal Town Rounders
Michaela Anne
Coal Cave Hollow Boys
Darrin Hacquard
Matt Opachick

Those are the bands that will be making you stomp and party into the night
this fall.
Save some money by purchasing your tickets online! Prices at the gate will be:
$60 Weekend Pass (with camping) | $45 Saturday Pass (with camping) | $35 Saturday Pass
(no camping)
Children Ages 6-12: $10 Friday/Saturday Pass.
Ages 5 & Under: Free!
Although there is a 10 dollar parking fee..I found that weird, and 30 for RV’s so I could see
why they had a lower gate price since it all evens out.

*In order to assure that the Pine Grove Stage remains an intimate and unique venue,
there are a very limited amount of FRIDAY & SATURDAY PASSES available. We anticipate
that these tickets will sell out, and will not be offering a Friday Only Pass at this time.
If the Friday/Saturday passes do not sell out by Oct 1st, we will offer remaining space as
single day Friday passes, but the only way to guarantee access to the Friday night Pine Grove
performance is to purchase the Friday & Saturday Pass while supplies last.

According to their website here are the rules:

Wristbands MUST be worn at ALL times, NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are caught without a wristband you
will HAVE to buy another at full price or leave the property.

There is no sale of alcohol on the premises. You are welcome to bring and enjoy beverages
responsibly. You must be 21 to consume alcohol. All persons consuming alcohol must have a
valid age verification wristband. Violation of this rule will result in removal from the
event and a meeting with local law enforcement.

No glass bottles are permitted. Cans only. (THIS INCLUDES MASON JARS!)

No pets.

Swimming is permitted during daylight hours only, and in designated areas. No night swimming.

Unauthorized sale of food or alcohol is prohibited.

No unauthorized vending.

No fireworks.

No weapons or knives.

No illegal drugs or controlled substances. If you need a nitrous tank and the guy with the
backpack to have a good time, this festival is not for you.

No golf carts, ATV’s or other motorized vehicles.

All coolers, vehicles, tents and persons are subject to search while on the premises.

Help keep it clean! Give a hoot, don’t pollute!

Treat others well. If you don’t know how to let loose while still treating others with respect,
please do not attend this event.

I think I’ll look into coming up there for this event for sure in the future!

Exit In Welcomes Rory Kelly’s Triple Threat AND MORE!

Well my dear readers on October 12th while I’m busy covering Outlaw Fest
The Exit In welcomes FIVE BANDS on a Sunday night!
BUT it has an earlier start time I noticed.

Now honestly all of these bands I have featured on this website a bunch of times,
Hillbilly Casino just absolutely SLAYS the stage and gets the crowd going
absolutely wild.
They have one of the best lead singers of many of the bands in this area!
The band as a whole is a well oiled machine and just keeps steamrolling through
their many great songs.

The Goddamn Gallows are a band from all over and they
cannot be classified as any real ‘type’ of music…other than GOOD!
They just released their 5th studio album “The Maker” on Farmageddon records
and honestly all of these bands played Muddy Roots this year.
The Gallows closed out stage 1 and went NUTS! Their on stage antics and stunts
are widely known through local music as GREAT..Although Avery would argue
as this past year he was slammed into a table on fire.

In all of the bands I go to see and support this man is one of the
finest guitarists I can name.
Rory Kelly And Triple Threat are from the Rusty Knuckles camp
and they have been blazing the trail with label mate J.B.Beverley.
Those two I just mentioned played one of my top 3 favorite sets of
Muddy Roots.

The Urban Pioneers are made up of one of
Roots Music’s finest fiddle players Liz Sloan and Mr. Jared McGovern.
They are both former members of Jayke Orvis Broken Band who just played their
final show at Muddy Roots pre party.
And also former members of Bob Wayne’s Outlaw Carnies band, which I’m pretty
sure is where they met.

Former frontman for Zombie Ghost Train A Man Called Stu was a set that I missed
while covering other bands. It’s described as swampy Honky Tonk Country.
Honestly I know very little about this band..I cannot lie.
I will indeed become better familiar with his solo music.

So you better head out to Exit In and support the community OR
head your butts to Outlaw Fest and stop by my merch tent.
ALL BANDS get free toothpaste and soap and laundry soap!
AND MORE! This website does more than just write articles.

Another GREAT Show At Live True Vintage!


Folks I’m really sorry about how busy I get and to be honest my personal life
is just as busy as this. I’m sorry it took me son long to write this.
After the Muddy Roots Music Festival there was an after party Tuesday September 2nd
at Live True Vintage in East Nashville.

Despite the still drizzling outside they had a pretty good turnout
for the James Hunnicutt, Rachel Kate and the Calamity Cubes show that was hosted.


I really enjoyed James Hunnicutt’s set at Muddy Roots and The things he says
to us people always make me feel so happy and assures me I’m loved as a fan.
“I want you to know that every person here is special and just as important
as the nest person, there are no rock stars here”.
I met him for the first time ever (sadly) at Porter Wagoners funeral, and
I became a friend of his ever since…that was the Myspace era.

99 Lives is one of his staple songs you hear almost every set and I’m glad
too cause it’s a really great song. But his second song that night “My Pain”
is my favorite song he does. I just love the melody and I play his album
it’s off of “In Full It Shall Be Paid”.

The third song was a new one he played at Roots as well called
“Who Will Raise The Flag”.
He then did a cover of Hank Williams song “Long Gone Lonesome Blues”.

“To Cater To Failure” is a well written song he played that night along
with “Risk The Fall”.
I like it when he plays songs that you don’t hear very often during his
usual sets.

Another thing I like about him are the covers he does. He does alot of Faron Young
and He did “I Want You I Need You I Love You” by Elvis.
Every time I see his set he always does some great old covers.
He closed his set with “Don’t Let Teardrops Fill Your Eyes”.


Rachel Kate is one I wasn’t too familiar with and I had to do
some research on her to write this review for her.

She opened her set with “Hell Is Your Home” which actually
is my favorite song she does and I like her very unique
style she has a she carries high notes.

She has had a very full and adventurous life in music and
comes from a very musical family and upbringing.
And another great song she sang was called “Lullaby”. A lot
of these songs she also did with several bands including ‘The Local Honeys”.
Like one she does called “Lost”.

ONE SONG that was VERY pretty and the melody was remarkable was a
song that her father wrote for her at an early age called
‘Dancing Shoes”. It was a VERY PRETTY and painted a very cool
picture in my mind as I listened to her.

I can see so many influences in this woman’s soul…
I saw everything from Patsy Cline to Gillian Welch and more.
Rachel describes herself as folk but I see so much Country and blues
in her.

She closed her set with a song called “Nobody’s Fool”.
I was really glad I researched her a little bit more after
Muddy Roots. I’m sorry I missed her sets in the past, I just
never ran into her on time.
There’s a lot of artists I haven’t told you about yet.


