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New Whitey Morgan And The 78’s Album Coming Soon.


Them rowdy and raw Honky Tonkers from the Michigan area are hard at it
again in late 2014 with TWO new album offerings for us fans to close out
the year with a bang.

December 2nd will release the LIVE album “Born And Raised In flint”.
Both of these albums have been in the works for some time and I’m
SUPER excited to finally get to bring the news to you.
Now as I said this will be a LIVE album and I’m sure the 78’s will
be in their PRIME!
I have high hopes Brett Robinson will show off his talents behind the steel guitar
throughout the album.

In late November “Grandpa’s Guitar” hits stores, and this will be an all
acoustic album. And one of his first offering for some time now, it hasn’t
been reported to me if this will be on Bloodshot Records or not.

He has been reporting these albums on social media lately and I am absolutely
smiling inside because I LOVE WHITEY MORGAN and his band is one of the
backup bands that just flat out kick ass on their own!

They are one of the hardest working bands out there in their own right
along with Dallas Moore and Bob Wayne. Usually playing 200 plus shows in a year
their show is packed with 70’s style Honky Tonk music.
EVERY time I have caught his show I was NEVER disappointed. I’ll try my best to
catch him at the Exit Inn in December.
Iv’e included some tour dates:

Oct 31 The Gramophone St Louis, MO
Nov 01 Roadhouse Bar & Grill Laquey, MO
Nov 02 The Blue Note Lounge Oklahoma City, Ok
Nov 07 PRIVATE EVENT Scottsdale, AZ
Nov 08 The Museum Club Flagstaff, AZ
Nov 13 Harvelle’s Long Beach, CA
Nov 14 Grumps Garage Lake Elsinore, CA
Nov 15 Hard Rock Hotel (Vinyl Room) Las Vegas, NV
Dec 03 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI
Dec 05 Cabooze Minneapolis, MN
Dec 06 The Bottome Lounge Chicago, IL
Dec 12 The County Line Louisville, KY
Dec 13 Exit/In Nashville, TN
Jan 09 The Casbah San Diego, CA
Jan 10 Whisky A Go Go West Hollywood, CA
Jan 13 Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace Bakersfield, CA
Jan 14 Moe’s Alley Santa Cruz, CA
Jan 16 Thee Parkside San Francisco, CA
Jan 23 Dante’s Portland, OR
Jan 24 Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA

Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge 54rth Anniversary Party.


November 12th ALL DAY LONG down on Broadway Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge will be having their 54rth Birthday Party.
Tootsie’s bar has been long associated with Country Music as long as the Opry has been at
the Ryman. Now honestly a lot of people think it started at the Ryman when IN FACT it did not.

Back in 1925 when George D Hay began the Opry with the help of “Banker Man” Edwin Craig who funded
WSM they held the Opry on the fifth floor of the WSM building. Then it went to the Hillsboro theater
then on to the Nashville War Memorial center and THEN the Ryman Auditorium.

Back then in the 40’s and 50’s and so forth the Ryman and Tootsie’s were like bread and butter!
MANY songs were written in the hallowed honky tonk…it is adorned even still today with
signatures and pictures of Country Music’s greatest women and forefathers.

Time unfortunately has “changed” Tootsie’s and it isn’t the staunch Honky Tonk it once was
because of tourists and pop country taking over and messing it up (so-to-speak).
Honestly I’m NOT really crazy about some of the acts on this show but I WILL support
the ones I DO like, and you may not agree. So in all fairness I’ll mention the pop country
acts on this show too.
I actually CAN give some of them credit for being GREAT songwriters and guitarists.
I really try my best to not be negative on this website so here goes y’all.

The Birthday Bash will include a Broadway street party hosted by America’s Morning Show host Blair Garner and entertainment on the outdoor Broadway stage throughout the day.

I’ll be honest Terri Clark has done some really good Country Music and is doing
acoustic shows that can knock your socks off!
Her last couple albums had little to no commercial success but they were GOOD!
I go out of my way to look for obscure and little known music from known people.
Her Roots albums are JUST THAT!

I like Tracey Lawrence’s early music. His first few album’s were not bad
at all! Honestly “Paint Me A Birmingham” wasn’t half bad in my opinion.
I honestly would pay some decent money to go see him play.

Darryl Worley is another one I really enjoyed his early music.
His first few albums were all pretty damn good and he’s one of my
“Guilty Pleasures” so to speak.

NOW THERE WILL BE SOME unannounced SPECIAL guests this day that are
Country Music Legends! I cannot publicly say WHO but trust me if the rumors
I heard are true, I’ll TRY MY BEST to go!

BRAND NEW Jerry Lee Lewis Album OUT NOW.


Jerry Lee Lewis is the last of the powerhouses owned by Sam Phillips during the prime of American
Country Music and Rock And Roll.
Elvis Presley,Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee were called “The Million Dollar Quartet”
by Sam Phillips who began tearing apart the nation form an office in Memphis Tennessee.

The L.A. Times regarded Jerry Lee Lewis as a “Source Of Continuing Amazement” being the last
man standing from the artists of his ilk.
In the 1950’s Jerry Lee Lewis was ripping up auditoriums nationwide with nothing more
than a piano.

In his prime heyday he was one of the wildest artists in music…period.
He had an affection for booze, drugs and guns and sex. His personal life
got the best of him when he was traveling to Europe and introduced the world
to his thirteen year old wife, who (as the stories are told) was his cousin.

He tried for many years to redeem himself with little to no success commercially.
Honestly to many hardcore fans and traditionalists alike he never faded out of
obscurity at all.

In the last few years he has released some REALLY good music including his latest feature
“mean Old Man”.
His latest album “Rock And Roll Time” has been promised not to disappoint any of his fans
and is the 41st studio album from The Killer, who at 79 proved he can still rock.

This album was released by Vanguard Records and has 11 tracks:
1.Rock And Roll Time
2.Little Queenie
4.Sick And Tired
5.Bright Lights Big City
6.Folsom Prison Blues
7.Keep Me In Mind
8.Mississippi Kid
9.Blues Like Midnight
10.Here Comes That Rainbow Again
11.Promised Land

He recently played a show at the Ryman and has been playing many shows for his age
and is currently on tour in Europe.
He is certainly one of Country Music’s living Legends and Rock And Roll’s as well.
Some of the country music he recorded in the 1960’s and early 1970’s was SOLID GOLD
in my opinion.
MORE on Jerry Lee Lewis to come…I PROMISE!

Matt Woods And Justin Wells: All Hell No Razors Tour


Matt Woods was most definitely one of my top 5 favorite sets from 2014
Muddy Roots Music Festival. And after all my coverage of him I’m positive you’ll agree.
He’s about to go out on tour with Justin Wells of Fifth On The Floor who
is fresh off a REALLY GOOD album produced by Shooter Jennings for Black Country Rock label.
It appeared on the Billboard Country Charts and punched Music Row in the chops this year..

Matt Woods has been a prominent figure in the east Tennessee local music scene
from Knoxville Tn. And he has been hammering clubs and bars for well over ten years.
His new album “Love From Brushy Mountain” is made up of the songs that the Legends
would be proud of today.
He’s not what you would call “commercial”, that’s a GOOD THING!
Folks, THIS MAN kicks the stage’s ASS plain out pure ans simply there’s no more to say.

I mean the man works over 200 plus shows a year in a big brown van named “Daisy”
Is THAT not country? The man has a “Country Legend” demeanor about him.
I hope to catch him on tour or during a festival in 2015 cause I really enjoy his music.

Justin Wells of Fifth On The Floor is also equally talented in my opinion.
And they recently came off tour with George Thorogood and the Destroyers.
Like I previously mentioned they had commercial success with their latest album
“Ashes And Angels” and that’s difficult for a Roots band to do (Don’t ask me WHY)!

As far As I have been told this is an all-acoustic show and if I’m correct you
NEED to go attend it because I’ll tell you what…you will hear some DAMN FINE
songs from both of these artists.

