Nov 012014


Country Legend Glen Campbell recently released his Last Song Ever which is an emotional ballad.
It was met with much critical acclaim recently along with his movie
that is in select theaters.

On November 21st Douglass Corner Cafe will host a
songwriter’s benefit show for Glen Campbell at 9PM.
Nashville Flipside A Musical Tribute To The Norm has
arranged this event and has scheduled a pretty good lineup.

Mila Mason
Jimmy Payne
Chris Gantry
Jamie Hartford

A portion of the funds are going to the Alzheimer’s Association Mid South Chapter Middle Tennessee Region
And the door fee is 20 dollars CASH ONLY however I have played at this venue and they DO ACCEPT
charge cards behind the bar. This venue ONLY has snack foods it’s not really a meal venue.
However the sound system is great.

There has been ALOT of doings around town to honor this man and his contributions to
Country Music and I think he deserves every bit of it.
This is one of the videos when he was first diagnosed with the disease and now
he has been moved to a care facility here in Gallatin.

Jimmy Payne wrote “Woman Woman” on the album “Hey Little One” that Glen released in 1968
on the label Capitol Records.
And Chris Gantry wrote “dreams of The Everyday Housewife” in july of 1968 on Capitol Records
too and it was on the album “Wichita Lineman”.
It was also on my favorite double album LIVE album he did in Vegas.
Jamie Hartford’s father John Hartford wrote “Gentle On My Mind”.

Nov 012014


Well folks IT’S TIME to start getting all the lineups in and ready for 2015.
You KNOW I have been researching all the different festivals all over the
United States. And a few in Europe I will soon be paying some attention to too.
Will I ever go global? Well folks honestly I’m still wanting to do more in Texas
and Illinois and Alabama and Georgia first.
Will I ever hire help? Yes I might do that someday as I grow bigger yet still.
There’s SO MANY people that need my help out there and need to become promoted.
This website doesn’t charge ANY fees to be reported on or take ANY income other
than my Google ads so if you click on them you make me income I then in turn invest
in band merchandise and travel fees.

So folks here we go….Moonrunners Music Festival takes us to the “Windy City” of Chicago Illinois.
It takes place May 8th and 9th 2015 at Reggie’s Chicago.
This installment will not have hotel accommodations included just yet, I’ll add that later.
HOWEVER I DO have the ENTIRE LINEUP minus a few small bonus additions.

Reggies is one of the most popular live music venues in the Chicago area!
Hell it has a complete record store upstairs and a big rooftop deck.
It has two rooms and two stages and I understand they run simultaneously during this event.
Time Travel Magazine has rated Reggies one of the top ten things to do in Chicago
in 24 hours.

I have been researching the food (as I ALWAYS DO) when I check out venues and they
have a really good selection of plates and their wings are highly rated for the area.
They have HOMEMADE TV DINERS…I would have to check that out! They serve food from 11AM-Midnight.
And they have over 17 big screen televisions for sports while this music is going on?
I’d be content as all getout on that right there.
Wingfest 2012 has proclaimed their wings BEST in the Chicago area.

So DRUMROLL PLEASE………..The Lineup for 2015……………..
The Unseen
Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies
roger Alan Wade
Lucky Tubb And The Modern Day Troubadors
Joseph Huber
Jayke Orvis
Joe Buck Yourself
Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
Last False Hope
The Jailhouse Poets
Carmen Lee And The Tomorrow River Two
The Imperial Rooster
Lone Wolf OMB
The Drunken Cuddle
Sean K Preston
Utah Country Swillers
Barnyard Stompers
Lou Shields
The Calamity Cubes
Matt Woods with Adam Lee Special Set!
The Dead Soldiers
Call Me Bronco
Still Alive
Neverland:A Michael Jackson Fiasco
The Urban Pioneers
Aran Buzzas
Joshua Morningstar
The Smokestack Relics
The Ghost Bandits
Green Room Rockers
Psycho Bitches Outta Chicago

Honestly a TON of these bands and artists have all been prominently featured on this
website. And some will be the focus of my “Artist Feature” series. They are new to the website
but not new to the industry.
I literally have a HUGE list of features for you in the coming months and I got a good
sized list of other festivals for you too!
WHERE will I focus on next?…..