The next band was the Calamity Cubes a three piece Kansas based
string band with an upright bass a banjo and a guitar.
And to be completely honest I missed their first song from
an outside break..had to go to truck for something.
But their second song was “Bottoms The limit” and they played a very
good set this night.

“Anchor” and another song I have heard a few times live was
‘Devil In Her Eyes”.
They have a few albums out and can easily play for a good length of time.
One of their songs I like more is “The Battle of Hair Ribbon”.
I just think it’s a well written song.

Another good song they did was “Delia Rose”. I need to get a few of their
albums the next show of theirs I get to go to.
They did a new song called “Window Pains” and I only caught part of
their next songs but I got back to attention for “Libby Belle” and
a song they do called ‘Kite”.

I think everyone was in agreement on suggesting they do “Empty Bottle Than No
Bottle At All”. It’s my personal favorite song they do for sure!
Then they moved outside and played “Gold light” on their set’s close.

Country Legend George Hamilton IV. Dies.


Folks I’m sure you heard this week “The International Ambassador Of Country Music” George Hamilton IV
suffered a severe heart attack and is resting and recovering at Baptist Hospital
here in town.
That was last night and as I wrote that he was alive but alas the gates of Hillbilly Heaven
opened and welcomed him home today. I’m sorry I work second shift and cannot keep up
on these things. I’ll keep things just the same because you can STILL send love to that address.
As I learn more places to send love I will update this.

In 1960 he was inducted into the Opry and we call him The International Ambassador because he
is widely known to travel to more countries than ANY other Opry Legend we have.
Patsy Cline nicknamed him “Number” because of the high number after his name.
He was the first Country singer allowed to perform in the Soviet Union and Prague.

In 1956 he scored a top 5 hit and a platinum album with the song
“A Rose And A Baby Ruth”. He also cut “Truck Drivin Man” which if you’ll
recall me saying was originally wrote and cut by Terry Fell in 1954 and
brought back by Buck Owens in 1965.
But George also cut it among MANY others, his most famous song is still “Abilene”.

Between 1960 and 1978 he charted 40 Billboard singles
and in the 80’s and 90’s delved into gospel music.

The service has been announced:

Arrangements for George Hamilton IV:

Grand Ole Opry Legend George Hamilton IV’s Public Memorial will be held at the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN
On Wednesday, Sept. 24th, beginning at 11 a.m.

Visitation is Tues, Sept 23rd, 4 to 7 PM at Williamson Memorial Funeral Home in Franklin.

George Hamilton IV “The International Ambassador of Country Music”
was an Opry member for over 54 years.

Spillway Bar And Grill Welcomes ALL AGES To Emi Sunshine.


Ok Folks since I never have featured Emi Sunshine before I chose THIS as a GREAT
opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.
Folks this is one of the first times I have heard of a bar doing this in my area
and it REALLY grabbed my attention.
The Spillway Bar And Grill is actually one of my more favorite venues
to do this job in my area.
Anything I need he gets me and the Wifi is real good and THE FOOD is remarkable!
These guys are “Home Of The Moonshine Wings” made by the Moonshine Sauce Company
out of Murfreesboro Tn.
And the pizzas are AWESOME..It’s a real good place to catch a show.

On September 20th at 5PM The Spillway welcomes Emi Sunshine and Terra Bella.
Well whats so special about this? Folk’s EMI’s TEN YEARS OLD!
SHE IS becoming an internet sensation AND a BIG DRAW at live shows all over the country.
Don’t worry I’ll tell you more about her in this article BUT FIRST you ask me…..
HOW will they pull off allowing minors in? WELL I spoke to the owner Mr. Robert the other night
and he told me this:
They are putting a flatbed trailer on the smoking patio and roping off the bar entrance.
Minors will have NO ACCESS to the bar facilities.

How can I buy tickets? I got that covered too FOR 5 BUCKS you can pay at the door.
10yr old Phenomenon EmiSunshine will start out the night 7 to 9 with her sweet sound
of Gospel and Americana music. She has been said to be the next June Carter and is
doing very good at living up to this expectation. Then Terra Bella will finish up
the night with their soulful sounds and beautiful Harmonies. $5 cover for all this
awesome music is something you don’t want to miss!! ATTENTION!! We are very excited
to announce that the EmiSunshine show September 20th will be outside and ALL AGES.
Minors will only be allowed in the concrete area and it will be roped off from the
deck where alcohol will be and as you can see there is no seating so bring your chairs.
They will enter on backside of building and never enter through the bar. It will be a $5 cover.
We are really stoked to give kids the opportunity to see Emi perform. Then at 10 o’clock
inside Terra Bella will finish the night out!!

I met Emi Sunshine and first heard of her at R.O.P.E. this past year. I remember it VERY
well. I was sitting at a table with Keith Bilbrey and Margie Bowes and Ron Elliott’s wife
when Emi was escorted to the stage by her mom. She’s just a little gal, and she’s got
a true southern drawl let me tell you.
She’s from Madisonville Tennessee which is a East Tennessee region of the mountains.

This youngi’n is NO TAYLOR SWIFT…oh no no….she’s “Olde Time Music Turned Upside Down”.
I’m going to reprint her BIO from Facebook:

With a family musical lineage that goes back three generations it’s no surprise that
EmiSunshine is a natural performer. Like her great-grandmother, Wanda, Emi has the ability
to turn on the country charm and entertain a crowd. Like her grandmother, the late Patsy Hamilton,
Emi can sing the Lord’s gospel with the conviction of a soul who’s been on the earth years
beyond her age. And like her daddy, Randall Hamilton, Emi can cut loose and have fun with the crowd
while she entertains them.

Before Emi could actually talk she was cooing along to harmonies with her grandmothers.
By the time she was 5 she’d written her first song. By the age of 6 she’d already performed
live at countless churches and festivals around east Tennessee and at age 7 she recorded her
first 2 albums, simultaneously, Strong As The Tall Pine and Wide River To Cross in her family
studio with the help of her daddy and grandpa Bill.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Buddy & Julie Miller, Dolly Parton and Sister
Thorpe as well as regional artists like Jeff Barbra & Sarah Pirkle, Kata Hay, Matt Woods,
and her distant cousin Kevin Abernathy. Emi strives to write and perform her own songs
while also covering some of her favorite artists.

Emi is also a talented musician who currently plays ukulele, banjolele, and mandolin
while continuing to strengthen her vocal range. Her band consists of her daddy on bass guitar,
her uncle Bobby on drums and percussion, and her older brother John on mandolin,plus an ever-changing
cast of fellow friends and musicians. Randall graduated from MTSU with a degree in recording
engineering and currently does sound for several east Tennessee venues as well as owns and operates
Hamilton Sound & Recording. Bobby has played drums professionally for over 15 years traveling
with several different bands. He organized and founded a music ministry in Charlotte, NC for
several years. As a senior in high school John won a Grammy as a member of the Hiwassee
Dam Steel Pan Band. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and a true artist himself, who relishes the
role of big brother.