So now the dates and appearances as far as I have been told:
Nov 6th Zanzabar Louisville Ky
Nov 7th Southgate House Newport Ky
Nov 8th Tootle’s Circleville Oh
Nov 9th Buzzbin Canton Oh
Nov 10th Carryowen Gettysburg Pa
Nov 11th Raw Ink Tattoo Gaithersburg Pa
Nov 12th John And Peter’s New Hope Pa
Nov 13th Shore Road Tavern Philadelphia Pa
Nov 14th House Show Charleston WV
Nov 17th Tres Hombres Carbondale Il
Nov 18th The Engine Room Dyer In
Nov 20th The Empty Glass Charleston WV
Nov 21st Colonial Inn Kane Pa

I will add any or all more shows that are reported to me or as I learn them from
social media or their websites.

Music City Winery Welcomes Bobby Bare Sr and Jr.


Well It’s been announced for sure on Saturday November 8th at Nashville Music City Winery
they will welcome Bobby Bare Sr. AND Jr. Together for one show.
Before reading the rest of the article if you know these two and you want tickets
you can buy them HERE. I will tell you my readers some info about these two country music powerhouses.

Bobby Bare Sr. recently did a REALLY GOOD set at Muddy Roots 2014 that in my opinion
was one of the TOP 3 SETS of the entire weekend.
I was there and I covered the set and some of the rest of the festival, my coverage of Bobby is HERE.
And that will take you to the other articles for that shindig.

Bobby in many historian’s opinions was the first “Outlaw” and the first to break down
the barriers to form his own sound AND make it commercial.
Bobby Bare, Chet Atkins, Jim Reeves and the Anita Kerr Singers made the first ever commercial
Country Music tour of Europe, playing to sold-out crowds at some of the biggest venues there.
Bare returned to Germany the following year for three months and has toured overseas almost every
year since, establishing himself as one of Europe’s most popular American Music artists.

He has released 38 solo studio albums and has had 13 top ten singles.
He has released two duet albums with Skeeter Davis and Roseanne Cash.
His only number one hit was “Marie Laveaux” and he has recorded many songs
written by Shel Silverstein and Tom T Hall. Also the man that wrote “Drop Kick Me Jesus”
Paul Craft recently died.

My first encounter with Bobby was for a benefit show at the Troubador Theater for
Don Helms. Bobby signed autographs later and was very nice to us all.
I have many pictures and signatures of his.
And just recently he was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame.

Bobby Bare Jr. was on Hee Haw as a boy to help provide the witch scream on his
song Marie Laveaux. Many of today’s children were on the set in our own childhood.
However he admittedly did not get out into the music realm until about 30.

He has 8 full length albums out and when he was only 8 he and his father were
nominated for a Grammy for their song “Daddy What If..” which reached number 2
and written by Shel Silverstein.

He has a degree in psychology from the University of Tennessee
and regularly plays shows in town a lot.
I have not gotten the chance to see him live yet but he is on my list of
“to-do” shows for certain.

Artist Feature: John King And The Mud River Revival.


A few weeks ago before a Jesse Keith Whitley show at The Spillway Bar And Grill
I got to see a GREAT band open for him called John King And The Mud River Revival.
They are a five piece Country Rock band from Morgantown Ky area.
John King, Jason Simpson, Mike Bulle, Cole Porter and Dean Collier make up the lineup.

They opened their set with “Hold On” and all of their songs were
originals if I remember Correctly.
“Long Gone” was another really good song they did however I missed some
of their set because I was still setting up my little station there.

“Veteran” was a very well written song and to my opinion the best
song they had in their catalog. I think pretty much anyone who has
served can relate to this song.
And those that havent can relate because we DO THANK our veterans.

Another few songs that I noticed they did were “Hard Candy” and “My Son”.
But “Nowhere Ky” was a damn fine song that I enjoyed alot.
I liked the fact they were playing so many original songs, I’m NOT the type that
likes to go and hear cover songs. I like to study and analyze other
original songs.

“Blame Me For The Bad” was an alright song and they closed their set with
“Work Horse”.
All in All I liked this band and I would go see them again soon.
I hope they continue to grow and play out more so I can support them.

Country Legend Bobby Lewis Inducted To Atlanta Country Music Hall Of Fame.


ON MY BIRTHDAY November 29th Country Legend Bobby Lewis will be inducted
into The Atlanta Country Music Hall Of Fame for 2014 during their 33rd annual awards.

This from his website:
Bobby Lewis
I Just received A NOTICE from the “ATLANTA COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME”, stating
In recognition of your contributions and achievements
in the Country Music industry, the Awards Committee and the Executive Board have selected
BOBBY LEWIS to be honored at the 33rd Annual Awards Celebration, in ATLANTA, GA on
November 29, 2014 I am SO HONORED and Humbled to be going into the “ATLANTA COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME”
and I will do my part, to be everything you want me to be, with this HIGH HONOR !!

Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Bobby Lewis I’ll tell you some things
about him. He’s from Hodgenville Ky and was born in 1942. a lot of today’s legends were
born in the 1930’s and he is one of my favorites to come from the 40’s.

I met him recently at the Al Meinah Temple this past spring for the ROPE show.
He played a really nice set for us that day and was exceptionally kind to us.

Between 1963 and the middle 80’s he recorded ten or so albums for United Artists.
And to my studies his best single was a number 6 hit “How Long Has It Been”.
Not to be confused with the Gospel song by Jim Reeves.

He has been called “The Boy With The Lute” because he plays a six string lute.
He is one of the great Opry performers we still have left with us and
often hosts the Midnight Jamboree afterwards.
His very first performance on the Opry earned him an encore.

Honestly I think he deserves this honor and on THIS website he deserves
A big old WE LOVE YOU!

Gary Hayes Birthday Celebration To Support Hillbilly Casino And Three Bad Jacks.


Ok folks my birthday is officially November 29th and I will be 42.
BUT…due to some personal things I wont be able to celebrate during
this weekend..SO..
Saturday November 15th I INVITE ALL Y’ALL to come to The 5 Spot
to party with me for my birthday where I’ll be watching The Three Bad Jacks
and one of my TOP 3 bands from Muddy Roots Music Festival Hillbilly Casino.

Hillbilly Casino has been covered on my website many many times and they have A HOME HERE
along with so many other bands. Hell…literally hundreds of bands and artists.
They are all really good guys and Mr. Geoff that plays upright bass is a good friend
to us all. Very positive and kind to everyone, he and Miss Tammy who owns Live True Vintage
do A LOT for local music and always invite us into their home.
He’s a former member of BR5-49 and has contributed to roots music and many other genres.

Mr. Nic is a very energetic lead singer with a ton of charisma and VERY funny
onstage. He never stands still for very long and jumps around like a rabbit.

Mr. Matthew is a really awesome drummer that is known for standing over the crowd
on his drum kit while stirring up the beats for this rockabilly band that
is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT do it yourself…and isn’t changing that anytime soon.

Mr. Ronnie play guitars and together these guys TRULY kick butt up there,
and honestly I cannot think of ANY BETTER band to party for my birthday
with than Hillbilly Casino. “The Sons Of Vanarchy”…they are the true American
rock band.



Three Bad Jacks are a bad ass Rockabilly trio form Los Angeles Ca.
They are led by Elvis Suissa who wrote almost all of their songs
on their debut album “Made Of Stone”.

They both are hard working bands for sure, hell the Three Bad Jacks play
over 250 shows a year nationwide.
They have a really cool song called “long Black Train” that is one of my favorites,
and they have a rockabilly cover of Motorhead’s “Ace Of Spades”.
Another good song “It’s A Cadillac”.

So dammit folks you guys need to come have a blast with me and
I’ll cover their sets for the website whole jamming to their music.
It’s just a shame James Hunnicutt Won’t be there to play banjo in
a chicken mask so Mr. Nic can run around screaming BGGACKKKK…

Joshua Morningstar On Tour With Shooter Jennings.


