Oct 152014


Ok folks so part 1 of day 3 was Brandon Atwell’s album release party
that I just released.
There were several acts until Country Legend Tom Ghent came on stage.
When he got up there pretty much the whole place rushed the stage
to see him play.
He was one of the Legends of Country Music songwriting from the times
when Outlaw Country was just forming and beginning to take shape.


In fact his first song was “Easy As Dreaming” which was recorded by
Bobby Bare, the first Outlaw Country music artist.
It was on the 1977 album “Sleeper Wherever I Fall” and is one of my favorites
to sing along to.

His next song was “Lust For The Road” which was cut by Tommie Joe White
in 1986 I believe.
And his song “Gandy Dancer” was recorded in 1990 by John Lincoln Wright.
His songs “Big Muddy” and “I Want To Live” were great choices as well.

He continued his set with “Yankee’s Rebel Son” and another one called
“The Pawnbroker”.
And also played a cajun type song that was requested by someone followed by
“Sour Grapes”.

“Whiskey Whiskey” was a song recorded by Rita Coolidge and Kris Kristofferson.
It was recorded in 1971 and on “The Lady’s Not For Sale”.
It’s also another of my favorite songs.
He followed those hit songs by “Mississippi Rainstorm” and ‘Take Me Drunk I’m Home”.

We all stayed and admired this man’s talent and history as he graced the stage
with all of his songs. Our group that was Altamont Originals hold Tom Ghent in
high regard and reverence.
And honestly he closed his set with another of my personal favorites
“When All Us Old Folkies Were Young”.
He has so many stories about Greenwich Village in it’s prime and so many stories
of Nashville in the 60s and 70s.
It’s so exciting to be around him when he shares his life stories.


Another person that played and I touched on his set from Friday night
was Hal Bruni.
This was his regular slotted performance time and I took notes on both of his sets.
I got to finally meet him before the festival took off early thursday morning as
I rolled in to registration and vendor meetings.
Hal Bruni is affiliated with the Last Honky Tonk Music Series and DAT Sauce who also
sponsored the event this year.

He sent me a whole box of stuff a few weeks before the festival started
and I had some knowledge of his songs already.
I was working in the merch tent and selling merch for other people and
didn’t get to fully see his whole set this time but I do remember he opened his set
with “Same Old Blues” and “Southern Music”.

His album “Blue Collar Town” was a good addition to my collection and I
play his music quite often.
He told me stories of Wayne Mills being his children’s Godfather and shared all
his tattoos with me. He’s a different style of artist for sure
and has a very unique ability to play music that many others don’t have.
Just his writing style and way of life was unique.

“Smoke And Mirrors” and “She Knows The Words” were two more songs he played I

Another Last Honky Tonk Music Series member that I enjoyed his set was
Kyle Wilson. I hope to catch up with him one day and see his set further.
I’m not really familiar with his songs or setlist.
I got to stop and talk with him briefly and he didnt stop in the merch
tent and I basically missed meeting him further.
I will make it a point to one day change that.

Oct 152014



Well folks I arrived at Outlaw Fest Saturday morning early for this man’s set
and I want to thank Mr. Buck and my Rusty Knuckles neighbors for keeping
all my free soaps and shampoos all night.
My website gave out three rubbermaid tubs of free stuff to ALL festival patrons
for bathroom needs all weekend.

I got there in time to do some work at the tent while we sold merch for Country Legends
Billie Gant and Tom Ghent.
We had so many people hanging out eating chili and telling stories and
various other stuff in the Garyhayescountry.com tent.


Brandon Atwell And The Broken Ground officially released their first album
in my merch tent at noon on saturday.
I was bouncing back and forth doing both the merch tables and covering the stage
I’m just glad they was close after I slid and twisted my knee out..but that didnt happen
until after his set.

He started his set with “A Long Year” (eating xanex bars). And I’ll tell you THIS ONE is
my personal favorite song on the album.
I first heard it at the Spillway when they opened for Bob Wayne and The Outlaw Carnies.
His next songs were “Hello Louisville” and “Never Go Back Home”.

Every song on the album is good, and original accept for “Life To Go” which was written
by George Jones and Stonewall Jackson and “Unclouded Day” which is pretty much Public Domain
but it’s believed to be written by Josiah Alwood around 1885.
It’s from the era of Uncle Am who was known as Ambrose Gaines.

“Country Lonely And Stoned” was another song I really liked off this album.
And I’ll tell you this…this album was recorded at HOME in Kentucky.
This is no major recording and it sounds better than some studio albums I
have heard!

As I previously mentioned “Unclouded Day” was a song in the setlist he did
that was really good.
“Bridge I’d Like To Burn” and to be honest I’m not sure what they closed the set with.
As I was probably selling shirts and CD’s.

Mr. Brandon came by later and hung out with us all and we was having fun with
Big G Gordon Ames and Billie Gant who also released an album this day.