This young lady grabbed my attention on television when she was NAILING
Jimmie Rodgers “Blue Yodel #6”..
This gal sings songs most adults can’t even tell you aren’t her own songs and
that tells me something about today’s “society”….sad.
Will she ever make it “Big Time”???? Folks this young lady has already DONE IT!
She’s been on the Opry..and THAT IS more than enough for me. She’s the REAL DEAL people
and we need to support her and bring the young people BACK TO REAL COUNTRY MUSIC!

Glen Campbell To Release His Last Song Ever.


Just recently Country Music Legend and Pop Crossover Legend Glen Campbell
was moved to a Nashville area assisted living facility for patients with
Alzheimer’s and other related conditions.

He was honored in 2012 with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and also
was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.
Glen has received almost ever accolade a performer can, and has released more than 70 albums.
He has sold 45 million records and accumulated 12 RIAA Gold albums, 4 Platinum albums
and 1 Double-Platinum album.
He has appeared in movies such as the original John Wayne classic “True Grit”.
He has been awarded male vocalist of the year and many many other awards.

On September 30th “I’m Not Going To Miss You” will be released as his last
single ever. Folks this will be just as epic as Ray Price, Mel McDaniels or
Eddy Arnold made their final recordings.

It was written by Glen and Miss Julian Raymond for his upcoming documentary
“I’ll Be Me” and was recorded in Los Angeles.
This song is loaded with weeping steel guitar and showcases everything
he has lost in life.

The documentary will be released October 24rth in New York and
then released nationwide the day after.
It was directed and produced by James Keach whom I understand also
produced “Walk The Line”.

In the past Glen has been one of the pioneers of the pop country
cross over pattern of his time.
Credited for being one of the forerunners of charting classic Country
albums and Pop charting at the same time, a pattern highly prevalent
in the 1970’s.

Outlaw Fest Main Article.


Alright readers I been HARD at work for MANY hours to bring this big
updated article to the website about a GREAT Outlaw Festival
coming to Bowling Green Kentucky October 9th-12th.
If you are already familiar with this event you can purchase tickets
by clicking HERE.

I don’t get involved with anyone’s business dealings or booking or
numbers. I don’t want to know ANY bands or venues numbers or legal
issues and this is a grey area deal that involves a dear friend.
Outlaw Fest has had to move campgrounds and I will release HIS
press release to you along with a CORRECT version of the old inforamtion
This isn’t the entire press release and you can go read the FULL one
But this is a piece that contains the information needed
Outlaw Fest 2014 has been welcomed with open arms to the magnificent Edge Hill
Farm outdoor music venue in Oakland, KY. Better location (only 6 miles from I65),
better facilities(hot showers, camp store, massive stage)…and most of all…
we have found a home where the owner makes you feel more than welcome!

ALSO moving this event will allow them to LIFT the 2,000 person limit
and release MORE VIP tickets!

I’m going to tell you all about this event that is sponsored by
Moonshine Barbeque Sauce Co.
Kenneth Marr Graphics
…Who kindly designed my logo and does my decals.
D.A.T. Sauce
Alright now can’t have a GREAT music festival without sponsors, right?
Confederate Stills Of Alabama
Fifth String Studio
Please tell Mr. Buck I said HI…
Dixie Queen Stills
Rusty Knuckles record label
And Diamondback Stringworks.

Now before I go on to announce who is performing and all the special events
taking place and times to do all of this I’d like to tell ALL my
personal home is YOURS during this time.
My yard is open for FREE camping any day you want and I’ll share my
washer and dryer for bands and provide laundry soap.
And free showers to any whom need it.
I’ll be juggling going home for a small bit and being at the festival.
I live roughly 40 minutes from the campgrounds and will be periodically
returning home throughout the festivities.
The website has decided to use it’s tent space to distribute toothpaste
and brushes to bands and hand soap and sanitizer.
I’ll also have toilet paper and other needs for my friends.
Until it’s gone…

OK so HERE’s the MUSIC AND EVENTS schedule:

THURSDAY, October 9th
6:00 PM 2Country4Nashville
7:00 PM Urban Pioneers
8:00 PM Josh Morningstar
9:00 PM Break / Special Presentation
9:30 PM The Steeldrivers

FRIDAY, October 10th
10:00 AM Only Threads Left
11:00 AM Bo Chadly
12:00 PM Brandon Self & Outlaw Revival
1:00 PM Rye Davis
2:00 PM Billy Sidwell
3:00 PM P.J. Steelman, James Austin, RC O’leary
5:00 PM The Buzz Band
6:00 PM Brandon Lee Tallent
7:00 PM Whey Jennings
8:00 PM Raelyn Nelson Band
9:00 PM Break
9:30 PM Billy Joe Shaver

SATURDAY, October 11th
10:00 AM Clarence Light Orchestra
11:00 AM Brandon Atwell & Broken Ground
12:00 PM Ross Key
1:00 PM Hanging Judges
2:00 PM Taylor Shannon Band
3:00 PM Tom Ghent
4:00 PM Hal Bruni
5:00 PM Kyle Wilson
6:00 PM J.B. Beverley & Buck Thraikill
7:00 PM Pure Grain
8:00 PM Billie Gant
9:00 PM Hatfield & McCoy Tug-O-War
9:30 PM Dallas Moore Band

SUNDAY, October 12th
10:00 AM Rooney Sisters
11:00 AM Terry Jennings…Between Father’s & Sons
12:45 PM Cley Reynolds
1:30 PM Chris Corkery
2:30 PM Travis Engor & The Horse Traders
3:30 PM Otis
4:30 PM Left Hand Voodoo
5:30 PM Sinners & Saints

Now instead of providing this many different links to become
familiar with the bands HERE IS the whole lineup to do some research
on them ALL!
And I ALSO want to add the food court prices will be VERY reasonable!
And camping IS INCLUDED in your ticket price, and if you choose the
BIG package they will have it all set up FOR YOU!
And ALL the information and questions are on this website up above.
I WILL plan my consumption accordingly…SO SHOULD YOU!


I have recently published an offshoot article for Mr. Terry Jennings
son of Waylon Jennings, you can read it HERE.
He will do something NEVER DONE BEFORE on ANY stage and if your’e
a Country Music NERD like me…you’ll want to hear this hour of
After reading his autobiography by Waylon and Mr. Lenny Kaye
and studying the career of Waylon Jennings and his entire family
I’m sure you too have questions. Well, here is where they can be answered
by the sidekick himself.

Also, my “little buddy” from the Chattanooga area A.J.Hancock will be
Yup you can go visit with him and admire his talents.
I tell you there’s TOO MUCH to report on going on at once!
But I’m preparing for this event NOW!
You should be as well…

Now from social media here is the HOST of ALL FOUR DAYS
of music and fun:
More History Being Made At Outlaw Fest!

Outlaw Fest 2014 is honored to announce the addition of Gordon Ames,
better known as Big G, as the voice of Outlaw Fest 2014. Gordon will host
all 4 days of the festival. With a worldwide fan base, Big G is considered
a living legend within outlaw country music circles. Appearing on Gordon’s
radio program, Big G’s Texas Roadshow, is a huge honor.