Last October in Altamont as I became an Altamont Original I also met some of the greatest people in my music travels. I been HARD at this deal for years now, I know I just released my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY article however I been at this longer. I had a different host and closed it down to work for a “facebook only” page that had their own rules. The administrator had every right to be upset with my mentioning Shooter if they wanted him banned from their page, so I reopened THIS website. I WANTED to cover Shooter and EVERYTHING he does and let YOU MY READERS choose.

I launched my VERY FIRST article last October up on the mountain during Kara Clark’s set.
And there I met the man PART of this article is about Joshua Morningstar.
And OF COURSE Ol’ Shooter too!

Joshua Morningstar and I have a similar past history together before we even met.
We are both cleaned up and sober, and together we are kicking the music world’s ASS!
We both keep in constant touch on the phone and internet and we share a very special
bond. There aren’t many I would jump in front of a bullet for…he’s one of them.
When I saw this I was PROUD of him and willing to lend my hand in support and you damn
sure bet I will do JUST THAT.

I have got to see him achieve many awards and do many shows all over the United States.
This past year he played Moonrunners Music Festival this past year and was a hit in Chicago.
In fact as I work on this…he is working in Chicago RIGHT NOW! And I KNOW this..if I called
him RIGHT NOW with a “911”..he’d be there for me.

A few days ago he announced that he was asked by Shooter Jennings to open for the shows he is playing with his father’s band: Waymore’s Outlaws. Of course Richie Albright, Jerry Bridges, Fred Newell and Tommy Townsend are the current lineup of Shooter’s band for these shows.

Shooter just released his EP tribute to George Jones on his own label BCR in August.
it contained “Don’t Wait Up” (I’m Playing Possum) that was written for George’s next
album however he passed away before he could cut the song.

So here’s the show dates and I’ll add them more and more as I learn them
for you so you can attend these shows. You can buy tickets for ALL these shows on Shooter’s site, click on his purple name up there. Now some of these dates are just Shooter alone and you will have to check the schedule, most of the shows into may are indeed with the Outlaws.

May 16th The Shed, Maryville Tn
June 16th The Village Idiot, Maumee Ohio
June 17th Music Box Supper Club, Cleveland Ohio
June 18th Jergel’s Rhythm Grill, Warrendale Pa
June 19th Phase 2, Lynchburg Va
June 20th Canal Place, Cumberland Md
June 27th Mountain Village, Stanely Id
August 7th Ink And Iron Festival, Dunlap Tn
August 8th The Bluebird, Bloomington In
August 21st Dancing In The District, Duncan Ok
Sept 5th Sky Ute Casino, Ignacio Co
Sept 10th Cotton Eyed Joe’s, Knoxville Tn

NOW THEN I’ll be hard at work trying to cover the Clarksville Tn show.
I think I’ll have to call the man in charge to get some space to work
my website for the show.

Recently BCR which is Shooter’s own label released the BCR Mixtape which is
ONLY available online and is VERY limited.

1. You Are My Sunshine – Jamey Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez and Shooter Jennings
2. She Talks To Rainbows – Shooter Jennings (exclusive to the mixtape)
3. Nashville From Afar – Shooter Jennings (exclusive to the mixtape)
4. Dirty Ol’ Pines – Jayke Orvis
5. Heaven Won’t Let You In- Last Daze
6. ‘Till Tomorrow – James Hunicutt
7. Understanding and Appreciating Classical Music with Ron Jeremy
8. Waymore’s Blues – Fenixon
9. Funnel of Love – Wanda Jackson
10. I Found the Body – Fenixon
11. All of This Cound Have Been Yours – Shooter Jennings
12. I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone – Shooter Jennings
13. Crazy Christmas – Mick Foley

You can order one HERE.

I have been keeping a close eye on Joshua Morningstar as well and you can darn sure bet I will be featuring him on the website more in 2015. He is one of the ONLY people in underground music that is being featured in so many music festivals it’s unreal. I can call him anytime and he will be there for me. And the same is extended toward him at any time for sure.

The Bluebird Cafe Welcomes Kurt Fortmeyer And Guests.

On November 5th at the BlueBird Cafe 4104 Hillsboro Pike Nashville Tn 37215

The world famous Bluebird Cafe is well known for hosting some KILLER
songwriter rounds in Nashville for many many years.
THIS ROUND is no exception:
Kurt Fortmeyer
Rich Fagan
Trey Ward
Cheley Tackett

I met Mr. Kurt during the Myspace Era and met him in person at Donnie Winter’s
writers night at Douglass Corner Cafe one night.
We started doing rounds (of songs) together and had fun in all the years we been
friends. He’s always inviting me out places and always remembers O’l Gary.

I couldn’t mention too many better people I have EVER met in Nashville.
He’s helped me do so many things in town and we have seen many GREAT shows
He’ll tell you Mr. Gary is a fountain of information…so here’s some for you!

We did a round one night with Ty Brando at Hotel Maxwell with Jeff Batson.
We three had a REALLY GOOD time down there and them two guys ended up
writing “Dickel Strait And Jones”.
I couldn’t think of two better guys to do that co-write on that song..and trust
me it’s AWESOME!

Trey Ward describes himself as a “new traditionalist” and his bio says his music
is firmly anchored in the traditional sound of Haggard and Jones but centered
in today’s life and culture and completely devoid of the tones of modern commercial radio.

Randy Kohrs recorded his song “Truman’s Vision” in 2010 and Bluegrass Legend
Audie Blaylock recorded “All I Can Do Is Pretend”.

Cheley Tackett has won many awards and contests in her career as a songwriter.
She’s won Merlefest’s Chris Austin Songwriting competition and Kerrville’s
Folk Festival’s New Folk competition.

American Country Magazine suggests her song “Play The one I Like” is the best
song they have heard so far.
She is also a much sought after demo singer in Nashville.

Rich Fagan has had six top ten singles and 18 charted singles on country charts.
He has wrote SOLD The Grundy County Auction and “Be My Baby Tonight” both by John
Michael Montgomery.
He’s wrote “Overnight Male” for George Strait and many many more.
My favorite song he wrote was “Americana” for Moe Bandy.

Folks I don’t need to tell you the history or the relevance of the Bluebird Cafe
do I?
No, surely not and to be quite frank it has a special place in my heart..
So does Mr. Kurt. He’s one of the damn finest people you’ll ever want to meet
he encourages other writers to keep creating and he honestly loves country music.

Outlaw Fest: Big G Master Of Ceremony.

 photo 0b2a7f40-d1fa-4c4a-8689-b37cb1253449_zps46803ed1.jpg

The Master Of Ceremonies was Mr. Gordon Ames AKA Big G.
M-F 6a-10A The Real Deal 93.5 KOOK / 1230 KERV. I search out cool and obscure True Country,
Roots Rock, Hillbilly , Rockabilly, Cajun, Zydeco,Tex-Mex, Blues and Surf tunes, plus the
best of Texas Music . Interviews with the greats.Tune in!!

I finally met Mr.G for the first time at Outlaw Fest 2014, and he was really awesome!
Just as friendly and fun as he is on the radio. Both he and his wife were really
good folks.
From the very first minute of the festival he was laughing and joking his way into
our hearts there.
Ronnie Reals from Realsound Productions played a really funny joke on him by playing
Darious Rucker’s version of Bob Dylan’s Wagon Wheel during a break and it was really funny.

He did a really great job introducing the man who lead us in prayers and also the young lady
who sang our National Anthem before our festivities began.
Not many festivals even do that and I was impressed and humbled to be a part of that.

All four days he did a super fine job introducing all the acts along with Mr. Luther Jackson.
And he also had shirts for sale and visited with everyone he could find there.
Here he is hard at work Ha Ha.

 photo 3b1ee74f-d125-4c87-95e0-4e6d5d320c8c_zps0c0a9f26.jpg

But honestly he was running around like the rest of us were networking and visiting
with folks. I know I greatly enjoyed his presence there and I plan to catch up on his
radio show VIA the internet this week.
I learned alot of new music through his radio show he does a good job finding underground
music and Texas music. Very obscure music not many radio shows play at all.

