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New Whitey Morgan And The 78’s Album Coming Soon.

New Whitey Morgan And The 78’s Album Coming Soon.


Them rowdy and raw Honky Tonkers from the Michigan area are hard at it
again in late 2014 with TWO new album offerings for us fans to close out
the year with a bang.

December 2nd will release the LIVE album “Born And Raised In flint”.
Both of these albums have been in the works for some time and I’m
SUPER excited to finally get to bring the news to you.
Now as I said this will be a LIVE album and I’m sure the 78’s will
be in their PRIME!
I have high hopes Brett Robinson will show off his talents behind the steel guitar
throughout the album.

In late November “Grandpa’s Guitar” hits stores, and this will be an all
acoustic album. And one of his first offering for some time now, it hasn’t
been reported to me if this will be on Bloodshot Records or not.

He has been reporting these albums on social media lately and I am absolutely
smiling inside because I LOVE WHITEY MORGAN and his band is one of the
backup bands that just flat out kick ass on their own!

They are one of the hardest working bands out there in their own right
along with Dallas Moore and Bob Wayne. Usually playing 200 plus shows in a year
their show is packed with 70’s style Honky Tonk music.
EVERY time I have caught his show I was NEVER disappointed. I’ll try my best to
catch him at the Exit Inn in December.
Iv’e included some tour dates:

Oct 31 The Gramophone St Louis, MO
Nov 01 Roadhouse Bar & Grill Laquey, MO
Nov 02 The Blue Note Lounge Oklahoma City, Ok
Nov 07 PRIVATE EVENT Scottsdale, AZ
Nov 08 The Museum Club Flagstaff, AZ
Nov 13 Harvelle’s Long Beach, CA
Nov 14 Grumps Garage Lake Elsinore, CA
Nov 15 Hard Rock Hotel (Vinyl Room) Las Vegas, NV
Dec 03 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI
Dec 05 Cabooze Minneapolis, MN
Dec 06 The Bottome Lounge Chicago, IL
Dec 12 The County Line Louisville, KY
Dec 13 Exit/In Nashville, TN
Jan 09 The Casbah San Diego, CA
Jan 10 Whisky A Go Go West Hollywood, CA
Jan 13 Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace Bakersfield, CA
Jan 14 Moe’s Alley Santa Cruz, CA
Jan 16 Thee Parkside San Francisco, CA
Jan 23 Dante’s Portland, OR
Jan 24 Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA

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Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge 54rth Anniversary Party.

Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge 54rth Anniversary Party.


November 12th ALL DAY LONG down on Broadway Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge will be having their 54rth Birthday Party.
Tootsie’s bar has been long associated with Country Music as long as the Opry has been at
the Ryman. Now honestly a lot of people think it started at the Ryman when IN FACT it did not.

Back in 1925 when George D Hay began the Opry with the help of “Banker Man” Edwin Craig who funded
WSM they held the Opry on the fifth floor of the WSM building. Then it went to the Hillsboro theater
then on to the Nashville War Memorial center and THEN the Ryman Auditorium.

Back then in the 40’s and 50’s and so forth the Ryman and Tootsie’s were like bread and butter!
MANY songs were written in the hallowed honky tonk…it is adorned even still today with
signatures and pictures of Country Music’s greatest women and forefathers.

Time unfortunately has “changed” Tootsie’s and it isn’t the staunch Honky Tonk it once was
because of tourists and pop country taking over and messing it up (so-to-speak).
Honestly I’m NOT really crazy about some of the acts on this show but I WILL support
the ones I DO like, and you may not agree. So in all fairness I’ll mention the pop country
acts on this show too.
I actually CAN give some of them credit for being GREAT songwriters and guitarists.
I really try my best to not be negative on this website so here goes y’all.

The Birthday Bash will include a Broadway street party hosted by America’s Morning Show host Blair Garner and entertainment on the outdoor Broadway stage throughout the day.

I’ll be honest Terri Clark has done some really good Country Music and is doing
acoustic shows that can knock your socks off!
Her last couple albums had little to no commercial success but they were GOOD!
I go out of my way to look for obscure and little known music from known people.
Her Roots albums are JUST THAT!

I like Tracey Lawrence’s early music. His first few album’s were not bad
at all! Honestly “Paint Me A Birmingham” wasn’t half bad in my opinion.
I honestly would pay some decent money to go see him play.

Darryl Worley is another one I really enjoyed his early music.
His first few albums were all pretty damn good and he’s one of my
“Guilty Pleasures” so to speak.

NOW THERE WILL BE SOME unannounced SPECIAL guests this day that are
Country Music Legends! I cannot publicly say WHO but trust me if the rumors
I heard are true, I’ll TRY MY BEST to go!

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BRAND NEW Jerry Lee Lewis Album OUT NOW.

BRAND NEW Jerry Lee Lewis Album OUT NOW.


Jerry Lee Lewis is the last of the powerhouses owned by Sam Phillips during the prime of American
Country Music and Rock And Roll.
Elvis Presley,Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee were called “The Million Dollar Quartet”
by Sam Phillips who began tearing apart the nation form an office in Memphis Tennessee.

The L.A. Times regarded Jerry Lee Lewis as a “Source Of Continuing Amazement” being the last
man standing from the artists of his ilk.
In the 1950’s Jerry Lee Lewis was ripping up auditoriums nationwide with nothing more
than a piano.

In his prime heyday he was one of the wildest artists in music…period.
He had an affection for booze, drugs and guns and sex. His personal life
got the best of him when he was traveling to Europe and introduced the world
to his thirteen year old wife, who (as the stories are told) was his cousin.