Big G became interested in country music as a roadie for Slim Whitman. At the time,
he was flipping burgers at the Zephyr Grill in downtown Bumpus, Texas. Whitman pulled
up in a flaming red Flxible Bus adorned with blue lassoes, swaggered in, and ordered
a medium rare double meat cheeseburger with shallots, avocado, and sugar sprinkles.
Impressed with Big G’s culinary skills, Whitman asked him to join his traveling band.
Big G toured the North, South, East, West, and all points in-between. Along the way,
he listened to a lot of great music.

Big G’s Texas Roadshow can be heard Monday through Friday 5 a.m. – 8 a.m. on KERV-AM 1230 AM
and streaming online at:

With the addition of Willie Nelson’s Granddaughter and Outlaw Country Music
Legend Billy Joe Shaver..THIS FESTIVAL WILL BE A MAJOR DEAL in 2014.
I’m sure that it will be a strong reoccurring festival in years to come.

Free primitive camping is included with your paid admission…bring your tent or
RV and stake your claim early. Outlaw Fest also offers tent packages for those of you flying in
, or maybe you just don’t own a tent. The Outlaw Fest staff will have your tent, air mattresses
& sleeping bags in your tent waiting on your arrival. More details on tent packages can be found by clicking here.

Hotel Lodging
The Bryce Inn at Smith’s Grove has been chosen as the OFFICIAL hotel of Outlaw Fest
and we have reserved the entire hotel for that weekend.
You can get a discounted room at 61 per night plus tax.
YOU MUST MENTION Outlaw Fest in order to take advantage of this deal.Edge Hill 1

Local Oprys: Red Barn Convention Center


Kentucky Opry.

Folks to be honest The Red Barn Convention Center is not technically an “Opry” but upon further
checking out their contribution to their community they fit into the Local Opry category.
So I decided to include them and their shows and tell you how YOU can support them.

They are located in the Ohio area in Winchester Ohio and to be honest
they just had John Conlee last night!
They do “Red Barn Jubilee Shows” once a weekend a month, which features some
great local talent every show.
And right now for the weekend of October 4rth they are featuring David Ball.

Now this is a place where for a set price you get a meal and a show,
that’s one of the things that make this venue different from an “Opry”.
You can choose the show only or both choices and some friends of mine from
the Ohio area said the food was very good.

The venue seats 1,000 people and is the largest hall of it’s kind in their region.
The main foyer where you can during intermission accommodate over 300 and they have
a full gift shop and concession stand.

The campground offers 83 full hookup campsites including pull-thru sites available up to
46 feet, dump station, and group rates.
You can contact them at:

2223 Russellville Rd
Winchester, Ohio 45697
(800) 823-9197 Ext 121

They also have the Fall Harvest Jubilee coming up and it looks like there
are TONS of great upcoming events.
So I encourage you to go check out their shows their food and what they
have to offer you…GREAT country music and family fun!

Muddy Roots Day 3 Part 3: Drop Kick Me Jesus


I stayed around stage 1 most of the remainder of the night and got ready for a set
from someone I knew very little about. I had researched Lydia Loveless for about a week but never
saw her perform before this.
In fact I knew very little about her accept for hearing her on W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show.

So when I was waiting for her set I was not sure what to expect as far as live performance.
I knew very little about her band either. And I observed them set up and noticed a few cool

She opened her set with “Mile High” and “Really Wanna See Ya”.
Her most recent release was off Bloodshot Records and it’s pretty good!

“To Love Somebody” was a very good well written song I liked alot
before I saw the show.
Along with the next song “Wine Lips” It’s a very good uptempo song.
Almost like an alternative song in a way…

“Learn To Say No” and “Hurts So Bad” were next. They were pretty good
songs but I liked “Somewhere Else” really well.

Another well written and deep song she has that I liked alot
is “Verlaine Shot Rebeaux”
It’s very deep and I like the placement of the lyrics.
She closed her set with “Crazy” and one other I didn’t notice.

I grabbed a quick bite and got stuff organized for the next act..
A Country Music Legend! I eagerly awaited his arrival the whole night
I havent seen him in 4 years…IN OUR PRESENCE WAS BOBBY BARE!

The ORIGINAL OUTLAW..In my opinion HE STARTED the whole idea of “Outlaw”
Country Music..from a performer’s standpoint. The man has so many songs
and “hits” that never made commercial success or got mainstream recognition.

So I went and got a picture with him and he says “Boy let me tell you some advice..
NEVER look at the light”..I said well..what bout when I die Mr. Bobby?
He said “well…just tell Jesus to drop kick you in there son”…
Is that my stage? I said Yep and he said well let’s go do this…

“Ride Me Down Easy” is a song he has opened with for over forty years.
It is from his return to RCA records in 1973 and it hit the top 10 and was
wrote by Billy Joe Shaver.

“Tequila Sheila” was his second song from 1980 off the “Down And Dirty”
album. It’s from my favorite era of his career by far.

His next song was “Drop Kick Me Jesus” from 1976 and was a top 20
hit for him. Another one of my personal favorite songs he does.

“That’s How I Got To Memphis” was another one from 1970 that was
a top ten for him at number 3.

Someone from the audience insisted he do “Tequila Sheila” AGAIN
and said “We already did that one where were you”? OK
so he played that song twice. I have seen many Country Legends
do that.

After that he just kept rolling on with hit after hit of pure
classic Bobby Bare songs.
“500 miles From Home” followed by ‘Four Strong Winds”
“Miller’s Cave” which was also cut by MANY people including Charley Pride
and Conway Twitty.
As was “Streets Of Baltimore”. It was also recorded by many people
after Bobby Bare did it in 1966.

Then he did an “Old Dogs” album medley. This was an album he did
with Waylon Jennings, Mel Tillis and Jerry Reed.
All the songs on the album were wrote by Shel Silverstein, in fact
many of the songs Bobby has done is his time were wrote by Shel Silverstein.
He did “Old Dogs” and “Still Gonna Die”.

The Storyteller Tom T Hall worte the next hit he played “Margie’s
At The Lincoln Park Inn”.
He cut this one in 1969 for RCA…most of his great hits were all
done for RCA.

He played two less known songs “My Baby’s On Quaaludes” and “Greasy Grits Gravy”
I was really amazed he even played them.

His last closing songs were his only number one hit “Marie Leveaux”
Which was a song about a voodoo queen casting spells and he says
WWWWHHHAAAAHHHH…another man’s gone!

He was called out for an encore and it was “Put On Your Red Dress Baby”.

All through the set he told stories and jokes and kept us all entertained
the whole show!
And he went over to the Muddy Roots merch tent to sign autographs and
hell I understand he signed whatever people wanted of his.

I stayed over at stage 1 for the Goddamn Gallows who were replaced
from Saturday night because of technical difficulties and storms
throwing the stage times off.