And honestly that is what Roots Music and Underground Music needs…networking.
WE ALL NEED to come together from all over the country and share what we know
and find these people in the nooks and crannies of EVERY region.
It all comes together like a big puzzle.

He made several announcements about his show and what he plays. He dropped names of TONS
of Legends that he believes should be played on a regular basis and HE DOES THAT!
He’s like the Eddie Stubbs of Texas only with Underground music added to it.
I think he is VERY essential to many people in being a valuable resource to find
out about songwriters and local music from all over.

*ATTENTION ALL ARTISTS!!!Please submit music for consideration to: Big G’s Texas Roadshow,
174 Pleasant View, Kerrville, TX 78028

Outlaw Fest Day 4: Cley Reynolds And Bands I Missed.


So as we was all wrapping up the muddy mess from the weekend it finally got sunny
out and cleared up…the day we was all leaving.
Kind of like they day before you leave the fish start biting?
I was eagerly awaiting Cley Reynolds set. Cley is the son of Billy Ray Reynolds
who produced and wrote a LOT of classic country music.
Now, Cley brought my good friend Donnie Winters with him. Donnie is the son
of Country Legend Don Winters the Yodeling King and is part of the
Winter’s Brothers Band along with his brother Dennis.
Donnie has been a personal friend of mine for many many years and I have
very levels of respect and admiration for him.



Donnie played dobro for Cley this weekend and did a GREAT JOB on
some of Cley’s best songs.

He opened his set with ‘magnolia’ and also played some of my favorites
like ‘Cool Water” and “Battle Of A Bad Man”.
He went into several instrumentals with Donnie Winters and played some
covers as well.

OTIS: These guys are REALLY REALLY GOOD. Theyr’e a blues band from the
Bowling Green area (Sulpher Well) and they’re prominent on the scene here.
The are blues infused rock like Government Mule and others.
They have been SUPER GOOD to me and I’d like to support them..HEY I can
veer off the country path a little for some DAMN FINE guys.
I’ll tell you they got a TON of guitar talent and they are a well oiled machine
band. They play VERY comfortable together and from what I saw they have FUN on stage.
They sent me a CD and It will remain in my rotation for good. With songs that
are a tribute to John Brim, their album is TOPS!

He’s from the Cincinnati area and he has rock and country roots music.
I was given his CD at the festival and if he ever plays in my area I
would definitely go catch his set.
I DID catch part of his set “Without Me” and “Out Of My Head” were two
originals he did. He covered “Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde” and “John Deere Green”.
And did several more songs. You’ll be seeing me catch him another time.

Kyle is an artist I got to see some of his set but I couldn’t catch
the song names as easily. To my dismay he didn’t stop by and visit
and I tried to catch up with him to talk more but I really was going nuts
that portion of the show.
I did admire his fiddle player she was real good and I enjoyed his set.
You can catch him during the Last Honky Tonk Music Series ALL OVER THE U.S.
I just wasn’t able to sit with him and visit…I plan to change that someday.

Outlaw Fest Day 3 Part 4: Billie Gant and the Mighty Dallas Moore.


Well it was the chilliest and dampest night of the weekend Saturday night.
The stage was still in shambles from J.B.Beverley and The Wayward Drifters
and we was ready for more.

Country Legend Billie Gant just released a new album “Vigilantes At Large”
this weekend at Outlaw Fest and I was busy in my tent selling copies for him
and shirts. Both he and Tom Ghent were selling merch in my tent along with
Brandon Atwell and R.C.O’leary and more.
I was busy PLUS I was STILL running soap and shampoo bags to bands loading and unloading
all weekend.

So when Billie Gant took the stage it got PACKED with people that rushed the stage for him.
He stands stalwartly over the crowd and delivers a stellar performance EVERY TIME I have seen him.
You can hear and feel the history in his voice, and you can close your eyes and feel the long
hard cold road he has been on.
Billie Gant has been at this for decades…almost longer than Iv’e been alive.
To grab his hand and hold it is to hold onto history and many many years of broken bottles.

He opened his set with 11 Months and 29 Days which was made famous by Johnny Paycheck
and was written by famous producer Billy Sherrill most known for his producing Tammy Wynette
and George Jones.

‘White Trash Crack Whore” is from his new album and trust me folks I been spinning it all
weekend..It’s THAT GOOD.
Followed by “Rueben Dixon” it’s an even better combination. What a damn fine set!

“Hezikiah’s Heart” is another one off the album. I’m telling you the WHOLE damn album is
a masterpiece and is one of my favorite acoustic albums in a LONG TIME!
He played “Blood In The Sand” and then he played what is becoming an underground country
music anthem “Stop Fucking Up Country Music”.
I mean the title is self explanatory! But hey don’t take MY word for it…BUY IT!
He closed the show with “No God In Juarez”.

The BEST SET of the weekend in my opinion BAR NONE was the mighty Dallas Moore.
He is one of the prides of the underground outlaw country scene and just
absolutely leaves stages in shambles.
He is one of the TOP 3 most talented guitarists in the roots music genre along with
Rory Kelley and James Hunnicutt.
When he does an acoustic instrumental EVERYONE is silenced and in awe.

And I got some BIG NEWS for you Dallas Moore fans. On January 31st 2015
Dallas will have a release party for his NEW ALBUM “Tales Of The Dark Horse Rider”.
The party will be at Bobby Mackey’s Haunted Honky Tonk in Wilder Ky.
And he played a few songs off the album for us this night.


He opened with ‘Honky Tonk Hero’s” and played two originals for us
“Rollin On” and “Hank To Thank”..both off previous out of print albums
that I am not stopping until I FIND!

Billie Gant joined him for ‘Hot Blooded Mama” and one called “Outlaw Country”.
And also played “Freeborn Man” with him, I like his version as well as Junior Brown’s too.
Then he played a few NEW songs for us at Outlaw Fest. One is called “Beats All I Ever Seen”.
“Raisin Hell And Slinging Gravel” and another good one called “Bible And A Bottle”.

I AM an Altamont Original and I’m proud of it…we ALL ARE!
I met alot of these people for the first time at that festival last year and Mr. Dallas
was one of them. “Up On That Mountain” is a song dedicated to ALL of us Altamont Originals.
He played “Paradise” off his album he just released with his mother
Whom I was sad I didnt get to see Madgelee there.
Paradise was made more famous by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band but was written by Country Legend
John Prine in 1972 for his debut album.

He then did his famous instrumental and then played “Twisting Through Texas” and
“Blessed Be The Bad Ones” both off his newest album of the same name.
Also he played “Crazy Again”.
He did some Allman Brothers tunes “Whipping Post” and another cover song
before going into “Amazing Grace”.
Closing a Dallas Moore show with a song like Amazing Grace….was amazing.

Outlaw Fest Day 3 Part 3: J.B. Beverley And The Wayward Drifters.


Around 6PM Saturday night I was really excited and looking forward to
J.B.Beverley’s set because it was a Wayward Drifters set.
It was getting cooler out and night was setting in but the stage was
getting hotter!
It was a very energetic show from the start get-go.

He opened his set with “Going To Ride A Train” and man
let me tell you…there is nothing better than Ol J.B.
and Buck Thrailkill together up there along with the rest
of the Wayward Drifters.

He played “Memories Of You” and a really cool song called
“Chicken Pie” that I really enjoyed.
His Wayward Drifters sets are a different format of music in a sence.
His album ‘Stripped To The Root” was several different formats of music
in one album.
It’s still really good music but the Wayward Drifters is my favorite set he does.

“Drinkin Bourbon” was another song that he did that night.
And he covered John Anderson’s “Wild And Blue” which I thought he did a
great job doing.

‘Disappear On Down The Line” is probably one of my favorite songs he does.
And he also did ‘Lonesome Lonely And Cold”.
Now we all learned a great tidbit this weekend about “Ole Slewfoot” that he covered
and we looked it up and found out Howard Housey wrote it.