He tried for many years to redeem himself with little to no success commercially.
Honestly to many hardcore fans and traditionalists alike he never faded out of
obscurity at all.

In the last few years he has released some REALLY good music including his latest feature
“mean Old Man”.
His latest album “Rock And Roll Time” has been promised not to disappoint any of his fans
and is the 41st studio album from The Killer, who at 79 proved he can still rock.

This album was released by Vanguard Records and has 11 tracks:
1.Rock And Roll Time
2.Little Queenie
4.Sick And Tired
5.Bright Lights Big City
6.Folsom Prison Blues
7.Keep Me In Mind
8.Mississippi Kid
9.Blues Like Midnight
10.Here Comes That Rainbow Again
11.Promised Land

He recently played a show at the Ryman and has been playing many shows for his age
and is currently on tour in Europe.
He is certainly one of Country Music’s living Legends and Rock And Roll’s as well.
Some of the country music he recorded in the 1960’s and early 1970’s was SOLID GOLD
in my opinion.
MORE on Jerry Lee Lewis to come…I PROMISE!

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Matt Woods And Justin Wells: All Hell No Razors Tour

Matt Woods And Justin Wells: All Hell No Razors Tour


Matt Woods was most definitely one of my top 5 favorite sets from 2014
Muddy Roots Music Festival. And after all my coverage of him I’m positive you’ll agree.
He’s about to go out on tour with Justin Wells of Fifth On The Floor who
is fresh off a REALLY GOOD album produced by Shooter Jennings for Black Country Rock label.
It appeared on the Billboard Country Charts and punched Music Row in the chops this year..

Matt Woods has been a prominent figure in the east Tennessee local music scene
from Knoxville Tn. And he has been hammering clubs and bars for well over ten years.
His new album “Love From Brushy Mountain” is made up of the songs that the Legends
would be proud of today.
He’s not what you would call “commercial”, that’s a GOOD THING!
Folks, THIS MAN kicks the stage’s ASS plain out pure ans simply there’s no more to say.

I mean the man works over 200 plus shows a year in a big brown van named “Daisy”
Is THAT not country? The man has a “Country Legend” demeanor about him.
I hope to catch him on tour or during a festival in 2015 cause I really enjoy his music.

Justin Wells of Fifth On The Floor is also equally talented in my opinion.
And they recently came off tour with George Thorogood and the Destroyers.
Like I previously mentioned they had commercial success with their latest album
“Ashes And Angels” and that’s difficult for a Roots band to do (Don’t ask me WHY)!

As far As I have been told this is an all-acoustic show and if I’m correct you
NEED to go attend it because I’ll tell you what…you will hear some DAMN FINE
songs from both of these artists.

So now the dates and appearances as far as I have been told:
Nov 6th Zanzabar Louisville Ky
Nov 7th Southgate House Newport Ky
Nov 8th Tootle’s Circleville Oh
Nov 9th Buzzbin Canton Oh
Nov 10th Carryowen Gettysburg Pa
Nov 11th Raw Ink Tattoo Gaithersburg Pa
Nov 12th John And Peter’s New Hope Pa
Nov 13th Shore Road Tavern Philadelphia Pa
Nov 14th House Show Charleston WV
Nov 17th Tres Hombres Carbondale Il
Nov 18th The Engine Room Dyer In
Nov 20th The Empty Glass Charleston WV
Nov 21st Colonial Inn Kane Pa

I will add any or all more shows that are reported to me or as I learn them from
social media or their websites.

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Music City Winery Welcomes Bobby Bare Sr and Jr.

Music City Winery Welcomes Bobby Bare Sr and Jr.


Well It’s been announced for sure on Saturday November 8th at Nashville Music City Winery
they will welcome Bobby Bare Sr. AND Jr. Together for one show.
Before reading the rest of the article if you know these two and you want tickets
you can buy them HERE. I will tell you my readers some info about these two country music powerhouses.

Bobby Bare Sr. recently did a REALLY GOOD set at Muddy Roots 2014 that in my opinion
was one of the TOP 3 SETS of the entire weekend.
I was there and I covered the set and some of the rest of the festival, my coverage of Bobby is HERE.
And that will take you to the other articles for that shindig.

Bobby in many historian’s opinions was the first “Outlaw” and the first to break down
the barriers to form his own sound AND make it commercial.
Bobby Bare, Chet Atkins, Jim Reeves and the Anita Kerr Singers made the first ever commercial
Country Music tour of Europe, playing to sold-out crowds at some of the biggest venues there.
Bare returned to Germany the following year for three months and has toured overseas almost every
year since, establishing himself as one of Europe’s most popular American Music artists.

He has released 38 solo studio albums and has had 13 top ten singles.
He has released two duet albums with Skeeter Davis and Roseanne Cash.
His only number one hit was “Marie Laveaux” and he has recorded many songs
written by Shel Silverstein and Tom T Hall. Also the man that wrote “Drop Kick Me Jesus”
Paul Craft recently died.

My first encounter with Bobby was for a benefit show at the Troubador Theater for
Don Helms. Bobby signed autographs later and was very nice to us all.
I have many pictures and signatures of his.
And just recently he was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame.

Bobby Bare Jr. was on Hee Haw as a boy to help provide the witch scream on his
song Marie Laveaux. Many of today’s children were on the set in our own childhood.
However he admittedly did not get out into the music realm until about 30.

He has 8 full length albums out and when he was only 8 he and his father were
nominated for a Grammy for their song “Daddy What If..” which reached number 2
and written by Shel Silverstein.

He has a degree in psychology from the University of Tennessee
and regularly plays shows in town a lot.
I have not gotten the chance to see him live yet but he is on my list of
“to-do” shows for certain.

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