They drew a HUGE crowd and steamrolled into “City Of LA” and
They have such a unique gypsypunk and hardcore style that nobody
really copies.

My favorite album they have is Seven Devils and they played
“Ragz And Bones” from that album and “Devil Is On The Loose”.

“Copper King” was one of the ones I noticed from their new
album “The Maker”.
And OF COURSE they played “Y’all Motherfuckers Need Jesus”

They played several more but I was starting to say my goodbyes
to my friends many to many to name.
As they played “Pass Me The Bottle” and others I made my way back to my truck
on the hill by the bar/ticket office.

They are known for their onstage stunts and wild antics and this year
they slammed Avery (who plays washboard and accordian) into a table
on fire…like wrestling!
It was truly a mega sight to behold!

All in all I think after reading ALL THESE articles you
can tell I HAD FUN!
And if you never been to Muddy Roots YOU NEED TO GO!

Muddy Roots Day 3 Part 2: No More Rain.


The rain finally stopped earlier Sunday evening, which was good cause Stage 1
was where I planted myself for almost the rest of the evening before going home
to Kentucky. I really should have gotten my room one more night, next year I will
honestly do that for sure.

Well I knew at this time I had my choice to finish off the night at Stage 1
with the Goddamn Gallows or Stage 2 with Hooten Hollers.
Well considering I can tell you Avery got slammed into a table on fire
you can tell which option I choose.

Rachel Brooke is always a good bet at this festival and last year she absolutely tore it up.
So this year I also decided I would NOT MISS her set…and miss it I didn’t.

She opened her set with “every Night About This Time” which is off her album
“A Killer’s Dream”. It’s actually a cover by I think Fats Domino, I’m not really sure
about what year or whom originally did it and I plan to research this soon.

“Meet Me By The Apple Tree” and “Fox In A Henhouse” are two I have heard her
play before a lot and I enjoy them every time I hear them from her.
She really brought her A Game set as she always does to Muddy Roots.

She bought up Rachel Kate for “Late Night Lover”. Now Rachel Kate I got to see her
set Tuesday night at Live True Vintage Muddy Roots after party.
I don’t know a whole lot about her and I got two pages of notes on her set
but didnt know any of the song titles.
I’ll do my best to bring you coverage on her in the future.

A more uptempo couple of songs followed their duet as she played
“I’m Lonesome For You (Ashes To Ashes) and a great old Bluegrass Tune called
“The Old Home Place”.
I was visiting with some people and I missed a few of the songs after this.
I’m pretty sure one of them was “In The Barnyard” which is a murder ballad
and the “Mystery Of Death” which is on the Muddy Roots sampler compilation
album. I really enjoy that album a lot.

She closed out her set with “You Don’t hear Me Cryin” and “Killer’s Dream”.
And to be honest I really enjoyed her set and will always try my best to
catch her set.

Joseph Huber man what can I say about him I haven’t already?
I call his music “feel good music” cause when I feel like shit his albums always
cheer me up..just the tempo and lyrics.
He’s got a song on his new album “The Hanging Road” called “Wanchese And Manteo” that
really paints a great picture in my mind. Great history piece to research.

“Same River Twice” and “Tongues Of Fire” were his set openers.
I never thought he could beat ‘Tongues Of Fire” as an album..but I was
WAY wrong!

“Shovel On Your Shoulder” was a good choice for his set it’s the opening song
on his new album.

‘Coming Down From you” wasn’t one of my more favorite songs he does
but “Old Mountain Tune” is! I like it cause of the melody it’s really cool
like I said it’s feel good music.
Most of his songs are really well written, he has a very special placement
ability with his words.

You know with roots music..or with ANY music really nowadays you cannot tell them
apart! The voices aren’t special and they don’t stand out apart from the rest.
Joseph Huber does, you can hear him and pick him out of a pile of voices.

“Hanging Road” was next and a song that I can really identify with on a personal
level “Hello Milwaukee” was his closing song along with “Dance Around The Daggers”.

Now by the way in case your’e wondering about pictures my camera started to
act up by this time. It might have been wet hell I don’t know really.
Everything was wet and it was REALLY hard to keep all these notes dry.
I had three books of notes by now!

Muddy Roots Day 3 Part 1: Love From Brushy Mountain.


Well rested and well fed, that’s how I roll people. It keeps me on my A Game
and that’s how I do this job as well as I can.
It’s my passion, my partying hard days are dwindling slowly down. Don’t get me wrong
I’ll have some beers but I cannot go wild no more like they can..and watching them
is fun. By Sunday morning I saw some bodies dragging around but still having the time
of their lives.

Matt Woods HOLY SHIT what can I say? Honestly how
can one man be this real? I mean you can look at him and tell he has suffered in life.
This man doesn’t need to sing about how “Country” he is….he just IS.

He opened his set “With Love From Brushy Mountain” and he had a lot of stories
to tell us people. I think he is one of the handful chosen to be called “Legend”
on day by my Grandchildren..he has that demeanor about him.

He played a new song he called “Bedsheets” and “Ain’t No Living”..
Now next he played one that came with a story about where he came from.
I found some really good songs this weekend and THIS is one of my top 3.
This song painted a really awesome picture…because a song is paint and your
mind is a canvas and you gotta let the singer just color your world.

“Snack Bar Man And The Ten Pin Priest” shit ask him to play it when you
go see him. It’s about an old theater and a bowling alley in a small town.

Adam Lee is a deep voiced young man that
joined him for a duet they have called “Bass And Trouble” which is another good song
I heard this weekend.
They played another duet from WW II that Waylon And Willie Nelson released in 1982
called “Write Your Own Songs”.

The young lady he had with him named Hannah Rae played a pretty good fiddle
with him on a song I think was called “Liberty Bell” I’m pretty sure I recognized
it as that one.

He closed his set with “Port St. Lucie” and “Deadman’s Blues”
I’m going to say this..he has some well written songs and I would
truly pay to see him perform anytime.

The next band I went to see was in stage 3 and I saw them during the
Muddy Roots booth in Nashville if you’ll remember my visit to the
Tomato Art Festival I ran into these guys and wanted to make sure I delved
a little deeper into their set this time.


Richie Owens And The Farm Bureau are a band actually from Nashville.
These guys all have a VERY exciting and historical background and Mr. Richie and I had
a really fun and enlightening conversation about Country Music History.
I wished he could have seen the Glade City Rounders with me and noticed the Ambrose Gaines
song they played..cause that line of history is what we was talking on.

In a tent full of mud on an overcast day (according to Mr. Richie I suffered through their set)
but honestly I enjoy their set and their band.
And honestly I’m not quite sure if ‘She Overruns My Heart” was first I got there
and they was already playing. I lingered around stage 1 a little bit and saw several friends
on the way to stage 3.

“Muddy Roots Flood” is the second song about Muddy Roots I know of next to
the song the Urban Pioneers have about the festival.
The next three songs I did indeed remember from that HOT day on Woodland St.
‘Goin Downtown” “Rolled And Tumbled” and also “Sticks And Stones” which is my
personal favorite one they do.