He closed his set with “Aint Gonna Work” and “Train Song”. I am really glad I got
to see this particular set because I have never seen an actual Wayward Drifters set
yet. After getting to see him several times I think it was still one of the top 3 best shows
of the weekend for sure.
I thought the same of his Muddy Roots set too, I just always have a great time with his set.

Outlaw Fest Day 3 Part 2: More Legends.


Ok folks so part 1 of day 3 was Brandon Atwell’s album release party
that I just released.
There were several acts until Country Legend Tom Ghent came on stage.
When he got up there pretty much the whole place rushed the stage
to see him play.
He was one of the Legends of Country Music songwriting from the times
when Outlaw Country was just forming and beginning to take shape.


In fact his first song was “Easy As Dreaming” which was recorded by
Bobby Bare, the first Outlaw Country music artist.
It was on the 1977 album “Sleeper Wherever I Fall” and is one of my favorites
to sing along to.

His next song was “Lust For The Road” which was cut by Tommie Joe White
in 1986 I believe.
And his song “Gandy Dancer” was recorded in 1990 by John Lincoln Wright.
His songs “Big Muddy” and “I Want To Live” were great choices as well.

He continued his set with “Yankee’s Rebel Son” and another one called
“The Pawnbroker”.
And also played a cajun type song that was requested by someone followed by
“Sour Grapes”.

“Whiskey Whiskey” was a song recorded by Rita Coolidge and Kris Kristofferson.
It was recorded in 1971 and on “The Lady’s Not For Sale”.
It’s also another of my favorite songs.
He followed those hit songs by “Mississippi Rainstorm” and ‘Take Me Drunk I’m Home”.

We all stayed and admired this man’s talent and history as he graced the stage
with all of his songs. Our group that was Altamont Originals hold Tom Ghent in
high regard and reverence.
And honestly he closed his set with another of my personal favorites
“When All Us Old Folkies Were Young”.
He has so many stories about Greenwich Village in it’s prime and so many stories
of Nashville in the 60s and 70s.
It’s so exciting to be around him when he shares his life stories.


Another person that played and I touched on his set from Friday night
was Hal Bruni.
This was his regular slotted performance time and I took notes on both of his sets.
I got to finally meet him before the festival took off early thursday morning as
I rolled in to registration and vendor meetings.
Hal Bruni is affiliated with the Last Honky Tonk Music Series and DAT Sauce who also
sponsored the event this year.

He sent me a whole box of stuff a few weeks before the festival started
and I had some knowledge of his songs already.
I was working in the merch tent and selling merch for other people and
didn’t get to fully see his whole set this time but I do remember he opened his set
with “Same Old Blues” and “Southern Music”.

His album “Blue Collar Town” was a good addition to my collection and I
play his music quite often.
He told me stories of Wayne Mills being his children’s Godfather and shared all
his tattoos with me. He’s a different style of artist for sure
and has a very unique ability to play music that many others don’t have.
Just his writing style and way of life was unique.

“Smoke And Mirrors” and “She Knows The Words” were two more songs he played I

Another Last Honky Tonk Music Series member that I enjoyed his set was
Kyle Wilson. I hope to catch up with him one day and see his set further.
I’m not really familiar with his songs or setlist.
I got to stop and talk with him briefly and he didnt stop in the merch
tent and I basically missed meeting him further.
I will make it a point to one day change that.

Outlaw Fest: Brandon Atwell And The Broken Ground Album Release Party.



Well folks I arrived at Outlaw Fest Saturday morning early for this man’s set
and I want to thank Mr. Buck and my Rusty Knuckles neighbors for keeping
all my free soaps and shampoos all night.
My website gave out three rubbermaid tubs of free stuff to ALL festival patrons
for bathroom needs all weekend.

I got there in time to do some work at the tent while we sold merch for Country Legends
Billie Gant and Tom Ghent.
We had so many people hanging out eating chili and telling stories and
various other stuff in the tent.


Brandon Atwell And The Broken Ground officially released their first album
in my merch tent at noon on saturday.
I was bouncing back and forth doing both the merch tables and covering the stage
I’m just glad they was close after I slid and twisted my knee out..but that didnt happen
until after his set.

He started his set with “A Long Year” (eating xanex bars). And I’ll tell you THIS ONE is
my personal favorite song on the album.
I first heard it at the Spillway when they opened for Bob Wayne and The Outlaw Carnies.
His next songs were “Hello Louisville” and “Never Go Back Home”.

Every song on the album is good, and original accept for “Life To Go” which was written
by George Jones and Stonewall Jackson and “Unclouded Day” which is pretty much Public Domain
but it’s believed to be written by Josiah Alwood around 1885.
It’s from the era of Uncle Am who was known as Ambrose Gaines.

“Country Lonely And Stoned” was another song I really liked off this album.
And I’ll tell you this…this album was recorded at HOME in Kentucky.
This is no major recording and it sounds better than some studio albums I
have heard!

As I previously mentioned “Unclouded Day” was a song in the setlist he did
that was really good.
“Bridge I’d Like To Burn” and to be honest I’m not sure what they closed the set with.
As I was probably selling shirts and CD’s.

Mr. Brandon came by later and hung out with us all and we was having fun with
Big G Gordon Ames and Billie Gant who also released an album this day.

Outlaw Fest Day 2 Part 2: Whey Jennings and Raelyn Nelson.

One of the artists that I have definitely seen growing this year was Whey Jennings.
Both as an artist and a songwriter he has certainly grown both in writing and
his singing.
He played with his guitarist Nick Giese (Giese Lightning) and Country Legend Billie Gant.
His father Terry Jennings was also there and was supposed to do his storytelling section
sunday morning but for personal reasons ha to cancel.
But Mr. Terry was there for Whey’s set which was fun to see.

He opened his set with an original that they wrote called “World Gone To Hell”
which was a really good song and like I previously said I was impressed with his growing
writing ability.
“I always Been Crazy” was one of his grandfather’s songs that he has always covered really well
along with “I Always Been Crazy”.
I first discovered him at Altamont last year and he was only basically doing cover songs
and didnt have any originals. He is really come a long way in a year.

He played “In Between The Lines” and several more Waylon songs and I went out and got
some food and visited with people while that was going on.
He played another really cool original song called “Old Empty Bottle” and I
really enjoyed it along with the last song he played called “Missing You” which
is an acapella poem he wrote about his grandfather Waylon Jennings.

He also played “Belle Of The Ball” and “Honky Tonk Heros” which was a Billy Joe Shaver song.
All in All I enjoyed his set and thought alot of his ability to grow.
He is slowly developing his own sound and style and he needs to continue to focus
on that in the future.


Raelyn Nelson is the granddaughter of Country Legend Willie Nelson and is really
doing her own thing and her own sound.
It’s not really “country” per se, but if you listen to her for any length of time
you can truly see her country roots. Although she doesn’t always show them in every song
she had a good set and I enjoyed it very much.

She opened her set with “Missing You” and “Moon Song”. Most of her songs were
all upbeat and had a lot of high octane tempo.
She also did have a really good band backing her up and I admired her guitarists
playing abilities.
“Knocked Down And Up Again” was a good song that everyone was enjoying.

It was cold, damp and misty that night. The damp night air was settling in and
it was hard to take notes and I certainly couldn’t use my laptop.
It was a difficult weekend to work that’s for sure.
“Daddy’s Grave” was my favorite choice of songs of hers on her setlist.

One thing I really liked about her set was she did almost all originals.
Even though what she does wasn’t one hundred percent country, I didnt get
the impression she was riding coat tails or copying anyone.
“Mason Jar” was another good song she did and “Get a Room” was also
I began packing up the merch tent and getting things ready to close down for the night
because due to a weather clause Billy Joe Shaver couldn’t play that night.
She closed her set with a song called “Brother” and the way she delivered the song
I could tell it was sentimental to her.
I look forward to great things in the future from her and maybeye some music
in other directions from her too. I can see her doing other albums in other avenues.