“Franklin Town” is a song off their CD and you can pick it up off their website
just click up there on their name in the purple and buy it.
Tell them I sent you!
They closed their set with “Rye Whiskey” which in my opinion although it is
performed a little different was first performed around the 1930’s by
Tex Ritter.

I sat in the Muddy Roots tent for lunch (Jason said I could loiter) and was listening
to Left Lane Cruiser tear up stage 2..They got a DAMN good album out on
Hillgrass Bulebilly Records.

There was just so much music to soak in, SO MANY new finds and discoveries.
And a few that I kick myself in the butt for missing out on like the man
that will start out Day 3 Part 2!

Muddy Roots Day 2 Part 3: Rain, Rain GO AWAY!


After All the shows I got to see in stage 2 it was becoming more and more
difficult to keep my notebooks dry and my body from not getting the
“Arthritis Twitches”. All three stages were having power problems and
it was being handled REALLY well in my opinion.
Folks…let’s be realistic here you JUST CANNOT argue with Mother Nature
although she owes her 125 bucks!
Things happen and if you cannot accept that just stay not let it ruin
your good time.

One thing I forgot to point out in part 2 was during the Ga Brown set
we also had Brian (We call him Husky) Burnette on guitar joining them.
This segment will have part of his set on it.

I backed up my chair and my belongings back to a more dry grassier area of stage 2
for this next fellow who is a solo act and was previously a member of Jayke Orvis
Broken Band. I know all this information and names and bands are a little much
for a new fan to take in…take a few moments to study and learn them.
There is SO MUCH TALENT to be discovered and loved on folks!

There are SO MANY guitarists in Roots music that just blow me away in
skill and talent and James Hunnicutt is no slouch.
He is a downright positive and nice friend and I first met him years back
at Porter Wagoners funeral. Sad way to get to meet somebody but after our
time together I think Mr. Porter was pleased so many came together to honor
what he gave us and gave to Country Music.

I myself have never witnessed or read James Hunnicutt say a bad thing about
You can tell a lot about a musician by what people say about them behind their back
and you’ll hear good things about him..from me or anyone else for that matter.

He cut his set short to help make up for the schedule time wise that was
rapidly flying by as the rain kept coming on and off.
The problem we had was this: when it rained…IT RAINED HARD.
Cars were being swallowed up and tents, the rivers were becoming DEEP
on both sides of vendor alley. I really paid little attention at first
because of the music and my trying to work.

Hunnicutt opened his set with “99 lives” a staple song in his set if you will.
Very nice song that showcases his vocal versatility. He does Faron Young songs
real well because he can throw his voice around like Faron could.
In fact “Live Fast Love Hard Die Young” was his next song.
Faron Young recorded it around 1955 because Ken Nelson practically made him do it,
Faron hated the song. However it as his first number one hit and it grew on Faron.

“Risk The Fall” was another great song and then he did a new one called
“Raise The Flag” He did this song last night a Live True Vintage too and I
got to hear it better last night. It’s a very nice song.

I was talking with some folks from florida and missed one song and he closed his
set with “My Pain” which is my personal favorite song he does.

I went over to stage 3 for some other bands I wanted to see. The first one was
Austin Stirling also know as Hangdog Hearts.
I’m just not so familiar with him, he is from the Indianapolis area and just recently
added fiddle and drums to his previous one man band act.

Like I said I am not so familiar with his work and the only two songs I recognized
were “Flesh N Blood” and “To The Depths”.
And he handed out sampler CD’s and I got one. I SHALL feature this man’s work
further and more in depth in the future.

All this time mind you there were OTHER shows going on and well here’s the deal folks..
I cannot cover them all. I don’t know about them all..some of them I am disappointed I
missed badly.
I have a “bucket list” of shows to attend in the future. This man is no exception…

The next act filled this tent up to the aisle outside…fast. One would think a sports
star was signing autographs. people come to see this man play and he is one of Muddy Roots
more popular acts.
Husky Burnette is a dirty blues player from
the Chattanooga area.
He is labelmates with J.B.Beverley and Rory Kelly and Buck Thrailkill and more under the
Rusty Knuckles label. I call it one of the
“Big Three” labels of the roots music movement.
There are other good ones but Rusty Knuckles, Farmageddon, and Hillgrass Bluebilly are three
most popular ones.

This man shot into an instrumental that drew people into that tent and there was people falling
on me in my chair there I had to move outside..and it was still raining.
I was trying to organize my notes and he was playing “Late For Work” and the crowd was going nuts.

At that point I was really starting to wear down, and one of the volunteers was talking with me.
She said the Goddamn Gallows were rescheduled for Sunday and they weren’t promising that
the Legendary Shack Shakers would play earlier than 2.
Upon that I had to make a hard decision..try to stay that long or go at 11 and rest.
I choose to leave and rest. I got 11 hours of sleep and I’m GLAD I did cause day 3
was MUDDY!

So Husky Burnette and Hangdog Hearts will be on my “To Feature” list in the near future.
I apologize I missed the sets I just had so many factors working against me that night.
And dealing with a broken and wet camera was equally disturbing for me as well.
This was weighing heavily on my mind.

Muddy Roots Day 2 Part 2: I Broke Wahoo’s Leg.


Now where was I?
OH YES the rains came and they came full force, much like in 2011 when Joseph Huber
was on stage 1 and played “Flood’s A Comin” and it rained.
I stayed my butt in tent 2 and watched it rain, for several hours it downpoured
and the mud crept into the tent slowly.

The rivers appeared along the sides of the main hill that is vendor alley.
One of the volunteers on a tractor was working all night pulling people out
of muddy ditches and helping out festival goers.


While I waited for my next band I was wanting to get see The Glade City Rounders.
Now I want to say this, when I researched these guys I was impressed because
of their singer and banjo player Squirrel.
Richard McLain holds true to the style and antics of whom I consider Country Music’s
first superstar..Uncle Dave Macon.

You know a lot of people argue with me and say Hank Williams (who actually was
the first to bring it to the mainstream public) I’ll agree. Or they say Roy Acuff
but In my opinion it was Uncle Dave Macon who was the Opry’s first star and our
first person to shine in the spotlight before TV even came about.

I LOVE to study people from the Opry’s beginning like Edwin Craig who actually used
his money to FUND the idea George D Hay had of the Opry.
I study people like Humphrey Bates (who I mentioned earlier) and Uncle Jimmy Thompson
who was the first person on the Opry.

The Glade City Rounders are a real deal folks, these guys just flat out rock the old timey
classic look and sound. It is natural to can see it and hear it.
These guys were not barefoot because of the mud.

“They’re After Me” was a song that’s on their sampler CD and Mr. Jason sent it
to me in the mail some time ago in a package.
Now THIS really grabbed me they played an old time fiddle tune called “Grey Eagle”
and the moment I heard it I though of Am Stewart who was born Ambrose Gaines from
THE VERY ERA I am studying about!