As I previously stated Billy Joe Shaver couldn’t make it. It was damp cold and
misty and after all he IS 76 years old!
You know pneumonia is one of those things that hospitalize and kill our Country Music Legends.

Now a man from Louisiana that I’ll tell you about in future articles Hal Bruni
took the stage for the end of day 2.
He played an energetic set with covers and originals. He opened this set with
“She Knows The Words” and one off his album ‘Blue Collar Town” called “Southern Music”.


He also played several cover songs and one he played from Charlie Daniels was “Trudy”
which was off his 1974 “Fire On The Mountain” album.
And another song I noticed was called (I believe) “Smoke And Mirrors”.
And I had to pack it up for day 3.
But before I did he called up a TON of people for a tribute to Wayne Mills
and they all played “The Last Honky Tonk”.
He told me a story earlier about how Wayne Mills was his child’s Godfather
and other personal things about his relationship with Wayne Mills.

R.O.P.E. Awards Results For October Banquet.

On October 2nd 2014 R.O.P.E. had their 27th annual Golden Banquet Awards Show
at the Al Menah Shrine Temple in Nashville.
I missed this one and I was really sad that I had prior happenings but I
wanted to tell you the award results for the evening.

Business: Bill Anderson
Media: Gene Kennedy
DJ: Keith Bilbrey
Songwriter: Mac Wiseman (Accepted by Jan Howard and Ronnie Reno)
Music: Ronnie Stoneman
Entertainer: Stonewall Jackson (Accepted by Jeanie Seely and Ron Elliott)
Nightengale Award: Gus Arendale
Golden R.O.P.E. Award: Dave McCornmick
Appreciation Award: Peter Cooper (Accepted By Billy Henson).

So I will hopefully joining them in the spring for the
R.O.P.E. social at the same place. I cannot wait until they
announce the lineup for their next event. And as soon as I am informed
about it I’ll be sure to report on it.

J.B. Beverley Has Nashville Shows All Week.


And you can catch them here in Nashville all week long.
Folks Outlaw Fest is over and done with and we are all resting
and cleaning up and going back to work.
But for the artists who played they never left their job
and that’s a GOOD THING because we LOVE what they do for a living.

So one of the artists that have shows in town here this week
is J.B.Beverley. I have seen several of his sets in this past year
but Iv’e never seen a Wayward Drifters set. Now like I told you at Muddy Roots
it was advertised as one and he quickly corrected that.
There is somewhat of a difference in song choices and format of the music.

I’m working on his review for his set at Outlaw Fest and BOTH festivals
I’d have to say his sets were my top 3 choices.
And before he returns home to rest he will be playing a few shows here in
Nashville I would like to tell you about so you can go support him.

Tomorrow on the 14th they will be at FooBar with Greg Garing
Thursday the 16th they will be at The Black Raven with Gravelroad.
Friday the 17th they will be at the Crying Wolf.

I don’t want to ruin it for you if you plan to go this week so I’ll
not release my setlist review of his Outlaw Fest performance
from Saturday night but TRUST ME it was awesome to say the least.
I’m STILL humming songs all weekend.

I definitely look forward to him making another Wayward Drifters
album in the future and we will catch up with him really soon to
ask him some details. I got SO MUCH info coming your way from the
fields of Outlaw fest I cannot begin to start to tell it all in one

Outlaw Fest Day 2 Part 1.


I got here about 1 and set up my tent next to Rusty Knuckles. In my tent
I was selling merch for Billie Gant who is playing tomorrow but is sitting
in with Whey Jennings and Nick Geise tonight.
He’s doing his own set and I’ll report more on him later on in day 3.
Although I DID get “Vigilantes At Large” his new album.

TOO MUCH FOOD…holy cow I am having food every tent I stop in.
I’m not going hungry, were wet and damp but NOT hungry.
As always in my tent bathroom goods are FREE to everyone
and toilet paper and toothpaste and that sort of things are all
given away at my tent where the legends hang out.

So I want to tell you about James Austin, PJ Steelman and
R.C.O’leary who also released an album this weekend.
They did a three man round in a line taking turns playing.

Mr. PJ began his round with “When You Step over The Line”.
He played one called “Jenny’s Down In Georgia (I’m In Tn).
His newest album entitled “When The Evening Falls” contained his
next song called ‘Why Don’t You Touch Me’.
I’m pretty sure he did one called ‘buscuits In Birmingham”

I got to meet him the first day of Outlaw Fest and I really enjoyed
his company and his well written lines in his songs.
‘No Southern Comfort’ was another good song and he closed his set
with “Aint No Way To Live”.

R.C.Oleary who also released his album “The Tuneshander” and in fact
he’s here selling his albums in my tent with Tom Ghent and Billie Gant
also played quite an enjoyable set.
He began his set with “Whiporwill” and another song I really enjoy called
“Southern Star In A Northern Sky”.
“Common Misdemeanor Of Man” was a song I haven’t heard live from him ever.
He has a very long and interesting history of Country Music involving Charlie Garner
who played guitar for Del Reeves for many years.
“Hasta La Vista Baby” was his next song and it was followed by “If Youre Drinking
Tonight”(please Pay In Advance).
He played one I missed because of visiting with people and closed his set with
“Jailbirds Can’t Fly”.

James Austin has always been a very kind individual to me. So full of stories
and history and facts.
“They Say It’s The Nuthouse For Me’ was his first song and he performed several
others I missed for eating and visiting.
But he did play my favorite song he does, it is a song for veterans and it’s
a really touching song called “Johnny Wont Be marching Home Again”.
The last song I remember him playing was “Christmas 911”.


I met a really nice young guitar player there from Tallent Missouri
and he’s part of the Tallent brothers band.
His name is Brandon lee Tallent and he is formerly employed
with David Allan Coe.
He did a solo set tonight and he was really good, I enjoyed it.
He began his set with “Long Gone” and “About Me Too”.
“Everyday I’m Gone’ and ‘Curtain Call” were also good songs
and I noticed he was quite comfortable up on stage.
‘Waiting On A Song” and “On The Other Side” were his next two
songs he did and it was followed by “Old stuff”.
However his last song was his best song and It was really well
written and meant a lot to him.
It was called “This Dirt” and it was a song about his kinfolk’s blood
in that dirt he was talking about.


Folks I’ll be honest I been up over 28 hours right now and MANY THANKS to
Mr. Kurt Fortmeyer for helping me set up camp Hayes where we are giving
away FREE STUFF and I’m trying my best to write these articles to you.
I AM LIVE from Outlaw Fest and this is my first LIVE side article on
Joshua Morningstar.

We have a long long history of background together before we even met
last year for the first time.
And tonight this is my special feature on him as he does his set as the third
act of day 1.

THIS IS a special article and it’s my personal accolade to him and how
much I have seen him grow in the past year. He’s traveled his BUTT OFF
Playing everything from Moonrunners to Outlaw Fest to Up in Illinois
with Donnie Wymer.
he is a hard working road musician that deserves every piece of credit here.

Now mind you I was in the middle of a recharge and judging the upcoming
storms tonight and I want to set up a little different tomorrow to
cover the shows better and get a signal in my I was checking out angles.

He opened with “Sellout Sellebrity” a tune I have heard him sing
many times. And also played ‘Talk Me To Texas”.

He covered Ernest Tubb’s Driving Nails In My Coffin from 1946.
And he did his single from Altco Records called “Brand New Angel”.
He then called up Hal Bruni to perform Wayne Mill’s ‘Last Honky Tonk”.

“March To The Gallows” was another good song as well as “Bottle To The Bottom”.
VERY GOOD choice of songs as a setlist here tonight!
And he did his “x Rated” song “As Long As You Aint Comin Back”…which I have
always thought was cleverly written.

He played “I Never Go Around Mirrors” and “Grip Of The Devil”
and closed his set with some I missed in preparation of

In celebration of his growth and friendship Kenneth Marr Graphics
presented him with a HUGE portrait of him AND Even though our
buddy A.J.Hancock from Diamondback Stringworks couldn’t make it
due to family emergency he WILL BE presented with his VERY OWN
“Lefty Frizzell style guitar!

He was also presented with 50 smaller portraits and signed the
first one for Mr. Kenneth.

Kenneth Marr has done a lot for ALL of us for sure and he continues
to do this all the time. He is a damn fine friend to us all.

Joshua Morningstar you deserve this and much more. I’m honored
to call you a friend and honored you allowed me to launch

Outlaw Fest Day 1 Part 1.


I’m finally here at Outlaw Fest folks…it’s been a long hard road of planning
and all nighters. Tonight was one, I been up many hours working.
And when I got here I was told ANYTHING I needed I could have..
I mean they are going out of their way to accommodate me to write
these articles for you.
I AM IN MY HAPPY PLACE! I got Mr. Kurt Fortmeyer next to me right now
and I am watching Mr. Hal Bruni performing some side music called
Painpills while we wait
for 2Country4Nashville to begin out festival at 6PM.

So right now I’ll go visit and do some shopping. I got to talk to some
new friends and see some old ones.
Hopefully there will not be anymore rain and tonight I can figure out what
to do about sleeping here or sleeping at home.
NOW I just talked to the Urban Pioneers and Mr. Jared said they WILL PLAY
some NEW songs tonight they just played Miss Tammy Pope’s birthday at
Live True Vintage.

This festival feels safe and the campground is absolutely GORGEOUS!
And the facilities are nice. I’m here nerding on all the stories and
history. I will leave a happy man this weekend.


Big G Gordon Ames is introducing the National Anthem and we
had a touching Star Spangled Banner.
Mr. Gordon Ames is our emcee for tonight as we have a special night.
They played a joke on us by playing the fake Wagon Wheel.


The first band was my great 2Country4Nashville and they started the whole
festival. I want to say Mr. Ronnie Reels and Reelsound is doing a KILLER
JOB already running the sound as they do for so many festivals.

They started with Honkey Tonk Heros which Billy Joe Shaver wrote.
Waylon recorded a whole entire album of Billy’s songs and also
named the album after the song.
Folsom Prison Blues and Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line are two
good songs they did next.

They covered Crazy and White Lightning and I always enjoy
their version of Jackson and Joelene.
They played their original song 2Country4Nashville and a song
Bobby Mackey plays called What They Call Country.
They earned the name 2Country4Nashville. And Mr. Jo-El really
tears up the lead guitars.

Two more original songs were Last Cowboy In Wyoming and
Wine Leading The Blind.
They closed their set with Whos Gonna Fill Their Shoes…Who indeed?

Next up for the evening was Liz Sloan And Jared McGovern The Urban
Like I said earlier They will play some new songs tonight and I’ll
try to report on them. Mr. Jared said that after the first of the year
they will record a second album.



They opened their set with Wayne Hancock’s 57 southbound and I was back in time
to hear ‘Aint Gonna Work”
And they played one of my favorites not on the album ‘Cindy”.

Two songs off the album that were awesome and I always enjoy are
“Apparition In The Fog” and also “Izzy’s Song” and they played
“Please Give Me A Highway”


They played a new one called “Tennessee Moon” and they played
“Autumn Time”…which was proper. and it’s an upbeat song that got us
all dancing. You know this festival turned A LOT of people on to
The Urban Pioneers and I was spreading their gospel too I TOLD YOU
Liz Sloan And Mr Jared  are  fast as lightning!
HELL NOW she fiddles under her leg!

Their other new song was “Walk This Earth” and they played “Liz’s Reel”
And closed with “Breaking Down”.
Now I was running back and forth tearing down my tent for tomorrow and
I’ll try to set up a little closer to the stage for a signal where I
can work in my tent..I know I can solve this easily.

OK So part 2 will be my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY article about Joshua Morningstar.
I’m very sorry that I couldn’t cover the steeldrivers, but I got wore out and
the storms were looming again…

Outlaw Fest Welcomes Brandon Atwell And The Broken Ground Album Release Party.

Well folks I already gave you four side articles for Outlaw Fest
Here is my final one before I begin LIVE COVERAGE THIS THURSDAY NIGHT 5:30PM.
I’m launching my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Thursday night.
On Friday night My good buddy Brandon Atwell and his band The Broken Ground release their
long awaited album entitled Finally Something.


That’s the cover folks it WILL BE AVAILABLE in my merchandise tent during the weekend
of music. His set will be included in my Saturday coverage which will be in three parts
sort of like how I did Muddy Roots.

Brandon Atwell-vocals-guitar-banjo-bass…and smoking.
Brian Burgess-fiddle-mandolin…he smokes too..
Ricky Hodge-dobro…they ALL smoke.
Bo Jessie-washboard…He’s a damn good guy!

Now there will be 12 tracks on this particular album
2.Country,Lonely and Stoned
3.A Long Year (my personal favorite song)
4.Hello Louisville
5.Unclouded Day
6.Never Leave The Holler
7.Sandy Hook
8.Life To Go (only one not self written)
9.cant Be Satisfied
10.Never Go Back Home


Now I’ll tell you what I been around Mr. Brandon a long time. We met at the memorial fundraiser
for Daniel Stephens at Layla’s on Lower Broadway a few years back.
Didnt see him until Muddy Roots 2013 and then I saw him shortly after
at the Spillway when he opened for Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies.

So I’m not sure which day he will want to sell this album but my tables will
be open and ready to sell at NOON on thursday.
We got so much stuff to sell and give out FREE TO ALL ROAD BANDS!
Toothpaste and soaps and brushes, razors (God forbid I give them razors)
and shave cream and snacks. I got a TON of stuff ALL FREE to road bands.

I have covered some really fun shows involving Brandon with and without his band.
The one above was from the Benefit show we had for Wayne Mills.
Which will go to court on November 17th and hopefully we will have justice
for his death.

See you at Outlaw Fest….TWO DAYS!

Murray Ky Welcomes Chris Scruggs and The Stone Fox 5.


The Murray Kentucky State University welcomes the public for FREE
Tuesday night for the fifth year in a row as the department of History
welcomes Western Swing and Country artist Chris Scruggs and the Stone Fox 5
and opening act Mark Newton and Steve Thomas.

Joining Chris Scruggs for his set will be Country Music Superstar Kenny Vaughn
who has won many awards for his playing locally and is also
a prominent member of the Fabulous Superlatives that back Marty Stuart.

At 7:30 on Tuesday in Lovett Auditorium the free show will be taking place.
Since it launched in 2010 it has grown so much in popularity that it was
moved to Lovett auditorium several years ago.

I have met Chris Scruggs on several occasions and I have included our picture
on here together.
He is the son of Country Legend Gail Davies and songwriter Gary Scruggs and
is the Grandson of Bluegrass Legend Earl Scruggs but did not get to meet
his grandfather until a short time before his death.

I got to see him perform during a tribute show to Steel Guitar Legend Don Helms
at the Troubador Theater in Nashville. I remember him playing the steel guitar
REALLY old school style and how precise his notes were.
The man knows his Traditonal Country Music for certain. He reminds me of
Andy Gibson who is now producing albums instead of playing steel guitar as much
on the road. They were both mentored by MANY Country Music Legends in their style of playing.

He also played for a short time with BR5-49 and recorded “Tangled In The Pines”
with them replacing Gary Bennett on co-lead vocals and guitars.

I dont really have many items in my home about Earl Scruggs to include in my
Third Generations theme I have going.

Outlaw Fest Welcomes Country Music Songwriting Legend R.C. Oleary’s New Album.


Well folks you know I been working HARD these past few weeks for so many people
and I’m STILL busting my hump for Outlaw Fest. Do I even need to keep
adding links for this event…YES! We NEED your support to support our community
and our artists. Think of how many hotels and restaurants and other businesses that will benefit
from this event.