Folks there is SO MUCH HISTORY in this bands being on this planet and they NEED to
be known about! This Appalachian history and how it all pieces together is so

“I don’t Love Nobody But Me” was next and they played a really fun toe-tapper
called “Tickle Britches” that I really enjoy and I’m actually sad it wasn’t
included on that sampler CD.

“Can’t Get That Stuff Nomore” was another good song and they also included a
jug in their band. Which is one of the reason I love Leroy Troy so much, and I
can tell they are influenced by the same people.

“Blues In A Bottle” and “In The Jailhouse” concluded their set..NOT
The “In The Jailhouse NOW” made popular by so many, dont get those two

I stayed in the stage 2 tent and waited for them to bring on the next artist I REALLY
ALSO was looking forward to seeing Sweet GA Brown.
This man and I talked on Facebook and we got along GREAT and also
we have the same first and middle names.


It RAINED and it rained but inside stage 2 I was about to embark on my
ABSOLUTE FIND of the weekend songwise…I Broke Wahoo’s Leg
which is on his CD and included in his set.

I had been wanting to finally meet his drummer Dave Dowda we talked alot too
and it was pleasure meeting him and his family. What a wonderful man he is
passionate LOVE of records (like me) and just a downright talented guy.

The power kept going out throughout the night and slowly all three stages
eventually fell behind schedule and it was NOBODY’S FAULT.
Muddy Roots did a doggone fine job of getting the music heard even though
I did miss The Shack Shakers..I’ll explain that later.

“Aint Goin Out Like That” and “1 Dollar 2 Dollar” were great tunes and
I was held down tight by this man’s creativity and straight forward
in your face blunt attitude.
It’s for certain this guy is for real, and he’s coming to kick some ass.

“I Digress” and “Brown Out” were some more pretty good tunes he played
along with “The Legend Of Sweet Georgia Brown”

But the SONG OF THE WEEKEND the one most WELL WRITTEN and creative song
I heard ALL WEEKEND was this one and I’ll post the video for it.
“I Broke Wahoo’s Leg” was absolutely a foot stomping Outlaw Anthem
that couldn’t get any more “I’ll kick your ass” than it does.

The place was screaming so loud that I wasn’t able to hear
“My Baby Smells Like Weed” go enough and I wished it was on his CD.
HINT HINT Buddy…record it and I’ll buy it.

“Wordsmith” was another GOOD song that is the title of his CD and
I had it on repeat along with a few of his other songs on the CD.

James Hunnicutt’s set was cut a little short and I’m going to see
him tonight and I will report on his set in Day 2 Part 3.

Muddy Roots Day 2 Part 1: Mother Nature Didn’t Buy A Ticket!


I need to tattle on Mother Nature to Mr. Jason..she came and did not
pay to get in!
Did I come prepared for the rains? YES. I brought 5 chairs and 2 rainsuits
and boots and SOCKS, LOTS of dry socks. And my feet STILL got sores and swollen
form three days of walking and being wet.
I had over 100 pages of notes when I was done Sunday and keeping them dry was
REAL hard but I managed to somehow do it.

I got there around noon on Saturday and it was dry still however the weather
was looming in the distance and quickly coming!
I was WELL fed from the free spread the hotel puts out and WELL rested
from around twelve hours of sleep.
I was really sorry I missed The Tillers and Pokey LaFarge, however I had to
make rational decisions and take care of ME first..I’m just getting over
being sick. And when I get sick it’s NOT sniffles I get SICK!
All that weekend I did not drink any beers cause of the heat and weather
and the fact I had to drive.

So my first band I had on my agenda was Tilford Sellers And The Wagon Burners.
I had previously missed their set when they opened for Sarah Gayle Meech
at The Spillway in Kentucky.


His album was on my “To Purchase” agenda for sure.
He has a three piece band and his steel guitarist is
a powerhouse on the damn thing. However I’m not sure if the same
guitarist he had with him was the one from his album and I had his name
wrote down and it got lost amongst my jumble of information.
ALL WEEKEND I got to hear some GREAT steel pickers, MAN!
He opened his set with “Give It Up” and another good Honky Tonk tune
“If You Got The Time”.
I was really enjoying his set as this Indiana native was performing some GREAT
Country Music with us, I’d travel to see this man..I really would.

“Taking All My Kisses” has a really good steel guitar intro
and I am STILL enjoying his album in my player now!
That song was on repeat for quite some time.

“Get Ready” is an uptempo song that I also enjoy and he played
“Heart Broken Baby” and a Buck Owens cover “Truck Drivin Man”.
That song was cut first by Terry Fell in 1954 or 55. Buck Owens was
in his band “The Fellers” and in 1965 he cut the song with the Buckaroos.
I think Terry Fell got into some legal issues over the “Fellers” name
and had to stop using it…I’m not sure I’m 100 percent correct on that.

He played one called “Tn Moon” and one I didn’t catch the name of
it was possibly “Oklahoma Baby”?
It was a pretty damn good swing song if I remember correctly.

He closed his set with ‘Two Timing Momma”.
And I want to touch on one thing about his album “Heartaches, Lies and Cheating Songs”.
There is a short steel guitar instrumental called “Sippy’s Lament” that
was REALLY good.

I hung out sidestage and talked with him and got to finally meet him
and wished I would have got to chat with his steel picker but I’ll
keep that in mind for another time later.
I’ll be SURE to catch their show in the future.


ANOTHER band I wanted to become more familiar with I never had
a chance to see yet was a string band from Michigan.
Rickett Pass was a pretty damn good set!

They were a really nice bunch of guys and their mandolin player
actually took my picture with Tilford Sellers.
How many musicians would actually do that for you and another musician?

“As Fast As You Can” was their set opener and it was a good choice for
an opener in my opinion. They are a pretty good fast paced high energy
string band.
“Not My Fault” and “Hold On” we both next and the fourth one was a new song,
I didnt recognize it or catch the name.
In their defense they did announce the name but I was visiting with somebody
If I’m not mistaken.

“Let It Ride” was next and then they got Buck Thrailkill up for some playing.
I ALWAYS ENJOY Buck Thrialkill both as a person and on stage preforming.
I did not catch the last songs of the set cause I began having some really
goofy camera problems. I remember hearing “Can’t Scare Me”, all together it was a
really enjoyable set. Good choice in songs I was well pleased with their

Then I headed to stage 2 and stayed there most of the night for two reasons
1: My bands I wanted were all in stages 2 or 3
2: It rained…hard…
I think that may have been the root of my camera problem and from then on
it was “hit or miss” with my electronic equipment.
You GOT TO remember THIS festival isn’t high fillutin with Wi Fi and cell phone
signals! This is ALL DIY and out in the sticks. I did ALL THIS reporting with
these ancient tools called pen and paper.

Mother Nature came to Muddy Roots. And I’ll tell you all about her in just a few!

Muddy Roots…30 hours No Sleep: Day 1 Part 2.