Several years ago there was this internet radio station program called Musictogousa
ran by a great man named Bert Gagnon. And during this program in the chat room
I met this man R.C.Oleary.
He was a funny individual and had many stories and I remember I enjoyed logging on to see
if he was there along with many others.
I met so many great people on that radio show and it was where my website ideas were still
just brewing and I was busy getting my skills sharp for the coming storm that is
I remember many night admiring Florabama Waltz and I often requested that song.

This was us enjoying a Wayne Mills gathering we had in Nashville with our
friend Tanna Taft.


Just like the Billie Gant article I will most likely continuously add to this article too.
I learn so much more things about him all the time. I’m going to include his bio from one
of his media outlets and add some of my own.
This will be one of three albums that will be released during the festival along with
Billie Gant and Brandon Attwell that are both separate articles respectively.

This album is his fourth album to his credit and I’ll tell you his other albums:

Nantucket Rainbow (original Folklore)
First Takes (Country)
Coffeehouse Chronicles (Country)
Tuneshander (Country)

He has had 10 chart singles and one song in a major movie.
I will include this BIO from his media page.
I found a pair of drum stick’s and a set of old drum’s at a local American Red Cross Center
in a small town outside the military base where I was stationed in France and began Beating
on them over the week’s to come until I could make some sense out of different rhythm’s,
I then took myself to the Service Club on base and began sitting in with the player’s that
would Jam everyday after work and got to where I could handle most every kind of
music they played. Not being satisfied with just drumming I bought an old
acoustic guitar from a friend leaving for the States (Marvin Manley) and began
what was a trial and error situation re: chord’s-progression’s etc!!
THEN, I met a couple of young guy’s that would come play and practice guitar together at
the Service Club and asked if they would help me learn chord’s and one of them
agreed to help. One of the guy’s went on to a military career Mr. Doug Land
(fantastic guitar player at age 15) . The other young man age 15 was none other
than Jerry Corbitt the future Co-Founder of ‘ THE YOUNGBLOODS ‘ with Jesse Colin
Young, and also Co-Founder with Charlie Daniels of the ‘ CORBITT-DANIELS BAND.

Jerry worked with me on chord’s, rhythm’s and whatever else I could handle at
the time musically to this day we have stayed good friends the rest is history
for all concerned. .. I began playing drum’s for local band’s when I
returned to the states from Europe and also playing some of the Coffee Houses
and Folk rooms in and around the Boston area, then ended up going to the WWVA
Jamboree with Doug LaValley and Jean Marie and stayed there playing for the
Jamboree act’s throughout the USA then Nashville called and I went on the road
there with Up and Coming Band’s. (I must say this about that) if it hadn’t been
for my second ‘MOM’ Tootsie Bess owner of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge I never could
have had the opportunity to stay until I connected with a solid GIG as she
allowed me to run an OPEN TAB on beverage and food (of which I alway’s paid) by
working Linebaugh’s Restraunt waiting table’s and to keep a roof over my head,
then one day,, my dear (Late) friend of 42 year’s Charlie Garner told his boss
about me being a drummer and SLEEPY LABEEF came to Linebaugh’s and asked me to
play drum’s for him. I worked on and off with this Legendary Rockabilly for
nearly 40 year’s and would still be with him today if not for raising my now 16
year old son.

I signed with BMI Nashville in 1976 while an
affiliate writer with Warner Bros.(Nash.) Co-Writing with the (late great)
Singer/Songwriter ‘Handsome’ Harlan Sanders. We went on to write many song’s
that were recorded over the years by various Artist’s of which were well
accepted by fan’s, listener’s, and radio station’s across the USA/Canada and
around the world.
Harlan passed away a few year’s ago (August 29, 2003)
leaving a large void in my life, as well as being Co-Writer he was my Best
Friend, and Best Man when my wife and I were married in 1972, he loved my
little son P.J. and P.J. loved him, we all miss him very much.

I formed SCRIMSHAW RECORDS in 1979 and my publishing
company SCRIMSHAW MUSIC BMI in 1980 for the reason of having a Record Label and
Publishing company at my disposal so I could Catalog and Protect my own song’s,
Record and Release whomever and whatever I wished, whenever I chose, allowing
me not to have to (KISS) some record company owner’s backside to do so.

I recorded Nationally for COUNTRY SHOWCASE AMERICA
RECORDS (CSA) Md. receiving many Great Review’s/Triple Pick’s to Hit from the
now defunct Review Process of RECORD WORLD/BILLBOARD and CASH BOX covering
Canada/USA and the world, and of course on my own label SCRIMSHAW RECORDS . I
have recently become associated with WILDCAT RECORDS based in Massena, NY &
NYC and will be releasing product through them in the near future .
I’ve Produced/Arranged two Album’s on SCRIMSHAW
RECORDS for a talented, lovely Lady from New England by the name of ‘SHARMAN’
recorded here in Nasville at Bayou Recording Studio engineered by the GREAT Mr.
George Clinton which went on to receive numerous Rave Review’s from Fan’s/Radio
and Press. Artist’s that have recorded on SCRIMSHAW RECORDS are: GRIZZLY DAVE
— SHARMAN — AMARILLO — JIMMY PARKER (Party Of One) written by: (the late)
Harlan Sanders, this song was one of the the most played, longest running songs on
radio in the New England area,, it is still being played today, and of course
myself !! Chat y’all later ,,,,, STAY IN TUNE ,,,,, R.C

So there you have it folks right from
And now I’ll show you the tracklist:
2.Raggedy Ann N Andy
3.Angel Wings
4.Cowboys Aint The Only Ones
5.Cozy Living
6.Deep Canadian Blue
7.Common Misdemeanor Of Man
8.A Natural Thing To Do
9.Billy And His Muse
10.Hasta La Vista Baby
11.Auld Time Square
12.Waiting In The Wings.

Outlaw Fest is going to be EPIC in many ways folks I URGE YOU to go down there
and be a part of this great event.
You will miss out on a GREAT deal of good music if you miss this!

Jesse Keith Whitley at Spillway In Kentucky


Well folks I’m at a really good venue Spillway Bar And Grill for several of the opening bands that have
their own article and Jesse Keith whitley who is performing last tonight.

John King And The Mud River Revival are performing right now.
They had a pretty good set and I’ll be doing further reporting on them in the future.

The next band Shot Time And Cigarettes have their own separate article
launching tonight.

Now returning to this article
He opened his set with “Seminole Wind” Made popular by John Anderson.
And now he’s playing “Where Would I be Without You”.

It’s always so fun to be here at Spillway eating Moonshine Wings.
He’s playing another good song called “I Can’t Drive You from My Mind”
which is on his current album.

I want to point out what I think is important to this show and
ALL of these third generation grandchildren and children of the stars.
They all have their own “feel” and direction in my opinion.
Everyone has their own opinion and like or hate certain ones..but they
all have their own direction. He does a little bit of everything
to be honest.

He is telling stories about Jamey Johnson and played Ray Ray’s Juke Joint.
Honestly there is major things happening in Nashville right now and
I’m keeping tabs on that too.
He’s playing one of his mother’s songs “Good As I Was To You”.
Which Don Schlitz wrote.

He is playing his father’s song “I’m Over You”.
And Bob Seger’s “Turn The Page”. As I write this it is all actually happening
and I had problems uploading photos at the Spillway which
was not a big deal.
He is playing an acoustic number “She’s All Lady” which was recorded
by Jamey Johnson as well.

With his full band returning to play more Keith Whitley
songs like “Don’t Close Your Eyes”.

He’s doing an original song now called “Shadows” about his
father and closed his set with several more.
I had a really good evening all in all and I look forward to
more shows here in the future.
I look forward to seeing everyone at Outlaw Fest next week.

He then signed a personal piece of my collection which was a VERY RARE
hand signed photo of his Grandfather George Morgan that was signed to
Country Legend Jack Greene. I believe it to be circa 1950’s right about when
Hank Williams died. I plan to have his mother Lorrie Morgan sign it as well.