I had a little downtime from stage 1 to stage 2 and I was already dozing off, at this
time I had been up for over 30 hours.
I had literally shook almost 100 hands before the Hill Swillers even got done..
I was in my little chair taking notes and doing chart work and people was coming
up and telling me how they loved these articles..and I was humbled.

So YOU WILL be able to keep reading them! I CANNOT STOP NOW
I’m too far into this to turn back now people.

After catching up with my buddy Mr. Keith from Call Me Bronco
and others I wanted to see and love on I made my way down vendor row
to stage 2 which is all the way down on the end of the gravel road
that is vendor alley.
I knew that I would do my shopping Saturday because I wanted a Hillgrass Bulebilly
T shirt finally. I had a “Support Dirtyfoot” one but not their LOGO shirt.
And I stopped over at Camp Cracker Swamp and hello to Nix and his crew.

Finally I made my way over to stage 2 and picked a good spot to plant my butt
for one of my favorite performers (and people) in the music..period.
He is a straight shooting honest and good guy and truly loves those that
love him.

J.B.Beverley comes to us from North Carolina and right now
of course he is supporting his new album “Stripped To The Root” under the Rusty Knuckles label.
He just got off a 6 and half week tour with Rory Kelly and had him on stage with him that night.

In my opinion the TOP 3 guitar pickers in independent music are James Hunnicutt
Dallas Moore and THIS MAN Rory Kelley.
This man does a heavy, hard rocking version of “Sixteen Tons” made popular by
Tennessee Ernie Ford and it was wrote by Merle Travis in 1946. Now Merle Travis
originally cut the very first version of this and Ernie Ford cut it in 1955.

J.B. is always a VERY energetic and high octane performance every time I have
ever seen him play.
He opened his set with “Cigarettes And Alcohol” and explained to us that it was
not a “Wayward Drifters set”. It originally was advertised as a Wayward Drifters set.

He played “Get The Wheels A Rollin'” and I’m glad I got to see his set cause the last
time I saw him I had to leave early because of an ice storm.
“Some Other Place In Time” was the third song on the set, then he let Rory Kelly
tear up the guitar playing his version of Sixteen Tons.

“Favorite Waste Of Time” was one I don’t think I ever got to hear him play live.
I enjoyed the Drive By Truckers cover he did, and he also played “Time Will Tell”.
He played “Disappear On Down The Line” and he closed the set with “Wayward Drifter”
and I got to talking with some people form Ohio.
I am pretty sure the last song was “Train Song”..I may have that wrong cause they
were an interesting couple that was loving on my articles.

in my opinion at that time J.B. did the BEST SET of the festival. NOW it’s still one
of my TOP 3 favorite sets I saw.
Hillbilly Casino, Bobby Bare and J.B. were the three best sets I caught all weekend.

I stayed in the stage 2 tent to see J.D Wilkes And The Dirt Daubers.
I got me a bite to eat and they got the Dirt Daubers on and they were most certainly
one of the top 10 sets I saw.
Jessica Wilkes on Bass or singing is a really powerful performer and gets the crowd
really riled up.

They start with J.D. singing and they opened with “Let It Fly” which is one
you’ll hear almost every time they play a set.
“Night Ride” and “Wild Moon” are also ones I recognized right away.

Miss Jessica and J.D. Wilkes trade spots on singing and Bass duties
for half of the set.
She got up there and sang “Apples And Oranges” and ‘River Song” and
even did some crowd surfing and they was passing her around.

They played “Sugar Baby” which is actually a Shack Shakers Song..but I did not mind
because eventually (I’ll tell you more later) I missed The Legendary Shack Shakers.
“The Devil Gets His Due” was one of their last songs.

They closed their set with “You Keep A Knocking But You Cant Come In”.

The two sets I missed friday night because I was so tired I was starting to
fear driving back to the hotel room.
I missed The Tillers and Pokey LaFarge, I will have to report on their shows
another time.

Earlier that day I asked Mr. Geoff Firebaugh (bassist for Hillbilly Casino)
if they would play “Big Dan” for me. They did BETTER than that..they made it
a 10 minute song!
Like I said Hillbilly Casino was one of the
TOP 3 sets all weekend.

They absolutely commanded the stage that night, their lead singer Nic Roulette is
a VERY energetic and entertaining lead singer.
He NEVER stops moving around and jokes and interacts with us as an audience
better than any of the sets I saw all weekend.
Hillbilly Casino brings to the table what 95 percent of mainstream bands cannot do

As I was coming up to the stage 1 area I heard “Debt With the Devil”.
I’m honestly not sure if this was their opening song or not.
I was was a lot to take in at once, and I got a good spot to sit.
“80085” was a good song I always enjoy that one and then they
played “Something’s Getting Ready To Give”.

I was doing some pre-work and I missed a little bit of their set.
However I caught the most of it all.
It’s hard to get pictures of these guys cause none of them stand still..’s complete pandemonium everywhere when they are playing.

“PBR” was one they played that is just a rocking tune, and they did a new song.
I didnt catch the name of it.
As I previously said they did a ROCKING version of “Big Dan”. And it involves
the audience and keeps their attention really well.
People like to participate and scream go wild and drink… festivals.

Casino does those things. They encourage complete no holds barred chaos
at Muddy Roots.

James Hunnicutt came out and played instrumentals with the band
and also did some banjo playing..GREAT STUFF.

They closed their set with “The Hole” “Violets In May”
And my personal favorite is when they bring out the Tennessee state flag
and barrel into “Tennessee Stomp”.
They leave the crowds heads spinning into rockabilly fever!

I was completely exhausted and left for the hotel and as I
previously stated I missed the rest of day 1’s activities.

Wanted Saloon Songwriter Showcase


In the middle of my Muddy Roots coverage I have to stop and inform my readers
about a GREAT weekend of music coming up.
This Sunday I want to tell you about a REALLY GOOD lineup at The Wanted Saloon in Dickson Tn.

Last time I was out there for The Rowdy Johnson Band I had a really good time watching them play.
I especially enjoyed his steel guitarist Dan Showalter, and we had a really enjoyable
conversation about old time pickers.

Country Music Songwriting Legend Chris Gantry contributed a lot to country music
like Glen Campbel’s “Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife”. My favorite version is on
his 1969 LIVE double album.
It’s one of my favorite LIVE albums I own to be honest.

Kara Clark is a really good songwriter and singer from West Virginia.
Honestly I launched the website during her set last year in October
during the Outlaws And Icons event in Altamont.

Since then I have reported on her numerous times in the past
from several states. She sings a song called ‘Relapse” and it’s one
of my all time favorite songs from independent music altogether.

Guy Nix and James Austin are two old friends of mine from the past.
Both of them I really enjoy watching play their songs are really great.
Along with R.C. Oleary who I also have known
for some time and enjoyed his music and being around him.

The Wanted Saloon is a very nice Honky Tonk out in Dickson Tn off Hwy 70
and I thought the venue was really nice the last time I was there.

Go out and support some really great live music Sunday Spetember 7th
for 5 BUCKS!
You cannot beat the entertainment for that price!